Where better to book a cheap tour with a search on all tour operators? Personal experience buying vouchers online

A long time I did not travel! .. If this thought caught you in the middle active weekdays, whether in the office or at a manicure session, you do NOT need:

  1. wait nervously for the weekend;
  2. urgently run in the subway to get to my mother’s friend father’s nieces – to the travel agent in the seventh generation.

Internet at hand? Obviously, yes, if you are reading this article. Then open the browser, go to the travelata.ru website and look-learn-buy. Then you will say hello to us with beach near the Andaman Sea, because to buy a last-minute tour to Thailand, yes also cheap, you can right now, without disrupting the workplace! BUT Here are 10 ways to save money when buying a tour.

Well, if you dissuade yourself “yes, we are somehow the old-fashioned, more reliable .. “, pay attention to the following weighty arguments in favor of buying a tour on the Internet.


  1. Why buy tours online?
  2. Where better to do the selection of the tour online?
    1. Few instructions and examples
    2. How to buy a cheap tour and make it even cheaper?
    3. Last minute trips and tours or early booking?

Why it is worth making the selection and booking of tours online?

  • No extra charge

Comparing the cost of tickets from the online service and travel agency, we see a tangible difference in rubles. This is explained by the fact that offices they put in the price the rent of premises, the salary of employees, etc. Of course, the sites also work profitably for themselves, but with a margin on order less. Want to buy a cheap tour such as Spain? Everything roads lead exclusively to the Internet!

  • Calm atmosphere

What could be better than planning an upcoming holiday in Greece over a cup of coffee in your favorite chair? You are free to consider any dates ask the price for hotels of all categories, you do not interfere with annoying managers. And if you add a little patience and ingenuity, you will open for yourself and last minute “all inclusive” vouchers for attractive prices.

Why is it worth making the selection and booking of tours online? Why is it worth making the selection and booking of tours online?

Our trip to Israel (Dead Sea, December 2016)

No one will impose options that are “just a find!” or “nowhere is more profitable” that travel agents love to do so, promoting topics most for large amounts. And the phone will not break ten calls a day if you take a pause for reflection. Tour operators give different markups, therefore in a travel agency you are more likely to in total they will recommend to buy tours from specific companies!

  • Documents at hand

You don’t have to go to a travel agency a couple of times for documents and nervous if the staff are slow with their issuance. Everything confirmation, insurance, tickets will come in the mail. Well, print they are a matter of five minutes.

  • Available consultation

In case of any difficulties, you can request a return. call, and the specialist will not make you wait long. 24 hour customer service is ready to answer all your questions and clarify any misunderstandings. What is not a traditional conversation with manager, only at a distance. You can also contact with the question – what should be done to buy a hot tour from Moscow for two is cheap – the truth is much better to understand first ?

  • Possible savings

A nice bonus of online tour searching is the chance to reduce the final cost for another couple of thousand rubles. Yes, the above markup can be reduced to zero. But first things first! Are you convinced? We now turn to the next pressing issue.

Where better to do the selection and booking tour online?

Having decided on an independent selection of vouchers, they come to the rescue. special services that search for tours of all tour operators. But just go to the network, as you swallow in a whirlwind of numerous sites, forums and other resources of a certain degrees of competence.

Where is it better to pick and book a tour online? Where is it better to pick and book a tour online?

Our trip to Italy (Milan, July 2016)

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of both possible broader base of tour operators. Agree, the higher competition, the lower the prices. Do not begin at all online surveys from the official sites of travel companies: here You will not find vouchers at a low price, because they will already be bought. But among the many tours of all tour operators collected on one portal, the winner will be the one who offers the best (i.e. acceptable quality and cost) option.

To facilitate the task, we have compiled for you the TOP 5 sites, where You can make a tour yourself, bypassing the insistent managers:

  1. Travelata
  2. Level.travel
  3. Onlinetours

We recommend using time-tested and feedback services. Travelata and Onlinetours. Here you can not only discover cool deals in all areas of recreation, but also catch the cheapest last minute tours. Among the options presented from 120 tour operators of Russia, you will find exactly your ticket to the world travel, and user-friendly interface sites and customer focus support services will help in this exciting case.

A few tutorials and examples of how to find an inexpensive tour to the internet

In the process of searching the tour online do not forget to take into account a few factors that will allow you to lower the price.

First, the flexibility in dates. The more days you define how The optimal time to start your vacation is the higher the chances find a less expensive route. An illustrative example from the calendar low prices Travelata: we want to buy a tour to Cyprus in early March, we enter the initial data and make sure that the departure is March 7 and 8 will save a decent amount, compared with 6 or 9 number.

Tours to Cyprus from Moscow Tours to Cyprus from Moscow

Secondly, remember that often the duration of rest is also makes its own adjustments. See Level.Travel also confirms that a trip to India for two for 7 nights can cost less by 2-3 Thousands of rubles than 11 nights! Who will choose 7 nights?

Buy a tour to India Buy a tour to India

Thirdly, consider the option of buying a tour from Moscow. Of course, Services find offers with departures from any major cities Russia. But, taking into account the development of air traffic in the capital, buy a tour from Kazan, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, etc. – expensive idea.

Last-minute tours to Spain Last-minute tours to Spain

Well, last-minute tours to Spain from Moscow in 2019 in comparison with departure from Kazan with Onlinetours prove this injustice:

Tours in Spain Tours in Spain

It seems that the cheapest option is to buy a tour from Moscow, and the difference to spend on Spanish entertainment, especially in Port Park Aventura.

Fourthly, carefully study the last-minute tours tab from all tour operators. Yes, “hot” rest is a risky business, but, in in most cases, it is worth it. Prices for previously biting stays with accommodation in a 5 * hotel, and not only, can be reduced up to 90%.

Now the most important thing!

How to buy a cheap tour and make it even cheaper? Only in online!

The cheapest tours are certainly last minute deals. They do not take looking, and then enjoy a wonderful rest and no less miraculous saved money.

But above all, keep cool. Want to score more points (rubles) in their favor in an unequal battle with the most loyal opponent – online service? Then:

  • use cash cards with cashback (i.e. return of part of the spent funds back). For example, if you decided to buy a cheap tour to the Crimea online, the Tinkoff Black card in the end of the month will return 1% of the total amount. No, don’t grin that way little, see the next item.
  • Look for special offers from banks. On personal experience we can say that the same Tinkoff has agreed with the Travelata site and added additional 4% cashback (for a limited period of time).

In total, we have a last minute tour with a discount from Travelata, which “we finish” by 5% return of funds to the card, and plus to karma for resourcefulness.

Well, if the subject of burning tours is affected …

What is better: the search for burning trips and tours or early booking?

You now know where to buy the cheapest tours? And if you prefer to “perebdet”, the cost of rest is fully satisfied, and the determination is reinforced by the golden rule – the more days before the date the lower the amount – then book without thinking.

In the case of lack of certainty in the dates of the coveted vacation or unsatisfactory price tags in the tourism market, track prices for last minute cheap tours. And as soon as a hint appears free days, open a browser, go to Travelata website or Onlinetours and choose the cheapest tour for the next month or a week!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget after you buy the Phuket tour, leave a review and help others in buying a tour online, saving your time and money. Good luck to you!

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