Holiday in Goa in December 2019 – prices and reviews of tourists

Remember the advice from the Internet, how to cope with chronic fatigue and lack of sleep? Add a lemon slice to the tea, a pinch of cinnamon, take ticket to goa and never return. It’s about time take advantage – Goa in December 2019!

Collected reviews of tourists, weighed the pros and cons: what should be ready. Spoiler: to a full reboot, at least?


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Beach holidays in Goa in December – is it worth going?

What is good vacation in Goa in December? Should I go? As Igor sang Nikolaev, here are 5 reasons why all the same yes:

✓ Inexpensive. Prices in 2019 and near did not stand with Moscow or Sochi. Round in decent 3 stars – from 45 000 rubles for a week. Food in the cafe – the main dish (meat / fish + side dish) up to 180 rubles. Housing through Airbnb – apartments for two from 700 rubles per day. According to the photo very nice, for the price too, and with our discount of 2100 rubles – general beauty!

✓ Excellent ecology, a lot of sun and fresh fruits and vegetables in the most the cold and lean on vitamins period in Russia inspires parents on vacation in india with kids. However, the country implies a number of difficulties: exotic diseases, insects, unsanitary conditions. It is important to understand this and to prepare for the most responsible trip with a child, seriously approach the choice of the hotel and the beach. Southern Goa is considered a more suitable place.

✓ To apply for a visa online is easy. Just fill out the form. Cost about $ 100 (excluding consular fees). If approved, the mail arrives the confirmation

Do not forget to take it with you! Otherwise, Dabolim airport is not put the coveted stamp. We’ll have to live there like a movie hero. “Terminal”. Joke! Without a document they will not be allowed on the plane

✓ Fun parties and unusual atmosphere. Goa come from different parts of the world. In December, all the bars and shops operate on full power. Problems with the pastime just will not! All Dvizhuha – in the north.

✓ Nature. No, seriously: you need to see it with your own eyes. Youtube and photos on Instagram will not convey the atmosphere of Indian sunset under sounds of folk tunes

Where to look for cheap tours to Goa?

Tours in Goa in December 2019 now look extremely attractive. Hot, hot – from 35 000 rubles! Search and It is convenient to buy here:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Sites aggregators issue offers from all the leading tour operators. You can compare the cost and choose the most profitable. the permit. Immediately see the information about the hotel, flight and read reviews.

Goa weather in December (season of India)

The weather on Goa in December is gorgeous. Dry season in this state begins in autumn, in October, and lasts from April to May. New Year – great time to visit the country: sunny, warm, even it’s hot.

But it is still better not to refuse clothes with long sleeves: Great chance to overcook in the sun and turn into Peppu pig. And in the dark, running into mosquitoes, with which not any repellent cope! Local chances are greater than those brought from homeland.

Goa in early December

In November-December, the tourist season in Goa is in full swing. Rains and monsoons no longer disturb travelers – precipitation is compared to other months, almost none. Average temperature air daytime: + 31 ° C … + 33 ° C (sometimes the indicator reaches + 36 ° C). In the evening it gets cooler: up to + 20 ° C. Sea temperature allows you to swim at your pleasure: + 28 ° C.

Goa at the end of December

To go to India, to Goa, in December you can at least in the 20th, at least in early January. The weather is always good: the sun is shining, daytime temperature + 31 ° C, evening – + 22 ° C … + 25 ° C. Of principle There is no difference in how much of the month to book a tour.

Where better to go on holiday in Goa?

Catholic Church of St. Anthony - Siolim (North Goa) Catholic Church of St. Anthony - Siolim (North Goa) Jesus Christ statue Tiracol Fort. India Goa Jesus Christ statue Tiracol Fort. India Goa

North Goa or South Goa: where to rest? To understand who where it is better to go, collected the pros and cons of different parts of the state.

South Goa in December

South Goa in December – a sort of Bounty island with a paradise enjoyment: silence, deserted sandy beaches, clear sea – full relax. For the pleasure you have to pay: tours here are more expensive. what still?

pros Minuses
+ no scary traffic – mostly everyone rides bicycles + there are bays on the beaches, therefore – there are no big waves + more fully refurbished hotel in good condition – expensive-rich: for 18 000 rubles per person you will not get here – few clubs and beach discos – no rave in the south you feel

Найти тур на юг >>

North Goa in December

Banyan Tree (Goa) Banyan Tree (Goa) Banyan Tree (Goa) Banyan Tree (Goa)

If the plans do not include leaving a round sum in India, and the old furniture and small rooms do not make you quiet horror, follow to the north (winter is near). Although here you can find good hotels. The main thing – do not forget to read reviews of tourists, not to round eyes being in place.

North Goa in December is a popular destination. If you want to to come to the state of “savage”, to get it yourself is easy, but finding housing is harder: familiar to us refrigerator, air conditioning and hot water is luxury here.

But he who seeks will always find! Options abound on that same airbnb. Plus, you can book a hotel for a couple of days (at RoomGuru) and already on arrival to communicate with local, everyone has a friend, renting a house or condo. And our friends so lived in a tent! They liked it ?

pros Minuses
+ noisy parties + savings in everything: from guesthouses to food – the best holiday for those who are not accustomed to spend a lot + proximity to civilizations – accumulation of dirt and eternal crowds of people – crazy traffic to roads – strong waves due to open beaches

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If not Goa, then where? Vacation options at sea под Новый год >>

Prices for holidays in Goa

Slightly immersed in the theme of India, you quickly understand that the cheapest way to get into the country is to buy a tour. Separate flight from Moscow in December will cost at least 27,000 rubles per person. Package – 20 thousand (and even less). Many travelers use this life hacking: take the cheapest last minute tours, and the place they are looking for more decent housing or even spend their holidays in traveling, changing location every few days.

