Prices in the Maldives – 2019: how to go cheap? Overview and Tips

Trite, but still: prices in the Maldives can vary greatly. It all depends on the level of comfort you require, on the purpose with which you going to the islands. Therefore, in this article we will give the minimum prices that are relevant for 2019, and the highest bar accept as unreachable. ? Content

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Cheap tours to the Maldives. Where better to look?

Budget holidays in the Maldives, as a rule, organized on their own. A luxury trip (ie, on an island resort) can be consider and with the tour operator – experts in the country argue that luxury hotel vouchers are cheaper. Totally generalized the boundaries of the cost of the package – from 150,000 to 1,000,000 rubles per week of solitude. The amount is formed from several factors: season / off season, location from the airport, promotion of the hotel, type of room and food. We show the dependence on specific numbers. Tour price to Maldives с перелетом из Москвы в Holiday Island Resort&Spa (4 звезды) на7 days for two:

  • in June (low season) – 148,000 rubles
  • in December (high) – 220,000 rubles
  • with breakfasts – 148,000, + dinners – 152,000, + lunches and dinners – 160,000, all inclusive – 188,000 rubles

To the question where to look. Trips to the same hotels travel companies are different, so you have to go straight through all tour operators. Three aggregators are very convenient in this regard:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They compare the available offers and display the best prices on Maldives for two (with a child / four together – according to your preferences) on the selected numbers. Services are used by many travelers and about each hotel leave detailed reviews.

Season for a holiday in the Maldives. When is it cheaper to go?

When is it better to go to the Maldives? Ideal dates are the same. “predatory” – from November to April. In the high season of the island sunny and calm, although some lucky tourists the weather may upset and in the middle of January. Tropics – they are unpredictable. The cheapest way to fly to the atolls in the off-season – from May to October. At this time the rains begin, and demand drops slightly, as do prices for the Maldives. Do not hurry dismiss such an option! Precipitation is short and more refreshing, rather than annoying, because in summer the humidity rises. There are also jumps among the budget months: in early May tickets from Russia (holidays) are becoming more expensive; in August – vouchers and hotels (the height of the holidays). The loukost period is June and July. Last minute tours appear, and some resorts become generous to cool offers like upgrades or even free transfer.

The price of the flight to the Maldives in 2019

The average price of the flight Moscow-Maldives-Moscow is 35-37 thousand rubles. Emirates fly, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines (with transfer) and Aeroflot (straight). One-way flight time ≈9 hours directly and from 12 hours with docking. These same companies often hold promotions for which the amount falls and up to 25 thousand per person. By the way, the calendar of low prices suggests that in 2019 the minimum cost of a flight to Maldives without sales – 28,500 rubles.  

Visa for Russians

Visa to the Maldives is not needed, provided the duration of the rest is not more than 30 days. Documents you should have with you – passport (valid for at least six months at the time of entry), return ticket (required!), hotel reservation.

Maldives 2019 Hotel Prices

Accommodation in the Maldives is of 2 types: hotel-resort and Guesthouse. The difference is that the first is located on a separate island, free from outsiders (the most famous concept island hotel with a paradise landscape), and the second – on a shred islands, inhabited by local (with not quite a picture trash, more restrictions, but also with white sand and turquoise water). How to rent a house by yourself? We advise Search roomGuru – it finds favorable prices, analyzing everything popular booking systems. Equally well catches special offers for resorts and guest houses. By the way, the difference in cost between them is huge. Hotels on Maldives are classified as expensive. In high The season is the most “modest” Gangehi Island Resort (5 stars) Gives a choice:

  • standard double rooms from $ 200 per day
  • villas from $ 300
  • bungalow from $ 800

Moreover, by the Maldivian standards, this resort can not be called top. True luxury – like 5 * W Maldives – set Price tag from $ 1500 per night. Feel the swing? ?   Prices in the Maldives Prices in the Maldives Cafe on the beach Gesta, nevertheless, not so merciless. In peak period can spend the night from $ 33 for 2 people. The key word is to spend the night, because spend time in a garret with artificial light is not particularly nice. Most of them are listed on Maafushi Island – the most famous where Maldivians live. There better options, near the beach – from $ 50 (3 * Royal Pearl Inn). It must be said that the inhabited islands are never Bounty places with numerous photos in the internet. It is rather the Maldives “smoker”. Snow-white beaches are, but little and pacing in bikini prohibited (Muslim country), azure water and greens tropics are dimmed by garbage, and alcohol is absent in principle. So why are guesthouses in demand? They keep the budget healthy, provide more freedom in movement and entertainment. Classic Maldives, along with snorkeling and shark feeding, can be seen on excursions – they are easy to buy from the locals. A few paragraphs concerning housing prices:

