Sights of Rome: what to see in 3 of the day?

Rome is one big attraction in itself, here you can walk without a special route. But if you find yourself in the city on a few days, I want to see if not all, then as much as possible, but this requires a clear plan.

In this article I will tell you about the main attractions. Of rome You will only have to choose what to see in Rome on their own.


  1. My trip to Rome
  2. What to watch:
  3. Colosseum | Roman Forum | Trevi Fountain | Pantheon | Mouth The truth
  4. Venice Square | Vatican | Castle of the Holy Angel | Square Spain | Villa Borghese
  5. What to look for 1-2-3 days?
  6. My tips

How I traveled to Rome

I love to celebrate New Year in a new place. And on past New Year holidays decided to go to Italy. Flights to one cost about 100 euros (1 euro = 75 rubles). But if take tickets in advance, you can find cheaper. For the trip to the Russians need a visa. But if you have a valid Schengen any of the countries EU, then an additional Italian visa is not required.

To go to Rome in the winter was the right decision, because tourists significantly less than in season. And the buzz of Rome is that in winter here the sun and zero temperature, in contrast to Moscow.

The dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican lookout The dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican lookout View of Rome View of Rome

View from the Dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral

The capital of Italy caused mixed feelings. There is no separate a mothballed old city with historic buildings, all of Rome – these are ruins and antiquities, which are mixed with residential houses, cafes and shops. When you walk around the city there is a feeling that I went to a museum, but this museum is ending. And the greatness and solemnity of the city disappear. Strange and inexpressible emotions.

I was preparing for the trip in advance, looking for interesting places, and on The place has already studied independently. Not to say that the excursions in Rome vital, but with a guide more informative and less time consuming.

My friends tried Tripster in Rome – they are collected here. excursions from the local Russian-speaking residents, they liked gourmet tour. And we talked and looked, and – most importantly – have eaten :)

And now I will tell you where to go and what to see in Rome in 3 days. But first give my top attractions.

By the way, how easy and budget to get from the airport Fiumicino (11 euro round-trip) – I painted in the “My tips”.


Colosseum in Rome Colosseum in Rome

Rome Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater – time to go inside we, unfortunately, did not have

I think the Colosseum is the main attraction of Rome Its worth a visit.

Tickets are highly advised to buy in advance online, because the queue The Colosseum is huge at any time of the year. In addition to online shopping, you can use life hacking and buy tickets at the box office of the Roman Forum. The ticket to the Colosseum and the forum is one and valid for two days, but There is no such crowd in the second ticket office.

I didn’t go inside the Colosseum, I didn’t want to waste time. Besides I met the New Year itself under its walls – this is a bombing spectacle. The light of fireworks, the sounds of exploding firecrackers and joyful Italians and stunned tourists. Fortunately, the Colosseum itself is not exploded, although everything went to this.

Ticket price to the Colosseum: € 12 + € 2 per booking. Who is less than 18, can go with an adult for a surcharge of € 2. First Sunday of the month – the entrance is free. Please do not waste time in queues!

Popular tour: Colosseum – interesting and with guide – for 3 hours and € 38

Roman forum

Roman forum Roman forum

The Roman Forum is considered to be the place from which it began. Rome. Here are preserved the ruins of the most ancient buildings: temples, place meetings of the Senate and popular assembly. But understand on their own, which of the ruins they were in Roman times The empire is not easy. So if you want historical details – use the services of a guide or take an audio guide in Russian – cost € 5, you can pay online with the purchase ticket or on-site at the box office.

I was struck by the Forum late in the evening when the lights are turned on. On against the night sky the ruins, the remains of the columns, and the modern the buildings remain in the dark and then the imagination begins draw, as here everything was before. The forum is well viewed outside – if there is no desire to stand in lines, then it is possible and not go inside.

Cost: Included in the ticket for the Colosseum ↑

Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain Roman Forum at night Roman Forum at night

Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum at night

Fountain di Trevi

The largest and perhaps most beautiful fountain of Rome. And wildly popular among tourists. The only option to look at fountain without people – to come here at 6 o’clock in the morning, but few are capable on such a feat.

Tourists believe that you need to throw a coin into the fountain, and then you return to Rome; if you throw two coins, you will meet love; but if three – marry. Throw need to turn away to the fountain back. I do not know if this legend works, but for the Roman the government thanks to this belief daily replenishment of the treasury worth about 3,000 euros.

The Trevi Fountain is located on the eponymous square at the intersection three streets, hence the name. The area itself is small and the fountain occupies almost all of it, the remaining free space is occupied tourists. Finding a fountain is not so easy, so mark it in advance. on the map.


