Beach holidays in Cambodia – 2019. Prices and reviews

During our semi-annual travel in Southeast Asia Cambodia has become a real find, about which I practically don’t heard before. Is that from rare friends who jumped there on a couple of days from Pattaya. Beach holidays in Cambodia does not enjoy much popular among Russians, although the beauty is not inferior neighboring Thailand.

My young man and I traveled all the main attractions and stayed in total in cambodia 20 days What I will tell you today.


  1. Visa
  2. Season
  3. Prices on the spot
  4. Hotels
  5. What to see in Cambodia?
  6. Beach holiday
  7. Tips – the pros and cons of recreation

Visa to Cambodia (30 days)

A visa for Russians in Cambodia is needed. You can do it in advance:

  • in the embassy in Moscow (per. Starokonyushenny, 16) – for $ 30 and 1-3 of the day
  • upon arrival at the airport

Officially, a visa costs $ 30, but a cunning border guard try to tear off your extra “five”. Don’t get fooled by this divorce. If you do not have a photo of 3×4, you will have to pay another $ 2 from above. We received a visa on the border with Vietnam and proved the same to a border guard that a visa costs exactly 30 bucks and not a cent more.

The visa is issued for 30 days, but if the rest in Cambodia is “gone” and I want to stay longer, you can extend for another month for $ 45 Immigration office in Phnom Penh. This does not apply to an e-visa. ↓

  • online – for $ 37, you must fill out the form on the site:

Print out two copies of the questionnaire, one for the border guard, and the second is for leaving the country.

How much does it cost to go to Cambodia from Thailand? Half the tourists will choose a 2-day tour, which will cost $ 150 (from Pattaya) or $ 200 (from Phuket) per person. But you can on your own: look for flights to Skyscanner, and hotels on RoomGuru.

Sights of Cambodia Sights of Cambodia

Season for a holiday in Cambodia

The holiday season in Cambodia roughly coincides with that established throughout Southeast Asia.

  • The dry period lasts from November to April, and it is at this time it is better to choose a kingdom to visit. When there is no rain, there is a hot sun, but this applies only to spring months. Because winter is considered optimal for travel. The temperature of water and air is kept around + 28 ° С in the resort parts (Gulf of Thailand and Sihanoukville) and + 34 ° C in Siem Reap (seas there, of course not).
  • The rainy season starts in May and ends around October. Most precipitation falls from July to September. It rains hard, tropical, but it does not last long.

We were in Cambodia in early April, but it was already raining because of what problems with the tent (looking for a sublime surface and under the roof). The rest of the time it was very stuffy and hot, we came to life only under the air conditioner.

Species in Cambodia Species in Cambodia

Prices for holidays in Cambodia – 2019

The official currency of Cambodia is riel (KHR). 1 US dollar = 4000 rielam.

For convenience, all prices are in dollars, as they are taken to calculation everywhere, and give change in riel. But I advise you to have hand a small amount in local currency for small purchases.

Let’s take a closer look at such an important aspect as prices. on holiday in Cambodia.


The movement in Cambodia is chaotic and most often defies any to the rules. For example, the maximum speed for a car is 40 km / h, and for motorcycles – 30 km / h. In fact, people are racing five of us on one bike, without helmets and under 70 km / h. Road conditions in Cambodia in general dangerous, so be careful.

In the Kingdom you can forget about public transport and about trains. Tourists move either on a tuk-tuk or on a bike.

  • Rent a motorcycle for a day – $ 5-10, for a month – $ 100 If there is no corresponding rights, and the police will stop, pay From $ 5 to $ 20, as agreed.
  • A liter of gasoline in Cambodia is about $ 1. In the villages it is sold in liter and two-liter glass bottles.

In addition to the motorcycle, you can rent a bike, it’s cheaper. Where? At the reception of your hotel or hostel or at individuals for $ 1-5, depending on the quality of the bike.

You can take a car with a driver for the day. For example, agree with the taxi driver at the airport. More or less An adequate price tag for this is about $ 40.

Kitchen and food

  • Street food (rice with kebab or rice noodles) – $ 1-5 per portion
  • The average bill when buying food at the supermarket – $ 5:

✓ bottle of water, 0.5 l – $ 0.4

✓ mango, kg – $ 1

✓hleb – $ 0.25

✓ Angkor beer, 0.33 L – $ 0.5

✓yoghurt – $ 0.5-1

Cambodian cuisine is not much different from Thai, except for those dishes which the French brought here during the colonization. Here they eat rice, seafood and baguettes.