  • Exorbitant sums from the beginning of November to the end of April. Still more for christmas holidays
  • Taxes are not always included in the price, and this + 10% service charge, + 12% VAT and + $ 6 per person for environmental collection
  • Transfer from the airport to the island resort is not Included in the final figure, if you book the hotel yourself. A plus $ 135-650 (depending on the distance) from each

5 best hotels

Which hotel to choose in the Maldives? Decide on purpose travel: for snorkeling important home reef, for complete relaxation at the ocean – the lagoon, and for families with children – a convenient location to airport and related conditions. We will mark the top 5 best rated hotels in the Maldives and emphasize their strengths that meet the basic needs tourists. 4 * ANGAGA ISLAND RESORT There are many hotels in the Maldives with a reef, in particular, Angaga, although here it is not so impressive. Among others, this resort highlights a good combination of main features: a great beach and lagoon without sharp corals, varied food (and the emphasis is not on seafood, but on meat, which is rare), colorful underwater living creatures and the very villas on the water. According to tourists, Hotel is a good example of price / quality ratio. 4 * THE BAREFOOT ECO HOTEL The place, in its own way, is unique. This is a hotel built on the inhabited island of Hanimado, but with a hint of privacy and Resorts So let’s say inexpensive Maldives, but not at the guesthouse level. On the private territory – its own beach, where you can splash in a bathing suit, spa and fitness, swimming pool, diving center, take out snork. About the kitchen is also positive comments. Of the minuses – 45 minutes transfer by plane from Male, the need for closed clothes outside, curious locales nearby. 5 * ANGSANA IHURU Angsana embodies the true concept of a bungalow in the Maldives – with your own private corner by the ocean, palm tree and hammock. Available reef with many corals, powder sand and a wide lagoon. Everybody is here brought to a model level – service, food, rooms, lack of contact with guests, but also for the corresponding cost 5 * SUN ISLAND RESORT Experienced travelers advise shopping around. Maldives from this hotel, proven by thousands of ours compatriots and costing, in general, democratically. Sun Island is the most Russian resort, large and spacious, and therefore crowded. Normal lagoon is normal, so yourself a reef, any entertainment and, of course, all included 5 * ANANTARA DHIGU RESORT One of the best for holidays with children – half an hour on a boat from the airport, a kids club with animation, several restaurants with different cuisine, a gentle entry into the water, soft sand. Near the island are two resort neighbors of the same network, one of they can be freely visited (sailing on a boat). Snorkeling business not really – almost no reef. Instead, classes are held surfing, yoga and spa treatments.

The price of food in the Maldives

Food costs are directly dependent on where it stops. tourist – in the resort or on the local island. The price of food in the Maldives The price of food in the Maldives Resorts Interestingly, the Maldives does not It is recommended to take an “all inclusive” (exception – if life without Alcohol is not sweet). They say it’s a waste, because, for the most part, food is not particularly diverse, and alcohol – from India. Qualitative alcohol is only for money (for example, $ 35-100 for a bottle of wine, $ 10-20 for a cocktail). A more economical hotel will come out on half or full board with a separate fee for eating or drinking. Approximate prices in the Maldives for food in resorts for two:

  • Water 1.5 liters $ 5
  • Pizza / pasta for lunch $ 70-100
  • Dinner without alcohol $ 150-200

Of course, the higher the class of the hotel, the higher the cost of food. Local islands. A couple of nuances: food in the Maldives sharp and does not shine with a wide choice of products used; fruits – dear because imported (except coconuts), alcohol is not for sale from the word quite; cook yourself is unlikely to succeed. Backpackers eat in locale locations or intercept anything in stores. Price tags:

  • Cafe Salad $ 5-7
  • Second (meat / fish) from $ 20
  • Package of juice $ 2
  • A packet of biscuits $ 1
  • Water $ 1-2
  • Mango kg $ 10-15

Transport cost

The cost of transport in the Maldives The cost of transport in the Maldives The cost of transport in the Maldives The cost of transport in the Maldives

