Where better to relax on the Black Sea in 2019? Private review

Where better to relax on the Black Sea in 2019? Personal review Where better to relax on the Black Sea in 2019? Personal review

Resorts of the Black Sea – a storehouse of pleasant memories or a large disappointment? Someone thinks quality vacation on the Black Sea coast myth. Others talk about the most fantastic vacation. in life. And everyone is right!


  1. Where is cheaper to rest?
  2. Season on the Black Sea
  3. Where to look for a tour?
  4. Resorts
  5. Sochi (Adler) | Anapa | Gelendzhik | Crimea and Yalta
  6. Vacation with children
  7. Who where?
  8. Our budget

Where is cheaper to relax on the Black Sea?

One of the main points on which domestic tourism loses to foreign – prices are often too high and do not correspond level of service. But if you know a few simple tricks, leave for Homeland can be cheaper and more soulful Turkey or Georgia.

To relax inexpensively:

✓ Choose hotels away from iconic resort towns (at least 15-20 km), where the infrastructure is less developed, but the sea is cleaner and deserted beaches ✓ Find cafes and restaurants for local (away from beaches and city center ✓ Use early booking tours and 10 rules for finding them ✓ If you are traveling on your own: compare that cheaper / more convenient from your city – plane or train ✓ To minimize the cost of housing rent apartments in private sector without intermediaries

The most reliable way to book directly – Airbnb (link – 2100 rubles discount for the first booking). Less chance of running into outright fraud, when in fact rented housing is not, or it is not free. What, alas, happened to us in Adler when searching through Avito and agreements on telephone.

Where better to relax on the Black Sea in Russia, if you need a budget and “angry”? Often among the reviews of cheap resorts appear villages not far from Tuapse. A similar impression is emerging rather due to the lack of luxury hotels and tangible for entertainment wallet (attractions, restaurants, night clubs and etc.).

Objectively, the resorts of the Black Sea, under equal conditions, have almost same prices. Inexpensive you can relax in Sochi, and in Anapa, and in Gelendzhik, and in Yalta, and in Tuapse. Above we told – how, and below – facts ↓

* cost per person

  • Sochi

    • • Accommodation for 1 night (private sector) – from 600 rubles
    • • Meals in the dining room (lunch) ~ 200-300 rubles
    • • Weekly budget (accommodation + meals – economy option) ~ 8000 rubles

    Сколько стоит Адлер >>


    • • Accommodation for 1 night (private sector) – from 650 rubles
    • • Meals in the dining room (lunch) ~ 150-200 rubles
    • • Weekly budget (accommodation + meals – economy option) ~ 7500 rubles

    Цены на тур >>


    • • Accommodation for 1 night (private sector) – from 550 rubles
    • • Meals in the dining room (lunch) ~ 150-200 rubles
    • • Weekly budget (accommodation + meals – economy option) ~ 7000 rubles

    Цены на тур >>


    • • Accommodation for 1 night (private sector) – from 450 rubles
    • • Meals in the dining room (lunch) ~ 200 rubles
    • • Weekly budget (accommodation + meals – economy option) ~ 6500 rubles

    Цены на тур >>


    • • Accommodation for 1 night (private sector) – from 500 rubles
    • • Meals in the dining room (lunch) ~ 120-200 rubles
    • • Weekly budget (accommodation + meals – economy option) ~ 6500 rubles

    Цены на тур >>

Season on the Black Sea

Our trip to Adler Our trip to Adler Adler's beach Adler's beach

The velvet season is ideal for evening walks along the promenade. Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay in Adler

On the Black Sea coast a lot of places to relax around year thanks to the healing climate. Swim and sunbathe better from June to mid-September. Maximum peak on The Black Sea season reaches in July-August. Air temperature rises to + 35 ° С, and water – to + 28 ° С.

But even those who go on vacation in the midst of summer are at risk with the phenomenon that locals call “nizkov”. It’s cold currents, when the lower layers of water rise to the surface. Vacationers are faced with such a thing as invigorating water at + 10 ° C … + 15 ° C. Warms the sea quickly – in a few days.

