Vacation in Turkey in September 2019 – prices, reviews, all inclusive

Rest in Turkey in September 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive Rest in Turkey in September 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive

Turkey is loved for inexpensive resorts, where it has been warm since May, visa-free and all inclusive and at the same time hate the queue for food in hotels and crowds of compatriots. But these disadvantages can be reduced to minimum if you choose the right time to visit, for example, plan a vacation in Turkey in September.

The beaches are freer, the sun is softer, the sea – to the same extent. warmed up as in summer, and prices are lower. And if with the first three points have to rely on the word, then in the last you should make sure yourself.


  1. Weather
  2. Prices for tours
  3. Resorts
  4. Vacation with children
  5. Things to do?
  6. Advantages and disadvantages
  7. Reviews

Weather in Turkey in September

Mediterranean: weather in Turkey in September disposes to long walks along the coast and long splashing in water; average air temperature is + 30 ° C. Surprisingly unaware, Turkey at the beginning of September is not a degree August – the hottest and most sticky-wet month.

Only by the middle are more or less cool evenings. (+ 26 ° C … + 28 ° C), while in the daytime it is still + 30 ° C, but it is already easier transferable. The exception is Kemer, because of the mountains the air temperature is the second half of the month drops faster (+ 25 ° C … + 27 ° C during the day).

At the end of September he comes – the one everyone is waiting for – the Velvet season. Cheap, warm and without children’s cries? Degrees sea and the air is compared, and the weather feels very comfortable.

Aegean Sea: in Bodrum and Marmaris, where September is not velvet, but the closing season, an order of magnitude colder already from the 10th numbers (+ 24 ° C … + 26 ° C during the day and + 22 ° C at night).

Sea in Antalya Sea in Antalya

Sea in Antalya

Where is the sea warmer in September?

Many tourists who go to Turkey in September for the first time, they wonder where the sea is warmer. Water temperature on any resort of the Anatolian coast is 100% suitable for swimming (on average, water in the Mediterranean is + 28 ° C!).

On the Aegean coast, the holiday season continues, but for more resistant swimmers – by the end of September the temperature drops to + 24 ° C.

Average temperature of water and air in Turkey in September:

Outside, ° C In the sea, ° C
The beginning of the month The end of the month
Alanya +29 +29 +28
Side +31 +29 +27
Kemer +28 +29 +27
Marmaris +29 +27 +25
Bodrum +28 +25 +24

Prices for tours to Turkey in September – 2019

The closer the end of September, the cheaper the tours to Turkey.

We have already managed to go to Turkey in the 2019th. True, in May. Tour booked on the online aggregator because it is convenient: such Services select offers for all leading tour operators themselves compare, where more profitable. Plus, they immediately pull up the rating and real reviews of tourists about hotels. Here are the three largest aggregator:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

This time, Travelata was chosen, since we agreed on secret promotional codes for 1000-2000 rubles, which work and for readers. Email us [email protected] – answer in 1 minute!

✓ Turkey in September 2019 costs from 40,000 rubles per round to two for 7 nights. For the price waiting for a mediocre hotel in 3 stars in Kemer or Alanya, but for outdoor activities – excursions, walks, cafes – this is a very option. 10 nights – from 50,000 rubles.

✓ Week in 4-5 stars for “all inclusive” – from 47,000 rubles per two.

✓ A good five-star at the beginning of September is from 70,000 rubles, and in the end – already from 60 thousand. Keep in mind!

✓ Family vacation threesome (mom, dad, child age 2+) by the cost will be from 60 000 rubles for 7 nights.

Where better to rest in Turkey in September? Resort selection

The most popular resorts are located on a relatively small distance but different from each other. Each includes the city of the same name is, so to speak, the center of all life, and the adjacent the villages are calmer and more expensive.

  • Side – equally European and Russian resort. Liked we are their ideal beaches for children, wide and smooth by sunset, historic ruins, as if in Greece, and less Pristavuchimi Turks. In Side, the chances of running into Klopovnik hotel, as in Kemer, and the sea is not as muddy as in Belek, where the sand has a slightly grayish tint. Tours – from 43 000 рублей за двоих на неделюНайти тур в Сиде >>
Quay Side Quay Side Sandy beaches in Side Sandy beaches in Side

Embankment and wide sandy beach in Side

  • Antalya – a city close to the airport, large and noisy, with a lot of cheap undistinguished city hotels, but sandy beaches. From the local bus station is convenient to get to any of The following resorts. Suddenly bored of sitting in a hotel? We so traveled to Alanya and Kemer. Tours – from 40,000 rubles for two per неделюНайти тур в Анталью >>
  • Belek is a sandy beach, golf courses, relative proximity to the airport. It is considered the most expensive resort in Turkey with 5 star luxury hotels (but you can also find economy options). Here is the best water park in Turkey – The Land of Legends. Tours – from 55 000 rubles for two for a week Find тур в Белек >>
  • Kemer is a transparent sea surrounded by mountains, pebble beaches, coniferous groves and many-oh-oh th Russians. And all because here a bunch of budget “treshek”, where cheap vouchers are sold. Himself Kemer city is more for young people – well, you know, night clubs, funny Turks, but the nearest villages (Kirish, Tekirova) – for a quiet rest with family. Tours – from 38 000 rubles for two per неделюНайти тур в Кемер >>

Pebble beach in Kemer (town) Pebble beach in Kemer (town)

