Visa-wound in Thailand is no longer a ride

Thailand is a wonderful country from which there is no leaving at all desires. Stay here longer, but there is one small problem – a visa. It tends to end with time.

What is a visa-wound?

And so adventurous tourists invented a way to living in Thailand almost permanently. This method is called visa-wound. If you translate from English – “visa escape”.

An experienced tourist knows what a visa-wound is, for the rest I will say – this is quite a boring event necessary visiting neighboring countries with Thailand. Depending on the resort, where you are staying, you will have to go to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar or Malaysia (what do you think is better for holidays, Malaysia or Thailand?). It is required to cross the border, with listed above countries to stay there literally a few minutes, then you can come back.

This road takes only one day and allows you to spend beloved Thailand the whole next month. After which Another day trip is made.

Visa-wound in Thailand canceled

Visa-wound canceled

Unfortunately, this whole celebration of life ended not so long ago – visa-wound in Thailand canceled. What happened? AT Kingdom not so long ago there was a military coup. Now new government is looking out for those who are in the country illegally. Of course, for tourists it is not a problem, few of they have been in Thailand for more than a month. The case concerns illegal workers. These are mostly guides and “free artists” without work permits in Thailand to run your business in Thailand, as well as the corresponding visa.

Important! Along with the abolition of the visa-wound, there were Developed new rules for obtaining a visa in Thailand tourists and students.

Naturally, travels by visa-wounds could not be made simply so, for some tourists it’s very convenient and profitable. business (ideas for starting a business in Thailand). After all, everyone once a month, the illegal traveler had to travel to neighboring countries. But now all this comes to an end. Now you can still try drive back through the checkpoint on the border with cambodia but you will be able to do it only once, because they will put it in your passport special mark. But still, if you are applying for a visa, it’s important convince officials that you get it in tourist purposes.

Now that visa-wounds have been banned in Thailand, operators, most likely there will be new “working communications” that will continue to provide their illegal services. But if you all do you want to stay in Thailand a little longer, better make your own legal visa for six months or a year. And quietly enjoy this fabulous Kingdom.

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