Thailand low-cost airlines – how can they be profitable?

If you are planning a trip on your own, you should consider such a segment of airlines as low-cost airlines (Low Cost). AND not only because the cost of their services is significantly below that in most cases it does not affect their quality. But also for the reason that they fly on destinations that other airlines ignore because low profitability. For example, loukosterov Thailand deliver tourists from Pattaya (Utapao) to Phuket, in the province of Suratthani, in Krabi or in Chiang Mai. it greatly simplifies moving around the country and allows you to see behind vacation is much more than if all movements were made via Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi. About the way we fly – from Ekaterinburg to Novosibirsk through Moscow.

What saves and how do low-cost airlines do business?

Airlines of Thailand operating in the segment “Low Cost” (hence the name “low-cost airlines”, from ang. – budget) for profit on unfavorable directions use special business schemes. First of all, to reduce the cost tickets leads basing on lower class airports. In addition, the intensity of flights increases significantly.

For passengers, using their services will result in a small loss of comfort. For example, low cost airlines are not offered. tickets to the business class, and on board you will not be offered free drinks and food. Can be rescheduled interior, and by reduce the width of the aisle added row of seats.

Price comparison between budget and regular Thai by airlines

Prices for low-cost airlines in Thailand for a flight from Bangkok to Phuket

Prices from Bangkok to Phuket in low-cost companies

Prices of national airlines in Thailand for a plane from Bangkok to Phuket

Prices from Bangkok to Phuket in national companies

You will not find in them and loyalty programs. Tickets are booked. exclusively via the internet (but this is not accurate). You can refuse insurance, take a ticket without a seat and other options, which you do not consider mandatory. Pricing policy is: what the closer the departure date, the higher the cost. If you will buy from tickets on the day of departure, you will be unpleasantly surprised: price would be higher than if you used the services of a national Thai Airways carrier (which is not low-cost).

Where can I buy tickets for Thai loukoster?

There are several options here – take advantage of the official aviaopania sites, special search engine tickets, or Thai aggregator for booking all kinds of tickets transport – Just below it is posted, with using which you can personally compare tickets to dozens of proposed flights. Also unas on the site is An article about how to buy tickets for

Thailand domestic airlines

If you do not consider a trip to the shores of the Gulf of Siam as only a beach holiday, and you want to see the country as a whole, Thailand’s domestic pipelines will be you in this very good help. Especially if you take care of To buy a ticket in advance, at least one week before the departure date. Then travel by air will be really inexpensive. It is worth noting that if you have more time than money, it’s better take the rail or bus.

Let’s take a look at the low-cost airlines list. Thailand (though not all are included here).

Air Asia – Main Low Cost

Not Vsetayysky loukosteryadinakovy. They have their own rating scale. Air Asia is the largest them, this company is well known throughout southeast asia. On her the board can be reached by air to Surattahni, Phuket, Krabi, in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Udon Thani, Hat Yai and a dozen others, practically unknown to the Russian tourist runways. Official site –

Air Asia low-cost airline Asia in Thailand

Since 2012, the company began to provide a special service: integrated transfer to the islands. It lies in the fact that if the island you cannot fly or the company does not use its runway because expensive (as in Samui), then the ticket price will include all types transport that takes you to your destination. For example, By purchasing a Bangkok-Samui ticket from her, you will land at Nakhon Si Thammarat or Suratthani, after which you will be transplanted to a minivan, delivering to the pier, from where ferries leave for the island, for which you also do not have to pay.

Thai Airlines aircraft with red fuselage and keel well known in all countries of the Indochina peninsula. In Air Asia you will offer several flight options, for example, to Vietnam, in Cambodia or Malaysia.

Nok Air – routes to all domestic destinations

This is the second largest low-cost company, serving the domestic airlines of Thailand. However itinerary its network is much more extensive than that of Air Asia. Can fly to almost any village in the jungle. Provides services in the Fly and Ferry format – integrated ticket (aircraft, minivan, boat or ferry) to the islands. It was this airline that was pioneer such an initiative in passenger service. Official site –

Lowkoster-airline Nok Air in Thailand

Nok Air is based at Dong Muang – the old airport of Bangkok. Most of the fleet – Boeing, used, but in very good condition Onboard passengers are offered a small snack – a pair of sandwiches and soft drinks.

Orient Thai Airlines

The usual Thai low cost airline, which survived the reorganization and rebranding – Previously called One Two Go (very similar to the name of the search for airline tickets Like most of the low cost airline carriers, it is based on Dong Muang Serves Southern Thai Airlines – Two Flights per day on Phuket. There is also one international flight to Hong Kong, which is accomplished from Suvarnabhumi. Official site –

Airline-loukoster Orient Thai Airlines in Thailand

Kan air

Flies exclusively in domestic areas. Based on Chiang Mai airfield. Routes to Bangkok (Don Muang), Hua Hin, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen, Pattaya. The fleet consists of three small aircraft: ATR 72-500, Cessna 208B, Beechcraft Premier. Official site –

Low-cost airline Kan Air in Thailand

Thai Lion Air

Thai loukoster, a subsidiary of Indonesian carrier Lion Air. Works since 2013 and actively conquers market: expands the fleet, improves service. He has the newest planes in Thailand. This is the Boeing 737-900ER, which is collected in Bangkok. Passengers Thai Lion Air can carry up to 15 kg of luggage and free pick up space in the cabin. Official site –

Thai Lion Air low-cost airline in Thailand

THAI Smile

This is a branch of Thai Airways. THAI Smile makes flights not only from Don Muang, but also from Suvarnabhumi. The park consists of new Airbus A320 airliners. Official site –

Low-cost airline THAI Smile in Thailand

Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways

Thai airlines that are not low-cost airlines, but regularly hold promotions, reducing the price of flights on domestic lines. Therefore you should be interested in their current offers.

Bangkok Airways Airlines in Thailand

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