Vacation in Turkey in October 2019 – prices, reviews, all inclusive

Rest in Turkey in October 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive Rest in Turkey in October 2019 - prices, reviews, all inclusive

Rest on the sea is especially pleasant when photos are sent from home. rain, and in the meantime you think about how much spf to choose in order to do not burn? We hurry to rejoice: Turkey in the summer is much more accurate “fry” than Turkey in early October, because this period – the end velvet season, when it is still comfortable to swim, but no sweltering heat.


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Weather in Turkey in October

In short, the situation is as follows: the holiday season ends, and the Mediterranean is still warm enough for swimming (+ 25 ° C). Accordingly, few people (do not believe in Turkey in October) and below prices for vacation tours (those who believe and go – a minority).

In addition, the weather in Turkey in October is ideal for excursions – no hot buses and historic ruins, is everything measured and fun?

Street in Side Street in Side Hotel bracelet all inclusive Hotel bracelet all inclusive

We rested in Turkey in mid-May (in October, the weather similar, only the sea is warmer), bought a tour of the Fortune 4 system stars

Air temperature

The hottest weather on the coast of Turkey in October Alanya and Side. The air temperature here reaches + 28 ° С in the afternoon. Next come Belek, Antalya, Kemer, where a bit cooler, + 26 ° C. In the evening it is worth taking a pair of windbreakers with you.

In addition, when choosing a trip date, remember that with the arrival of autumn Beach vacation is complicated by rain. So, in late October precipitation drop out more often, but not critical.

Where is the sea warmer in October?

Everything is simple here: the east is the resort, the water temperature is higher.

  • Among the warmest bathing places are: Alanya, Side, Belek and Kemer – the temperature is kept at + 25 ° C, so even children will be comfortable.

Turkey is generally a great choice for a trip in October with children (below we will see why). Aegean Sea (Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi) – no more than yes; water temperature, as well as air, drops to + 23 ° С.

The average temperature of air and water in Turkey in October:

Outside, ° C Sea, ° C
at the beginning of the month in the end of the month
Alanya +26 + 26 … + 28 +25
Side +26.5 + 26 … + 28 +25
Belek +26 + 26 … + 27 + 24 … + 25
Kemer +23 +26 +24
Marmaris +24 + 24 … + 25 + 22 … + 23

Prices for tours to Turkey in October 2019

Cheap to go to Turkey is always possible. And since “some people” are not interested in small price tags (if you do not understand, read here this article), it is better to look for tours on online aggregators:

  • Onlinetours
  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel

They compare prices for 130+ tour operators (limited choice? no, they did not hear) and therefore they are capable of 1) catching any promotional or hot tour, 2) suggest the minimum cost and when more profitable to fly.

✓ Prices for Turkey in October 2019 start at 35,000 rubles. for a week for two (from Moscow). Tours are budget, but also the level of the hotel low – 2-3 *.

✓ Everything is included in a good “four” – from 45,000 rubles, and in 5 stars – from 50,000.

By the way, after paying 6-10 thousand, you can stay for 10 days? Always check different trip times.

Village Konakli in Alanya Village Konakli in Alanya Village Konakli in Alanya Village Konakli in Alanya

Coast in Side / Restless and muddy sea during the storm

Where better to relax in Turkey in October? Resort selection

“Which resort to choose in Turkey?” – perhaps the first question which you ask when planning a vacation.


If you want to relax inexpensively, Alanya is a win-win. Vacation option in Turkey in October. Democratic prices here due to the remote location from the airport (120 km.) and modest in service and quality hotel fund.

But Cleopatra’s beach is within walking distance from anywhere (assuming that you do not live in the townships) and is distinguished by a minor golden sand and gentle entry into the water. Alania – practically the only resort on which there are municipal beaches. In others regions of Turkey, all the beaches belong to hotels, and outside on them is not so easy.

Найти тур >>


From Antalya Airport the road to Kemer will take about an hour. Kemer – also budget direction, and its only drawback is in the bad “five” economy class (reaching the price “triples”).

But in Kemer clear water – thanks to pebble beaches – and stunning mountain views. Here and clean air, because everywhere pines grow In addition, there are many bars / clubs, and even autumn nightlife does not stop.

