Travelata reviews: personal experience and service review Travelata

Travelata Reviews: Personal Experience and Travelata Service Review Travelata Reviews: Personal Experience and Travelata Service Review

In general, without Travelati, our super-cheap getting to know Ty in that year. Because while we Reached / phoned to the travel agency, my mother’s friend, the price tag of 62 000 rubles for 11 nights in Phuket would make us a pen. Then Travela helped with burning Turkey for mom herself and somehow smoothly entered into our list of top services “I want to go to the sea”.

About Travelata reviews are stamped every day, but here’s where not only personal impressions were described, but was also clearly explained what’s what, we have not yet seen. Correct the situation?


  1. What stands out?
  2. Instructions for use
  3. Feedback: positive and negative

Advantages of Travela

Travelata is an online tour aggregator. That is, he compares offers at once for all tour operators and shows the most cheap / profitable trips to the numbers you specify. In what highlight (s) service?

1. Reliability:

  • Travelata – Member of the Alliance of Travel Agencies
  • Works with leading tour operators and makes its rating verified partners, regularly updated

2. Saving customer time: processing an application / contract and Payment is online. Booking details are discussed by telephone. Conveniently, we appreciated – no need to go to the agency. For non-fans of online shopping have the opportunity to pay for a tour in office (and Moscow, and another 45 cities in Russia).

3. Managers in touch 24/7. Instruct, respond to arising questions.

4. Reviews Travelata – rated “+”. 92% of all responses positive.

5. There is not enough money for the tour you like or have set aside a part for tours? Provided and this option. Tourist can use the service of interest-free installments – have a rest now, pay later Вот тут >> у нас целая статья о paylate иdetails.

6. Favorable price guarantee, because – the aggregator. With him ситуация в стиле “покупаю Maria Resort&SPA на ТезТур и неI know that at Biblio Globus he is on sale “- is excluded. Travelata always displays the lowest possible cost.

Where to buy tours with a search for all tour operators?

Where else is better to buy tours? There is always an alternative, and Travellata case is similarly inexpensive vouchers can be found at:

  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Our advice: monitor options on all three. Literally weeks two back with online tours we arranged a future holiday in Turkey for all included for 10 days (the traditional 7 days seemed to us a little) for 66 000 rubles. The hotel is a strong “four”, and therefore the cost of the tour and Prices generally pleased. By the way, we have with them – small but a pleasant arrangement for a discount of 1-3% for you, the readers.

Top Travel Destinations

Charter flight tour Charter flight tour Excursion in Thailand Excursion in Thailand

Judging by the statement of the search engine tours and reviews about travel forum companies, running directions (= countries) on Travela is:

• Greece • Tunisia
• Cyprus • Turkey
• Thailand • Russia

How to buy tours online via Travelata? Instruction

How to get to the online tour booking service? Such the question is unlikely to arise if the official Travelata website is already before eyes. Everything is simple, concise and intuitive, definitely like. Especially, if you have experience of booking hotels or other travel services on the Internet.

  • Online tour search

Already clicked the link? Then let’s get started. We are defined in variables “x” and click on the keyboard: country / resort, estimated date departure, the number of nights and how many people fly – that’s the whole infa, what is needed. It remains to run the tour search by clicking on “Search”. On the screen at once will appear suggestions from all tour operators.

  • Hotel selection

The next step is to play with the filters, and based on the result – choose a hotel. To do this, look at the left column: distance from beach (for example, 1 line), name (if there is a specific accept), budget framework, star, food type, list of amenities (wi-fi, Conder), rating. Compare prices for tours, select optimal.

We recommend to pay attention to sorting “by popularity” or “from cheap to expensive.” Significantly save time and $. AND, Of course, on the price chart on top – suddenly fly tomorrow-day after tomorrow more profitable?

  • Number selection

Inside each of the proposed hotels – options for tours already certain dates with a detailed description of the hotel itself (here – reviews of tourists), indicating the type of room and food: economy, standard, breakfast, no meals, etc.

