TOP 13: best travel apps on iPhone and Android

TOP 13: the best apps for traveling on iPhone and Android TOP 13: the best apps for traveling on iPhone and Android

Irina depressed at work. Got her phone. Looked into one app – oh beyonce concert in france! I went to another – hmm, air ticket to Nice for 4000 rubles. Moved to the third, forgotten $ 37 bonus on the apartment. Three clicks and the vacation plan is ready.

And Irina, in whose head after such a fortune, “Who run the world? ”(girls apps), an idea to write an article about what applications help to travel around the world budget and without problems in spirit – around the solid frances, and the number of the bus to the airport to find out need to. After all, this is not her first vacation “on the knee”?

Prepared megabytes?

1. Search tours online

What for? To catch Spain / Thailand / anything at minimum prices

For planning trips it is not necessary to bother with each segment (tickets, accommodation, transfers). Manipulations can be simplified. Up to one action – shopping tour.

Travelata – the largest service for the selection and booking cheap trips. It analyzes the bases of tour operators, compares the cost of the offers and shows the best in depending on which resort is chosen, dates, etc.

A mobile version of Travelati is a search application. tours number 1. Convenient and proven 500+ thousand travelers. By the way, last-minute tours are also about him.

Download here: on ios; on android

App Store App Store Google Google

Smart online tour searching

Developing the ability to book cheap tours requires a couple conditions First, determine the optimal departure date based on price calendar. Secondly, check the nearest airports, perhaps it makes sense to fly not from Kazan, but from Samara. Third, read Article on the 10 rules of purchase, and only then use the application by tours?

2. Search for hotels

What for? To find housing cheaper than on Book

Yes, yes, there are at least 15 hotel booking systems, and each with their own discount offers. Proshers them all at once under the power of a white bear from RoomGuru. From user – input data, and the search engine itself will figure out how much and to what extent numbers and display suitable sites in increasing order price tag.

Download: for iPhone; for Android

App Store App Store Google Google

Airbnb is also an indispensable application for travel Special for rooms, apartments, villas, castles and houses on trees – no kidding! In a simple way, this is a huge base of housing directly from the host. By the way, on HowTrip there is a separate review and review. Airbnb service, if you need details.

Newbie? When clicking on this link, the bonus of 2100 rubles falls. for the first booking!

Download: for iPhone; for Android

App Store App Store Google Google

Travel apps for finding hotels and apartments are not limited. above. There are also Hotellook,, Hotel Tonight, CouchSurfing (free housing).

3. Search for air tickets

What for? To buy tickets first while others go to computer

Cheap flights, alas, quickly end. Especially if lit up in the mailing list as, for example, in our telegram channel. Therefore, to have on hand a smart aggregator (leading price search by several companies) – required. Which one of? Choose either, both – best applications of its kind:

  • Skyscanner (download: on iPhone; on android), advantage – a cool option “everywhere”, showing where the budget just fly from a particular city / country
  • Aviasales (download: for iphone, for android), advantage – calendar and low price map


  • Лучшие агрегаторы авиабилетов >>
  • Правильные банковские карты для путешествий >>

4. Offline maps

What for? To keep valuable traffic into the bottomless abyss roaming charges is a great app for travelers where you can download maps of any country for free and use them offline. If enthusiastic “ah!” not yet burst out, here is an explanation: does maapsmi work without internet? A plus, extremely accurate and relevant and with useful comments from users from discharge “police penalize here.” It also functions as a GPS navigator. (Tried by the author on the car and on the bike).

Download: in the App Store; on Google Play

And in Russia and the CIS a good alternative is 2Gis.

5. Search for a cafe nearby

What for? In order not to get into a situation like Irina ↓

Finding a Cafe Nearby - on iPhone and Android Finding a Cafe Nearby - on iPhone and Android

Do we like good coffee?

I remember in Barcelona she went into the burger, hot recommended in the program Eagle and Reshka. And it was so bad … it’s decided never to betray the faithful TripAdvisor (well, or TripAdvizor in Russian).

The app is a rating of places where to eat, have fun and stop based on travel reviews. They are tourists. leave real photos, information on opening hours, etc. Megopopulyarnnyy assistant in the travel-business, never failed!

Download: for iOS; for Android

Other mobile services focused on food and entertainment – Foursquare and Yelp.

6. Search for free wi-fi

What for? In order not to run from Starbucks to McDuck and back to CFS

And Irina can not provide a list of useful applications without Wifi map because it is real Wi-Fi-addicted, because the local SIM to buy is not a hunt? Concept very simple: people share passwords from access points throughout the world. In order not to fall into the dead zone, where the point is, and there is no connection, you need to use filters like “most popular” or “recently connected”.

Download: on iPhone; on Android

7. Translator

What for? To more or less speak out when “Speak Inglish?” not about what does not say

Google translate – the famous application for travel, where English / Russian / Arabic and other 100 languages intertwined together, building bridges of communication between nations. Of course, this is something everyone knows, but does everyone know that Google Does the translator help in offline mode? It is worth only in advance Download the desired language.