Food: tour operators offering travel по системе bed&breakfast, но from дыхающие упрямо игнорируютbreakfasts – no one wants to get up early for a bun with jam. Going to goa, to put it mildly, is not necessary. Wines for grudges kilograms completely lies on the necks (local cafes) with very low prices. Overeat for 300 rupees (the rate is almost 1 to 1 with a ruble) – easily! Fruits are sold on the streets: 1 kg of papaya will cost 27 Rs, oranges (6 pcs.) – 90.

The best way to get around Goa – a scooter whose rent will cost 200-400 rupees per day. In his spare time, you can look at the massage. or stroll through the market, buying spices and cheap knitwear 100 rubles. By the way, if you do not have time to exchange money, do not worry: goantsy will gladly accept dollars.

Prices for tours to Goa

Goa prices in December are slightly higher than in other months – the height seasons and a mad rush. However, the weekly tour from Moscow to Goa in December 2019, you can grab for 20-30 thousand per person per week, and even cheaper.

You need to understand that a hotel for such an amount is very, very far. from perfection. We try to choose in advance more or less normal and track all changes in the price of the tour (on Travelata or Onlinetours) to be able to book it with minimal losses.

In early December, the rest will be a bit cheaper. Tour for 14 days in a 2 * hotel for two:

➢ in the northern part of the state – from 62,000 rubles ➢ South Goa – from 70 thousand

With the approach of the New Year, prices are rising, but the rave North still cheaper than the South. The cost of the trip for 2 weeks after December 16:

➢ north: from 72,000 rubles for two; ➢ south: from 80,000 rubles

The tour imposed on 10 days of the New Year holidays is cheaper 100,000 rubles is very difficult to find.

Who to trust? Reliable tour operators in Goa – 2019 >>

What to see in Goa? sights

Lying on the beach in Goa all vacation – a crime. Around a bunch interesting places. You need to visit at least a couple of excursions. Take off tour operators and locals will be happy to see them (and another question who benefits from these services). And you can rent a scooter and go. in an independent voyage. A few points worth visiting:

✓ Spice Plantation – Reserve, in which there is almost all types of plants growing in India. As a rule, the cost of the tour (about 500 rupees) includes tasting of national dishes and cashew apples alcoholic drink (this is what nuts grow on) – give a damn about

✓ Murdeshvar is no longer Goa, but still nearby. Road to the fishing village with a sculpture complex on Mount Kanduka, take about 5 hours. What is there? Temple Murdeshvar 1542, decorated with life-sized elephants and the 184-meter tower Raja with a viewing platform. Nearby is the village Gokarna, where, according to legend, Shiva revealed himself to the world

Excursion: Murdeshvar and Gokarna with a guide – for 12+ hours and $ 60

✓ Fort Aguada served faithfully from the 17th century to the Portuguese. Despite the shelling, he was well preserved. Tours among the arches and guns are held from 10 to 18 hours. entrance free

✓ The night market in Arpora opens at the end December, before the New Year. Here you can find a lot of interesting things. Bargaining is not just appropriate, but mandatory!

✓ Dudhsagar Falls is surrounded by a nature reserve, which are inhabited by tigers, panthers, snakes and very arrogant monkeys. Himself although it occupies 5th place in India in height, it leaves double impression: in fact, not so high. Entrance to the reserve free, but to get to the waterfall, you need to rent jeep

Excursion: Waterfall, plantation and temple by car – for 8 hours and $ 40

✓ Shiva’s face – a statue made by Antonio Giuseppe Caroli, located on the beach Vagator (North Goa). If a take the bike, take a look. It looks very impressive.

Best hotels in Goa

Bathroom in Goa Bathroom in Goa Tent - Goa Tent - Goa

Traditionally, South Goa is considered more beach, and hotels – more comfortable:

  • 2 * Lotus Beach Resort – close to the beach (5 minutes), can be rented room with kitchen and refrigerator, on the territory there is a swimming pool. Book in December is obtained only as part of the tour. For 7 days – from 60 000 rubles for two
  • 3 * The Golden Crown Colva – the hotel has a fitness center, massage can do right in the lounge chair by the pool. Voucher – from 63000 rubles
  • 5 * Caravela Beach Resort – green territory, clean beach. Week tour – from 105,000 rubles for a double room with breakfast

In the north of the state of life is in full swing. To dive into the atmosphere of India – here. With hotels, familiar to Europeans quality, is difficult. Their simply not. Optimal places price-quality:

  • 2 * Naga Cottages – hotel near the beach (10 minutes), there is a pool. Price for a tour in December for a week – from 52000 rubles
  • 3 * Adamo The Bellus – 10 minutes to the beach. The rooms are not new, but spacious and clean; good breakfasts; buffet style; от60000 rubles per ticket
  • 3 * Paradise Village Beach Resort – from 55,000 rubles to two. Clean, overlooking the beach

Tourists reviews about Goa in December

India is not a pop line. There is either hooked or not. AND learn in advance does not work. Of the minuses:

– Many hotels include the cost of the December New Year tours a festive dinner, without which it is possible to do without – a long flight – not the cleanest rooms – differences in mentality

Now for the good:

+ reviews about Goa in December are mostly positive – all eclipses nature and unusual atmosphere, infecting calm + in the north, everyone will enjoy entertainment + beaches, with creaking white sand, sun and sea under your feet

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