Cheap tours: where to look and how to buy? Our 10 rules!

VC and telegram channels are, of course, good, however too transient and momentary. How to find the cheapest tours not only for today-tomorrow, but also for the week-month-year ahead? Here is our instruction, developed for 8 round trips, among of which there were both Thailand for 60,000, and Greece for 26,000, and Spain for 35,000! All – for two and in 2018-2019, and not when the dollar was at thirty? Ways

  1. Buying tour online
  2. Smart search
  4. Low price calendars
  5. Departure from Moscow and major cities
  6. Flexibility in directions
  7. Holidays in low season
  8. Early booking
  9. Hot tours
  10. Fortune Tours
  11. Several dopovet
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Buying tour online

If you are used to visiting the offices of travel agencies, it’s time try and alternative – aggregator tours. If not yet looked into the nearest “Pilgrim Travel”, is it necessary? Buying a tour online is easy, convenient and modern. All long independently book hotels on Buckinge and air tickets Skyskanner, it’s time for ready-made travel! Where to look for cheap tours?

    • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Their idea is very simple: services analyze databases tour operators conduct price comparisons and show available variants of tours, ranking them by cost or rating. Benefits:

  1. Search tours for all tour operators, and reliable. With such a scale, no budget tour will pass unnoticed.
  2. Prices are directly from tour operators. No surcharges for office rent, employee benefits, tea with cookies.
  3. Really inexpensive trips that are not offer even the cheapest travel agencies. Search Engines will point you to Turkey for 30,000 for two, well, because so they programmed, but travel agents – they are programmed to profit. Which increases with the amount laid out by the client.
  4. Your own choice. And don’t you scared this phrase! Easy read reviews about hotels and navigate at prices – then surely the worm “doesn’t say anything” more profitable / closer to the sea? “
  5. All conditions for hunting for the burning: saw + immediately bought = had time?

Cheap Tours Cheap Tours Additional advantages: + Documents – immediately by e-mail + 24-hour service support and offices in major cities + Secure payment by card + Installment / possibility to divide the payment into two stages What is the best search engine tours – do not say so, look worth it all three. We noticed that on LevelTravel, for example, a wider list cities of departure, on Travelata you can book a tour with a discount on promotional code, and the Online Tours always displays the final price with fuel surcharge (if any).

Rating of cheap countries by season

It is useful to know and where the cheapest tickets are sold. For each time of year there are several mass trends that differ budget. We give a short rating of cheap countries and the minimum tour cost in 2019 (7 nights, 2 people):

Winter Summer
India (Goa) – from 45 000 rubles Turkey – from 50 000 rubles
Thailand – from 75 000 rubles Greece – from 52,000 rubles
Vietnam – from 80 000 rubles Russia (Sochi, Anapa) – from 30,000 rubles

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Smart search of tours for all tour operators

Where to look for tours – we have determined, now the question is – how? First of all, use smart tour search: online aggregators allow you to set parameters that exclude uninteresting sentences. Suppose you intend to buy the cheapest tour, that’s just in order to get out abroad. It is logical that 5 * hotel at all inclusive not in your plans, so put the appropriate checkmark in front of the “Star / Hotel Class” and “Food” filters. You can also play around with the distance to the sea, the type of beach, by rating etc.

Promotional codes

Here everything is clear, clear: from time to time, search engines please promo codes. At the moment, this is Travelata – the site of cheap tours, allowing to make them – tours – a little more profitable.

  • UAF300howtrip – a coupon for 300 rubles for any tours from 20 000
  • UAF500howtrip – a coupon for 500 rubles for any tours from 40 000
  • AFT2000howtrip – coupon for 2000 rubles for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Low price calendar and date flexibility

Travelata and Onlinetours have a handy calendar widget low prices with which you can catch cheap tours. He appears after clicking the “find” button and is a graph the cost of trips for several days before and after the desired date. Cheap Tours - Low Price Calendar Cheap Tours - Low Price Calendar Be sure to find out about the neighboring numbers. Visually from the screen above: the difference between the flight on June 25 and 26 is ≈15,000 rubles! Level.Travel also has a calendar, but of a different plan: it displays the best prices for tours to the selected country for 4 months ahead and in duration: посмотреть —> So, in order to choose the best package, desirable flexibility in travel dates, at least a day or two.

Departure from Moscow or neighboring cities

Airport Business Hall Airport Business Hall Business Hall Business Hall

It’s a shame, but a fact: cheap tour packages for the regions, especially distant, quite rare. But cheap tours from Moscow is quite natural, because the development of air traffic decides. If it’s not difficult for you to get to / from the capital, you can think about. We often take a ticket with a flight from Moscow and get on the train (and the amount is still an order of magnitude lower than from Kazan). Well, and if no Railways, Victories and BlaBlaKar help, look for where tours are cheaper in the nearest major cities (St. Petersburg, Samara, Novosibirsk). But do not forget to evaluate whether this method is worth save your comfort (especially with a child)?