This is an ancient temple in honor of the Roman gods. Built by presumably in the 2nd century AD In the Renaissance Pantheon used for the burial of the great Italians: the painter Raphael Santi, King Victor Emmanul II, King Umberto I.

Last year, they wanted to make the entrance to the Pantheon paid, but this never happened. You can visit the temple for free, work time – from 9 to 19 hours.

It is surprising a huge dome with a hole in the middle, through which penetrates the air and sunlight. But even more staggering is how well the temple was preserved inside, given its age. Looking at the perfect marble floors, it seems that they were updated specially before you come.

The Pantheon is located in Piazza della Rotonda. Right there next is the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, where you can see free works by Michelangelo, Filippino Lippi and Bernini.

The choice of tourists: From the Colosseum to the Pantheon – for 2 hours and € 125 per group

Pantheon in Rome Pantheon in Rome Mouth of Truth Mouth of Truth

Pantheon (be sure to go inside) and Mouth of Truth

Mouth of Truth

The monument is famous for the film “Roman Holiday”. This is a big the marble face of an unknown deity with an open mouth which imbedded in the wall of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

In the Middle Ages, the Mouth helped to bring liars into the clear water and unfaithful wives. You put your hand in your mouth with a mask and if you’re lying, then take out already part of the bloody hand. Allegedly, this deity is karalo liar In fact, on the other hand was the executioner, who chopped off a hand.

Trumpets are located on the square of the same name (Piazza della Bocca della Verita). The visit is free, but you have to defend a huge all of those who want to be photographed. Especially a lot here the Japanese. Whether they are so fond of the frame from the movie with a handsome Gregory Peck, whether the Japanese still believe in the power of this deity and check their wives for loyalty.

Excursion: Another Rome – not banal places for 2 hours and € 75 (for five)

Venice Square

Piazza Venezia Piazza Venezia

The main attraction of this square is a monument Vittoriano, built in honor of the first king of Italy, Victor Emanuel II, who united the Italian lands.

Italians themselves dislike the structure and call it printed typewriter or false jaw. The similarity really is. But if you go upstairs, you get a nice view of the center of Rome – entrance to the observation deck on Vittoriano costs 7 euros.

Excursion: The very best squares of Rome – for 2.5 hours and € 75 for two


Vatican Vatican Golden Globe in the Vatican Golden Globe in the Vatican

Golden Globe in the Vatican

The Vatican is a separate small state in the territory Of rome It is better to devote a whole day to his visit. Take tickets online, it’s 4 euro more expensive, but believe me, when you see many kilometers in the cashier, you will not regret the money.

View all 29 papal museums at a time is impossible, therefore Check out the list of museums in advance and select some of the most interesting to go there immediately.

Or take a Russian-speaking guide to find the right job and Do not panic in the crowd of tourists.

Recommendation. Of all the museums, I have more I just remember the papal garage with carriages, papamobiles and other means of transportation. There are fewer people here and you can safely walking and looking at papal cars of different eras.

But the Sistine Chapel did not produce the expected effect. Because it is at the very end of the path, and when you come there, you are little interested in painting the ceiling, and look up no forces. Therefore, first go straight to Cappella, look at her, put a mental checkmark, and then see the rest.

As a nice bonus – you can send directly from the Vatican postcards on which there will be a nominal stamp.

Admission – € 17.

Excursion to the Vatican: All museums and the Sistine Cappella – 3 hours and € 38

Castle of the Holy Angel

Castle of the Holy Angel Castle of the Holy Angel On the streets of Rome On the streets of Rome

Located on the banks of the Tiber River. From the huge bridge that leads to the castle, see the Vatican. The castle was built as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian. But after Adrian they began to bury the rest. emperors. In the Middle Ages was the residence of the popes, and the prison for opponents of the faith. It was here that Giordano was kept burning. Bruno.

Now inside is the National Museum with treasure Catholic Church, Armory, Library and Military Museum the history of Rome.

Ticket price – € 14. Opening hours – from 9:00 to 19:30.

Excursion: Castle of the Holy Angel – 2.5 hours and € 125 (can be divided into 2-10 people)

Plaza of Spain

There are several attractions here.

  • The first is the famous Spanish Steps, which has 138 steps of different widths. On the steps you can sit, relax and bask in the sun
  • At the foot of the stairs is the second landmark – Barcaccia fountain by Pietro Bernini as a submerged boat in the memory of the flooding of Rome.

