TOP 10 – the best beaches of Barcelona on the map (photo, reviews)

The best beaches of Barcelona. TOP 10 most popular The best beaches of Barcelona. TOP 10 most popular

In the capital of Catalonia, these beaches – 7 out of 10, and all of them are a priori are designated as the best beaches of Barcelona. However, the remaining 3 they are also not lagging behind, the flag of the sky color fluttered over them earlier.

We walked through the Barcelona sea resorts and made up your own rating! We did this in 2016 and 2018. A photo did in the morning, so people can be many times less than during the day ?

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  1. Barceloneta | San Sebastia | San Miguel | The rich
  2. Mar Bella | Nova Mar Bella | Somorrostro | Levant | Nova Ikaria
  3. Bathing zone of the Park Forum
  4. Beaches of Spain (near Barcelona)
    1. Costa Brava Beaches
  5. Barcelona hotels near the beach

Our top starts with the beach of San Sebastia. But first we will tell about Barceloneta, because It is most popular.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta Beach Barceloneta Beach

Note that for us he is on the LAST positions in the ranking beaches.

You will either fall in love with Barceloneta at first sight, or kindled with contempt and, lying down in the sand for an hour or two, run to look for another place. ? This is the real city beach of Barcelona, the oldest and most visited. Can we call him one of the top? And yes, and no:

  • Excellent location, with a wide beautiful promenade, 20 minutes walk from the Rambla.
  • It has a scattering of cool restaurants, cafes and bars in the evenings turning into a nightlife center.
  • Cleaned up daily of debris and annually updates the Blue flag.
  • Meets all the needs of people with limited mobility; there is A special group of volunteers assisting with bathing.

Negative moments, perhaps more. Barcelona beach Barceloneta is not just famous, but incredibly popular! He is like The magnet attracts both locals and tourists only. Lying / sitting / standing body 20 centimeters apart – typical situation in high season. By the way, our photo was taken in morning hours See how many people already have?

Therefore, it is not the cleanest beach in the city. Yes, garbage is collected and take out regularly but cope with so many людей окурков, оберток, бутылок – нереально. Besides, and the sea is dirty. When are we the first (and last) time turned out to be on Barceloneta, they did not dare to go swimming immediately, because some labels, cigarettes, foliage swam in the water; at the entrance there were large stones.

And it would seem, managed to relax, to abstract from hubbub around and finally indulge in the Barcelona sun … in your ear barking another businessman with the offer of beer or towels! There are plenty of traders on Barceloneta, and there is no peace from them. Basically, as well as from partially, or completely, naked people. Spain – country of free morals. ?

In terms of amenities, there are toilets, showers, cabins for changing clothes, lockers for storage (the last two points need to try to find), but their condition is not always impeccable. Special workout platforms where real ones are broken macho strained muscles on the embankment marked paths for cyclists and skaters (can be rented on the beach), there is a playground and a place for beach volleyball. Wi-Fi catches mediocre.

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In general, our impressions, like the reviews of most tourists, These are: Barceloneta Beach is clearly overvalued. Rather, this is the place to Party people and those who like to be in a crowd. If you go here for the purpose of not sunbathe and, say, sit in a cafe overlooking the sea or stroll in the evening along the promenade, then the option is excellent.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Barceloneta + 13 min walk
  • by bus – D20, 59, 45 to the stop. Pg Marítim-Almirall Cervera + 2 min walk

Useful information:

  • the cost of renting sun beds and umbrellas – 10 € for each;
  • a glass of sangria from a nearby bar – 5 €

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Sant Sebastià Beach

Sant Sebastià Beach Sant Sebastià Beach

It can rightfully be considered the best beach in Barcelona. Despite neighborhood with Barceloneta and some common features – places were organized around the same time and both are crowded – it’s on the level above.