  • Flight

If you decide on a tour, then the details page will open. reservation. Below are possible flight options. Actual for Turkey: at this stage, the price may increase due to fuel collection. Actual for all: or decrease due to the current discounts because the request to the tour operator is real of time.

  • Payment for the order and confirmation of the tour

Leave your contact details, names and banking details cards → pay. To clarify all the questions on the specified the phone manager will call, and the link will be sent to the post office online contract (has the same force as the traditional one). Important understand that money is not immediately withdrawn, but simply blocked on map. They are written off already in case of final confirmation. armor tour operator. On average, this occurs in 1-3 days.

To the note: if you have chosen a country where a visa is required, the manager will instruct on the list of documents. And for Moscow – help with registration. For those from the regions, here is an article about the Schengen визу >>

  • Documents receiving

All necessary documents (e-tickets, voucher, insurance) will come in the mail 2-3 days before departure. We print and take with you. On the eve wait for a call from the manager: he will remind you flight time or let you know if the schedule has moved. We are by the way asked to send docks a couple of days earlier – done?

And here he is rest! Walk, crazy empress … The sun, the sea, the beach – all yours Have time to change the main currency at a favorable rate.

Calendar of low prices for tours

And yes, if the approximate budget for the trip is defined, but under time and country / resort matter, Travelata has a handy thing – calendar of low prices for tours. Choose a direction and see what when cheaper.

In addition, it is now possible to track low-cost offers. via Travelati mobile app (on ios; on android). In his base of more than 200,000 hotels from 300 resorts from all tour operators.

Tape of burning tours

Another feature of the travel service is a hot tour ribbon. Sketched several options where, put the filters by type of power, star and te te. Defined in the parameters? Then go ahead. Highly convenient if you have free time, limited budget and directional independence.

How is the payment? Installment for 30 days

Well, if you find a dream tour, and to the full amount right now finances do not reach, Travelata offers to use installment option:

  • Amount amount – from 3000 to 150 000 rubles
  • Interest-free period – 30 days
  • Interest rate (after the grace period): from 1.9% to 4.9% in month

Positive feedback from travelers about Travelata in 2019

Travelata office in Kazan Travelata office in Kazan

Travelata office in Kazan

We now turn to the reviews of tourists who took tours through Travelata in 2019. What are some positive points?

+ Customers emphasize easy site navigation. Checkout and buy a tour is not difficult

+ Another plus in karma – the presence of a tourist at registration documents in the office is not required. All questions are resolved online or by telephone. It is very convenient!

+ The service of payment by installments simplifies the organization considerably. recreation for those who are limited in finance, but refuse a good price in 5 * I do not intend

+ The site has useful blocks – early booking, New Year tours, hot tours

+ From myself add: complete independence of choice. Someone this It will scare you, but in fact you can quickly navigate – and prices, and description of hotels, and reviews of tourists – on Travelate everything is in front of eyes. In short, a wide selection of tours, as it is, decides. AND there are no “oh what are you, such prices do not exist!”

Promotional codes from Travelata: Which are now? >>

  • UAF500howtrip – a coupon for 500 rubles for any tours from 40 000
  • AFT2000howtrip – coupon for 2000 rubles for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Negative tourist reviews about Travelata in 2019

Slukavi would not have said that there were comments to the side service. So what’s wrong?

– complain about the limited cities of departure. Let’s say the same Nizhnekamsk / Naberezhnye Chelny is on Level.Travel, and on Travelata not. The base, of course, is not narrow, but such contradictions are found. You didn’t find yours here – search on Onlinetours

– several flight options are not always provided, more often just one charter. Those. book a regular season on the aggregator it will work out only if he does not offer

– it is impossible to organize a single combined tour (for example, a company of 4 is flying, and two numbers are needed). In this case, Travelata insists on settling in any family room of all together. Alas, vouchers will have to buy separately

– and there are complaints about the duties of tour operators. But this Travelata has nothing to do with work already. Rather, the question the integrity of the above. This is probably the most common complaint. from tourists who do not fully understand that such aggregators only show the product, help with the selection and purchase, but for service and hotels that provide tour operators respond can not

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