How to get a driver’s license in Thailand

Being in Thailand for a long time without a driver’s license quite difficult. The roads here are more adapted for drivers rather than for pedestrians and cyclists. However, this does not mean that you will have to constantly ride a tuk-tukili to get a driving license in Russia. The best option would be get thai rights.

Types of Thai rights for foreigners

Citizens of other countries can expect to receive driving license in Thailand 3 types:

  1. Temporary driver’s license is issued to all for 1 year. Then there is the opportunity to extend the rights or get permanent driver’s license.
  2. A permanent driver’s license is issued for 5 years if you have a non-tourist visa in Thailand or you have used temporary Thai rights over 12 months.
  3. International driving certification is provided after 12 months from the date obtain a temporary driving license in Thailand, and then if there were permanent rights and non-tourist visa.

Documents for Thai rights

  • Copy and original of the passport with a visa or stamp and mark about arrival.
  • Certificate of residence. Resident Certificate is issued in nearest immigration office. You will need the original and a copy of the passport pages with the visa and your photo, rental agreement (all about renting a property in Thailand) or sale of real estate in Thailand and two photos. Great alternative to certificate – certificate from Russian consulates in Thailand. You will only need to take with you international passport. There you fill in the application form, and the consul will confirm your signature. Proof of residence is not necessary, so you can specify the address as desired. With a similar certificate You can go to the Thai “traffic police”. It will cost 300 baht.
  • Medical Certificate (health data) is provided in every major Thai hospital. Cost of The certificate in different places is different. The most budget place It is considered a small pharmacy with a clinic in Bangkok. MedicalCertificate there will cost you 60 baht. Before issuing it people will be checked for red and green recognition.

What does a medical certificate look like?

What does a medical certificate look like (Source:

If you want to buy a driver’s license in Thailand is not one vehicle (A, B), you should pick the whole list of documents for them separately.

What tests will need to pass?

1. Definition of color blindness. You must name the colors of the circles on stand, indicated by a doctor. Will have to answer in English language.

Definition of color blindness

Definition of color blindness (Source:

2. Check the person at the reaction time. You will be put on a chair right in front of the board with an improvised traffic light. Leg will need put on the gas pedal. Lights up green, and you put pressure on the gas, red – on the brake. Your reaction time will be shown traveling. line

Check for reaction time Check for reaction time

3. Check your eye. From a distance of 3 meters you will need manage parallel chopsticks on the box. Right wand can not move, the left is able to move back and forth. You provide a remote with 2 signed buttons (back, forward). Try to move the left wand forward and then return it. back, putting parallel to the next.

Determination of the eye

Determination of the eye

4. Determination of the angle of view. Your head is put special box. It is necessary to look only forward. On the sides of you lamps with different colors (red, yellow and green). Your task is to specify all colors without errors. Normal angle The view will be equal to 75 degrees.

How is the theoretical part of testing?

You get an individual card, insert it, click “test” button and proceed to the 50 tasks of the exam. On The task is 1 hour. Tasks can be carried out separately coming back to them later. When you decide you have finished, press “finish”. After completion it will be impossible to make corrections. On the screen you will see points scored, correct answers and mistakes. Passing score is 90% correct answers. The green label above the task is for you to see which The question has already been answered. Now remains the practice and “Thai rights – your rights “!

Theoretical exam Theoretical exam

How is the practical part of testing?

To obtain a driver’s license on a bike you need to pass 3 tests. First, drive 10 meters along a narrow line, without going abroad, and do not stop. Then you need to drive through the narrow, wriggling track. After that there will be a stop where you have to wait. further team movement. In the last test, knowledge is checked. Traffic regulations of Thailand on the road with road signs. Driver must slow down before the stop sign, turn in the right direction, put both feet on the ground during stops and turn on in time signal indicator.

Practical exam

We start!

Practical exam


Practical exam

Narrow, with which you can not jump

Practical exam

Fit into a turn

Practical exam

Parallel parking

Practical exam

Narrow passage

For obtaining a driver’s license for a car prepared 3 tests on the same track as for motorcycle drivers. At first It’s worth driving straight ahead and driving back, not hitting the fences. Next, the driver must drive back to the box at the side. For this, six gearshifts are given. On the 7th attempt need to leave a fenced place. On the last test you need Park the car directly to the curb. Place to stop outlined by a stripe. Consider that the back of the car should not act further than a quarter of a meter from the sidewalk. Front the bumper should not drive into the stop line and not retreat from it more than a meter. The instructor makes a note after passing the test tasks.

We go to get our rights

After successfully completing the tests and exams, you pay 155 baht, if you passed on the Thai license to drive a motorcycle and 200 baht – for car license. Here they are printed out and issued you ready. The whole procedure for obtaining a driver’s license in Thailand is carried out very quickly and in an organized way.

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