Tablets and bracelets from motion sickness in transport – from travel experience

A short note on motion sickness in transport, sometimes are asking. In general, I rarely swayed, but it suffers from me Mom in full. She is not very good, and in the car, and in buses, and even on trains. Maybe age, maybe something else. And, I, too, the older, the more susceptible. I remember I went to Pai and I managed to sit at the very end of the car, and the Thai drivers drove around, like crazy, so I talked decently, I’m all green released.

Motion sickness pills in thailand

In general, if you are familiar with this situation, then its best to prevent. Especially if you go to the mountains. There are pills from motion sickness, you can buy them at any pharmacy and often at 7-eleven sold too. Come and talk – car sickness. If the pharmacist speaks English, he will immediately understand what speech If he doesn’t, then one-mans theater comes to the rescue, I think everyone understands how to portray. I did it :)

Alternatively, you can show the title in English – Dimin or Immediately picture from my post. It will be easier, just understand. Just I recall the case, be sure to make honey insurance, especially in Asia Especially for you to constantly update your insurance rating, which is based on reviews and personal experience.

My insurance rating →

In other countries may be differently called, but the active substance the same will be – Dimenhydrinate (Dimenhydrinate). Tablets themselves often called dramina. In principle, you can with them immediately from Russia I take with me a couple of pills just in case. But on sea excursions are often issued before sailing.

Pills for motion sickness in Thailand Pills for motion sickness in Thailand

Motion sickness pills in thailand

Bracelet from motion sickness in transport

And there is another way, not medical. When i saw him in the first time, poddumal what a garbage. But it really works, surprisingly! Tested repeatedly. So, we are talking about acupuncture bracelets with pimpochka, which presses on a certain point on the arm. They can be bought in Moscow at the pharmacy, they are worth something. about 500 rubles.

Honestly, the price is too high for a rag, given that bracelets are also lost. Therefore, the output is – order for a penny. on Aliexpress. These are or are, about the bucks are just. If a will not work, although it will not be a pity to throw it out or give it away.

Life hacking – when shopping on Aliexpress you can receive cashback before 11% through the EPN service (they have a browser plugin, an application for phone). In great detail I wrote in my instructions that it is and how to use it.

I don’t know if this thing helps everyone, but for some people for sure. That is, not to say that right, always, always works, but at least, if you don’t read the book for hours in the car, then about motion sickness can be forgotten. I speak from personal experience, with long relocations are very convenient. Although I usually just drink a pill myself good for serpentines do not go every day.

Motion sickness bracelets are put on wrists Motion sickness bracelets are put on wrists

Motion sickness bracelets are worn on the wrists.

Can you read the instructions how it works? Can you read the instructions how it works?

You can read the instructions how it works

P.S. I read some more reviews, and as I understood it, somewhere 1 out of 10 No luck, and these bracelets do not work. Although maybe they just the wrong place on the arm is dressed.

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