Как мы ездили в Кемер >>

Beach in Kemer Beach in Kemer Beach in Side Beach in Side

Kemer / Side. Want to know where is better?

Generally, Turkey is associated with these two resorts – Alanya and Kemer – and it is, in principle, clear: cheap, warm, you can swim. We will list the remaining locations, also popular, but preferred by certain categories of tourists:

  • Side – for those who need clean sea, sandy beach, calm atmosphere and a share of history. Especially love parents with детьми.Найти тур >>
  • Belek – luxury holidays in 5 * hotels with golf courses and concerts российских звезд.Найти тур >>
  • Antalya – the capital city of the coast, where it is better to relax non-sitting on the spot activists? Plenty of budget city hotels and соответствующая инфраструктура.Найти тур >>

Holidays in Turkey with children in October

One of the significant factors when choosing a hotel on the beach for family holiday with children stands beach – it is desirable that he was sandy. And the kids should be boring, because of the vagaries weather the opportunity to swim in the sea will not always; and had to choose what to eat if the first 10 dishes are not arranged. There is a time to write a whole review of children’s activities in Turkey, which we did :)

Where is the best in Turkey with children?

Side fits perfectly – fine sand and no sudden visits to the sea, in addition, there are no bars and discos. Great A place for a relaxing holiday in Turkey with children in October.

If you take into account the reviews of tourists, it is very popular Kamelya World network, which consists of three hotels – Kamelya, Fulya and selin. In Camellia, children certainly enjoy: water park with slides!

Ride? Overview of the best water parks in Turkey >>

In Alanya, family travelers celebrate Avsallar and Inzhekum area – good beaches and decent hotels (for example, 5 * Azura and 5 * Oz Hotels Incekum)

Belek is also suitable for families with children; hotel Mega Saray offers as a children’s menu cereals and soups, the beach the hotel is sandy, in addition, a large number of tourists Russian families will allow older children to make friends.

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Water Park Legend Water Park Legend Water Park Legend Water Park Legend

Waterpark Legend

In addition to traditional entertainment (diving and skiing “bananas”), do not forget that you fall on one of the most ancient lands. Visit the ruins of ancient Troy and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (which, as we know, is one of the wonders of the world). Also worth go to Pamukalle ($ 50) – plateau with salt deposits. AT early October, outside the Turkish heat, you can enjoy this place fully.

What else to see in Turkey:

Alanya: Dimchay, Yalan caves; fortress; Alanya hydrogen sulfide source (it smells unpleasant, but in photos comes out beautifully)

Kemer: Lycian tombs; Mira Theater

Belek: The Land of Legends Water Park ($ 60 per adult, $ 48 per child)

Pros and cons of the rest

The most significant plus vacation in Turkey – the lack of a visa regime with Russia. Saves time and planning vacation. Also like Tunisia or Cyprus, where in October equally well.

The subtropical climate of Turkey is also a plus. Due to the high humidity acclimatization is easier for all family members (including toddlers and the elderly), compared, for example, with Egypt, and if you think where to go with your child, feel free to stay at turkey.

Need more Turkey: Detailed article about the rest >>

The “all inclusive” power system is also a plus for holidays; unlimited enjoy juices, snacks and seasonal fruit.

The disadvantages of rest in Turkey include great popularity. countries – in the high season free place under the sun to find pretty hard. But this does not apply to those who decide to rest in Turkey in October – the “peak” of tourist activity passed, and resorts not so crowded.

Reviews about Turkey in October

If you view the reviews of tourists on request “weather”, then we see. In Side in October, a sudden storm can darken the rest. AT Kemer and Alanya rains begin to fall from mid-autumn, the temperature the air also goes down. At the beginning of the month in all parts of Kemer (Beldibi, Goynuk, Tekirova) the weather is fine and the rainy it takes only 2-3 days, which should be taken to visit the hamam and shops. Belek can upset by wind and cool periods by sea

In addition, in Turkey in October, light day is enough short, so carefully plan your evening leisure.

What else is useful to read in Turkey?

  • How much money to take with you?
  • What hotels opened in 2019?

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