Flexibility in directions

Conservatism is good, but sometimes it hits to pocket And if you once again decided to buy a ticket to Turkey, but the price hinted that something is wrong here, we advise you to change priorities.

  • Look for “spare” options among the traditionally budget directions (list above)
  • When choosing a resort, study the prices for each (the site itself will tell titles)

For example, to Greece cheap tours in the 2019th are much more more often than in previous years; and for the cost of a mediocre Turkish 5 star hotel you can take the excellent Greek “five”. Yes this it will not be all included, but breakfast + dinner, but you feel the difference in level? In addition, the Schengen issue is very simple; and if it is open – there are no barriers at all? In general, shuffle countries and places on search engines. Good, fly from России есть куда (и даже без визы — целых 88стран). Hotel in Greece on the system of fortune Hotel in Greece on the system of fortune Our hotel in Greece on the system of fortune (tour for 11 nights cost us 27,000 rubles)

Low season for relaxing

From our experience, the most effective life hacking is how to buy a cheap tour – is to choose a low season. More precisely, the off-season – when the weather is already or still ok, but there are no crowds on the beaches / streets, and prices are not inflated.

  • It is cheaper to go to European maritime countries and Turkey in May and the second half of September-October. Works for beach holidays, and for excursion
  • To Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cuba and even Maldives more economically fly in May-June and September-October (except Maldives)

We once looked through the whole forum, figuring out whether Tae is okay in end of may. All as one, frightened by rain, but somehow unconvincing, in words. Oh, and cheap tour (Phuket, 10 days, 3 * with breakfast, 60 000 for two), in the end, did his job. Off-season May Island – without tourists and, that’s a surprise, without rain – we liked where more than January (when a similar ticket costs 90 000 rubles).   Cheap Tours - Krabi Province (Thailand) Cheap Tours - Krabi Province (Thailand) Photos from our trip to the province of Krabi in Thailand

Early booking

Early booking saves, but not always 100%. It guaranteed profitable in the case when you need to buy a cheap tour in a luxury or wildly popular hotel, which will rise by the date of departure stop or take off in the price to heaven. With hotels easier early booking works as when. Coming from from the reviews of tourists, it happens that in the minus. The above tour in Thailand, we took an early booking for 5 months, but for a week before the trip it cost only 2 thousand more. By the way, in advance – this is approximately six months. Summer Turkey Greece, Cyprus and others like them “open” in February. Winter resorts – Tai, Vietnam, Dominicana – in June and July.

Last minute trips

The cheapest tours are last minute. Tour operators “throw out” them for a few days before departure, to somehow beat off the cost. Right away let’s say where to look: on Level.Travel and Onlinetours. Correct input data and choose (of course, if they are)! If you are not carried away to the online distance, where to buy last-minute tours, with luck, you can once or twice, know: this is still a lottery. First of all, hotels are usually not sold out for certain reasons (guess what?). And secondly, there are not last minute tours and often, and rely on them is better for spontaneous travel, but definitely not for the planned. Last minute vouchers Last minute vouchers

Tours on the system “fortune”

Fortune – it is for adventurous and picky optimists. Well, or for superchip trips. Detected as burning voucher, not always and not everywhere. In a nutshell, a tour fortune is when you only know the resort, duration, star hotel and type of food. For example, 7 nights in Kemer in a 4 * hotel for all inclusive. The hotel itself will become known upon arrival in the country. More about Fortune on the example of Turkey read here. What’s the point? In exchange for such mystery, you get the most cheap tour – to all “certain” hotels, the tickets cost 3+ thousand more. How to find a fortune?

  • Come on Travelata, LevelTravel or Online Tours
  • Drive in direction (ideally – resort)
  • Put the ranking by price
  • Highlight the desired star – Fortune, if available, should be displayed in first positions

Before you choose and buy a tour, look at the available options of hotels from the tour operator, offering fortune. At some of them and inhabit! Plus, it is possible to knock down an already low Is the price one of the promo codes higher?

Cheap tours: where to look and how to buy? Cheap tours: where to look and how to buy? Cheap tours: where to look and how to buy? Cheap tours: where to look and how to buy?

Our advice

  • If you travel abroad more often than once a year: think about bank cards for travel, returning up to 7% of the amount shopping tour / tickets / hotels (we – Binbank AirMiles)
  • Some tour operators may sell traditional tour (flight + accommodation + insurance), and “land” – only accommodation. Not worry, you happen to stumble on this; needed by myself select a separate column “hotel only” in the window of a particular hotel. Sometimes a ground is cheaper than booking a booking.
  • An important reminder: the cheapest tours abroad are far from always = quality. Still, you have to pay something: comfort, food, uncomfortable flight
  • There are no cheap tour operators, there are economy offers different directions. Therefore, when searching for trips win online aggregators that handle all tour operators and all resorts

Well, will you try to find the tour yourself? ? Share in comments how budgetary (you) rested and where!

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