Where to go to relax on the sea with a child in 2019 year?

Where to go to rest on the sea with a child in 2019? Where to go to rest on the sea with a child in 2019?

To organize a vacation with a child at sea is one more quest. Can whether to call the resort at once, where to fly for a short time and where it is hot, but not very, the water is warm and without waves, the beaches are sandy with a smooth sunset and is the airport close?

So that the head does not hurt from the very beginning (there is still a choice ahead hotel), we have compiled for you a selection of excellent places where you can go to rest on the sea with children depending on time of the year.

By the way, it’s more convenient to go on a family vacation. We advise search for vouchers at competitive prices on online services with the largest base of offers from reliable tour operators:

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Tip: do not forget to use filters and tick opposite such items as children’s entertainment, children’s menu and etc.


  1. Without a visa
  2. In summer | Autumn | In winter | In the spring
  3. In Russia
  4. What you need to know?

Holiday with children abroad without a visa

In order not to mark each time, we will immediately list the countries where You can go to rest with a child at sea without a visa. Actual for the year 2019.

  • Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali)
  • Maldives
  • Turkey, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates
  • Montenegro, Cyprus
  • Tunisia
  • Dominican Republic, Cuba

To issue a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport in advance Having received electronic permission, you will be able to Goa and Sri Lanka.

Dominicana with children Dominicana with children

Our friends rested with the child in the Dominican Republic

Where to go to relax in the summer with the children?

In the summer, it is somehow not customary to fly with a child to the sea far away (in difference from winter), and why, when Black and Mediterranean “under sideways. “Therefore, we consider the European countries + Turkey and Tunisia. However, you can also relax with children in Vietnam (Nha Trang and Hoi An) and on Bali. Найти туры —>

Beach vacation with children at sea

Beach vacation with children in the summer is the easiest to arrange: resort The season opens in all European countries.

Where can you relax with your family in June, July and August? Tops the top resorts in the Mediterranean and Black sea.


Rest with children in Side Rest with children in Side The hotel territory in Side The hotel territory in Side

This is above all a perfect example of a comfortable stay with kids with all-inclusive and rich animation. But I must admit only for June. The climate in summer Turkey is not that mild – in July and August is unbearable hell. This is confirmed by the reviews tourists. Few people listen – the warm sea decides. What else Need to know when traveling to Turkey with a child?

Where? Perhaps, Alanya and Side – the most most popular places for holidays with children: budget, sand the beaches. The truth is to get from the airport far away – about 150 km, but the road is smooth and takes about 3 hours.

Fun for everyone: Turkey’s best water parks >>

How much is? Turkey is one of the few countries where children’s recreation can be organized cheaply – from 60 000 rubles for 2 adults and a child for a week.

Найти тур в Турцию >>


Symi Island Greece Symi Island Greece

Excursion from Rhodes to Symi Island

Greece is very diverse in terms of excursion, but suffers in respect all inclusive. The question of choice no longer rests on terrain (beaches suitable for families with children in Greece everywhere), and in a hotel that would be suitable for a holiday with children. In the second half of summer in the country are established maximum temperatures, but because of the winds the heat is transferred more easily, than, for example, in Turkey.

Parse in detail: Holidays with children in Greece >>

Where? Crete and Rhodes, Corfu, Chalkidiki

How much is? Prices start from 70 000 rubles for 3 people (1 reb) for 7 days. All inclusive – from 85 000 rubles.

Найти тур в Грецию >>


Coast of Cyprus Coast of Cyprus

Why pay attention to Cyprus? All possibilities to feed, nakupat and entertain children. And do not tire parents visa issue (done in 1-2 days)?

Beautiful beach and a gentle entrance to the sea, a bunch of hotels with a landmark on children’s recreation.

Where? Family tourists prefer Ayia Napa, Protaras and Limassol

How much is? Trips in high season sold from 65,000 rubles – 7 nights, child + parents.

Найти тур на Кипр >>


Read more: Bulgaria with children – prices, reviews, советы >>

From the advantages of Bulgaria we can say the following: reasonable prices, easy acclimatization for kids, no language barrier. However, the country itself for services, entertainment and infrastructure on level lower than the above directions.

Where? Sunny Beach resort – constantly crowded place, because it is great for children, plus cool water park “Action”. Albena – the “closed” town of the hotel Type with good beaches.

Tip: in Bulgaria it is better to choose hotels of at least 5 stars and area away from Burgas (there is an oil refinery factory).

How much is? From 60 000 rubles for three.

