When is it cheaper to fly on holiday to Barcelona in 2019 year? Beach season in Spain

A bright and diverse country attracts tourists to its borders. throughout the year – both in summer and in winter she has something to surprise having a rest. One of these wonders of Spain is Barcelona – city of art, contrasts and love. Have we been here 4 times already? Extreme – in May 2018.


  1. Beach season and weather
  2. Sea temperature
  3. Where is the best holiday in Spain?
  4. Climate
  5. When is it cheaper to go?
  6. Season of discounts and sales

So, you gathered home to the masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi – which time of year to plan a tour? The answer to the question when to go to Spain (Barcelona) best, depends on the purpose of your trip – relaxing beach vacation, cultural heritage or Conquest shopping routes have their preferred seasons. So, the best time for excursions in Spain is the “golden autumn” and spring. – at this time of year there is a comfortable warm temperature, with no apparent heat, long enough light day. Beach season at sea It opens from mid-June and lasts until mid-September.

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Beach season in Spain. Weather in Barcelona

View of Barcelona from Park Guell View of Barcelona from Park Guell

View of Barcelona from Park Guell

So, if your goal is enough to bask in the gentle waves Mediterranean, let’s see when the season starts and is over In general, the weather in Spain is very welcoming for tourists, but has its own nuances depending on the month and region recreation. So in the popular resort of the Costa Brava in the northern part Mediterranean coast warms up a little later than in the south of Spain; the swimming season on the hot Canary Islands lasts all year round. Accordingly, you can go here even in winter. (December-January).

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Hospitable Catalan coast begins to accept tourists already from the middle of the month-May. The beach season ends in Barcelona is traditionally in the 20s of September (timed to celebration of the famous festival La Merce). Consider more holiday season: the beginning and end, weather conditions and nuances of rest by months.

Weather for months in Barcelona

Labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona Labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona

Labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona. Photos are deceptive, these walls are higher human height?

  • May

    Weather in Barcelona in May 2019 pleases warm temperatures and clear sunshine; short rains are possible. Last month of spring – the best time to travel to the capital Catalan for those who do not like heat – the air temperature in noon reaches the level of +19 … + 23 ° С. Begins tourist season, but the influx of tourists is not so great. Therefore, May is our favorite month to visit Barcelona.


    The weather in Barcelona in June 2019 is warmer than in May, even hot days happen – real summer comes to the city. The average daytime air temperature is + 24 ° С, the sea warms up and becomes comfortable for swimming.

    July August

    In July and August in Barcelona is very hot – temperature reaches 30-degree marks, almost never rains. During this period, the beach season in Spain reaches its peak, characterized by a large influx of tourists.


    Weather in Barcelona in September 2019 – from the beginning September and until about mid-October in Barcelona begins Velvet season: to replace the scorching sun and the August heat moderate warm weather is coming. It rains – but in magnificent Barcelona and in bad weather there is something to do!


    Weather in Barcelona in October 2019 already unpredictable – relatively warm days alternate with times bad weather Average air temperature is + 22 ° C; at night it drops to +13 A trip to the capital of Catalonia in mid-autumn makes it possible save – vacation prices are cheaper than in the summer months and September

    In winter

    What are the weather conditions for winter Spain guests? The climate in the winter in Barcelona is quite comfortable, the temperature is kept at around 12-15 degrees, while it is sunny and almost no rain. In December, the city is transformed to the New Year holidays, many colorful festivals and interesting events held in January and February.

Sea temperature in Barcelona

The average sea temperature in Barcelona differs by months. At the beginning of the swimming season, at the end of May and beginning of July water temperature is + 21 ° C and gradually heats up to +23. The warmest, most comfortable for long bathing, the sea becomes in July and August – the water warms up to + 26 ° C. By the end September water gets cooler a couple of degrees but still perfect for a beach holiday.

In October, the swimming season is declining – by the end of the month the sea cools to +20 ° C, the rainy season begins. From November to March at Barcelona is low season – the water is cold and unsuitable for swimming, on the sea is rising catching waves of wind. But we remember that in this time you can go to the Canary Islands? ?

With detailed information about the water temperature now, coming 10-14 days can be found on thematic forums and portals. Well, or just enter “sea temperature in Barcelona” in Google?

Where is the best holiday in Spain?

Spain is an interesting country with a rich culture, traditions and great opportunities for active, sightseeing, beach recreation. Connoisseurs of history will be interested in large cities – Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Toledo. Here you can wander through old streets of the Old Town, visit museums and exhibitions famous artists, personally see the bullfight and participate in colorful local festivals. Party and night lovers entertainment lures the legendary Ibiza, which won the reputation of the world Youth Culture Center.

Where is the best on the sea in Spain?

The rocky Costa Brava, near Lloret de Mar The rocky Costa Brava, near Lloret de Mar

Rocky Costa Brava, near Lloret de Mar

Sunny beaches of Spain are considered to be among the best in Europe. Mediterranean climate, well-maintained sandy beaches, a developed leisure and entertainment industry contributes to the flow of tourists. Resort areas are very popular Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol. Vacationers with children choose the family resorts of the Costa Dorada, Majorca, hospitable Tenerife – the island of eternal spring.