The prices of holidays in the Maldives consist of moving around country. Here with this is quite problematic: to move between islands only by water or by air. Resorts hotels organize their own transfer from the airport (by boat or plane, sometimes hydro), and there’s no getting away from it – these are the rules forcing to lay out, on average, at $ 300 per person But between local islands (for example, from Hulhumale to Maafushi) budget move is quite capable – on national boats doni or, in Russian, the ferry. Total, we have:

  • Doni / Ferry is inexpensive ($ 1-2) and fairly slow. transport
  • High-speed boats / boats: go anywhere, quickly, “with the wind”. How much will cost depends on the distance (in local scale – from $ 20)
  • Local air carriers and seaplanes – already from the series “not everyone can afford it, but you have to pay “

Doni on Maafushi

Actual for the “savages”. Maafushi Island – one of the preferred for living the corners of the archipelago. He is chosen by those who need located at a reasonable price in the guesthouse. How to get from the airport if the destination is above Isle? Here we must bear in mind that the airport itself is on the island Hulule, from where it is necessary to take a ferry to the capital Male ($ 1 with rights). Already from there – from the Villingili Ferry Terminal – starts doni on Maafushi ($ 2).

Price for entertainment and excursions

Calculating prices in the Maldives, lay a budget and a couple excursions or entertainment even despite the promoted idea seal rest. For resorts, the cost varies dramatically, and if very roughly, swimming with manti – from $ 100, equipment for snorkeling – free or $ 10-20. In the case of an independent tourist, leisure is a bit more fun. Things to do? Lovers of scuba or masks with By tube you can go to Maafushi, where a very popular enjoys school Maafushi Dive School. At a price you need focus on about $ 60-80 for theory and immersion. Extremite? Then to the whale sharks. Present swimming with huge fish – this is a real pleasure for those who want tickle your nerves ($ 200 per person). What to see in the Maldives? There is a tour in Male, but reviews about it 50/50. But they are bought up with a bang trip on island resorts Paid transport and entrance to the island, plus food to choose from. For example, from Maafushi to the island of Fikhalokhi such the trip costs about $ 100 per boat (a group is recruited), $ 30 s each admission to the territory is $ 70-90 optional lunch.

Beaches in the Maldives. What’s the cover charge?

The beaches of the Maldives are what excites the imagination of those who gather in vacation people. Surely, you also paint yourself colorful paintings and view photos of the beaches of the archipelago. Do not be limited to Malé sightseeing and scuba diving Maafushi. Have you seen luminous beaches? And such are available on the atoll Vaadhoo, and the spectacle is worth a long way.

Beaches in the Maldives. How much is the entrance? Beaches in the Maldives. How much is the entrance? Beaches in the Maldives. How much is the entrance? Beaches in the Maldives. How much is the entrance?

Which beaches collect the best reviews?

  • Beaches of Fulhadu Island. The island itself is small (250 m by 2.5 km), on one side of it are white wide beaches. They have a cool private atmosphere
  • Byadu – this tiny island also boasts beautiful beaches. If you try, you can find a corner where no one will stop to enjoy the silence. Special atmosphere creates a riot of tropical greenery near the coastline. Entrance – $ 30
  • The beaches on the island of Fihalhohi are also included in the list of attractive for visiting. Despite the fact that the island is resting enough a lot of tourists, the beaches themselves are calm; coastal fauna – small fish, small sharks, turtles, rays
  • Maaadhoo Desert Island is famous for its excellent beach. Shore and the bottom of the shallows consists of white sand, the ocean opens around kilometer from land In the shade of the trees you can cook meat, there equipped for this place. Maadhoo regularly organizes excursions, picnics (for example, from neighboring Maafushi), approximate the cost of such an event is about $ 40-50
  • Those who go to the hotel “Four Seasons” (Baa Atoll) are very lucky with the beach. Comfortable dry climate, the absence of insects, sandy shoal, well suited for families with children. If you We chose the hotel of the same network, but in North Male, the beach too pleases with its cleanliness and well-groomed. Shore and bottom make up coral and white sand

3 tips for tourists: how cheap to relax in the Maldives?

In conclusion, I would like to give a few instructions. All this – tips from tourists who have already been to the Maldives:

  • Monitor flight prices and hotels in the Maldives in 2019 in the period from May to October. Moreover, it is more important to book accommodation, and do it better in six months. Cheap flights with more likely to occur a month before the desired date
  • Choose islands where you can rent low-cost housing when provided that you do not apply for luxury hotels. Low cost Maafushi, Todd, Rasdou, Male, Mativeri are considered islands
  • Look for establishments “for your own”, and let you be more or less food prices

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