We love the cool May and September more. And in October, the weather it may already be unstable, the sea is cool enough. Although in last year, 2018, the month indulged quite “cupable” + 24 ° С.

Many hotels and resorts in the fall offer good discounts. So that our sympathy with the velvet season is mutual?

Tours to the Black Sea

One of lifehacks, how to save money on a trip to Russia coast: hot tours. Catch them most effectively from the end. August (especially true for Muscovites, indigenous and not so :)).

Stay for 10 days in 3 * hotel in Adler in September – from 30,000 rubles for two. Having paid 8-9 thousand you can go for 2 weeks and Lazarevskoye: a tour with a flight from Moscow – from 38,000 rubles (stay without stars).

But not only Moscow single. See much better / cheaper You can go from different cities of the country to:

  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata

Sites compare offers from different tour operators and issue the most attractive options. Plus, you can customize the filters under Hotel Wish: star hotel, the presence / absence of food and others

Black Sea Resorts in Russia

On the map of the coast of the Russian Black Sea, many villages and cities. Resort life is centered around large populated points.

In the Krasnodar Territory: In Crimea:
➢ Anapa ➢ Gelendzhik ➢ Tuapse ➢ Sochi ➢ Feodosiya ➢ Sudak ➢ Alushta ➢ Yalta ➢ Sevastopol ➢ Evpatoria

To know exactly where to go to rest on the Black Sea, you need to delve into the “highlights” of each location and “fit” it into your budget.

Adler and Sochi – personal recreation experience

When you think about the south of Russia, first of all you remember about the most popular and desired resort in the country – Big Sochi (extends from the border with Abkhazia almost to Tuapse). Thanks The 2014 Olympics, a unique climate for Russia (where are the tangerines grow like apples, and instead of grapes – kiwi?), natural and everybody wants to visit historical sites.

We rested in Sochi several times, at different times of the year and in different its areas: in the winter in Krasnaya Polyana, in the summer in Adler, Central Sochi, Dagomys, Lazarev. The cheapest is in tents on the beach near Dagomys. Accommodation in this case is free of charge, but hope for a shower is not necessary. More expensive – in a sanatorium in the central Sochi. From 65,000 rubles for two per week in a double room with full board in low season (end of September).

Holiday bonuses in a sanatorium / rest home: most often it is 1 coastline and private beach. But in my personal TOP 1st place owned by new hotels in Nizhne-Imereti Bay.

✓ Equipped pebble beaches without breakwaters ✓ Near the airport, New Adler railway station ✓ Hand submit to the starting point independent excursions to Abkhazia – State Farm of Russia ✓ To Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor) can be comfortably reached by “Swallow” from the railway station Olympic Park ✓ Immediately the Olympic Park and Russian Disneyland – Sochi Park

Tour from Adler to Abkhazia

Tears waterfall Abkhazia Tears waterfall Abkhazia Abkhazia Abkhazia

We went to Abkhazia one-day excursion – bought delicious cheeses and stunned by the beauty of lakes, waterfalls and canyons!

Bored in Sochi? You can drive back and forth to another country – Abkhazia. Tour options:

  • Independently by car

    + Independence and freedom of movement + Own route + Unlimited time – One member of the team will not try local wine? – Need to communicate with the local traffic police What you need: ✓ The driver with the rights of car rental (rent in Adler – from 1500 rubles per day)

    Individual tour

    + Independence and freedom of movement + Own route + Unlimited time + Personal guide The main disadvantage is the price: from 6000 rubles. But on request, non-localized Abkhazia will also be shown to you: abandoned resorts (“Georgia”), overgrown with vines stations (railway station Psyrtsha) and ancient houses buried under the greenery (palace Prince of Oldenburg)

    Group excursion

    + Cost – from 1500 rubles. Departure is usually early in the morning. In compulsory the program usually includes: Gagra (Primorsky Park, colonnade); farms wine, cheese and honey; Pitsunda and its clear sea; New Athos (monastery and cave); Lake Ritsa. Cons: there is no way to linger where I want, timing is quite stressful

All our independent excursions to Abkhazia, to be honest, ended with a belly feast in one of the incredibly delicious institutions of the country. Therefore, organized trips also have their own charm: on the way back it is not difficult to sigh and unbutton a button on jeans.

