Bike rental in Phuket in 2019 – current tips

Rent a bike in Phuket in 2018 is unlikely to be something differ from rental scooters and motorcycles in previous years. AND, if you have never done this before, it will be interesting to you learn some national motorcycle driving features and scooters on the roads of Thailand.

Riding a motorcycle in Southeast Asia is one of the types of extreme sport Therefore, if you are not a motorcycle racer or are traveling with children, better not skimp and rent a car. It’s simple: just go to the site, where offered cars of all types.

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The cost of renting a bike in Phuket

The less time you rent a bike in Phuket, the more expensive, it comes out to you. During the day you will need from 200 to 300 baht. But if you take a motorcycle for a whole month, then the total amount will be less – about three thousand baht.

The second factor in pricing is the technical condition and bike design. If you want to be leased two-wheeled friend with a motor as cheap as possible, pay attention on the following details:

  • Foot gears are cheaper than CVT.
  • Local offices wind less prices than hotels.
  • Rent for at least three days.

Tip! Most popular models in The rolling offices are Honda Air Blade and Honda Click with manual transmissions. They cost up to 300 baht per day. Models with variators – Yamaha TMAX, Honda Forza, Honda PCX will cost you up to 700 baht. If you need full-size motorcycle with an engine capacity of 400 cm cubic Honda Steed, Kawasaki, Ducati Monster, Harley Davidsons, the prices for Phuket bike rent grow to 3 thousand baht

Phuket Gas Prices

Rent a motorbike on Phuket is associated with the purchase of gasoline for him First of all, ask what kind of gasoline is needed fill up If you did not bother to find out with the manager, open cover the tank and look at it from the inside. Usually there is a stamp. Traditionally in Thailand, bikes are fueled with E20 or E10 – analogue 91 on a green background. The price of gasoline from 28 to 33 baht, it’s a little higher than in Pattaya. Current gasoline prices are looking at official sites of Thai gas stations.

Rent a bike in Phuket

If you are looking for comfort on the road, then try refuel at large network terminals. There is a European a toilet, a 7-Eleven supermarket, usually has a cafe, and when it’s Absence necessarily somewhere nearby is a macaroni.

Prices for maintenance of a rented bike

The long-term rental of a scooter in Phukete is commonly associated with the need to independently carry out minor repairs and scheduled maintenance bike. Since prices for Thai stations depend on the number of tourists in the district, their services in Phuket are slightly higher than the average for country. If you need to change the oil or adjust the brakes, find a large service center. But the elimination of scratches and straightening still cheaper from private traders.

Job title SUM (baht)
Replace worn clutch 1100-1300
Replace faulty spark plugs 150-300
Clean the air filter 40-70
Replace used oil 200-300
Wipe scratches on plastic 100-200
Replace the punctured camera 200-300
Replace damaged glass 150-350

Bike and self insurance

Rent a scooter in Phuket is associated with risk of damage. Therefore it is worth taking an offer to buy an insurance policy worth from 100 to 150 baht in day. Especially if you’re new. It will keep you from costly, because of the damaged plastic body kit or wind glass may ask almost as much as this iron horse worth it.

Motorcyclist’s personal insurance cannot be cheap because standard package does not provide for damages if you ride a bike. In the policy must be an option “extreme rest” or “driving”. it expensive service. But we would not neglect it on the roads of Thailand advised. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the insured will refuse payment if the traffic police fix you alcohol intoxication or discover a lack of international driving license category A.

If you want to know exactly how much personal insurance costs biker, go to the website or and in conditions for issuing an insurance policy, please indicate moped / motorcycle “. You will be presented with several suggestions from leading insurance companies of Russia. The whole process of applying for insurance Cherehape we described in this article.

Insurance for a Phuket bike ride

How not to be deceived by renting a bike in Phuket

If you want to rent a bike in Phuket, look for Motobike for rent or Motobike for hire. The task is easier if you go to the website In the process of choosing a motorcycle, do the following:

  • Externally assess the degree of deterioration of the motorcycle.
  • Start the engine and listen to it. Make sure performance brakes, headlights and turn signals.
  • Refine scooter mileage. If it is more than 40 thousand, it is better. give up ownership to them. Chance unexpected critical failure – jam engine.
  • Do not buy on a completely new scooter. Any scratch on it noticeable, and guarantees that you travel the entire lease term never with without anyone touching anything, there is none.

If you are going to rent a motorbike in Phuket, then first take a picture of the scooter from all sides and do it clearly, under the master. Then prove the origin of scratches and dents have to.

Unfortunately, all documents are in English. With this can be a substitution of concepts and dual readings. With at the slightest doubt, contact the rental office manager.

The main thing that you should be embarrassed is the amount of compensation for damage and breakage. The cost of a crumpled wing should not be comparable to the price of the entire motorcycle.

Be sure to make sure the start and end dates are correct. rent. If there is no technical inspection coupon, refuse service, even if everything else suits you.

Bike rental on Phuket is available on the security of property, money or documents. The safest is cash pledge, at different offices its size is from one to three thousand baht In this case, you risk only a part of the “despicable metal” that in modern society is not a disaster. Photocopy bank card with a code on the back side causes more fears, but it can be blocked. A photocopy of the passport much more dangerous, a document in this form is often used to loan processing. And a complete disaster – is to give a pledge original passport, without it you are in a foreign country, no one. If you If you want to limit yourself to a cash deposit, then go to the website, where its introduction is discussed in advance.

More tips on renting a motorbike in Phuket find in this video:

Do I need a driver’s license in Phuket

Rent a scooter in Phuket without the right, almost none in one of the rental offices of the island you will not be asked for them.

Read more about how to get a Thai driver’s license.

Do not flatter yourself if you have Russian domestic rights. category A. For the Thai police, they do not exist. Because of this in In the event of an accident, you will be found guilty, even if you are not principle. And you can forget about any insurance payments (read about reasons why the insurance may not pay). therefore take care of additional international rights before departure from Russia. They are issued in a few hours.

Rent a motorbike in Phuket

Features of Thai roads and fines

In Thailand, left-hand traffic. But this is not the only difference from Russia. First, slightly, but still different themselves traffic rules of Thailand. Secondly, there is a difference in the mentality of drivers. We encourage you to find auto travelers on the web. South-East Asia. Their experience is invaluable.

We advise you to include the cost of renting a scooter on Phuket and fines. Main types of violations and tariffs for them presented in the table below.

type of violation penalty (baht)
U-turn in the wrong place 400
Speed ​​limit exceeded 500
Driving in the opposite lane 450
Directions to the red traffic signal 1000
Riding without a helmet 500
Driving without a driver’s license 500

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