Download: iOS version; on Android

8. Travel Guide

What for? To be yourself a personal guide.

There is a whole set: both Triposo and TripAdvisor, and izi.Travel. But recommendations are subject to redigo as being convenient, not lagging and not yet mentioned. There are maps with landmarks, Background information about countries, various routes, events and even phrasebook. In short, in the presence of almost everything, except that the audio guide is not enough.

Download: on iPhone; on Android

Travel Guide - on iPhone and Android Travel Guide - on iPhone and Android

Nature on the island of Nusa Penida, Bali

9. Travel app

What for? 1) in order not to sponsor the taxi taxis; 2) save the budget with fellow travelers

Regarding the first: Uber – the rescue, which always cheaper than the local elite with checkers on the roof. Public transport eats up a decent part of the money, time и личного пространства, но в некоторых местах Уберsurprisingly democratic.

Download: in the App Store; on Google Play

Regarding the second: movement across the country between cities – on BlaBlaCar. This application is for joint trips. The driver dials fellow travelers (the cost is divided accordingly), and all together they rush by car to music, jokes and talk for the soul (but more often silently, not everyone speaks English? ) Distributed by Europe.

Download: in the App Store; on Google Play

To rent a car

Rentalcars is the most downloaded application by rent a car because, like any decent aggregator, Looking for low cost on all available rental companies.

Download: iOS; Android

Наш опыт: Аренда авто в Барселоне >>

10. Communication

What for? Any need for communication with mom, any communication with mom is important

Otherwise, rest is not rest. Therefore, in their best applications for travel should make at least two:

  • WhatsApp (download: on iphone; on android) – I like the fact that you can insert another SIM card, and the number in Vatsap will remain the same
  • Skype (download: on iPhone; on Android) – different in that you can call landline phones

11. Currency

What for? In order not to blunt in the store over the price of three zeros after comma

XE Currency combines everything you need from a similar app to travel-to-the-world: free, works with all known currencies, copes with calculations and without being connected to the internet.

Download: on iOS; on Android

12. At the airport

Rhodes Airport - departure board Rhodes Airport - departure board

Our flight from Rhodes airport

What for? To brighten up Hachiko mode near the gate, and maybe calm the nerves

Actually, Irina doesn’t really like flying. And prefers spend time waiting for cafes or easy walks on duty free. Find interesting sections and soft sofas in any the airport is helped by GateGuru (download: on iPhone), and to appease the nasty chill on the back – FlightRadar24 (download: on iPhone; on Android). As they say, you can always look at the flame, water and the amount airplanes in the sky above the globe.

13. Concerts

Well, that same travel planning app, with of which this whole article spun – Songkick Concerts! You drive in your favorite bands / artists, and this cool find notifies of the upcoming tour in the next cities.

Download: on iOS; on Android

14. Copyright travel apps

  • DrimSim – mobile communication abroad (you order a sim card online, delivered by mail). Always use with short term travel up to 7-10 days. The link from us is a bonus of 7 euros to the account.
  • Splitwise – if you are traveling by a company share expenses. No time wasting and counting: today buys a friend, tomorrow you, at the end of the trip, everything is mutual. Conveniently, a minimum of cash.
  • Getyourguide – great prices for tours around the world + you can profitable to buy tickets to museums, parks, palaces. For example, on the Burj Caliph.
  • HUJI – an application for shooting when bad lighting.
  • Unfold – templates for storiz in Instagram.
  • Awardwallet – collects all programs loyalty (miles) in one place. You can also add routes. trips. An application for people who love very much structuredness.
  • Spotify – something like iTunes, Yandex and others applications for music, but Spotiff’s algorithms do something unimaginable and offer really cool tracks!
  • Google Trips – building application routes. It helps to estimate how many days to spend in one way or another. the city.
  • The Entertainer is a great app if you traveling by company. We tested it in Dubai, if in brief: allows you to buy 2 dishes or tickets for the price of 1. But it works far not all over the world. We tried in the UAE, there are also Cyprus, Athens, Bali and some more places. Check on the site. To use you need make a paid annual subscription, pays off after 1 or 2 purchases.
  • Flush – an application to search for free toilets near?

To travel to the USA:

  • Yelp is the best analogue of TripAdvisor, searching for cafes and restaurants in the US.
  • Lift is an analogue of Uber, but with working promo codes, you understand what I? Here is the promotional code – IGOR33222
  • VIA – you can “free” drive from New York Airport to Mercedes (link for bonus $ 20). So far, it works fully only in new york.
  • Hoteltonight – for booking hotels on today or tomorrow (sometimes there are very good offers).

And if you, the reader, have other useful applications for travels that are not mentioned here for some reason, then Well in the comments! ?

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