Types of taxi in Thailand – from moto-sai to transfers

Thailand attracts millions of tourists with its golden beaches sand and tropical palm trees. Move around the resort places countries will be hard in the heat, and the distance between the beaches rather big. Public transportation like Thai buses are not an option, so people have to either rent or use a taxi Thailand. To deal with the features of use each of all types of Thai taksino need to consider it types and cost.

Knock Knock

Tuk-tuk taxi in Thailand is one of most popular vehicles in resort areas. the services offered are somewhat similar to our minibuses but look They are in a video van with a canopy (roof).

Knock-knock in Thailand

Local drivers are constantly trying to modernize their vehicle body kit, neon lights, and set chrome wheels on wheels. Usually in the tuk-tuk always plays fun and loud music, often with such bass, that on the road just do not have to miss.

Knock-knock in Thailand

But all these charms do not mean that everyone likes the tuk-tuk to tourists. And there are three reasons for this:

  • Bad condition – among all the beautiful cars in Thailand, there are real rusty and dirty buckets in which just do not want to sit down.
  • Driving in the rain – nobody will like this situation, which the tuk-tuk, driving through the puddles during the rain, will leave its passengers covered in dirt, so in white it’s better not ride.
  • Security – alas, tuk-tuk is not a safe taxi, in case of a serious accident in Thailand, there will be a lot affected by

Knock-knock in Thailand

Be careful! According to our reviews tourists, in the tuk-tuk often pickpockets. To you money is unexpectedly missing, it is important to know how not to become a victim pickpockets in the journey.

Moto Sai

Moto-taxi (Moto Sai) is considered the most common and mobile vehicle all over thailand. In order to to become a passenger of such a taxi, you need to agree with the driver. AT depending on the distance and route cost may vary. Often, bikers, as if forgetting about the passenger, begin to squander and thereby putting it at risk. So you have to constantly remind him of you. Isn’t it better to rent a bike in general? Thailand, how to use their services?

Bike-taxi in Thailand

Taxi Taxi meter

Taxi meter in Thailand is, usual passenger taxi. Most often this type of transport Used to travel to the airport or hotel and back. Officially, they have meters, but few of them include Thailand, and the cost depends on the resort and itinerary. The only drawback of this Thai taxi is traffic jams, if tuk-tuk and bikes can easily drive around them, then Taxi The meter is not under the force.

Taxi in Thailand


Transfers in Thailand are something like Taxi meter, only has a higher comfort and convenience. The essence that is, you order a transfer over the Internet to a certain time, the car pulls up to the destination, the driver gets out and expects vass sign in his hands, which will be written your data, in addition, it can help with luggage. To order transfer is possible on the company’s website 12 Go Asia.

Transfer to Thailand Another difference is the ability order a minibus, provided that you are traveling in a large company and do not fit in a normal passenger car.

How much is a taxi in Thailand?

Approximate cost of tuk-tuki:

  • Phuket Karon – Patong – 350 baht, Kata – Patong – 500 baht
  • Pattaya. Approximately for the same distance the price is 2-3 times lower.

Approximate cost per bikes:

  • Phuket Karon – Patong – 250 (300) baht.
  • Pattaya Similarly.

Approximate cost per Taxi meter:

  • Phuket Airport – Patong 800 (900) baht, Karon – Kathu – 900 (1000) baht.
  • Pattaya Similarly.

Because of its island location in Phuket, everything is significantly more expensive than the mainland resorts, so do not be surprised if in Pattaya for a tuk-tuk fare you will be asked for a total of 20 baht. Price on the cost of the tuk-tuk between the beaches of Phuket is officially registered on stands at the roadway, but usually with drivers you can agree, since English and a little Russian know almost everything. It is better to negotiate the price in advance with the driver. Most Popular tourist destinations in Phuket are travel between Patong, Karon and Kata beaches.

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