  • San Sebastia Beach is neat and tidy: it really deserves the Blue flag. The sand is fine and pleasant, without any rubbish. Thanks location – in a cozy bay – the water in the sea is clean and light
  • The territory is wide and long (only Richer is longer), therefore copes with a constant flow of tourists – there is enough space all
  • It is calm and quiet here: merchants do not bother. Even this one quality makes San Sebastia worthy of the category best beaches Spain!
  • Most of the public are local (adequate) residents. Each does his own business – sunbathes, bathes, plays sports. The atmosphere is light and truly relaxing.
  • The location is convenient, less than a kilometer from Barceloneta; not far – the famous aquarium of Barcelona. Easily recognizable by W Hotel Barcelona Sail.
  • For lovers of bask in the sun topless there is a separate zone.

There is nothing to complain about in the level of equipment. All created conditions for a comfortable stay by the sea, perhaps lacking safes for valuables and possibly entertainment. Find where play for kids and adults can hang on the internet or go to school surfing and swimming.

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In general, our hot recommendations! Beach holidays in Barcelona perfect on San Sebastia. ?

How to get there:

  • on the bus – V15, 39 to the stop. Pg Joan De Borbó – Pl Del Mar + 2 min walk

Useful information:

  • umbrella and lounger rental – standard 10 €

Beach Sant Miquel

Beach San Miguel (Sant Miquel) Beach San Miguel (Sant Miquel)

We came here by pure coincidence, going to the metro station Barceloneta and turning off the road leading to the beach of the same name. AND, honestly, this place was like a balm for our beach strings of the soul, tormented by the horrors of the first day.

San Miguel is located between Barceloneta and San Sebastia and therefore “absorbed” a few negative points from the first and, fortunately, a bunch of advantages from the second.

  • The sand is immaculately clean, the sea is turquoise and enter it. very comfortably. The beach, by the way, is shared by Blue from San Sebastia flag for two.
  • It is also located in the center, in a nice area. On the way out Metro can be estimated moored in the harbor yachts, boats, boats any degree of luxury.
  • Good organization of a standard set of services on the beach; also there is a bike rental and a couple of interesting restaurants

Of the items with a minus sign – a crowd of tourists and loud-voiced (but rare) massage gurus. However, in comparison with Barceloneta, even here the situation is much better!

Since there are few bars on the territory, the beach is relatively quiet. By the way, tourist tips suggest that children should go. it is on San Miguel. Shallow water and ample space for sculpting kulichikov facilitate rest with the child.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Barceloneta +12 min walk
  • on the bus – V15, 39 to the stop. Pg joan de borbó-almirall aixada + 5 min by foot on the bus – 45 to the stop. Almirall Cervera + 5 min on foot

Useful information:

  • chaise lounges with umbrellas and here for 10 €

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach Bogatell Beach

It represents 700 meters of sandy strip, complete with on the highest level. Reconstructed for the 1992 Olympics, the beach Rich in Barcelona is considered one of the first-class places for unity with the sea for several reasons.

  • The beach is cleaned daily, and not as a massive flow of tourists affects the amount of trash left.
  • Sea water is cleaner. Until the waves hit?
  • The rich man regularly receives the Blue Flag award, i.e. of year per year confirms compliance with quality standards.
  • Adapted to any category of tourists: from lazy lovers to roast in the sun until the restless babies.
  • It has all the conditions for people with disabilities. opportunities

Rich is one of the most popular non-touristic beaches. Barcelona Due to the distance from the center, as seen on the map, people not enough patience to get to the location. But find free space at noon is still difficult. Guest reviews indicate that the atmosphere friendly, easy going and no annoying cola traders and massage

Log into the sea smooth. Shower, toilets, drinking fountains and lockers for valuables, of course, are available. Tanned Catalan rescuers are behind the situation from their towers and call out especially malicious swimmers for buoys through a loudspeaker.

