Where to go to Europe for the New Year and Christmas – 2020?

On the New Year instead of the classic celebration of the house you can buy family Christmas tour in Europe for the Christmas holidays 2020 We usually use one of these for such cases. services (more precisely all at once, we are looking for the most profitable tour):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Holidays abroad – the opportunity to create a romantic atmosphere for a loved one. Christmas tours for two to Europe – the magic of ancient cities and fabulous architecture in a festive decoration When you are in Prague or Germany, you are immersed in magical Christmas atmosphere while drinking mulled wine or coffee and watching the decorated old streets. Probably many in childhood was a dream to see the Christmas atmosphere and Santa Claus?


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Do you want to relax from the usual hustle and communication, to hold the old and adequately meet the new year – a tour for Christmas in Europe The country is an excellent choice for both one and two people with departure from Moscow.

Where better to relax on New Year’s Eve abroad? The issue is urgent for many Russians, the answer to which we will try to give in this article.

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Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020? Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020? Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020? Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020?

Holiday in Prague for the New Year 2020

The capital of the Czech Republic welcomes tourists with hospitality and pleasant prices (prices are lower than in most European countries). Order Christmas tours to Europe in 2020 from Moscow is better through tour operator Biblio Globus or Anex Tour, because you can choose not only dates, but also a cultural program. If the price is lower than another tour operator, you can safely take a pre-study article on the rating of tour operators.

Our experience: If you fly for 7-10 days, then it is cheaper to buy tour. Favorable dates usually with a departure till December 25, further the prices grow much.

The price of tours to the Czech Republic in the New Year depends on the excursion service. If visiting ancient castles in Prague is not in plans enters, costs:

  • visit for Christmas in the heart of the Old City – on Old Town Square, look at the main Christmas tree of the country, take participate in folk festivals, drink hot mulled wine and see monument to the legendary Jan Hus;
  • take a photo of Prague Castle – architectural attractions and presidential residences;
  • glimpse into the pearl of the city – St. Vitus Cathedral;
  • walk along the Charles Bridge, admire the medieval towers and sculptures;
  • stroll through the parks of Vyshgorod and see the city with the fortress walls.

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Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020? Where to go for the New Year and Christmas in Europe 2020?

Prague Astronomical Clock in the central square. With the weather, we are not got lucky

Tours to Prague in December and January

What you need to know the tourist who goes to Prague on New year? Data ?

  • The price of tours to the Czech Republic in the New Year is from 66 thousand rubles and more on 7 days.
  • Making a tour to Prague for Christmas, expect to spend from 16 thousand rubles in both directions per person per flight from Moscow
  • Book a hotel, planning a tour to Prague for the New Year, you can in advance. One night in a double room in the city center will cost from 90 euros.
  • Weather in the Czech Republic for the New Year, as a rule, good – below zero the temperature in December and January drops only at night.
  • Prices in restaurants are quite high: New Year’s feast will cost from 100 euros per person.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

New Year in Paris

Paris, like all of Europe, is unlikely to be different on New Year’s Eve romantic snow and light “minus”. Rather chilly under-rain and unpleasant “plus”. The capital of France, in our opinion, not the best choice to celebrate on the street (well, how to Red Square – with a Bengal light, crowd-fun-congratulations).

First, yes, there are a lot of migrants in Paris who will also come out have fun. Secondly, Paris is the most visited city in Europe, so that tourists will be added generously to visitors. Aside from the Eiffel Tower, the basilica of the sacre coeur and the Champs Elysees, you can meet the New Year by the following scenarios:

  • Cruise on the Seine – pretentious with a dress code and not very
  • Cabaret – Moulin Rouge, Lido and other Parisian classics
  • Restaurant or hotel with New Year’s show
  • Disneyland

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A tour to Paris is, of course, unreasonable and expensive. Although An independent organization does not say that it saves rubles:

✓ Round-trip air tickets with capture December 31 – from 16,000 rubles per person

✓ Cheapest hotel (not hostel) – from 40 euros per room

✓ Apartment on Airbnb – from 45 euros (and 28 euros discount by reference, if you are a beginner)

Paris Fair for Christmas Paris Fair for Christmas Macaroons in Paris Macaroons in Paris

New Year to Austria (Vienna)

When choosing a skiing holiday in Austria, take the time to to spend in the capital a few days. Visit the heart of Europe need to see:

  • Belvedere Palace and the adjacent park;
  • the famous Imperial Opera;
  • the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty – the palace of Schonbrunn.