Prices are adequate, which, however, can not be said about the resorts. Can quite a dinner at a street market for just a dollar if Buy a couple of kebabs or papaya salad. Khmer Brand Amok (fish curry) dish costs a little more – from $ 3.

My advice: be careful while looking for a place where to eat Chase not for price, but for quality. Frequent were cases where, right before my eyes, sellers in street markets dropped food on the dirty floor, and then calmly put it back. It is doubtful and meat, which lay under the sun all day, and then you can joyfully fry it.

In Siem Reap, I recommend eating at Pub Street – the most rave the street. At least there is a constant flow, and food is not stale. The main tourist institution – the cafe Red Piano, they say, there Jolie dined during the filming of “Lara Croft.” Not bad.

Hotels in Cambodia

Checked by us (but hostels):

  • Siem Reap – Hangover Hostel & Bar
  • Phnom Penh – The Happy House

Cambodia, so popular among foreign tourists wishing gawk at ancient Angkor Wat surprised us by the fact that rent the cheapest hostel room in all of Southeast Asia. Only $ 2, and we slept on a cozy bed in an 8-bed room in the center. Siem Reap Miracles, is not it?

We have discovered a wondrous world for ourselves, when you can spend the night for free. in Buddhist temples. This is a new acquaintance, and the opportunity save money. So in Kampong Cham, we spent the night at Nokor Bachey. Pagoda, in Siem Reap – at Wat Kesararam.

Higher housing prices are best to look at RoomGuru or on Booking. Here you can find a place to sleep for every taste and purse. Catch a selection:

  • 5 * Sumeru Boutique Hotel & SPA (Siem Reap) – probably only Cambodia can withdraw the top five for only $ 40. Own pool free transfer to and from the airport, and, moreover, it is located convenient to the center.
  • 4 * Iroha Garden Hotel & Resort (Phnom Penh) – considered a chip a restaurant in the mansion of the 1930s, as well as a small garden with by the pool.
  • 4 * White Boutique Hotel and Residences (Sihanoukville) – more all the good reviews of tourists, here and massage, and a gym, and live music performances.
  • 3 * Phoumrumduol Bungalow (Kep) is a good-natured host, Coloring evening of tourists with their stories is priceless.

Attractions in Cambodia Attractions in Cambodia

Attractions in Cambodia

What to see in Cambodia is up to you. There is also a natural attractions, and historical monuments.

Natural Attractions of Cambodia (prices for 2019):

✓ Bokor – a national park 1.5 hours drive from Kampot Worth a visit, firstly because of the Popokwil Falls and real jungle, and secondly, because of abandoned buildings, Glorified this park. We liked the casino “Bokor Palace” (now renovated), non-functioning Catholic Church and Black Palace. In the park a century ago, the French colonialists rested, and later Khmer Rouge. From European representatives to the present day and got these buildings.

A bus tour from Kampot costs $ 25. You can go and most on a moped, then – only 50 cents for entry into the territory parka.

✓ Ream – park 20 km from Sihanoukville. Wild animals, birds, large populations of monkeys and freshwater dolphins. You can get to the park either with a guide, by jeep or on foot, but A romantic option would be a boat trip on the Prek Tuk Sap River. (about $ 25).

✓ Tonle Sap Lake – the largest freshwater lake of cambodia Moreover, its average depth is only 1 meter ( wet season – all 10). They come here to look at the floating the village. But honestly, all floating villages are like one another one, so if you have already seen a similar one in Thailand, then you can skip.

Historical sights:

✓ Angkor Wat – narrate below.

✓ Koh Koer – tourists rarely come here because that almost no one knows about the place. Although it is superior in the mystery and authenticity of Angkor Wat itself. The complex is located in 90 km from Angkor, in the province of Preah Vihear, in the district of Kulen. Cost of ticket: $ 10.

✓ The Killing Fields of Choeng Ek and the Museum of Genocide Towle Sleng – speaking of Cambodia, mention its bloody history in the days of the Khmer Rouge. In the 70s More than a third of the population was killed and buried in the country. More You can read about the whole history of that period here, but It will be scary – torture tools, blood stains, cameras. Recommend also watch the movie “The Fields of Death” (1984).

