How to get a visa to Thailand

Making a visa to Thailand is much easier faster and cheaper than the same visa to the Schengen countries 3 weeks. It will be issued to you in just 2 working days at the consulate. What documents are needed for registration of Thai visa, I will not tell you, because these requirements are constantly vary and for each can be individual. Gadget link to the consulate of Thailand in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Tips for applying for a visa

Most often, the consuls do not require additional documents such as a certificate from work, a reservation to the hotel, a copy of the reservation for a return ticket from Thailand and more. But I recommend to you whenever possible present these documents on their part decent tourist and the chance of failure is significantly reduced.

The Thai consulate is in Moscow, so if you a citizen of the Russian Federation and you want a Thai visa, you have to still spend money on the road to Moscow, if of course you are not already there. And the citizens of Belarus have no choice, in any case will have to go to the capital of Russia, as they are not stamped in Thailand let in.

What are the visas to Thailand?

  • stamp in the passport;
  • training;
  • tourist;
  • children;
  • retirement;
  • non-immigrant.

Stamp in the passport

The stamp is put on arrival at the international airport of Thailand. And before departure, you do not have to run to the consulate of Thailand for obtaining a visa. But … if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, after filling migration card to Thailand, you are allowed to stay in Thailand not more than 30 days if you are citizens of Ukraine, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan – no more than 15. After this time, you can cross the border neighboring states, such as Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia. And here come back to Thailand, this way you will get another 30 days (15 for CIS citizens) stay in Thailand.

To get a stamp at the airport, you will have to present the amount at $ 500 per person to confirm that you have something to live on. Plus, you can ask for a return ticket from Thailand or his booking. But such requests are not so often, I personally have nothing yet did not ask.

Visa to Thailand

I repeat, plus such a stamp is that you do not have to run on consulates to obtain a visa to Thailand. The more you may be denied a visa. And so, this way in the Kingdom referred to as “visa-wound.” If your stay in Thailand is suitable By the end, you are ordering a visa-wound from a local company for crossing border and ride the whole bus. For the price goes about $ 50.

Or, for economy, it is possible to reach the course. Cross the border of Thailand, there you are stamped on the departure, move on to the customs of the neighboring state, in it you are stamped on entering their country. Then immediately return back to Thai customs. Do not wait a day, even one is enough minutes, what’s there – seconds! And you can again be in Thailand 30 more days.

Even if you are at a second or third time crossing the border let in back, do not despair. Try to wait another shift, perhaps another border guard will be more lenient to you. Or move towards another state. For example, if you crossed cambodia and you are not allowed back in, go to laos or Malaysia and from there to Thailand.

There is still a third option, this is a tourist visa registration in consulate of Thailand in the country where you had to stay. But there to get a visa is much easier and cheaper than in Russia. Sometimes all you need is a passport and you can get a tourist visa for a period of 90 days.

Important! Due to the political situation in Thailand, the visa-wound was canceled. Perhaps this is a temporary solution. government.

Tourist visa to Thailand

Tourist visas are:

  • Single for 90 days. With this visa you can To be in Thailand not all 90 days at once, but only 60, then go to any immigration office (for example, on an island Samuail in Hua Hin), pay about 2000 baht, then you can quietly stay in the Kingdom for another 30 days.
  • Double visa for 180 days. Its essence is that you she can be in Thailand as in the case of a single, 60 days Then you also go to the immigration office, extend the visa even for 30 days. After this month, leave Thailand through neighboring state and return again. You are given another 60 days + 30 days in migration. Getting a double visa is a little more difficult. single.

Attention! Since the summer of 2014 entered the new rules receiving visas to Thailand, but they did not touch the pension, custodial and working.

Children’s visa to Thailand

  • For children, everything is simple. Need a minimum of documents in mainly photos and birth certificate (we advise you to read, how to prepare for a holiday in Thailand with children).
  • If both parents fly with the child, then he just needs produce a birth certificate, if only one of the parents, it will also require the notarial consent of the other parent.
  • If the child and both or one of the parents are flying the stamp, then from child will need a passport.
  • If the child flies alone, then in addition to the international passport, it will require the consent of the parents, certified by a notary.

Getting a visa to Thailand

Non-immigration visa to Thailand

Issued only if you are going to open a business in Thailand or go to school.

In the case of a business, you open your own business, you are handed permission to work in Thailand give a visa for 1 year. Such the visa is opened, as a rule, by those who are really going to earn. Otherwise, it will be cheaper to make a training.

Study visa to Thailand can be obtained in case enrollment, participation in various seminars and conferences. You can learn, for example, English, Thai languages. And go to class is not necessary. Hand no one will drive you. Such a visa will cost from $ 1000 to $ 3000 and issued for 1 year.

These visas are the most expensive. But you do not have every month dangle to cross the border to update the stamp.


Do not violate the immigration laws of Thailand, since a fine or overstay for a stitched visa will be $ 15 for each day. And if you often break, then you can no longer let in the kingdom. And even worse – can be planted in Thai prison, believe me, Russian prison, if we compare this is a paradise. There is also a penalty for losing. migration card.

If you have already received a couple of visas in a year, in the third you may will be sent. Do not be discouraged, because you can easily enter country stamped. Then, after 2-4 months to complete new visa to thailand.

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