What is included in the package tour from the tour operator?

What is included in the package tour from the tour operator? What is included in the package tour from the tour operator?

A package tour, or tour package – as you like, is nothing but as the same tour package from a tour operator, providing rest without hassle The tourism market is developing at the speed of light, and to to somehow stand out among competitors travel companies offer Many attractive offers, often make good discounts. We have already written an article about how to save money. tour.

In order not to get lost in the set of sentences and make the most profitable purchase, we usually use these services for the selection and booking tours from all tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Many people have a question when buying: what is included in the price of the tour? Have different tour operators – different services. What stands in the first place to pay attention, buying, for example, a package tour from Moscow?


  1. What is included in the tour price?
  2. What is an all inclusive tour?
  3. Advantages of package tours
  4. What is travel insurance abroad?
    1. What does not leave travel insurance include
    2. How much is travel insurance
  5. Transfer from the tour operator – how does it work?
  6. Types of food in hotels
  7. Types of flights

What is included in the tour price?

Air flight

It would seem logical that the tour includes a flight. But no, not once we ourselves came across options with an attractively low price tag, and a detailed examination of the eyes opened not very noticeable footnote, that will have to get under its own power.

In principle, this practice really exists – a tour without flights – but reliable tour operators have such offers separately, and certainly not sent by email in an attempt to lure client (as in the case of questionable travel agency intermediaries) .

To secure future rest, look for vouchers directly from tour operators. And so that the safety was a bonus and a good price, search on special online search engines – Travelata and Level.Travel – here collected offers from all proven tour operators. Conditions of constant competition (and the services cooperate with 120 proven companies) contribute to the emergence of very interesting pricing? Everything is fair: both the flight and the fuel surcharge is included in tour cost.


The package price, of course, includes accommodation. To facilitate the search for the perfect in all respects vouchers should decide in advance what kind of apartment will serve in your home when you leave.

Tip: use the filter function in online search engines: immediately sort the options by level “star” hotel or the number of meters to the beach! Personally, we are everywhere We are trying to take 3 star hotels.


A package tour may consist of various meal offers. If you are a foodie who wants to go around all the cafes and restaurants in the city, or fan of hiking and long hikes then you can stop on the “breakfast”. Well, for those who want to not bother about food, but enjoy your holiday on the beach, all-inclusive service is provided. Such tours are often found in Turkey, Greece, etc.


Insurance tour operators, in the first place, implies medical travel insurance for the period of the trip. This gives traveler the right to medical care abroad when emergence of an emergency. Its cost is automatically included in the total price of the tour and depends directly on the host country, the duration of the trip, the amount of risk and insurance amount.

Outside the basic set, there is insurance against not leaving allowing, if necessary, to return part of the spent funds. There is insurance against the bankruptcy of the tour operator. In this case, your the costs of unfulfilled rest will be covered by the insurance company. But There is no point in taking them, in our opinion – a waste of money.


Most often excursions are not included in the price of the voucher from tour operator. But there are exceptions, and if to your tour, purchased at a good price attractions and guide, then you are really lucky!

What is included in the tour price? What is included in the tour price?

Photos from our trip to Barcelona

For those who did not get the tour guide from the tour operator, we recommend visit Sputnik8 (in confidence, it is much more profitable here booking in advance!).


Package tour from the tour operator also consists of the service “transfer”. Usually a group of 20-30 people is offered by default (each of which he hopes not his hotel at the end of the driver’s list). Behind an additional fee can be ordered individually, i.e. immediately from airport in the room.

A separate point: whether the visa is included in the price tour?

No, a visa is usually not included in the tour price. In your If desired, the tour operator can issue it for a fee, incl. and online. When booking is confirmed, a list will be sent to the mail documents required for a visa.

However, no one forbids the tourist to make a visa on their own. We do that!

What is an all inclusive tour?

All Inclusive in Water Planet All Inclusive in Water Planet

All Inclusive in Water Planet

Almost all tour operators offer a tour service. “all inclusive”. By purchasing this program, you can enjoy rest is absolutely free. Of course, this is meant figuratively, because free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Other In other words, you pay for hotel services once.

However, you should read in advance what is included in the tour. included, as there are no standards in this plan, each is your list of services. Buying “a cat in a bag”, tourists are waiting unpleasant surprises, and all because they bought a ticket is not inquiring what is included in the ticket. Most often book This service to Turkey, as for the price it is more affordable.

What to choose? 10 vacation countries all inclusive >>

In most cases, the tour package includes: food, swimming pool, sauna, beach, rent of sun beds and umbrellas, animation programs, entertainment area, etc. Excursions, lessons on diving and other active types of recreation in the cost of the permit are not provided. Worth note that the larger the hotel, the greater the list of services and services, included in the tour.

Advantages of package tours

Package tours from tour operators have a lot of advantages:

Convenience – the program includes basic services, which means it is not necessary independently study the air ticket sales market, book number, order a transfer, etc.

