Ways to obtain a residence permit (permit) in Thailand

Private beach house in a tropical country – a dream million And this dream may well come true if you decide to buy a cozy villa in such a fabulous place as Thailand. One clear advantage of this purchase will be low-priced real estate in thailand built from modern, high-quality materials. Plus you will have a personal a place of rest where you can come back as soon as it is issued free minute. But, unlike Turkey (choose vacation country – Turkey or Thailand?), the purchase of housing is not gives the right to acquire a residence permit in Thailand.

In this country, getting such a document is much more difficult, not to mention already on acquiring the status of a citizen of Thailand. How then way a simple person who wants to settle in Thailand, you can get a residence permit?

There is a separate category of people who can easily purchase this treasured document. First of all to them owned by public servants whose presence in the country is for Thailand carries some significance. Foreign students seeking to get in this state are not only higher education, but also secondary education, can also become happy owners of a residence permit without any difficulties. But what about those foreigners who do not belong to these groups? people? For them, there are several other ways to design Residence permit in Thailand.

Method 1

Establishment or purchase of a company. One of the surest ways acquire a residence permit is opening a business in Thailand or buying a ready-made company. But such a business requires large financial investments that will be at least 100,000 dollars. Employees of foreign enterprises can also purchase Residence permit, if they open a representative company in Thailand.

Method 2

Capital investment Any state is committed to attracting foreign investment. This is especially beneficial for Thailand’s emerging economy. If you are willing to invest in Any Thai project is more than 200 000 dollars, then you can be sure to get a residence permit.

Method 3

Marriage. At first glance, this method seems the most elementary, but here there are some delays. If a foreigner marries a Thai citizen, he gets a residence permit and the right to work, while his wife loses Thai citizenship. She will be able to return her citizenship only if her marriage to a foreigner will last more than 12 years.

Documents for obtaining a VLI in Thailand

For registration of a residence permit Thailand you may need various documents the name of which depends on the purpose of your stay in Thailand. However, there is a list of basic, necessary documentation.

  • Special form with your data
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • 3 photos format 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • Document identifying the purpose of your visit to Thailand (referral to educational institution, marriage certificate, contract to work in the company, the constituent act of registration of the company).
  • A document confirming that you have the minimum required sums for living within Thailand
  • A document certifying the presence in your country of space temporary residence
  • A document indicating the absence of a criminal record within Thailand (applies to persons over 15)

All documentation must necessarily be translated. in Thai and notarized. By the way, do you know how to determine the tonality in Thai?

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