8 rules of renting a bike in Thailand

Many tourists ask themselves: “How to rent a bike in Thailand? What kinds of cheating? What to look for and what documents are needed? “Without a motorbike to Thailand move a little problematic, no wonder it’s the most popular transportation in thailand. If you are confident in your driving experience, you have There are international “A” categories (also suitable Thai driving license), be sure to take it. By the way, since the question touched the lease, I recommend reading the article about the rules of housing rent in Thailand. The cost of a rented bike is ok. you average 200bat per day or 3,000 baht per month.Note. Our site has more detailed and Current article about renting a bike in Phuket, we recommend you read.

We keep safety

Most often when renting a bike in Thailand require leave a passport in pledge, I advise you to leave it only in proven firms, as there is a risk of losing it (what to do when loss of passport in Thailand, we have already discussed). In Otherwise, look for other companies that cost photocopy passport and bank card, as well as a cash deposit in The amount of 1000-5000 baht. If you leave a photocopy of banking cards, it is advisable to wipe the three-digit CVV-code on the back cards so that they could not use it. More on this. read the article “How not to lose money while traveling.”

In Tae, there is another way of cheating when renting a bike associated with usual carelessness and naivety of the tourist. I advise read it in the material “Divorce when renting a bike in Thailand. ”

Salon on bike rental in Thailand

Bike rental salon in Thailand

What to look for

    1. Damage. Inspect it literally along and across, take a picture, and better remove every scratch on video and bruises on a motorbike. So that upon delivery, the landlord could not you cheat, attributing a few extra damage.
    2. Tires.Pay attention to the condition tires, why do you need a bike with bald tires?
    3. The trunk. If you need to transport some things, and most likely – it will be necessary, then choose a bike with less roomy trunk. At least that would fit there package of products.
    4. Transmission. Rental prices Motobayas automatic and manual transmissions from each friend practically do not differ. Therefore, not to bathe with switching, beriteversion with a gun. Only thing on a manual box will save you some gasoline and your bike will be better climb the hill.
    5. Mileage. Do not rent a bike with a very large mileage, preferably not more than 10 thousand km, well, the extreme limit – 15. Landlords are unlikely to change worn parts in time and during pass TO.It will be bad if you break somewhere before you reach, say, your favorite beach on the island Phuket
  1. Power. Thailand is known to be in mountainous area, so rent a bike, preferably more powerful, if, of course, you do not want to drag yourself uphill with snail’s speed with the backseat passenger and a full trunk of things bought in supermarkets of Thailand.
  2. Test Drive. Take a test run, check brakes, all electrics, listen to the engine, rate it dynamics.
  3. Lease contract. Read the contract carefully before signing, as if during operation some incomprehensible situation, something will be proved already more difficult.

How to operate a rented bike

Suppose you chose a bike, what next? Repeat if you you want to quietly travel around Thailand, you need international law “A” category, if you do not have those, you can get thai rights. Although there are rumors that supposedly rolls “B” category, but in general you can ride without a license, the truth will have to ride, so to speak, “in Thai.” Do not go on the slopes and it is advisable to know where police posts usually stand. Otherwise have to pay a small fine of about 400 baht. Driving without a helmet and drunk driving is also subject to fines.

Coupon about the passed technical inspection of the bike

Coupon on passed bike inspection

Tourists sometimes forget that Taelehvideleznavizhenie, and, accordingly, go towards the stream. Traffic regulations in Thailand too -the movement is chaotic, so look at both, because if you make an accident, and at this moment either you will not have rights, or you with fumes, you will be guilty anyway! what to do when committing an accident in Thailand on a bike, we already discussed.

Gasoline in Thailand is slightly more expensive than in Russia. Therefore, on a rented bike will also have to fork out for fuel. You can refuel your bike at gas stations or from dealers buy bottles of gasoline. Yes, yes, they have gasoline colors carbonated drinks: red, yellow, green. Do not confuse him when you will be thirsty! And it can be sold, by the way right next to fruit. At dealers, as a rule, the cheapest, can be found for 20bat per bottle, at gas stations on average – 45 baht

Typical Thai dressing with colored bezin

Typical Thai dressing with colored bezin

If riding a rented bike is not your creed, the most its purchase is optimal, read about it in the article “How buy a motorcycle in Thailand. ”

How to return a rented bike

Return it preferably 2 days before the end of the rental period. So how if, for example, you have a plane tomorrow, and you have problems with the surrender, later you may be late for it. If a you have damaged your bike during operation, get ready to pay a certain amount. And if you try to attribute these damages, show them your photo / video during the initial inspection of the bike. And if even after that he rests, tell him the following: “Ok, I I call the tourist police! “. As a rule, this police is more degree on the side of tourists, so the landlord will calm down. TO Fortunately, such frauds do not happen often, there are even Cases that the state of the bike is not checked upon delivery.

P.S. If you want to rent something bigger bike, I advise you to look at renting a car in Thailand.

Useful driving lessons scooter in Thailand

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