For fans of sports and outdoor games hanging basketball baskets, volleyball nets stretched, tables for Ping-pong and even provided for the territory of the ball to drive. For kids – playground. Take care of lazybones: you can rent sun lounger and umbrella, buy a mojito in the nearest bar and post in Instagram photos from the scene – Wi-Fi is excellent.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Llacuna + 15 minutes walk
  • by bus – H16 to OST. Pg Calvell – Rambla Del Poblenou + 7 min walk on the bus – 59 to the stop. Cementiri De L’Est – Carmen Amaya + 9 min walk

Useful information:

  • the price of renting an umbrella or a lounge chair – 8-10 €

Once in Barcelona we had the idea to walk on the embankment – from Barceloneta to the Forum (extreme “beach”). Walked 5 kilometers, burned, but like it :) Plus, great pictures of beaches made.

Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella Beach Mar Bella Beach

This location is very good for relaxing by the sea, but there is one frankly “but” – this is a nudist beach. In Barcelona for liberated citizens officially allotted only this place, plus separate zone on San Sebastia.

And Mar Bella is beloved by gays. However, eyes closed On these facts, it should be recognized that this is one of the best beaches Barcelona

  • Purity is present everywhere – both on land and at sea. Blue flag waving next to a rainbow LGBT canvas.
  • The beach is beautiful, located between two breakwaters, with golden sand edge and clear water.
  • Along the territory there are only a few bars and cafes, therefore reigns calm atmosphere. Despite the controversial impressions of the amount naked bodies, everything is extremely adequate.
  • Equipped with even cooler than the rest of the beaches of Barcelona.

Mar Bella Square is not small, there are enough people, but by weekend – a lot. Merchants do not hesitate, wander here – Thank you for wearing. ? The entrance to the water is convenient, however, it goes abruptly way down.

In terms of entertainment, the beach probably pleases anyone: kids playgrounds, basketball court, volleyball nets, table tennis, skateboarding, Wi-Fi, library. Nearby there is a diving center, walks are available on catamarans, boats, windsurfing and kayaking.

The nudist zone is, firstly, hidden by a hill from a pedestrian street, stretching along the beach. Secondly, marked with clearly visible signs. However, this does not hold back stray tourists from nearby hotels, who then in a state of shock write negative reviews about Mar Belle ?

Purely theoretically, the territory is marked as follows. AT At the beginning of the beach, families with children rest (and such are), then there are groups of men and women of traditional orientation, for them – scattering gay right up to the bar with the symbolic name BeGay, then those same nudists, at the end of the beach – everyone. But on the practice of the grandmother topless can weigh in with both families and young hot guys. ?

By the way, no one objects to swimsuits, as well as to their lack of. On the beach of Mar Bella, everyone is free to choose attire soul!

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Poblenou + 15 min walk
  • by bus – H16 to OST. Jonquera – Taulat + 7 min walk bus – 59 to OST. Cementiri De L’Est – Carmen Amaya + 15 min on foot

Useful information:

  • umbrella price – 5 €,
  • chaise lounge – 8 €

Beach Nova Mar Bella

Beach Nova Mar Bella (Nova Mar Bella) Beach Nova Mar Bella (Nova Mar Bella)

The farther from the center, the more comfortable – and the place is completely confirms. Many people confuse the beach with just Mar Bella and bypass it. side to not see too much. This is a great mistake! Nova Mar Bella – one of the best beaches in Barcelona, where to strip naked not welcome. ?

  • Clean, calm, fine sand. Crystal blue water so that you can see the fish at the bottom. Beach awarded Blue flag deserved.
  • Visitors are there, and quite a few, but mostly they are inhabitants of their neighbors areas, tourists are not particularly observed. They frolic here on weekdays schoolchildren, on weekends –relaxing families, couples, companies friends
  • On the territory there are several bars, and the prices here on the order is lower than in those on the central beaches.
  • Showers, toilets and paid loungers are available all day; there is a point medical aid, police, and, of course, rescuers.
  • Entertainment: outdoor gym, volleyball net, diving with a mask (there are more living creatures at breakwaters), for children are broken special complexes where you can climb, hang upside down and etc.

