Thai customs – what can and cannot be imported Thailand

Before going to wintering in Thailand, you should carefully learn the customs rules of Thailand. Local lawmakers have bothered to maximize, what exactly can not be imported into Thailand, as well as that can not be taken out of the country. And first you need to understand what to try to smuggle any narcotic substances across the border, for this provides for capital punishment – the death sentence.

What is not subject to state import duty?

As usual, you can easily transport personal belongings into the country, as well as professional merchandise: camera, computer, etc. (more about what is better to take with you a tablet or a laptop). The main thing is even before customs control. make sure that the total cost of luggage does not exceed 10,000 baht Everything new and previously unused is better in advance. print so that customs officers do not have suspicions that items are being brought not for use, but for sales.

Concerning alcohol and tobacco products, guests are allowed import them with restrictions. Cigarettes in the baggage should be no more 200 per person (besides, the blocks should lie in different bags!), strong alcohol not more than a liter for every adult (more about Thai cigarettes and alcohol in Thailand).

What is not worth importing?

Rules of entry into Thailand strictly prohibit the importation drugs, this also applies to pills recognized in country narcotic drugs. As mentioned earlier, punished with the highest punishment by local standards. For importation psychotropic substances, these include ephedrine and others like him connection, imprisonment for up to 5 years.

In addition to drugs, Thai customs certainly will delay everyone who decides without permission from Thai police department to bring weapons and ammunition into the country (more on how to buy weapons in Thailand). Import authorization should be ordered in advance at the Thai consulate in Russia.

Thai Customs

Your baggage will be scanned by X-rays.

In the list of what can not be imported into Thailand, there are any intimate products that imitate the genitals, including literature and video, as well as any smuggling.

It is not necessary to import electronic cigarettes, because, according to the statement Thai government, their fluid contains a small dose amphetamine (according to another version of the use of such cigarettes prohibited by the fact that they are simply not taxable). Behind the use of such smoking devices can impose a fine equal to four times the value of the goods, or put in Thai prison for up to 5 years, and maybe both.

Animal lovers will have to leave their pets at home if their breed is Stafford or Pit Bull Terrier. The ban on the entry of these dogs breeds associated with their restless temper and fighting qualities. Other animals of rare breeds, as well as rare plants, also to be imported It will not work, as, indeed, and take out of Russia.

How much cash can I bring in?

Thailand customs in accordance with the legislation of the country does not limit the size of the imported cash flow. But if you want to travel to neighboring countries such as Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia will have to take no more than 500,000 baht. Declare the imported and exported cash need, if the amount of its exceeds the equivalent of US $ 20,000 at the exchange rate in Thailand at the time of importation or exportation. Baths are subject to declaration upon more than 50,000.

How and where to fill out customs papers?

Inspection at Thai Suvarnabhumi Airport is carried out through “green” and “red” corridor. The first is chosen by those who are sure that they will not have to declare the imported property and cash. Declarations are issued, and instructions are given on how to complete them, when passing through the “red” corridor. Also at the entrance do not forget pre-fill the migration map of Thailand, and check out make a refat vat refund if of course you engaged in shopping in Thailand.

When temporarily exporting things from the country, it’s better at customs declare them with unique identifiers. In that if you enter them you will be able to avoid paying customs duty.

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