Trip to Krasnaya Polyana

The Olympic Village Krasnaya Polyana The Olympic Village Krasnaya Polyana Roha Roha Rose Farm Mist Rose Farm Mist

It looks like the Olympic Village and the mountain slopes above with which you ascend to Rose Peak (photo # 3). We have dedicated to this. a whole day and reached the highest point – the Stone Pillar.

Olympics 2014 in Russia gave a powerful impetus to the development of ski resorts on Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, which is an hour’s drive from hot summer city. After the heat of the coast rise to the highest the point of the region – Rose Peak (2320 meters) – by cable car – very refreshingly. Cost: 1590 rubles.

On a clear day, the sea can be seen from the observation deck of Rose Peak. And during lifting the cable car you can see the Olympic Village and facilities built for the Olympics.


Anapa Anapa

Where better to relax with children on the Black Sea? It is rumored that Anapa. But do not believe them. In high season the resort is more like crowded anthill with blooming sea. main reason negative reviews vacationers: porridge from algae. Local advise swim in the area of Therapeutic beach or the beach of the yacht club.

From useful for family holidays:

✓ a large number of children’s attractions ✓ dolphinarium “Nemo” – the cost is 800 rubles, children under 5 are free ✓ an overview of Anapa on cars – for 5000 rubles for a group of up to 4 people

By the way, the city will suit those who are delighted with the stormy night of life. This is where the music continues until dawn!

Where, then, to rest on the Black Sea in the area? Good ones sandy beaches with a gentle entrance are in the villages:

  • Vityazevo (16 km from the center)
  • Dzhemete (10 km) – easy and fast to get to the city transport

Prices for accommodation in Anapa start from 500 rubles per day from people in the private sector up to 7-8 thousand rubles per room with access to the beach. You can find acceptable options near the sea for 2500-3500 rubles in guest houses and private pensions. Food worth cheaper than at many other resorts, there is a complex lunch.

Жилье в Анапе >>

Our personal finds: the cafe “Irina” and “Golden Dragon”.


According to most guidebooks, Gelendzhik is the right place. for family holidays. The main arguments are:

✓ sandy beaches with smooth entry into the water ✓ developed infrastructure ✓ a long promenade for walks ✓ entertainment on any taste (there is a safari park and a dolphinarium – 1700 rubles, if your height 145 cm and above; 900 rubles – from 106 to 145 cm and even diving)

But the resort has its pitfalls. Or rather, not even stones, but something less pleasant.

Beaches in the city are free, but clean water here and not it smells: locals love to crash their pipes into storm drains, lowering there is impurity. In 2018 there was a sewer accident, and all Gelendzhik beaches were closed for several days.

Another misfortune of Gelendzhik (and not only him) in July and in August – crowds and high prices for absolutely everything. Important in advance to book accommodation, during the peak season there is nothing budgetary or tolerable quality is not found. Prices: from 1500 rubles per room per day and from 3000 rubles for an apartment.

Жилье в Геленджике >>

The beaches of Blue Bay and the Gardens of the Seas are located far from the central, there is better. For the “delicious” coniferous air and less crowded coastal stripe:

  • to the village of Dzhanhot – 25 km south of Gelendzhik
  • Divnomorskoe – 17 km to the south
  • Kabardinka – 12 km to the north

If you like to relax on your own – savage, choose one from the campgrounds, which are located in the direction of these settlements. Novorossiysk is located one hour from the resort. Main Sights: Mikhail Kutuzov Museum-Cruiser (200 rubles) and the memorial “Little Earth” (100 rubles).


Theodosius Theodosius Koktebel, view from the mountain-start paragliding Koktebel, view from the mountain-start paragliding

Two hundred years ago, the peninsula was a place of relaxation for the elect. Kings and noble persons built palaces and cottages here. Enjoy today Crimea can everyone. If you choose where it is better to rest on Black Sea, carefully look at the Crimea.

