Top 10 places to stay in Thailand – 2019

Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019 Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019

Suppose you have already carefully thought out vacation time. It’s time decide which resort is best to choose in Thailand. Islands, Pattaya, Krabi – where the most atmospheric to do photos for Instagram, But where can you plunge into Thai culture? ?


  1. Which resort to choose in Thailand?
  2. Pattaya | Phuket | Samui Island | Province of Krabi | Isle Phangan
  3. Bangkok | Koh Chang Island | Samet Island | Hua Hin | Chiang mai
  4. Prices for holidays in Thailand
  5. Weather by Month

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Which resort to choose in Thailand

List of resorts in Thailand is quite impressive. A country attracts with well-maintained beaches, unique tropical nature, a variety of nightlife. No wonder for planning a vacation in Thailand, the question of where to go is always will be relevant.

The best resorts in the country:

  • Pattaya – a fun, kind of riotous place for adventure lovers;
  • Phuket is the most popular and most popular island with a developed infrastructure and beautiful landscapes;
  • Krabi – a place of rest, beloved by Europeans, for comfortable solitude;
  • Bangkok is a motley capital and shopping center. attractions;
  • Samui is the best resort of Thailand to stay among primeval nature;
  • Phangan – a noisy, youth island, but not less than one budget;
  • Koh Chang is a beach resort in Thailand for quiet and romantic pastime near the sea smoothing;
  • Hua Hin is a very respectable place;
  • Chiang Mai is the best resort of Thailand for cultural development;
  • Koh Samet – for those who aspire to relatively untouched nature.

What resorts in Thailand would you choose, you are guaranteed fascinating rest near the gentle waves of the ocean and among the splendor exotic landscapes. You can take a long look at beautiful photos, but better to see it all with your own eyes.

Rest in Pattaya

Now it is difficult to believe that a few decades ago Pattaya was a small fishing village. Today is life itself fun country resort in full swing. Go to Pattaya at any time year, because here the most favorable climate with a small amount of precipitation.

Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019 - Pattaya Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019 - Pattaya Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019 - Pattaya Top 10 places to stay in Thailand 2019 - Pattaya

Pattaya and the view of the Central Beach (photo from the Hilton Hotel, tried a buffet there)

While compatriots will try to keep warm in the fierce frosts, you will enjoy all the benefits that rest gives Pattaya in December. On the eve of the New Year there is a lively the atmosphere of the eternal feast. A large variety of bars, night discos and even a decorated Christmas tree near the Central Festival – won on photo, see? ? – attracts lovers of adventurous life.

A vacation in Pattaya in December is convenient for sightseeing, such as the Temple of the Great Buddha and the Temple of Truth, Mini Siam Park, floating market, Oceanarium, crocodile farm. But are they worth visiting is another matter.

Hotels in Pattaya – for every taste: from luxury apartments to modest, but quite comfortable and affordable bungalows.

Note to independent tourists: from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya is comfortable to get on the transfer from KiwiTaxi – costs around 3000 rubles (up to 4 passengers), and the driver meets with a sign?

Guest reviews indicate that one of the main advantages Pattaya is low prices for leisure and shopping. Should warn those who first of all want to bask in the beach. In Pattaya itself, the sea is pretty dirty, so tourists prefer to go to nearby islands. Unattractive Pattaya and to practice diving and surfing. For families with children or older couples should settle down far from the center where they are located most places of entertainment.

  • Rest in Pattaya in 2019 costs at least 77,000 rubles. 10 days for two (per season)

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More about Pattaya: Koh Lan Island – идеальное пляжное место >>

Where is better: Phuket or Pattaya?

Which of these two popular courses is preferable? There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on the specific desires tourist.

If paramount is entertainment (you know, alcohol, go-go bars, crowds of young and not-so, but under the degree) or excursion, and then only the beaches, the choice will be in favor of Pattaya. Phuket is a holiday destination in Thailand, famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful exotic species, although its own “Pattaya” here too there is.

Surprisingly, but as far as we do not like parties, and would spend the winter stayed in Pattaya. First, everything is cheaper: housing, transport (in unlike Phuket, it’s developed, we didn’t even take a bike), food. Secondly, near Bangkok, where you can unwind from the resort the atmosphere. Thirdly, the beaches of Koh Lana are more “paradise” than in Phuket. ? But, again, we are considering the prospect of long stay

Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Phuket Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Phuket Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Phuket Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Phuket

Phuket: Nai Harn Bay and Beach / Rent a bike for 150 baht day to explore the island

Phuket Holiday

The largest island of the country with a developed tourist infrastructure and all conditions for good rest, rest on Phuket 2019 is chosen by both youth companies and families with children. It is convenient to get to the island, as it is located here. The airport accepts international flights.

Where a more varied holiday, in Pattaya or Phuket? Island not Pattaya gives the number of shops and places for entertainment. Holiday in Phuket 2019 favorably with the fact that tourists have the opportunity to spend time on the beaches with clean sand and calm by sea

I would like to immediately dispel the steady myth that prices for Phuket vacation is much higher than in other resorts of the country. More expensive hotels and restaurants are located on the first line, having a little inland you can find good accommodation at reasonable prices. So, trips with accommodation on Patong beach, on average, 5-10% cheaper, than trips to neighboring Karon and Kathu – all because of more luxury hotels.

Villa Rental: How and where to find in Thailand? >>

After three trips we can say that for the first time in Thailand’s best holiday is in Phuket. There is a bit of everything: the sea turquoise, nature is juicy, there is something to see and more or less purely.

