Tunisia or Turkey: where better to go in 2019 year?

Tunisia or Turkey. Where better to go in 2019? Tunisia or Turkey. Where better to go in 2019?

“Which is better – Tunisia or Turkey?” – of course, ambiguous question.

History and geography already determine the differences and features: taste, color, coloring. For one, this is the ultimate dream, and for the other, waste of time. We propose to close the subjective debate and listen to the facts and your own response. So, decide where better to go to rest – in Turkey or Tunisia?


  1. Prices for tours
  2. Flight
  3. Where is warmer?
  4. Beach and sea
  5. Entertainment
  6. Where with children?
  7. Hotels
  8. Total

Explainable and fact:

Currency 1 dinar = 22 rubles 1 lira = 10.7 rubles
The language of communication Arabic, French, English; absolutely no, but Russian – at resorts Turkish, English, decent Russian – in resorts
Flight time from Moscow 4 hours 3-3.5 hours
Tourist season May-October; September-November – ideal for Saharas April-October; December-March – Alpine skiing
average temperature Summer: + 38 ° С in air, + 27 ° С in water. Winter: + 15 ° С Summer: + 35 ° С in air, + 25 ° С in water. Winter: + 8 ° С

Prices for tours

Last minute trips to Turkey from 8 000 rubles – the norm, and you will have “all inclusive”. In Tunisia, you will leave thousands for 20, if the stars converge … And, God forbid, not everything will be “off”. About the level of service and quality talk below, but for now – consider the prices of tours to Tunisia and Turkey

  • In 2019, the cost of voucher all inclusive in Turkey begins from 45 000 rubles for 7 nights for two (departure from Moscow, hotel 3 *)
  • A similar tour to Tunisia – from 60 000 rubles

The budget is the most relaxing place there and there in April-May and September-October, however, in these months, Turkey wins as well. Plus, it offers a large selection of family tours (with good discount on children).

Where to look for tours yourself?

Both countries proudly bear the burden of “tour resorts”: voucher guaranteed cheaper self-travel. Still more profitable – to monitor trips online, and not to storm travel agencies. You pick up the options yourself, read the reviews, orient yourself by cost and, in the end, you find the “one”.

Examine the proposals immediately from all tour operators – and therefore, catch the available shares in Tunisia or Turkey – can be on 3 large aggregators:

  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata

Services analyze databases of verified companies, compare prices and show the minimum possible on the desired date.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Fortress Ribat - Tunisia Fortress Ribat - Tunisia Excursion to Alanya Excursion to Alanya

Ribat Fortress – from the top offers an incredible view of Mediterranean Sea (Tunisia, Monastir) / Our trip to Alanya, Turkey

Where is cheaper to rest?

Having found out that it is cheaper to go to Turkey, say the word and about specific cities and towns, because the resort to the resort is not have to.

  • Turkey: inexpensive rest can be in Alanya, Kemer, Antalya найти тур >>
  • Tunisia: in Sousse (except the Port el Kantaoui area), Monastir to find тур >>

Where is the climate warmer? Country Weather

Tunisia Tunisia Turkey - Queens Park REsrot 5 stars 2 Turkey - Queens Park REsrot 5 stars 2

Where it will be warmer, in Turkey or Tunisia, depends on the season: if in the first season you can open the beach in mid-April, then in the second during this period it is rainy. But comfortable weather holds in Tunisia until the end of October – when Turkey no longer wants to undress to swimsuit.

?? Tunisia is subtropics + desert, sand, rocks and date palm trees. In the summer, to put it mildly, the heat.

This beach holiday is possible in May and September-October: lack of humidity gives a mild pleasant climate.

In winter, warm enough, + 20 ° C are quite real – on the beaches sunbathe Germans and French (do not climb into the water).

February-April: an opportunity to be the first to taste local delicacies: olive oil, strawberries, artichokes, citrus.

?? The climate of Turkey is continental and subtropical. Winter here Do not sunbathe, but from December to April, you can ride a mountain skiing.

Due to the mountains, higher humidity and thicker vegetation.

