Getting insurance in Thailand – what to pay Attention

Insurance in Thailand is not part of mandatory list of travel documents. Crossing thai customs, you will not be asked to present it.

If you fly on holiday to Thailand through a travel agency, then they always include Thai insurance. For independent travel you need to take care of its design. by ourselves. This can be done in advance in any insurance or travel company.

The average cost of insurance in Thailand two weeks with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros will be no more than 500 rubles. As for any exotic country insurance for recreation and wintering in Thailand will protect you from many troubles caused by the change of climate, environment and diet. Particularly relevant for Thailand are misfortunes such as driving injuries. on bikes, venereal diseases and poisoning.

What insurance company to choose?

When making medical insurance, tourists often get up in front the question of choosing an insurance company. You can make Russian insurance before departure or Thai right after arriving in Thailand. In the second option it costs a little more, but you will be exactly sure that you will cover the cost of treating all insurance claims. Many tourists unfamiliar with the fact that it is not the answer for all medical questions firm, and its assistant. It is worth knowing that a number of domestic insurance has no medical representative in Thailand but continues to arrange insurance.

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What to look for when getting insurance in Thailand?

  • Examination of the contract. First read the terms insurance and a list of all cases to be insured. It is better find out in advance what you can expect if it happens any incident. Perhaps in some moments of rest you will behave more carefully. For example, insurance firms sometimes do not undertake to pay the costs of treating food poisoning or sunburn.
  • Franchise. It is important to know about the availability of a franchise for insurance. It usually ranges from 100 to 200 dollars and means the amount of money that you pay yourself after admission to Thai health center. If the amount of the check will exceed the stated above, the insurance company will cover the cost of treatment. Medical franchise insurance in Thailand cost several times cheaper. Typically, a doctor in a Thai clinic is from 50 up to 200 dollars.
  • Driving a bike. If you are going to actively use bike, then when making insurance is to choose the options “Extreme Sport” or “Active Leisure” otherwise crash or accident on a bike in Thailand will not be considered insurance cases. The insurance itself will cost you at least twice as much. The driver must have international rights with him. category A. Russian sourtists in Thailand sometimes bypass all these conditions, stating that they were only passengers, and the driver himself fled from the scene of the accident. However, this does not always work, and tourists forced to fully pay for the treatment of injuries.
  • Insurance payment. In the amount of insurance is better focus on the cost of at least $ 30,000.
  • Cost Prices for travel insurance directly depend on the number of days indicated on the form. Usually policy make out for the period of the Thai visa, but in a visa-free Thailand insurance will be valid upon stay in the country (from 30 days), even if framed for a year. Here the important point will be single or multiple entry for a specific period of time.
  • Insurance period. It is associated with the fact of departure from the native country. If a tourist has scheduled visits to several countries returning to Russia, it will be counted as one the trip.
  • Accidents. As a result of accidents You get money from insurance only by returning to Russia. They vary considerably and depend on the severity of the incident. When death will be paid the entire amount, and as a result of the injury may leaving only 10% of the sum insured. Various medical expenses such insurance will not cover and will not be able to help you in Thailand.
  • Time of action. Check also when it starts. act your health insurance. Sometimes it happens that the policy was ordered via the Internet or issued by relatives tourist and sent by email. Here the insurance company can declare that the policy will be relevant only if the insured the person on the day of registration was in Russia.
  • Alcohol. Remember that no insurance company will pay for your treatment if the injury resulted alcohol (types of alcohol in Thailand). Sometimes wording different and in the insurance case no presence is allowed alcohol, even if it was not the cause of the injury. That is, if on drunk tourist fell from the palm coconut, the insurance company may refuse in reimbursement of expenses for medicines and procedures, although alcohol is here did not affect the situation.
  • Verification of data. Verify insurance details in advance Assistant to the form was stated the same person.
  • Travel Notice. Need to talk about all countries of the planned trip. This will best prepare you for various insurance claims. After all, even neighboring states can introduce different conditions of stay in the country (availability vaccinations).

Tip! Assess all the risks and decide whether you need Generally insurance to Thailand?

What to do when an insured event occurs in Thailand?

  1. You need to immediately call the specified phone number in your policy and after that act on the instructions of the assistant. Insurance company (Assistant) will inform you about possible medical facilities in Thailand, ready to take you. It may take time that unacceptable in acute cases. Sometimes by phone you can answer a doctor from an insurance company. Then you have to tell in detail that have happened to you. Thus, a Thai hospital can warn about your injury in advance or consult Russian doctor may be enough to solve the arisen Problems. Prepare scanned copies of insurance in advance. the case if you have to send it on request.
  2. If after receiving a doctor you are asked for payment, you should immediately call your insurance and understand the circumstances. Otherwise, you can lose your money, and then the insurance company you will not be reimbursed. If she asks you to pay everything on the spot and then come with a check, it is better to refuse. Since the homeland can need some documents you didn’t take in clinic, and without them the payment of expenses will not be included in medical insurance.
  3. Do not be alarmed if the Thai hospital asks you to leave in passport passport until the insurance company will not send a guarantee a letter of payment.
  4. In case of appointment of repeated procedures or before the next campaign in hospital do not forget to call back to your insurance and specify the fact of payment of the designated procedures.

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