Do not forget to look in a cozy coffee shop and taste real strudel

If you are not interested in sports – a tour to Vienna for Christmas at 7 or 10 days will provide an opportunity to make a rich and high-quality. excursion program, visit the ancient temples, palaces, art galleries. Also from Vienna you can easily go to Germany (either by bus or by booking a car here).

Tour to Vienna for the New Year for couples in love – romantic setting surrounded by antiquity and modern service, walking through smart streets of the night city.

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The price of tours for the New Year in Austria

When choosing tours to Austria for the New Year, you need to familiarize yourself with photos and information about prices and service on ski resorts. There are more than 800 of them in the Austrian Alps in 70 regions. Ski tourism is developed at all levels: you can choose a boarding house for a family holiday with a kindergarten and animators or go to the hotel for professional athletes with some of the best in the world trails.

Tours to Austria for New Year and Christmas are different affordable prices. Six-day economy vacation, including 31 December and January 1, in a cozy hotel in the suburbs of Vienna and flight to both directions can be arranged from 28,000 rubles. Week in luxurious complex in the Alps with SPA procedures, hot sources and ski slopes will cost several times more expensive, and VIP-tour – a few dozen times.

You can relax economically by purchasing a burning New Year’s tour. But it is worth noting here that in December it is very difficult to do this, and there are chances to buy instead of a burning tour – a ticket is several times more expensive regular price. Therefore, we advise you to take advantage of the early booking tours for the New Year.

Alpine skiing tours to Austria

For lovers of outdoor activities suitable ski tours in Austria. Service in all alpine resorts is one of best in all of Europe, prices are calculated for every budget. Here you be able to spend an active holiday in the mountains or stroll along Christmas streets of Vienna.

The tourist season in Austria lasts all year round, but to meet New 2020 in Vienna means to plunge into a special the atmosphere of the European capital, permeated with the melody of waltzes, plunge into the world of beauty and enjoy the beauty of the old European city.

Vienna, the Christmas Market Vienna, the Christmas Market

Where to go to Finland for the New Year 2020?

You can not decide where to go for the winter holidays – go to New Year in Finland. From St. Petersburg you can drive by car in just 6 hours. Or fly by plane for 1-2 hours. Santa’s homeland welcomes guests with frosty weather and snow. Here you will find solitude and plunge into that very Christmas. Tours in Lapland for Christmas is especially suitable for families with children, who still believe in Santa Claus. Or those who like to ride sleigh rides, dog sledding or live in yurts. ?

New Year in Finland: What to choose – Helsinki or Lapland? >>

Helsinki Finland in December Helsinki Finland in December Tram in Helsinki Tram in Helsinki

Christmas tour to Finland

Winter tours to Finland are one of the most popular destinations from of our country, so that it does not have to change plans for vacation – better to make an early booking. So you can save 30-50% from the cost in December.

Best for the rest is suitable country cottage, which will cost in December and January from 130 euros per day. Room prices in small hotels – budget: in the center of Helsinki, you can spend the night for 40 euros, large hotels offer rooms from 80 euros per night. If you eat together or alone, the hotel is excellent. option!

A trip for 5 days in Helsinki will cost from 32 thousand rubles.

Fly back and forth – from 11,000. Recognizing the price of tours, Ask if the trip to Lapland is included in the price.