✓ Just being here makes you healthier: the air is saturated with iodine and coniferous phytoncides ✓ Do you want to improve your health to the full? come to one of the sanatoriums for three weeks (the term is recommended by doctors). There treat chronic respiratory diseases, problems cardiovascular and nervous system ✓ There are in Crimea for what see: palaces, fortresses, ancient settlements, caves, waterfalls ✓ Entertainment for every taste and budget: water parks, horseback riding, mountain hikes, kayak tours, riding on boats and yachts

The best way to relax on the South Coast of Crimea – the South Coast. This is seaside 180 km long zone from Foros to Koktebel. I adore these places for beautiful nature. Trekking to the mountains is a must-have for any local tourist!

The main resorts of the South Coast:

▪ Yalta ▪ Alushta ▪ Koktebel ▪ Sudak ▪ Partenit ▪ Gurzuf ▪ Simeiz

Guest houses cost from 1500 rubles per day, apartments from 2500 rubles. Consider that almost everywhere beaches are pebbly with a sharp set depths.

▪ Feodosiya ▪ Evpatoria ▪ environs of Sevastopol

More budget beach holiday. Mini-hotels – from 600 rubles per day per room, guest houses – from 1000, apartments – from 2000 rubles.

Найти тур в Крым >>

You can drive around the whole Crimea with a tent. Smaller people in Shelkino, Olenevka, fishing.

Our opinion: the best time to travel to Crimea – off-season. What month is not so important. Comfortable in April, May (except for the May holidays), early June, September. In the summer all in several times more expensive and crowds of people.

Those who want to dive not only in clear water in the Crimea, but also to the local culture, we recommend to see:

➢ Genoese fortress in Sudak – 150 rubles ➢ Historical and archaeological reserve Chersonese (near Sevastopol) – 300 rubles ➢ Bay and submarine base in Balaclava – 300 rubles ➢ Uchan-Su Waterfall (Yalta) – in high water in spring or frozen in winter ➢ Valley of Ghosts (Alushta) – one-day trip ➢ Mount Ai-Petri – climb the cable car, walk down – 400 rubles to one side ➢ Foros church

Аренда авто в Крыму >>


Yalta Yalta

Yalta – a place where people with completely different interests.

✓ You can visit the three beautiful royal palaces with park ensembles: Livadia, Massandrovsky, Vorontsovsky (400, 350, 350 rubles) ✓ Climb the mountains on the cable car (400 rubles for adult, 250 – per child 6-12 years old ✓ Visiting the theater (150-500 rubles entrance to the performance of the local troupe) ✓ Take a ride in one of water parks. On average at prices: the smallest (up to 100 cm) entrance usually free, for children from 100 to 150 cm – from 600 to 900 rubles, adults – from 1000 to 1500 rubles

You can live in the main Crimean resort in:

➢ restored villas with a hundred-year history – from 20,000 rubles per room deluxe in high season ➢ modern hotels – from 10 000 per standard room ➢ private Yalta houses – two-bedroom apartments in the region of 3000 rubles per day

Resting in the city in the summer is expensive, but you can always stay in the nearby resort villages (Mishor, Massandra, Alupka) and come for a walk along the Yalta embankment.

Найти тур в Ялту >>

Where better to relax with children on the Black Sea?

Well-known resorts of the Black Sea in Russia for families with children are near:

  • Theodosia
  • Evpatoria
  • Anapi
  • Gelendzhik

Sand, sea with a gentle entrance, water parks, amusement parks – everything is in these cities.

In July and August, the priority is rest in the Crimea. In Krasnodar resorts are more likely to catch rotavirus infection – the sea smaller, the water heats up faster to the optimum temperature breeding bacteria. Plus, the sea is beginning to bloom in Anapa.

Middle-aged and older children will enjoy Yalta and Sochi. Here the most interesting entertainment.

And where else is good rest with the child?

