Water transport in Thailand – ferries and longtails

Ferries, speedboats, longtail boats (longtail) and waterboats Taxis are the component units of all water transport in Thailand that allow you to reach most Thai islands with missing airports, such as Koh Chang, Koh Lan, Phangan and others. And in the most popular resorts of the country (Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, etc.) are located the largest ports in connection with a large number of passenger traffic.

How to buy ferry tickets in Thailand

The ferry service in Thailand runs between coastal resorts of the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea. At the cost of the ticket influenced by many factors – the tourist season in Thailand, the time of day and the comfort of the ferry. Their purchase can be realized in three ways:

  1. directly at the box office at the piers;
  2. in travel agencies and hotels (a margin is provided);
  3. on the website 12 Go Asia (read the FAQ on how to use the service).

Service 12 Go Asia allows you to book tickets online this week. or a month before departure and exempt from a trip to the coastal ticket offices. At hand is enough to have a digital device with access to the Internet. Try using a search widget for this enter the points of departure and destination, the required date and press “To find”.

If you decide to buy tickets through travel agencies or hotels, it is worth take into account that its total cost may include a transfer that will pick you up at the main entrance of the hotel and take you up to the pier. It will not be superfluous to clarify at the reception its time. of departure, since it may not coincide with the time specified in ticket.

Ferries in Thailand

When buying ferry tickets in Thailand directly at the pier ticket offices (it will be cheaper in both directions), it is worth considering the possibility of their absence due to quick purchase, which is typical in high season. Therefore, not to wait for the next on schedule ferry, which will be only in an hour, preferably come after them in advance. Also do not forget to clarify in box office is the name of the pier from which you will depart, since the carrier company sometimes uses more than one pier. Taxi from the hotel before the pier and back can be ordered separately, read the details here.

Pier on the central beach in Pattaya

Features travel by ferry in Thailand

Ferries in Thailand are often delayed with departure, or late in arrival. This moment should be calculated – to come to the pier at least half an hour before departure and be ready to sail longer than usual. You also need to be prepared for possible transfers. from ferry to ferry, which take place directly to the sea. In that the case of the vessel are moored to each other, and the passengers are moving along hinged bridge (feel yourself as pirates who have taken a ship on boarding!).

Ferries in Thailand

Frequency of departure of ferries in Thailand can be as 1-2 once a day, and after 2-3 hours – it all depends on the workload piers The first departures start at 6 am, end at 19 evenings When buying a ticket, do not forget to check availability tomorrow, lunch or dinner on vessels that carry many hours swimming

Sea transportation of passengers in Thailand is carried out by many transport operators competing with each other. Thanks to her, ticket prices are kept at a reasonable level. List most popular Thai carriers on which you can view ferry timetables:

  • Lomprayah
  • Seatran discovery
  • Phuket ferry
  • Amazing lanta
  • Raja Ferry Port

Travel Longtail in Thailand

Longtail boats, called longtails (from English. “Long tail – long tail “), considered the most popular type water transport in Thailand. These boats are equipped with benches. under a shady canopy of fabric that protects passengers from the weather. These benches can fit up to 15 passengers. On longtails it is very convenient to get to the neighboring beaches (for example, to the beach on the Raleigh peninsula), and, having hired her to all day for a very symbolic amount (bargaining is required), you can enjoy plenty of boat trips! Read more about features of renting a watercraft in Thailand.

Longtails in Thailand
Longtails in Thailand Longtails in Thailand

Longtails in Thailand are different from normal boats bright colorful ribbons adorn the bow ships that are not just decor. It’s all about Asian faith in spirits, these ribbons Thais place them to themselves for enrichment and good luck. Do not think that this is an outdated form of water. transport in Thailand, the longtails are very modern and enjoy sought after by tourists. The ship is driven not by oars, but by water-jet engine.

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