From the Plaza of Spain begin several streets for lovers shopping, for example via Condotti.

Villa Borghese

In fact, this is not a villa, but a public park. It was founded by Cardinal Borghese, and was named after him. A park huge, with many sculptures and fountains, only about 80 hectares. There is even a lake where you can ride boat.

The park has several museums, for example, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Villa Medici, Museum Ettrusian art. But the main museum of the park is the gallery. Borghese, where you can see the work of Titian, Veronese, Rubens, Caravaggio.

In addition to the museums in the park there is a small zoo with various animals and birds. If you come with a child, you can ride through the zoo on a train and feed the animals.

The entrance to the park is free. The price of a ticket to the gallery is € 15. Sign in Zoo for adults – € 16, for children under 10 years old, taller than 1 meters – € 13, if the growth is below 1 meter – for free.

Excursion: Borghese Gallery with pros – 2 hours and € 125 (up to 4 people)

What to see in Rome in 3 days?

St. Peter's Basilica St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

I prepared three routes for those who want to see the best. Rome places in 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. sights geographically follow one after the other, movement on transport minimal – all walking routes.

  • The first day

    On the first day in Rome it is best to arrange a sightseeing tour of major landmark places. So you will understand that you The most interesting thing and what you can return the next day. If a you have only one day, this is also a great way to see The main attractions of Rome alone.

    1. 1. The Colosseum
    2. 2. Roman Forum
    3. 3. Venice Square
    4. 4. Fountain di Trevi
    5. 5. Plaza of Spain
    6. 6. Pantheon
    7. 7. Piazza Navona
    8. 8. Castle of the Holy Angel
    9. 9. Vatican and St. Peter’s Cathedral

    – On the first day, I suggest looking at the sights outside without going inside and not wasting time on the queue. Start with Colosseo metro stations.

    – In the area of the Plaza of Spain, you can make a stop and drink coffee in the oldest cafe of the 18th century Cafe Greco (Via Condotti, 86) or go to cafe-museum, which previously served as a workshop for the sculptor Antonio Canova (via del Babuino 150) and enjoy a cup of coffee in surrounded by sculptures.

    – And on Navona Square after inspecting three fountains at once – a fountain the four rivers, the fountain of Neptune and the fountain of Mavra – go to a snack in Cantina e cucina (via del Governo Vecchio, 87). Pasta or pizza will cost an average of 9 euros, a glass of homemade wine – 5 euros.

    Alternative: By Rome by tram – in 4 hours and € 99 (up to 5 people)

    Second day

    The second day I propose to devote a hill Aventine and district Trastevere. Trastevere is a trendy area with restaurants, bars and traitorias where Italians go for dinner.

    1. 1. Chirko Massimo
    2. 2. Piazza Cavalieri di Malta
    3. 3. Orange Garden
    4. 4. The mouth of truth
    5. 5. Arch of Janus
    6. 6. Theater Marcellus
    7. 7. Jewish ghetto
    8. 8. Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

    – Start from the metro station “Circo Massimo” where it is located The oldest stadium in Rome, which was used as a racetrack. Here fragments of steps built by Julius Caesar in 46 have survived BC. (Of course, not by Caesar himself, but on his instructions).

    – Find the most ridiculous sight in Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, where the residence of the Order of Malta. This is the door, by looking into the keyhole of which you can see The dome of St. Peter. So you see three at once. States – the Vatican, the Order of Malta and Rome. Door skip difficult – just focus on the crowd of tourists who want To make a photo.

    – Before getting into the next turn to the Lips of Truth, climb the hill of Aventine and take a walk through the orange garden.

    – View the Marcellus Theater – the ancient theater, one of numerous buildings of the ancient territory, which was called Field of Mars. Here beyond the walls of ancient Rome in the area of 250 hectares were military exercises. Now it is part of the city. And about the old exercises and parades reminds only the square of the Field of Mars, which is not far from Pantheon.

    – After all the queues and the noisy center, stroll through the cozy quiet district of the Jewish ghetto.

    – You can finish a fruitful day in Trastevere in Le Mani in Pasta (via dei Genovesi 37). The restaurant is famous for its homely pasta and a large selection of seafood. Dinner for two with wine will cost an average of 60 euros.

    Third day

    I propose to devote the whole third day to the Vatican.

    Take something with you, like panini. Make a break in a series of museums and have a snack on a bench in the inner the courtyard. Meals can be shared with local gulls, which pose for tourists for food.