Safety – thanks to insurance and invisible presence “organizational hands”, the tourist feels confident in a stranger country, and no matter what end of the map it is located.

Economy – book hotels and air tickets yourself often rises in a large amount than buying a finished tour. Especially in countries of mass beach rest like Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece. Therefore, package tours will be good. an option for a budget trip.

This can be confirmed by our personal example: to Barcelona we flew 2 times, tour and independently. 10 day trip to one with hotel accommodation with breakfast went to 23 000 rubles. Traveling on their own, tickets alone – 12,000 rubles – and Hostel book (much lower in class, and even without power and transfer) cost more for a couple of thousand.

Conclusion: it is more profitable to buy in typical resort countries tour package! To Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, etc.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

What is travel insurance abroad?

The voucher is paid, the luggage is practically collected, and you are in anticipating the journey of your dreams, but suddenly according to circumstances, who do not depend on you, all plans for rest collapse like House of cards. How in this case, return the money spent?

In this case, the tourist will help insurance against the departure from abroad. Usually the voucher is sold without this service, i.e. tourist himself decides whether to add it or not.

Insurance against not going abroad is best suited to those travelers who are planning a vacation in the Schengen countries. Sometimes life presents such surprises, for example, you have already paid for the tour, purchased tickets, booked a hotel, how an agent calls you and announces the sad news that a visa is denied. Everything It will not be so sad if you have documents in your travel insurance. from not leaving. You can partially return the amount of expenses, minus penalties

What does not leave travel insurance include

  • Ticket price
  • Payment for accommodation
  • Visa costs
  • Payment for tour operator services
  • The cost of excursions (if listed in the package)

How much is travel insurance

Insurance from the tour operator, in case of not leaving, you need to arrange in advance, about two weeks before the departure date. To further save this procedure also directly through tour operators. The price of insurance depends entirely on the cost. tour, but usually it is from 1 to 5% of the price of the tour package.

Transfer from the tour operator – how does it work?

Transfer from the tour operator Teztour Transfer from the tour operator Teztour

Transfer from the tour operator Teztour

One of the popular services provided by the tourist The company is a transfer. She means meeting a tourist in airport and subsequent escort to the hotel and back. Transfer happens two types: group and individual.

By default, the package includes a group transfer. is he invites tourists to get to the hotel on a comfortable bus seating capacity from 20 to 40 people. The advantage is budget savings on a journey. Minus – in the duration of the move (imagine if Do you live in the same 40th hotel on the list? ? )

For an additional fee you will expect individual transfer. In this case, the tourist arrives at the destination on car up to 4 people. The advantage is the absence queues, so from the airport you can immediately go to the hotel. The main disadvantage is the high cost of the service, but, as they say, for all good must be paid!

Types of food in hotels

All hotels are united by an international nutrition designation system. When buying a tour package, especially on your own, you need clearly know the decoding of the following abbreviations.

RO (room only) – no power. This type provided by small hotels, as well as when placed in villas. And it seems that here it is, saving on a non-budget hotel menu, however, if you count how much money is spent on lunch and dinner in cafe, the benefits will obviously be exaggerated.

BB (bed&breakfast) – завтраки. This type characteristic of hotels in Europe and Asia. Very convenient, because since morning you can have a good breakfast and not being tied to the hotel mealtime, spend the day exploring unfamiliar spaces.

HB (half board) – half board. This view food implies a combination of breakfast and dinner, or breakfast and lunch time. For an extra fee alcohol will be provided. the drinks.

FB (full board) – full board. In cost Breakfast, nutritious lunch and hearty dinner are included. Menu varied, but alcohol is not included in the price.

AI (all inclusive) – good old “all included “. The name speaks for itself: waiting for you 5-time food and drinks of local production.

UAI (ultra all inclusive) – “ultra all included “. The same diverse food, but under imported alcoholic drinks.

Types of flights

Fly Dubai from Kazan to the UAE Fly Dubai from Kazan to the UAE Royal Flight Royal Flight

Regular flight from Fly Dubai to the UAE and charter from Royal Flight to Greece

For the tour package airlines offer two types of flights: charter and regular.

Basically, the package tour from the tour operator provides charter flights. The main advantage of this choice is low cost. tour, because these flights are seasonal, and you do not overpay for possible empty seats (as in regular flights), because their completely redeem tour operators. But the minus is the possibility Airline transfer time of departure charter.

Practical advice for those who live in the regions: buying a package tour with departure from Moscow, do not rush to purchase a ticket to the capital. Provide all the options for changing the date, otherwise your ticket is just will burn. Take either with a margin of time per day or more from time to time. departure or travel by train (in this case, they can always be to pass).

Regular flights are also found in tours. They carried out regardless of the season, according to the schedule. If you prefer only such flights, then specify when making out package tour. True, you have to pay some amount, and The voucher will cost more. Regular flights are serviced over comfortable liners, service is higher, food is better and etc.

We usually search and buy regular flights via Skyscanner or Aviasales (convenient to compare prices).

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