Determine where and when it is better to relax in Spain will help reviews seasoned tourists. However, it is authentically known: in order to combine beach and cultural holidays, go to the capital Catalonia – Barcelona?

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Spanish climate

The climate of Spain is practically throughout the country mild Mediterranean character with dry hot summer and sunny warm winter. Due to favorable weather conditions, rest At home, Carmen and Flamenco can be in any season. But still, the average temperature values in Spain vary by month, depending on regions.

  • world-weather.ru/pogoda/spain/barcelona/https://world-weather.ru/pogoda/russia/novokuznetsk/

Spain summer

Despite the high temperatures, summer is the most popular time. years to visit Spain. If you do not like excessively hot climate and heat, we recommend planning a trip for June – thermometer, as a rule, does not rise above 24-25 ° C, you can combine a beach holiday with a tour of noteworthy places. AT July-August, the temperature rises to 30-35 ° C, especially in the southern regions of the country – a good choice would be a trip to Barcelona or on north of the country where temperatures are more comfortable.

Spain spring

Barcelona,   the beach Barcelona,   the beach

In Barcelona, they are still not swimming in May, but all locals spend weekend on the beach

Spring is a great season to visit Spain and in particular Barcelona, the time of colorful holidays and spectacular festivals. Spain in March – a good and economical option for a tour tour. Due to the fact that the air temperature is still very low for sunbathing, rest is cheaper than in high season. The However, some southern islands are ready in the first month of spring. take tourists for a beach holiday. April, like March is good for cultural and educational leisure – clear weather, no excitement can really feel the atmosphere of this original country. Spain in May (towards the end of the month) opens swimming season.

Spain in the fall

The weather in September is warm and clear, the August heat decreases – there comes the so-called velvet season. Barcelona the beaches are empty, and the entertaining life of the city, on the contrary, is gaining turnovers. October still keeps warm days, but at the end of the month it’s raining season. Weather in Barcelona in November may present surprises in the form of precipitation and wind.

Spain in winter

The weather in winter is mild, comfortable temperature, abundance of sunny days. In December, Barcelona will give travelers bright emotions, the magic of New Year and Christmas moods.

In January, in addition to festive fairs and folk festivals, There are bright flamenco festivals. Winter shopping lovers Spain will appreciate the abundance of steep winter sales.

When is it cheaper to go to Spain?

The high season in Spain lasts from late June to mid-September. and ends with the festival La Merce. At this time, celebrated The highest rates for recreation. If you are planning to visit Barcelona or another Spanish resort and at the same time save – the trip is worth planning for the low season for the period from November to April. The advantages of rest – no intrusive crowds of tourists, moderate weather and attractive prices for the tour.

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Relax on the sea and do not overpay for a ticket at the end tourist season in September – the water is still warm and suitable for swimming, no burning heat – which would be a big plus if you traveling with a child. Buy an inexpensive and exciting tour can be here.

Season of discounts and sales in Spain. Shopping in Barcelona

Special attention is given to shopping in Spain, many tourists only for this rush into this country. Modern Barcelona is a real mecca for notorious shopaholics, comparable with the possibilities of Madrid, Paris or Milan. Summer season discounts in Spain is considered the longest in Europe, lasts with July until early September. You can save from 20 to 70%. The second wave of discounts falls on the winter-spring season.

Shopping centers and Outlets near Barcelona

Shopping streets in Barcelona Shopping streets in Barcelona Boutique in Barcelona Boutique in Barcelona

If you are relaxing in Barcelona, you will not have a dilemma that bring from Spain – craft fairs, flea markets and souvenir shops offer a rich variety of curious national souvenirs.

The most popular outlet in Barcelona – the famous La Roca Village, where you can purchase inexpensive collectible items from fashion shows, shoes and clothing collections last season, jewelry jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Especially for Tourists run buses Barcelona Shopping Line, circling almost all the iconic shopping centers and outlets of Barcelona in one route.

Where else to look to enjoy shopping in Barcelona? Shopping centers El Corte Ingles, Pedralbes Center, Maremagnum. AT around the city, a 15 minute drive, you can visit a large Outlet Viladecans.

Sale dates in Spain

Global sales in Barcelona, like almost everywhere in Europe, held 2 times a year. We bring you the dates Season 2019:

  • In the summer – from July 1 to August 31;
  • In winter, from January 7 to March 6.

If you plan on shopping, it makes sense to visit the outlets in the first Barcelona Sales Weeks At The End Of The Discount Season the range of products is significantly reduced.

When is it better to go to Spain? Sure, it’s hospitable A country interesting to travel regardless of the time of year. Still, the choice of the optimal tour time depends only on you and goals of your trip. ? We love spring Barcelona – when you can walk all day through the streets, there is no hot sun and crowds of tourists. Although we were also in July, we found sales season and bought a lot of things.

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