Dome in the Vatican Dome in the Vatican

View from the Dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican

Viewing platforms

Well, and for sweets for lovers to see everything and immediately offer Top 5 viewing points in Rome:

  1. The dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral – the rise on foot costs 8 euros, elevator – 10 euros, though after the elevator will have to walk a little very dizzying screw lift. But the kind that opens from the dome is worth it.
  2. Vittoriano – view of the center of Rome will cost 7 euros.
  3. Orange Garden on the Aventine Hill – free.
  4. Castle of the Holy Angel – the entrance to the castle 14 euros.
  5. Pincho Hill is free.

Approved: Photowalk in the center of Rome – for 1.5 hours and € 140 (up to 4 people)

Prices for excursions in Rome

St. Peter's Basilica - inside St. Peter's Basilica - inside

Inside view of St. Peter’s Basilica

What else to see in Rome? If everything is popular the sights you saw, you can go on an excursion for city. Visit the ancient city of Palestrina around Rome or the picturesque ghost town of Civita di Bagnoregio.

Well, if you have more than enough time to rest in Rome, then you can go to other cities. For example:

Approved: From Rome to Naples and Pompeii – in 14 hours and € 130

My advice to tourists

Rome, Italy Rome, Italy

We approach the Vatican, there is a lot of season people

Finally, a few life hacking in Rome:

✓ When choosing a time to travel to Rome, remember that in summer there is a temperature of about 30 degrees – walking and sightseeing in this heat is difficult. TO the same in July and August, many places close because the Romans themselves are leaving to rest. In the autumn, starting with October can be quite rainy, so be sure grab a raincoat or an umbrella. Winter in Rome cool, but sunny, although the rains are also not excluded. More comfortable just go to Rome in the spring – the temperature is around 20 degrees – already warm, but not hot, you can walk all day.

✓ Rome is great in terms of airport transfer: shuttle bass Delivered to the center (Termini station) for 45 minutes and 6 euros, and not to stand in line, do as I do – buy a ticket in advance online. Immediately in both directions cheaper, 11 euros.

Билеты на шаттл >>

✓ From good hotels, I can only recommend yours: San Marco – worthy of “treshka” in the center of Rome, 95 euros per night two.

✓ If you chose a tour to Italy and a beach holiday – and this is how Rimini usually has more excursions from there because closer (look at Sputnik):

  • Excursion to Florence – for 10 hours and € 81
  • From Rimini to Venice – 12 hours and € 81
  • A trip to San Marino – 6 hours and € 19

✓ Install the application – these are maps that work in offline mode without internet and mark in advance attractions, cafes and your hotel, not to get lost

✓ Buy tickets to museums in advance on the official sites. it It may cost a little more, but you will not lose time in the queues!

✓ A network of drinking fountains is scattered around Rome. Water there good quality, so you can not spend on it, the main thing is not throw out the bottle.

✓ When ordering coffee, say the password “al banco”, which means coffee not at the table, but at the bar, in which case it will cost cheaper.

✓ Go to church – this is a free version of museums. Many churches painted by famous artists whose paintings hang in museums.

✓ Italians eat at certain hours. Lunch from 12.30 to 15.00, dinner from 19.30 to 23.00, the rest of the time restaurants are closed. Only tourist places are open, where prices are higher and food is not always tasty.

Food in Italy Food in Italy

Here are a few institutions of Italian cuisine, in which exactly delicious. feed:

  • Pompi (bar network throughout the city) – divine tiramisu
  • La Veranda (Borgo S.Spirito, 73) – for atmospheric lovers institutions, this restaurant is located in the palace of the 15th century
  • For pizza go to Dar Poeta (Vicolo del Bologna, 45)
  • For pasta – in Carlo Menta (Via della Lungaretta, 101)
  • I am very sorry that during my trip I did not have time to walk to trattoria largo der pallaro. But you must go. it family cafe where Signor Paolla runs. I’m going here to choose it is impossible that creates the feeling of home dinner where you are fed up dump For 25 euros per person you get snacks, pasta, hot, wine and dessert. The institution is located at Largo del Pallaro, 15.

As you can see, it is possible to see a lot in Rome in 3 days, but far away Not all. For 5 days or a week you can see much more – for example, the terms of Caracalla or square Coliseum built at Mussolini; take a walk around the Nomentano quarter, which was built in fascist period and see atypical Rome; look into the quarter Coppede, dominated by art nouveau architecture; take a train ride to Pisa and take a picture with the most popular leaning tower or buy a ticket to Venice to ride a gondola through the canals.

A description of all the interesting places in Rome will take more than one article. It is better see once, and even better – not one :)

Rome map with landmarks

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