  • Bodrum – already on the Aegean Sea. This is another Turkey, “soaked European culture “. Such a mixture of Kemer (discos, youth) and Belek (decent hotels). Bodrum is much closer to Pamukkale (from Mediterranean resorts to go 6 hours!) and the Greek islands, which can be visited by making a one-time visa in place (35 Euro). Tours – from 50 000 rubles for two for a week Find tour в Бодрум >>
  • Alanya is also an unpretentious and budget place for holidays, but the city-Alanya is large and interesting, in some places it reminded us Greece, then Spain. On the development of infrastructure says the presence Starbucks: there are only two on the Antalya coast (not counting Antalya). Important point: the beaches, although sandy, can be with rocky entrance to the water (read the reviews carefully); and all of them – and in the city, and in the villages – through the highway. Tours – from 37 000 рублей за двоих на неделюНайти тур в Аланью >>
Cleopatra Beach - Alanya (Turkey) Cleopatra Beach - Alanya (Turkey) Cleopatra Beach - Turkey Cleopatra Beach - Turkey

Cleopatra Beach – Alanya

The main resorts have listed, and now we compare that better: Side or Kemer? >>

Holidays in Turkey with children in September 2019

Turkey in September with children is a “mecca” of rest by the sea. Velvet season, when you do not have to fear for burns or overheating, the warmest sea and gentle beaches, where there is no crush and fight for sun beds. The best time for a family holiday is simply not to find!

Where is the best in Turkey with children in September? For recreation definitely choose the Anatolian coast. From resorts – Side, Belek or Alanya

About all the other nuances of a trip with a child to Turkey – from the price of diapers and sleeves to suitable with small excursions – read in our separate material.

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Waterpark in Belek Land of Legends Waterpark in Belek Land of Legends Water Park The Land of Legends Water Park The Land of Legends
  • Anyone who was not – in the park “The Land of Legends” in Belek. is he like a huge fairytale castle from disney cartoons or from fairy tales 1001 nights. Here and surfing, and animal park, and water park, and themed shows, and a boulevard with shops. Us, adults 25+, VERY liked! Ticket – $ 50 for an adult, $ 40 for a child. Excursion from Side / Alanya – $ 55-60.
  • Pammukale (cotton castle) and Cleopatra’s swimming pool – thermal source in the territory of the ancient city of Hierapolis in the southwest Turkey Calcium-rich water comes to the surface and form a unique white landscape in the form of a cascade of baths, decorated with stalactites. Tour – from $ 45 per person. But go 6 hours one way.
  • From Alanya you can sail to Northern Cyprus! Until October there is a schedule of ferries carrying tourists on Thursdays and Sundays. Ticket – $ 60 round-trip per person.
  • And, of course, general resort entertainment – boors. Before hike I advise you not to burn in the sun, otherwise the sensations are not the most pleasant. The cost is $ 15-25.

How much money to take to Turkey? Here is our detailed text where we are calculated the cost of rest with all inclusive, and without!

Port of Antalya Port of Antalya

Port of antalya

Turkey in September – all inclusive

Turkey in September is a great time with good prices for recreation system all inclusive. Namely, for people who accustomed to consider the budget and are not willing to overpay for the hype. Contrary to some reviews, the all inclusive program in September is not they are cutting back, she continues to act to the maximum (concerns and food and entertainment).

Extend the summer for another two weeks can be inexpensive and quite qualitatively. At least you are guaranteed a cupable sea, bright sun and seasonal fruits.

And you can read more? All about vacation in Turkey >>

Pros and cons of the rest

Let’s try to summarize and calculate the pros and cons of rest in September So, the pros VS. minuses:

? Less tourists? Lack of stifling heat? Summer recession viruses and intestinal infections? Low prices? Reduced risk aggressive exposure to active sun

? Tired after the season staff? Depreciation of the number of rooms after the influx of tourists? Cooler sea (relevant for Aegean coast)? Fewer flights

The pros outweighed the cons with a score of 6 – 4.

All inclusive in Side All inclusive in Side All inclusive in Side All inclusive in Side

All inclusive in Side

Turkey Reviews in September

Opinions of tourists differ even when visiting in the same dates of the same hotel. Someone sees a negative and disadvantages, and someone gets pleasure from everything. There are no two the same opinions. Here are the reviews of tourists about the rest in September Turkey:

“As my observations showed, after September 20 in Turkey there is a series of showers and storms, then everything calms down, but it becomes noticeably cooler, and a cold wind is possible. ” Marina, 35 years old

“In the last 2 years we go to Belek in September. The weather is super. Not stuffy. “Alla, 40 years

“You can swim and sunbathe at the end of September in Turkey, but somewhere from 17.00 the sun is already setting, it is cool in the evening and at night. Are possible options for rain in the afternoon. Alanya will be warmer than in Kemer. “Andrey, 38 years

“The warmest place is Belek. We rest there at the end of September, early October and the problems with the weather has never been. !!! “Kate, 25 years old

“The Aegean Sea is certainly a bit cooler, but not so much. We They were in September and they floated perfectly, especially at night – water steam room! “Sergey, 50 years

“I was in Bodrum at the end of September and beginning of October, the water was 24 degrees Perhaps lucky with the weather. The air was around 30 degrees and no rain. Beautiful! “Anya, 38 years old

Just decided to Turkey? I recommend to continue the article about new hotels opened in 2019 – this season they are still cheaper, what will be next. Doubt? Then you can change the plans on:

  • Tunisia
  • Thailand
  • and 7 more options

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