Insurance for a rented car in Thailand – important points

Traveling in Thailand in a rented car is great idea that will allow you to see all that is not yet trampled by tourists and not replicated to facelessness in advertising Avenues. Insurance for cars in Thailand will allow you are not distracted from getting pleasant impressions on resolving various situations ranging from banal hijacking to technical breakdown on the way. But only if you consider national features of the Thai car rental business, and Your policy will be “right.”

In Thailand, personal car and vehicle insurance, used for commercial purposes (including delivered in rent) varies significantly. For small companies and private businessmen who rent cars are much more profitable buy insurance of the first type, because it is cheaper. Their not especially worried that farang with her can big “get”.

We will tell you what you need to know about the insurance policy if You decide to rent a car in Thailand.

Car rental. Done right

First of all, remember that copies of the policy should always stored in the car itself.

Policy with letter 1A

Analogue of domestic hull insurance for commercial vehicles, as well as rented out. Such insurance for rent in Thailand will be valid if:

  1. The code indicated is “120”.
  2. The expiration date is specified.
  3. The inscription translates as “for commercial use. “Usually written in English, occasionally – on thai

1A - Commercial insurance for renting a car in Thailand

Policy with letter 1B

Insurance for car rental in Thailand, which is a commercial version of our OSAGO. Legitimate details such as:

  1. Code “3.10”
  2. The expiration date is specified.
  3. There is an inscription translated as “for commercial use. “It is equally common in Thai, and in English.

1B - Commercial Civil Liability Insurance

With such policies in the glove box, you can safely include ignition. Your auto insurance is valid in all cases unless specifically stated (for example, drinking and driving).

Car rental. Your policy is invalid

On the policy is litera 2A

Analogue of the Russian hull for personal use. Additional signs:

  1. Code “1.10”.
  2. The inscription “Only for personal cars.” Almost always in thai.

2A - 1st class personal insurance

Attention: commercial insurance for car rental in Thailand can not be “first class”, it is a pun. Policy first class in this country is used only in personal purposes.

Policy with letter 2B

Option Thai OSAGO for personal use. Signs are te same:

  1. Code “1.10”
  2. The inscription in Thai “only for private cars.”

2B - Personal Civil Liability Insurance

Before starting the engine, make sure that you do not have such Markings in the policy. Do not trust landlords for a word. Their phrases “ride”, “ruled everything” and so forth. at your fault in an accident the forces are not have You will indemnify the damage yourself, and if there is an injured person. sides can get into the police station camera. And you will be there stay until you pay for medical services or auto repair.

As you can see, the opportunity to avoid trouble in a foreign country there is. To do this, you just need to be fundamentally law-abiding and not listen to empty promises.


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