Найти тур в Болгарию >>


Spain with children Spain with children

Head left from the central beach in Barcelona – there fewer people

Holidays in Europe in the summer is most popular in Catalonia. Here literally everything is adapted for family tourists, but you need to be careful with the weather – from mid-summer comes heavy heat.

New article: TOP 10 all inclusive countries >>

Where? An ideal place for children’s holidays – Costa Dorada with fine sand and gentle beaches. Roof Park Port Aventura is a great bonus for any child. age

How much is? Starting prices for tours – from 75 000 rubles per week vacation with a child.

Найти тур в Испанию >>


Kotor Kotor

In recent years, more and more tourists are attracted by the Adriatic. the sea is a wonderful ecology (pine forests and sea air) and relaxed atmosphere. Book vouchers recommend to July-August, although it is very crowded months – the sea is exactly warm up.

Where? The most famous place for families with children is Holy Island. Stefan. Tip: in general, the city should be chosen based on the wishes to the beach – if sand, then beyond Budva, towards the open sea, if pebbles are satisfied, then you can consider the Side (only not Kotor).

How much is? From 70,000 rubles for 7 days three

Найти тур в Черногорию >>


Croatia is mainly about nature. Here more pebbly or even concrete beaches, nondescript service and entertainment not really – everything replaces the sea and the mountains.

Where? Istria or Dalmatia

How much is? For three – from 70 000 rubles for 7 nights

Найти тур в Хорватию >>


Tunisia with children Tunisia with children

“French Africa” with low prices and convenient coast, although in July and August it’s already too hot here. For children, a trip in the summer most favorable in the second half of June-mid July.

Where? In Hammamet the cleanest sea, excellent beaches and all conditions for recreation with the child – of the interesting park entertainment Carthageland. Djerba Island is good too, but outside Hotels do nothing.

How much is? From 80,000 rubles.

Найти тур в Тунис >>

Where to go to have a rest in the fall with children?

Варианты на сентябрь >>

After the summer school holidays it’s time to go. on a trip to parents with kids. In September, already significantly the flow of tourists decreases, and the prices for vouchers. At the same time, the beach season in October and even in November European resorts are just beginning to end, and the weather Great for long trips. Autumn is no longer necessary hide from the summer heat and you can fully enjoy your holiday on coast.

Where to go to rest in the fall with a child? If you have the desire sunbathe and swim:

  • in Israel, the beach season is in full swing, plus here you will find wellness programs. The sea allows you to swim until the end of October – checked by us personally :) Tour: from 90 000 rubles for three >>
  • Cyprus will meet with comfortable weather for water treatments and экскурсийТур: от 65 000 рублей за троих >>
  • for a trip to Turkey you don’t even have to take a phrase book, but Beach season will end no earlier than mid-November. Tour: from 50 000 рублей за троих >>
  • Greece is very good in September and October in Rhodes, but on Crete is better to have time to rest until October Tour: from 55 000 rubles for троих >>

Not far behind in popularity and the UAE, but the flight takes more of time.

Where to relax in the winter with a child at sea?

Where can you rest abroad in the winter with children to acclimatization was easy, and the beach rest brought only pleasure? When choosing resorts for children, consider: the climate of the country should be soft without high humidity and a strong drop day and night temperatures, at least in this season water, if relaxing by the sea, just a few degrees should be different daytime air temperature.

Beach holiday with children in winter

Resorts where you can relax in the winter with your child mostly located in Southeast Asia, i.e. imply long flight. Where family holidays are best organized, and your children are not bored?

  • India, in particular Goa, is a place for a relaxing holiday on the ocean coast is surrounded by wilderness quietly and fuss. Good for families with young children. Tour: from 75 000 рублей за троих >>
  • In Thailand, in addition to the white beaches on the islands and the purest azure waters, families with children attract numerous parks entertainment and exotic fauna. Tour: from 80 000 rubles for three >>
  • United Arab Emirates is the world’s best water parks and super modern service of the highest level, a huge selection entertainment for children and parents. Tour: from 60 000 rubles for троих >>

Ski resorts and sightseeing holidays

Winter is a great time for sightseeing tours and communion. children to alpine skiing.

  • In the winter of 2019, if you go at the end of December or at the beginning January, in Finland, you can not only ride Santa’s sleigh Klaus, but also have lunch with him. Lapland will leave indelible impression of a three year old kid, a schoolboy and their parents.

Наша подробная статья >>

  • Christmas Prague and Berlin enchant fabulous the atmosphere.
  • In February, Spain will meet with comfortable weather for travel. по стране.Тур: от 60 000 рублей на троих >>
  • On the Alpine ski resorts, designed for family rest, there are specially equipped children’s tracks and clubs, where with Experienced animators will play with a small child while parents are to ski.

