Types of hotels and types of food around the world

The hotel business does not stand still, and now the good old hotels add to themselves status and rating not only stars, but also various consoles in the style of apartment or boutique.

We offer to study the types of hotels, types of rooms and power abbreviations to know exactly what to expect from living in resorta in DBL on UAI?


  1. What do the stars in the name of the hotel?
  2. Types of hotels
  3. Types of food
  4. Types of rooms

What do the stars in the name of the hotel

Stars of hotels is a conditional indicator of the level of comfort, which allows you to navigate when booking.

  • 1 star – the minimum set of services (towels, bed linen), rooms of the same type for 2-… people, poorly furnished. There is no bathroom and toilet in the room. will have to be content with the general.
  • 2 stars – accommodation with a similar range of services, but differs by the possibility of living alone / together and, more often, with your bathroom.
  • 3 stars – mid-level hotels, “stuffing” which necessarily includes a bathroom, TV, air conditioning, mini bar, refrigerator, safe. Large selection of rooms plus, there is a restaurant, swimming pool, laundry.
  • 4 stars – hotels of the increased level of comfort, providing additional “buns” to the above services, for example SPA
  • 5 stars – luxury segment, except the standard set may include exclusive options such as posting on villa with private garden and swimming pool, restaurants of various cuisines world golf club etc.

But if everything was easy? Star system is not universal. In Greece, for example, to refer to different types of hotels use alphabetic classification where DeLuxe corresponds to five stars, A – four, B – three, C – two, D – one.

And of course, it happens that hotel types of the same stellar classifications vary by service level. So, 3 * in Barcelona and 3 * in Thailand and near are not worth it.

Where better to book hotels?

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What are the types of hotels?

Types of hotels are determined not only by the number of stars. There are other designations that will help to book those. types of hotels that are needed by a particular tourist. Most common is:

  • classic hotels
  • business hotels
  • resort hotels
  • apartments
  • Bed & breakfast
  • ski hotels
  • SPA hotels
  • boarding houses and motels.

Many types of hotels are not classified. It can be hostels with rooms for 8-10 people, designed for youth clientele, roadside motels used for overnight, guest houses in Bali or in Thailand, where in a small house besides tourists can host the family of the hotel owner.

Hotel or Hotel

Consider what are the types of rooms in a classic hotel. Visitors are offered single rooms, double with single large bed, double with two single beds, triple rooms with the possibility of an extra bed for child Room can be class standard, superior standard, family, junior suite, suite, family suite, presidential suite.

Many hotels are chain hotels that offer tourist services standardized services in various cities and countries. They are popular because tourist can be sure of level of service. Among the classic hotels can be found original – for example, floteli, located directly on the water and sea view.

Business hotels

Business Hotels Business Hotels

These hotels are designed for business people who come for meetings with clients, participation in business negotiations, conferences. Accordingly, the infrastructure of such a hotel designed to meet the needs of businessmen. These types of hotels equipped with conference rooms, meeting rooms, modern equipment. Located in places of business activity megacities.

Hotels resorts

Their main task is to provide the tourist with everything necessary for beach holiday. These types of hotels are always located on the first, maximum second beach line and often have their own beaches. For the comfort of the tourist here are open pools, cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, tennis courts, animators work. Many resort hotels are all-inclusive, therefore stay in such a hotel may not require the slightest expenses.

In Thailand, common bungalow type hotels (lodges). it small houses located in picturesque nooks, often on the territory of national reserves.

Boutique hotels

These are chic exclusive hotels for a rich client. who wants to enjoy increased comfort and extraordinary design. These types of hotels are small, only a few rooms, but the staff seeks to find an individual approach to each visitor and earn positive reviews. In these hotels you can stay with overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Bosphorus in Istanbul. how usually located in the city center, in close proximity to local attractions.


Represent a cozy house or part of the house, which is rented to rent to stay for a certain period. This kind of accommodation Popular with families with children or large companies. Distinctive Feature – having your own kitchen where you can cook on their own. Apartments belong to the budget options housing.


Motels are very common in the United States. Actually from there they are send around the world. Initially they were called MotorHotel. During our trip to the national parks of the United States we lived in motels

What makes the motel different from the standard hotel?