Start swimming in May and end in October, completely water warming up by June.

In the summer (July-August) here is also a “gas chamber”, but more humid, rather than burning hot, like in Tunisia.

A series of comparisons:

  • Turkey or Greece?
  • Cyprus or Turkey?
Tunisia Tunisia Turkey Demre Turkey Demre

Beach holidays and the sea

?? The beaches of Tunisia delight gently sloping entrance and powdery white sand – there is no such thing in Turkey!

The resort area stretches from the city of Hammamet to the island of Djerba. The best beaches are in Mahdia or Nabela.

It is dirty in Sousse – near the port (besides, in July-August the sea jellyfish are overrun); on Djerba, Mahdie and Hammamet – pure and not nasty algae.

?? Turkey is more variable: there are bays, sandy beaches and pebbly, the sea is clean enough.

The most picturesque and lush resorts: Marmaris, located at the confluence of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, Bodrum, Kemer, Fethiye, Side.

By the way, in the resorts of the Black Sea and Aegean coast cooler, you can swim from the end of June (Bodrum, Marmaris).

Chimera, Turkey Chimera, Turkey

Our trip to Chimera (Turkey)

Sights and entertainment

?? Tunisia is a former French colony, and the service here is very much comme il faut, especially in the spa direction.

Procedures for thalassotherapy European level for 6 000 rubles / day you will not find anywhere else!

Nightlife: Sousse, Hammamet. Keepers of the underwater world: Tabarka, Midoun, Djerba, Mahdia.

?? Entertainment in hotels in Turkey suggest that you do not want to leave them once again.

In between the storming of the water slides in the water park, crawling from pool to pool, sports games, you entertains the animator.

Tunisia hotels for such a variety will require a higher fee.

About where it is better to go – to Turkey or Tunisia – for artifacts past, you should not think long – they are in abundance everywhere.

In Tunisia, do not miss:

  • Sidi-bu-Said is a snow-white town with blue roofs and windows, drowning in bougainvilleas and jasmine
  • National Museum of Bordeaux in Tunisia (capital)
  • Colosseum El Jem (the third largest in the Roman Empire)
  • Ruins of Carthage
  • Grand Canyon of the Atlas Mountains

Turkey – alma mater rest, when within the hotel you entertain “from breakfast to breakfast.” However, the shackles of patterns are easy destroyed outside the resort areas:

  • Ancient ruins in Izmir, World, Ani (the capital of Ancient Armenia)
  • Limestone pools Pamukkale
  • Duden waterfalls (Antalya)
  • Damlatas Cave (Alanya);
  • Cappadocia

If suddenly you get the idea to rent a car, then know: the infrastructure of the internal message deserves bold plus sign in each country. However, reviews of tourists at the same time – Tunisian the roads are more comfortable and familiar to the European eye.

Average cost: Tunisia ?? Turkey ??
car rental 100 dinar – mechanics (automatic is more expensive than twice) (30 euros) 175 lire (25 euro)
gasoline 1.8 dinars (0.5 euro) 6.6 lire (≈ 1 euro)
intercity t / c 6 dinar / 100km (+ developed w / d message) 13 lira / 100km
trips inside cities 1 dinar (0.3 euro) 3 lira (0.4 euro)
“a spoon of tar” All: from the direction to the bus numbers – Arabic characters Toll roads
Sights of Tunis Sights of Tunis Excursion in Demre, Turkey Excursion in Demre, Turkey

Ruins in Tunisia – Excursion to Demre, Turkey

The cost of excursions

The cost of excursions in these countries is not particularly different, in average: 48-50 dinars per person. Plus Tunisia is that local interesting to get cheap by taxi.

Trips to other worlds, such as the Sahara (Tunisia), begin from 240 dinars; to other cultures – Greek islands (from Turkey) – from 2 000 rubles + one-time visa on the spot for € 35, if not Schengen. Independently to the islands closest to get from Bodrum.

Where is better with children – Turkey or Tunisia?