Just fun:

✓ Traditional Khmer massage – $ 10

✓ Trip to the islands and back from Kep or Sihanoukville – $ 15-25

The ancient city of Angkor

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the largest temple in the world, dedicated to the god Vishnu (10-12 centuries), consisting of more than 200 monuments. Getting to the complex is most convenient from Siem Reap, he 6 km.

Tickets: for 1 day – $ 37, for 3 days – $ 62. And yes, it is worth it!

Here, of course, a bunch of local “let’s help” (i.e. look like pofotkayu, tell you what I know). In principle, you can take, the price – in around $ 20-25.

Beach holidays in Cambodia – where is the best?

Many travel to Cambodia to enjoy its beaches, which so far not overpopulated with tourists, but very interesting. Where better to go?

Cambodia Resorts – Sihanoukville

This city is probably one of the most popular resorts in Cambodia. It appeared relatively recently – in 1950, thanks to the French, therefore, still continues to evolve. Its main attractions are beaches and islands.

  • Victory can be found in the northern part of the city. Beach, which was previously called “Russian”. Later ones in whose honor was called the beach, began to rest in all parts of the city, and the name has lost its relevance. Located close to port, so the water quality is not a delight. But there are many cafes, and also housing for any wallet.
  • Further south is Hawaii Beach, especially beloved. Khmer Also, like the previous one, it is not very clean, nails here black lumps of fuel oil. By the way, on the shore are pine thickets that allows you to hide in the shade during baking the sun.
  • Behind him – Independence. His plus is that it is clean, as well as the sea itself.
  • Then begins the beach Sokha. Most of it belongs to the hotel “five star” Sokha Beach Resort, so here very clean. A small piece of territory is open to all visitors.
  • The fifth lane for holidays in Sihanoukville – Sirindipiti, one of the most tourist, because it is located in the city center. Accordingly, there is noise, din, incessant movement. Of course, this leaves an imprint and on the place itself, it is not the most tidy.
  • And the last, the most distant beach from the city, Address If earlier it was one “wild” the coast, today it is divided into three zones: Otres 1 – the most brisk, Otres 2 – there are fewer tourists here and calmer, and the village Address

But note that Sihanoukville itself makes an impression unsettled. There is absolutely nowhere to walk, except beaches.

Islands of Cambodia: Koh Rong, Koh Ta Kiev, Kaoh Damlaung, Song Saa, Ko Thmey. You can drive by ordering day trips from Sihanoukville – $ 25-30, and you can stay there for a few days. In the first case, you can not only ride around the islands, but also try snorkeling or diving.

It is worth remembering that during the rainy season in the country also the season of waves begins. It falls on the summer months.

Animals and Nature in Cambodia Animals and Nature in Cambodia

Tips – the pros and cons of recreation

Holidays in Cambodia can be both beautiful and terrible. Someone prefers a developed infrastructure and good service that already set on foot in Thailand but still lacking in Cambodia It is worth going here for those who are interested in seeing something. new who is ready for the Spartan conditions and want a little privacy. Plus, Thailand or Vietnam is no longer interesting :)

Pluses of rest:

+ Low cost for excursions, food and accommodation + Uncrowded beaches of Cambodia, clear sea and the opportunity to relax on the islands + Cute, helpful people + Warm climate

Rest minuses:

– Omnipresent dirt and stench in big cities – Undeveloped infrastructure – Bad roads – Prostitution is very common, exploitation of child labor

The cost of rest in Cambodia

You can go to Cambodia and the good old tour, but this Trip will be released about 150 thousand per week with departure from Moscow. Even taking into account that everything is included: flight, hotel, food, money clearly worth it. It is much more rational to take a trip to Thailand (or Vietnam) – look at Travelata – and from there act.

It should also be remembered that the best places in Cambodia are scattered around the whole country will have to move a lot if you want to see everything. And then it’s easier to fly on your own.

Estimated budget for 7 days based on our experience (on one):

  • Air flight: 36 000 rubles
  • Meals: 10 000 rubles
  • Hotels (hostels): 5000 rubles
  • Excursions in Cambodia and entrance tickets: 8000 rubles

Total: ≈ 60,000 rubles.

About the rest in Cambodia, the reviews of tourists are not so numerous (most go for 1-2-day excursions): prices are low, in Asian dirty, dusty, chaotic. Someone sees in Cambodia terrible poverty, predatory local, arrogant children. And someone – completely different way of life in which everyone is happy in their own way. What will be your impression? :)

Child in Cambodia Child in Cambodia English School in Cambodia English School in Cambodia

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