Tour to Lapland for the New Year – 2020

The price of a tour to Lapland for the New Year depends on the configuration tour and living conditions. In addition to the hotel you can stay in SPA complex, wooden cottage or igloo with a glass roof. In Lapland, you can enjoy a unique spectacle – the northern to cross the Arctic Circle, visit the Joulupukki residence and take a picture with him, breathe in the fresh forest air, get acquainted with the national cuisine. Here you get the opportunity ride not only on skis, sleds and snowmobiles, services tourists – reindeer, dog sledding and snowmobiles.

The minimum price for a tour to Lapland for the New Year with departure from Moscow will be 64 thousand rubles – air tickets will cost this amount in Rovaniemi, 5 nights at the hotel and a visit to the residence of Santa. Can relax budget, if you buy a burning New Year’s tour: the price of The ticket will be significantly different from the standard.

Поиск тура в Финляндию —>

New Year 2020 in Germany

Tours to Germany for the New 2020 – an opportunity to go back to a real Christmas tale with all its attributes. Cities shimmering lights, houses are luxuriously decorated, restaurants and bars hospitably fling open the doors. Christmas tours in Munich and Berlin – the most relevant in the last days of December and in early January.

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Berlin (Germany) for the New Year Berlin (Germany) for the New Year Germany Christmas Germany Christmas

Christmas tours to Germany

Christmas tours with a stop in Munich is participation in fairs and folk festivals. Here you have the opportunity try the classic German treats: children will appreciate the caramel apples, gingerbread hearts and houses with ginger, adults – mulled wine and Munich sausages.

Of the sights will be interesting:

  • churches and temples: the oldest of them are Peterskirche, Frauenkirche, Azamkirche;
  • picture gallery “Old Pinakothek”;
  • Palace complex “Munich residence” – the place where they lived all the Bavarian kings;
  • BMW Museum (BMW factory tickets must be booked in advance)

Search tours better here (if you find cheap, take immediately – prices are constantly changing):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Tours to Munich from Moscow

Tours to Germany for the New Year 2020 for 7 days – 6 nights in a hotel and flight in both directions – for two will cost from 91 thousand rubles. Would you like to make an individual route: prices for a double room for early booking – from 90 euros per night (if you book issue in the fall), direct flight from Moscow – from 16,000 there and back for one person.

Поиск тура в Германию —>

New Year in Europe: tours in December and January

In Europe, it is customary to celebrate Catholic Christmas in a big way tours in the second half of December will especially please parents with small children. These days, kids will see the “real” Santa Klaus and ride with him on the deer. Christmas tours with departure Moscow December 22-24 and return flight in early January – the most economical at the expense of air tickets cheaper, departure these days – opportunity to spend all the New Year holidays in Europe (if, Of course, you will take a tour for 10-14 days).

Cheap tours can be picked up not only on the Catholic, but also on an Orthodox xmas. You can relax cheaply if you go New Year’s tour to Europe in early January 2020 (from about 3-5 January).

Where better to meet the New Year 2020 – you choose, and we tell about four European countries in which the rest will turn out unforgettable! ? And where Christmas seems especially magical.

What you need to know for a trip to New Year in Europe?

New Year in Germany New Year in Germany New Year and Christmas in Germany New Year and Christmas in Germany

Visa: do it yourself, it’s cheaper. See our article. Insurance choose online, the benefit of services (and low prices – only 400 rubles per week) is enough:

  • Cherehapa
  • Sravni.ru
  • Insurance.ru

Flights: it’s simple, we have a good one article, we advise you to read, and if very briefly, then all enjoy:

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

Accommodation: If you are traveling as a family / company, much it is more profitable to rent an apartment or even a whole house in Finland. Best The private property search site is Airbnb. Have not tried? Here is Our feedback guide, where you can find a discount of 25 euros!

Prefer hotels / hostels? Then you should look for cheap Offers for Booking or RoomGuru (even larger aggregator).

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