Sunset at sea is gradual, but short, stones are not found. Masseurs and drink delivery men are brisk and not so annoying, because they are caught in time by brave policemen. Wi fi not catches

Nova Mar Bella is a beach where people really come to rest. from the stuffy city. The sun is hot, the sea is warmer, people are not glued to each other, and therefore here is utter serenity and lack of curious looks.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Selva De Mar + 20 min walk
  • on the bus – H16, V27 to OST. Pg Taulat – Bac De Roda + 12 min on foot

Useful information:

  • there is free parking near the beach

By the way, about cars. Move around Barcelona and suburbs alone, outside public transport, very convenient. Think about renting a car! Especially on the distant beaches of Barcelona there is parking. We recommend choosing and booking online at

Beach Somorrostro (Somorrostro)

Somorrostro Beach (Somorrostro) Somorrostro Beach (Somorrostro)

Somorrostro is next door to Barceloneta, so if The main beach of Barcelona surprised you uncomfortably, to move here – not a bad option.

  • Between the bodies resting here you can move freely, and even it will be possible not to step over someone when approaching the sea ?
  • The beach is in fair condition, cleaned carefully, do not have time to litter.
  • Reaching is not difficult – Somororstro is also located in center, nearby – bus stops and subways.

Here, as on all the beaches of the city, a standard set is provided. services. On the border with Barceloneta there are playgrounds for sports, in the middle – a beach library and a volleyball court, closer to Nova Ikaria – surfing school, boat and catamaran rental. Wi-Fi catches weakly.

What distinguishes it from other places is the presence of information Center de la Platja, which organizes excursions in the summer, lectures, performances on the history of the Barcelona coast, as well as lends shovels with buckets for children.

However, the beach is not to say that it is calm. Along a line of the city’s coolest clubs and restaurants, which explains the lion’s share youth tusyasya on Somorrostro and day and night.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica + 12 min on foot
  • by bus – 59, D20 to OST. Hospital Del Mar + 3 min on foot

Useful information:

  • umbrella – 10 €,
  • the sunbed is also

Levant Beach (Llevant)

Levant beach (Llevant) Levant beach (Llevant)

The Levant is such a typical city beach in Barcelona, quite not tourist, and from that calm and “home”. Few of travelers living in the city center, arrives at the beach, or even know about it. But for some reason it’s still full of people especially in the summer months.

  • A decent place, in the sea, algae and garbage are not seen, exactly like on the beach itself.
  • Vacationers, of course, less than in popular locations, but In order to get a star, you will have to look for space.
  • There is a separate area for visitors with animals. The best beaches of Barcelona could take an example from the Levant.
  • Massage and cola offer rarely.

Among other advantages – livability (summer shower, toilets, rent of umbrellas and chaise lounges (Wi-Fi), adaptation to people with conditions for beach volleyball and surfing. There are problems with entering the sea, it is not quite gently sloping, and quite large stones fall under your feet.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Selva De Mar + 15 min walk
  • by bus – H16 to OST. Pg Taulat – Diagonal Mar + 10 min on foot
  • by tram – T4 to stop. El Maresme + 12 min walk

Useful information:

  • if you are by car, it is better to come in the morning, for dinner a little parking is full

Beach Nova Icaria (Nova Icària)

Beach Nova Icaria (Nova Icària) Beach Nova Icaria (Nova Icària)

Nova Ikaria – the place is ambiguous. Like other beaches, he equipped well, the scenery is cute, cafes and entertainment are plentiful. But for each plus there is a minus.

  • The beach has a blue flag. The reward, of course, is given not only for cleanliness of the territory and water, but this moment is frankly lame. because of close proximity to the port the sea can be dirty with drifting bottles, bags, etc. Especially littered at the pier.
  • The people are smaller than on Barceloneta, but the places are not empty.
  • Shower, toilets, lockers for things there, but there are no changing rooms, therefore in the toilets – turn.
  • Focusing on the noise of the surf interfere scurrying back and forth merchants.

On Nova Ikaria many children run, the beach is popular with families. Probably because of the convenient entrance to the water, it is smooth and long, and clean sand on the coast. In addition, it is equipped with fun playground and animation is carried out. For adults – volleyball, Tennis or Wi-Fi.