Holidays with children for the New Year 2019

Holidays with children for the New Year Holidays with children for the New Year

And if you decide to take out your family for the winter holidays, then where better to go? Holidays with children for the New Year 2019 available all, probably, will cost in Turkey, at this time there is very cheap compared to other seasons. But this does not mean that the quality rest will suffer greatly, now tell about the features of such travels. The weather at this time of the year is predominantly sunny and almost without rain, about +20 in the sun. You can fish, read on the loungers on the beach.

Turkey in winter is not at all that in season – no one sticks with its goods, there is no abundance of tourists and noise. You can visit in calm setting wonderful place Side. This The ancient Greek city is very popular with children, thanks to the successful location, mild climate and interesting historical It has long been a target for many tourists. and vacationers.

In terms of price / quality ratio – Turkey for the New Year is excellent option. We advise you to buy tours for the New Year in advance (about the benefits of early booking we wrote a separate article):

Про новогодний отдых: В теплых странах >>| В Европе >>

Where to go on holiday with children in the spring?

Holidays with children in the spring of 2019 can be spent and excursion routes, and the warm sea.

Beach vacation at sea

In early spring, not all popular resorts are ready to accept. beachers and if you want to travel with children to warm sea, be ready to fly in a few hours.

  • In Thailand, Goa still does not begin the wet season, therefore Vacation will be very comfortable.
  • In March, you can safely go to the United Arab Emirates (in spring rain will not disturb).
  • In May and even in the second half of April, you can already go with children. on the Mediterranean coast, as well as the Black Sea on homeland: in the Crimea or in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

Найти тур >>

Sightseeing holiday

Spring holidays are a good time for study tours. Europe.

  • In sunny Italy, original Czech Republic, Germany for preschoolers you easily organize excursions to places one way or another connected with their favorite tales.
  • In Spain at this time you can relax economically and see all attractions in small tourist groups, and parks entertainment and pools compensate for the lack of opportunity swim in the sea.
  • In Cyprus, the beach season will begin in May, and in March and April you can get to know historical sites and admire the flamingos in Larnaca.
  • And of course – Paris, with the famous Disneyland.

Where to go to relax with a child in Russia?

Where to go to relax with a child in Russia? Where to go to relax with a child in Russia?

The Black Sea will allow you to relax at home no worse than abroad. To your pleasure Crimea and resorts of Krasnodar region: Sochi, Anapa, Adler, Gelendzhik and many others, stretched along the entire coast.

Holidays with children on the sea in Russia has its pros and cons.


  • You can get to the place of rest by bus, car or train;
  • you can cheaply rent housing in private;
  • there will be no difficulties with medical care under the policy OMS;
  • food is no different from the usual, summer is a season for all southern fruits and berries;
  • there will be no language barrier with staff and vacationers.


  • rest in a hotel of the European level at a price equal to Turkey and even Spain;
  • around the coast in the summer of a large influx of tourists;
  • the level of domestic service and security are inferior foreign;
  • in the summer season is not perfect cleanliness of the beaches and the sea.

In Crimea, the rest is more budget, but to get to the peninsula somewhat more complicated.

And where is better on the Black Sea? >>

What is needed for a holiday with a child abroad?

Holidays with children in Turkey (Side) Holidays with children in Turkey (Side)

What you should consider in the first place, choosing a tour for a trip to sea with a child?

  • Flight time and distance of the resort from the airport. Ideally you should choose direct flights or with a minimum of transfers and with a small waiting time, hotels, to which the transfer takes no more hours
  • Availability of nearby attractions and entertainment complexes, interesting for children of a certain age.
  • An all-inclusive vacation with a children’s menu or self-catering apartment hotels Take the time to grab the blender for kids 1-2 years.
  • Distance from the beach: immediately exclude hotels located more than 500 m from the sea. For children 3-4 years longer distance can be tedious.
  • The beach should be sandy with a smooth sunset into the sea, located in sheltered bays to avoid waves.
  • Special infrastructure in the hotel: children’s clubs, swimming pools, slides, mini-disco, animators, educational programs. It is better if the children’s pool is located next to an adult.
  • Russian speaking staff at the hotel.

Seasons table by country for beach holidays

So that you can better navigate, we have prepared for you Season tables by country for a comfortable beach holiday.

Australia and Oceania, Asia

Australia and Oceania, Asia Australia and Oceania, Asia

Download the table

Africa, Middle East

Africa, Middle East

Africa, Middle East Africa, Middle East

Download the table



Europe Europe

Download the table

North, Central and South America

North, Central and South America

North, Central and South America North, Central and South America

Download the table

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