  • Black Sea: Bulgaria
  • Mediterranean: Turkey, Greece
  • Persian Gulf: UAE

Tips and questions

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

The choice of the Black Sea resort depends largely on your goals. travel, age composition of tourists and leisure preferences. Someone prefer wild, deserted beaches (like us!), Someone waits all year off to dance until the morning 28 days in a row (and again about us!). The coast in Russia is not so great, but everyone there is a place where you want to return again and again.

Where is the best infrastructure?

Most resort places live from season to season: in summer there are everything you need to relax, and in the winter they make you think about movies horror – so deserted. Best infrastructure in large cities that are not empty all year round:

✓ Sochi ✓ Yalta ✓ Alushta ✓ Sudak ✓ Anapa ✓ Gelendzhik

Where is better active rest?

For lovers of active recreation there are lots of offers for throughout the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory: amusement parks, diving, paragliding, kitesurfing, mountain hiking, kayaking.

➢ Youth recreation is developed in the Crimean villages Shelkino, Mezhvodnoe, Fawn – they learn to ride a kite ➢ Diving with scuba can be in the area of Cape Aya, Tarkhankut, Balaklava, Simeiz ➢ On kayaks it is interesting to swim near the Bear Mountain in Gurzuf and to the beach “The Lost World” at Cape Aya ➢ Between Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana is AJ Hackett’s skypark Sochi. Lovers Thrills can wander along a shaky bridge at a height of 207 m. Those who give more extreme, jump, fly and swing on swing. Price issue: 1250 rubles for the entrance. Amusement rides paid separately – from 2500 to 15 000 rubles

Personal impression: in Sochi’s second Skype park jump / flight into the abyss in one day comes with a discount. Did not think, that someone will lead this until our friend jumped 2 times contract! I had the bridge. And almost crawling?

Where is a relaxing and secluded vacation?

Poorly populated beaches can be found in the eastern part of Crimea (Ordzhonikidze, Rybachye, Kurortnoe), in the districts of Sevastopol, Lower Imereti Bay, in the east of Tuapse. If you decide where is better rest for older people, look at the sanatoriums South Coast.

Where are the best beaches?

Pebble beaches are usually cleaner. The best is considered the coast in Yalta, Gurzuf, Nizhneimeretiinskaya Bay (Adler), Dzhanhot, under Kiselev rock. For sand – in Feodosia, Evpatoria, Vityazevo.

In the Crimean New World, you can choose which type of beach you need. soul: part of the coast is covered with sand, and some – pebbles.

How to get to the resorts?

The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory can be reached by car, by train or by plane.

  1. M4 track goes from Moscow to the Black Sea coast Krasnodar region. In general, the roads are good, convenient stop in different places if there is a car.
  2. In Sochi, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Anapa and Novorossiysk trains run from major Russian cities.
  3. There are airports in Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi

Посмотреть билеты >>

Getting to the Crimea is more difficult, but in 2018 earned Crimean bridge, now you can come to the peninsula by car. Still there is a ferry service, but from the port “Kavkaz” it goes only motor transport. The airport in the Crimea is one – in the city of Simferopol.

Ferry Crimea - port of the Caucasus Ferry Crimea - port of the Caucasus

How much is the rest in Sochi / Adler? Our budget

In September 2018, from 3 to 10 (week), we rested in Imeretinka a narrow company of 2 girls: me and my sister. Not chic, but in little pleasures did not deny themselves. The budget for two turned out as follows:

  • Accommodation – 35 000 rubles for a double room in the Velvet Seasons (taken a tour without a flight)
  • Food – 7000 rubles. Ate: breakfast, lunch – dining, dinner – cafe or restaurant, sometimes dining
  • Transportation – because we had a beach holiday, almost trips did not have. In total, with a taxi airport-hotel-airport, 1000 rubles came out
  • Tickets – 16 000 rubles (plane)
  • Entertainment – 1000 rubles (a couple of times they took a set – sun beds and umbrella, the cost of 500 rubles)

Total: 60,000 rubles.

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