Essentially these are small hotels that are on the road, and the entrance the rooms are carried out from the street (more precisely, even from the parking lot). Many of you have seen them in american films. Also in them a smaller set services, rather than in an ordinary hotel. Although everything you need for relaxation and overnight stay there! In our blog from the USA you can see it. from the inside?

Usually such motels are one of the cheapest options, in order to to stop on the road, but surprisingly for us they turned out to be of good quality and even with some amenities – Breakfast and pool. Many large hotel chains have their own motels


AT переводе с английского фраза B&B буквально означает”bed and breakfast”. Already the name gives an idea about features of such a hotel. Hotel bed + and breakfast interested low-income travelers who need housing, especially for overnight and get a hot breakfast.

For the first time, these types of hotels and hotels appeared in the UK gradually spread throughout Europe and the United States. Today is one of the most affordable and convenient accommodation options for tourists.

Chalet or ski resorts

Chalet or ski resorts Chalet or ski resorts

The chalet is a small house in a rustic style, located in the mountains. Today so called small hotels located in places of employment by alpine skiing. Chalet style house is good for its unique color, elegance and location near ski slopes and slopes. When settling in a house, the chalet is always There is a pleasant illusion of romance and unity with nature. A photo The guest houses are attracted by calmness, tranquility and environmental friendliness.

SPA hotels

Such hotels are located near the healing mineral or mud springs. Their goal is to provide travelers with services face and body care. Here are popular various procedures, such like massages, peels, scrubs, relaxing baths, water procedures, cosmetic wraps. Here are also medical centers, fitness rooms, swimming pools, saunas. Popular enjoy spa hotels near hot mineral springs.

Boarding houses

So called hotels that are in the resort area or in a picturesque place in nature. Some resorts may call yourself eco-friendly hotels. People come here to take a break from worries and relax. from everyday affairs. Usually boarding houses provide not only accommodation, but also three meals a day, many are equipped swimming pools, sports fields, tennis courts. Вboarding houses for a fee, you can go wellness course.


Sanatorium is a medical institution. Usually they located near the sea, in places of healing natural sources or in secluded surroundings outside the city. Their main goal is provision of medical services. Living in a sanatorium, will have follow a certain daily routine and nutrition. Many motels organize entertainment programs for their customers and excursions to nearby attractions.

Classification of types of food in hotels

Choosing hotels for recreation, one can not wonder what type the food they offer. Consider decoding the types of food in hotels:

  • RO, AO, OB – various options for provision of housing without meals;
  • BB is the already mentioned “bed and breakfast” where the form of serving and the choice of dishes depends on the country and traditions hotels;
  • HB – half board at which two are included meals, usually breakfast and dinner, sometimes breakfast and dinner;
  • FB – full board, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a rule, the form of serving is a buffet;
  • Al – all inclusive, this type of food common in Turkey and Egypt, during which you can consume food and drinks in any quantities, can be alcohol restrictions;
  • UAl – Ultra All Inclusive, Included varied menu throughout the day with a large selection of hot appetizers dishes, desserts and alcohol, including imported.

Types of breakfast in hotels

Meals at breakfast hotels can also differ. If the hotel offers Continental Breakfast (continental), wait for a special variety is not worth it. During This breakfast tourists will have to settle for tea, coffee, buns, jam. Continental breakfasts are usually offered by hotels. European countries (France, Italy).

English style breakfast is more varied and necessary. includes hot snacks such as scrambled eggs, cereals, toasted bacon. This type of food in hotels can often be seen in Greece or In Cyprus. A little more satisfying and richer American breakfast type with hot dishes, cutting, drinks and dessert.

Types of hotel rooms

Deciphering the types of rooms in the hotel:

  • SGL – single – number for one person;
  • DBL – double room – number for two with one large bed;
  • TWIN – twin – double room with two separate beds;
  • TRPL – triple – a number for three with one double and single beds (for a family) or three single beds;
  • QDPL – quadriple – a room for four people usually with one double and two single the beds.

When describing the types of numbers can additionally be used EXB extra bed – an extra bed for an adult (age older than 12 years).

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