Tunisia has a tourism institute with a faculty for animators – o there is no need to worry about the fun and safety of the child, with one big “but”: quality service for kids is not available in all hotels and much more expensive than in Turkey. Suitable Resorts: Djerba, Hammamet, Mahdia. Note that in summer a child may be tired of the heat, and excursions are too exotic and tedious.

Therefore, rest with children until adolescence is better. plan in Turkey: climate, animation, beach infrastructure Both parent and child will benefit. Family holidays are spent on the warmer coast of the Mediterranean Sea: Side, Belek, Kemer (pebbles); with older children can be in Alanya.

Agree and decided to Turkey? Then for you – our separate material about holidays with children on the Turkish coast. how to organize, than to entertain the kids and themselves, and how much they cost diapers? ?

Where is safer with a child?

To unequivocally say, where is better with children – in Turkey or Tunisia (in security plan) – not easy. Leave the child in the hotel nanny or in the kids club is possible in any country.

The only thing more hotels in Turkey offer uneven-age children’s clubs: your unnecessary and superfluous the child will not know. But remember: in Tunisia, such entertainment are less common and cost is not very budget.

Hotel 5 stars in Turkey, Side Hotel 5 stars in Turkey, Side

Hotel 5 stars in Turkey, Side

Hotels and resort infrastructure

Value for money, or stardom / quality, definitely better in Turkey – here you can find a decent “top three” on 1 lines, and, with great diligence, even a “two”. Tunisia is advised only stay in 4-5 star hotels, half of this segment – very “worn”, but at least everything else – at the level.

Turkey has a wider choice of huge club hotels and hotels of the type bungalows or villas. On average, prices for accommodation in a good 5 * a resort hotel for two (when booking independently) – from 7,000 rubles / night in Turkey and from 5,000 rubles / night in Tunisia.

Related: New Turkey Hotels Opened in 2019 >>

Hotel is all inclusive 5 stars Hotel is all inclusive 5 stars

Kitchen and food. Where is the all inclusive system better?

Tour to Turkey a priori involves the buffet, imaginable and incredible drinks and suitable food for any European stomach, whether it’s fries or seafood sauce.

In hotels in Tunisia, the all inclusive system is modest, alcohol is not round-the-clock, and pork in a plate you will not meet. In many hotels – continental breakfast. Budget tours are often based. on half board (breakfast and lunch / dinner) – all inclusive, nevertheless, remained in Turkey (not counting the more stellar hotels). Muslim principles here surprisingly get along with European: so, the liberal attitude towards alcohol even gave birth to local wine festival.

Note: Top 10 countries for rest all включено >>

Holiday in an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey Holiday in an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey Beach vacation Beach vacation

Flight and distance

  • Flight Moscow-Antalya will take 3.5 hours plus / minus 20 minutes (distance 2200 km)
  • The flight from Moscow to Tunis takes an average of 4-4.5 hours (3000 km)

Turkey plays along with the “savages”: tickets to the coast from Moscow: from 14 000 rubles, to Istanbul – for ridiculous 12 000 rubles (in both parties). At the same time, Moscow – Tunisia – Moscow: approximately 22,000 rubles (+ for self-travel must be issued visa).

Авиабилеты >>

Where better to relax – in Turkey or Tunisia?

And the finals of the competition “which is better, Tunisia or Turkey, for a trip to 2019? ”

Tunisia, if you:

  • Were already in Southern Europe and, moreover, in Turkey
  • without small children
  • want an exotic, oriental tale, color, but to the carpet-plane was with Conder, and you did not shake
  • lover of adventure, antiquity, ruins and never get tired of walking and walking
  • “snorkeling” and “diving” are not just words for you
  • Do you want white sand, as in advertising, but do not wish for a long time fly
  • your vacation in spring or autumn, and the budget is more than 50 000 rubles for two

Turkey, if you:

  • never been to turkey
  • love to wander through the picturesque surroundings
  • you would like to go see the sights but come back before dinner
  • want to hang out and swim a lot … and still eat and drink a lot (and to drink)?
  • consider resorts where you can relax with children
  • your budget is less than 50 000 rubles for two

I chose Turkey! And now, which is better – Side or Kemer? >>

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