But still with children, we recommend visiting the beaches near Barcelona, which are suitable for family holidays much more than beaches within the city.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. Ciutadella – Vila Olímpica + 15 min on foot
  • by bus – 59, H16 to OST. Av Icària – Av Bogatell + 5 min on foot

Useful information:

  • an umbrella and a chaise lounge – € 10 each

Bathing zone of the Forum Park (Zona de baños Fórum)

Bathing zone of the Forum Park (Zona de baños Fórum) Bathing zone of the Forum Park (Zona de baños Fórum)

An unconventional look at the beach resorts in Barcelona, but however, this area is classified as a beach.

It is a huge sea pool, fenced mounds of boulders, which, by the way, protect from the waves, but not from garbage. Entrance to the water – on a wide staircase, with handrails and smooth congress. The place is well equipped for people with disabilities. opportunities. Of course, there is no sand here, instead of it they sunbathe on wooden flooring.

Enough visitors. Shower, toilet – everything is provided; can go waterskiing and jump with improvised the pier.

How to get there:

  • on the subway – branch L4 to the station. El Maresme – Fòrum +20 min on foot
  • by bus – H14 to OST. Metro Maresme – Fòrum + 20 min on foot
  • by tram – T4 to stop. Campus Diagonal – Besòs + 15 min on foot

Useful information:

  • sometimes sea urchin colonies wander, it is recommended to swim in special shoes

Not to say that there is absolutely nothing to do around Forum Park. Beside a small amusement park, crowded on the weekends with Barcelona Road – shopping center Diagonal Mar and interesting building architecture Diagonal ZeroZero.

In general, we were looking for a recommended Granier bakery – which, it turned out to be scattered throughout the city, and opened up pleasant for walking route: from the Forum on Diagonal Avenue to the Agbar Tower. The district of San Marti is so calm, green, “local.” Here you can would it be to buy an apartment?

The beaches of Spain (near Barcelona) The beaches of Spain (near Barcelona)

Map of the beaches of Barcelona

Beaches of Spain (near Barcelona)

For a real beach holiday – with children, couples, alone, with parents are not going to the capital of Catalonia itself, but to resorts, located on neighboring coasts.

The map shows that the beaches of Spain, especially in its eastern parts, go almost continuous strip. Not all of them are identical as in Barcelona Somewhere stretch sandy beaches with white sand or golden, and somewhere – it turns into small pebbles.

In the south, Barcelona is bordered by the Costa Dorada, centered on city of salou. Without exaggeration, some of the best are concentrated here. beaches of Spain. For families, Central or Main Beach Salou and Playa Ponente; for friendly company – Capellans Bay. By the way, white beaches in Spain can be found not only in Mallorca, but and in the neighboring town of La Pineda, Salou.

Great beaches near Barcelona are also to the north of cities. The coastline of the resorts of Calella and Pineda de Mar, with golden braids and turquoise waters, perfectly fit into the tape any travel blogger. ?

Spain Beaches (Barcelona Beaches) Spain Beaches (Barcelona Beaches)

The port from where we took a boat trip with friends

Costa Brava Beaches

The pearl of the north coast from the Catalan capital is, Of course, Lloret de Mar.

Places to relax by the sea here are cool – from very wide public beaches (Lloret Beach), where local and tourists to picturesque nooks, lush greenery (Santa Cristina beach, Sa Boadella). Sand also on any color – white, gold, gray, and its texture defies definition – then whether large grains of sand, or the smallest pebbles. ?

Barcelona hotels near the beach

Yes, local hotels can only be located by the sea, but not own your own shred on the shore. Beach Hotels in Barcelona – this, alas, is an impossible dream of a tourist, because all the sandy locations belong to the municipality. If you are going to Barcelona, then here is our list of the best places in the capital of Catalonia.

Top 5 hotels located at the very edge of the water looks as follows (at 3-5 places inexpensive options):

  • Pullman Skipper 5 *
  • W Barcelona 5 *
  • Hotel Arts Barcelona 5 *
  • NH Hesperia Barcelona del Mar 4 *
  • Hotel Barceloneta 54 3 *

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