What to do if you rent a bike got into an accident?

A visit to Thailand for a holiday will bring significantly more emotions and leave a lot of impressions, if you use the rent of any transport, for example, rent a bike in Thailand. In this Asian country one of the most popular vehicles ( further TS) for rent are motorbike and car.

The rules of the road in Thailand are especially respected, therefore, the movement there is very chaotic. Anyway, many tourists traveling by rented transport cost without committing an accident. But still, if any an incident, you will need to arrange a car repair or Motobike in Thailand, damaged as a result of his of use. In such a situation it becomes important how vehicle rental was issued.

When a certain amount of money is left as security, then In case of an accident, the tourist will lose this amount or a certain part of it. With full damage to the rented vehicle will have to choose one of the options:

  • perform a complete and expensive bike repair or car in Thailand;
  • leave the damaged equipment near the rental, having preliminarily recorded its state with the help of the video and sending message about the return, then go to the airport and quickly fly out of the country.

Accident with a bike in Thailand

Not fully paying for the repair of damaged vehicles You can get into an unpleasant situation in the future. Rental owner declare the situation to the police, which, in consequence, will make a tourist into a black list. Deciding to rest in Thailand again after some time, the tourist will be arrested upon entering the country.

The situation described above with a car can occur very Rarely, since they are usually issued full insurance. Under compulsory insurance does not fall cheap motorbikes, volume engine which is 125-150 cm ³. Expensive and more powerful models are usually insured, but even with insurance paragraph rental may declare its absence. Also worth think about your health and arrange yourself Thai insurance, covering accidents involving a bike or a car, this is better do online (read more about getting a tourist insurance in Thailand online with a discount of 5%).

Where better to repair the vehicle?

An important nuance is the requirement of rental funds, fixed in the lease agreement, to repair all damage to the vehicle only for them. Do not follow This item, since the cost of repair will be overestimated in 2-3 times.

Best to do the necessary motorcycle repair. or car in thailands alone in any repair shop, located away from the rental. AT such tourist repair shops significantly save on repairing a damaged leased vehicle. Spare parts will cost almost 2 times cheaper. Repair work Significantly cheaper, and some simple work, including replacement lights, perform completely free.

One of the Thai repair shops

One of the Thai repair shops


Damaged vehicle in the absence of insurance him, it is best to repair in third-party workshops, returning to rental point of the recovered unit of equipment. Or if your hands grow from the right place, vehicle repair is best done by yourself!

If renting a vehicle is not your credo, then I advise you pay attention to buying a motorcycle or car in Thailand.

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