  • Prices for tours are acceptable – from 80 000 rubles for 10 days two

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Kata Beach in Phuket (Thailand) Kata Beach in Phuket (Thailand)

Kata Beach in Phuket (photo from our trip)

Phuket holidays with children

Rest abroad with a child is always an extra a responsibility. How justified is a holiday with children on the sea in 2019 year in Phuket, and which beaches are suitable for small travelers? Guest reviews indicate the beaches of Karon, Kata, Kamala. it sandy resting places with low waves and convenient entry into water They are located away from noisy discos and large shopping. centers, so parents and children are guaranteed a quiet holiday.

The best hotels in Phuket for families with children is Kata Beach, Kata Sea Brezze, Sunwing Ramala Beach. First line hotels have swimming pools, game rooms, recreation corners for kids. Together with children can visit a zoo, a national park, waterfalls, temples, as well as try your hand at a cooking class thai food.

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Phangan Island Phangan Island

Samui Island

This picturesque corner of nature is simply created for relaxation in Thailand together. If you look at the island of Samui on the map, you can note its distance from the mainland. Thanks to this geographic features, the island managed to preserve the tropics in pristine the form.

The tourist boom of the 20th century could not help but reflect on Samui. Now it is the second most popular destination after Phuket. Tours on the island of Samui demand, despite the fact that to get here possible only by sea or by plane.

The price of rest on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand in its eastern part somewhat higher. South of the island attracts those tourists who take off housing in the country for a long time. Come here for initiation to the Buddhist culture and for meditation. However, Samui is not always friendly and sunny. Sometimes there are such showers and storm that island “floats”. When to go? Read ↓

Season in Thailand: Best (and not so) time for отдыха >>

The best beaches of the island are located in its eastern part. Here excellent infrastructure with comfortable hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops. North Coast was chosen romantic couples and families with children. In this part of the island resort life goes more calmly and measuredly. Here is located The famous statue of the Buddha height of 12 m.

  • 10-day trips to Samui – already from 110 000 rubles for two

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Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Krabi Province Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Krabi Province

Photos from our trip to Krabi province

Holidays in Krabi

The province of Krabi on the Andaman Sea coast offers everything conditions for relaxation: a large number of well-groomed golden sand spits, clear sea, cheap Thai food and a significant proportion of attractions. Krabi Holidays are the opportunity to combine a leisurely beach holiday with active excursions to beautiful waterfalls, mysterious caves and unusual temples.

From Krabi it is convenient and not so time to visit the island of Phi Phi (or pee-pee? :)), the one where the movie was shot with handsome di Caprio. Although we never floated there either from Phuket or Krabi – too touristy. People – the crowd, but except as organized excursions or boat transfers on schedule, not accessible.

However, rest on Krabi will not be complete if you do not visit in the Temple of the Tigers, who lurked among the tumult of the rainforest near the base of the rock. Online you can read rave reviews of tourists about his cave, sculptures, viewing platform on the top of the mountain. Our – also enthusiastic, but to climb the 1237 steps, you will have to to sweat?

  • Tours to Krabi – the same 10 days, 2 people – cost from 100,000 rubles. But personally, we, like several acquaintances “on the spot”, drove on their own. Still, the package holiday in Krabi is not so developed

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Phangan Island

Koh Samui Coast Koh Samui Coast Samui Island Samui Island

The island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. The tourism industry has become develop relatively recently, but the resort has already become popular among young people from European countries.

Rest on Phangan is ideal for lovers of fun evenings and hot parties No less attractive are Haad Rin beaches in the southeast, Tong Nai Pan Yai and Tong Nai Pan Noi in the north. Haad Rin beach known far beyond its limits for parties that are held on the night of the full moon.

Tourists have a great opportunity not only to enjoy. mountain landscapes and tropical landscapes, but also become familiar with the beauty of the underwater world, including coral reefs.

Accommodation on the island of Phangan – this is a modern hotel, and traditional country wooden bungalows. One of the most compromise housing options on Phangan – rent a guesthouse, equipped with all amenities.

Deciding which resort to choose cannot be stopped attention to the sights of the island. To them first include the natural beaches themselves with tropical vegetation and waterfalls. Nature lovers and romantics enjoy visiting Than Sadet National Park. You can come here at any time of the year. to look at the waterfalls and lake Lem Dream, surrounded by coconut palm trees.

Guest reviews destroy the myth that rest on Phangan is permanent residence among informal personalities and tusk youth The island is hospitable for all visitors, providing them beauty and the benefits of modern civilization.

  • Tours to Phangan – from 145,000 rubles for 10 nights. It’s obvious that more profitable to fly alone

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Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Bangkok Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Bangkok Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Bangkok Top 10 holiday destinations in Thailand 2019 - Bangkok

The central part of Bangkok, were in the city for 3 days

Rest in Bangkok

Noisy, colorful, huge and a little extravagant. So appears before visitors Bangkok – the capital of Thailand. In the town surprisingly combines elements of Eastern culture with European traditions of a large metropolis.

Rest in Bangkok is an opportunity to see the luxurious Buddhist temples, relax and pozgigat in numerous entertainment restaurants, enjoy exotic shopping in local markets, try street food masterpieces.

One of the types of recreation in Bangkok is a medical tourism. It offers tourists excellent quality services and highly qualified specialists who have completed an internship in leading clinics of the world.

Wrong is the view that Bangkok lacks beach recreation. Not far from the metropolis is Bang Saen beach, which meets all the requirements of those who crave the sun and the sea. Prices Rest depends on the level of comfort and location of the hotel.

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Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang Island in the eastern part of the Gulf of Siam is worthy competition to the famous Phuket. Rest on the island of Koh Chang in Thailand, tourists are looking for a relaxing pastime Alone with nature. Most of the island is occupied by impassable jungle and protected nature reserves. Remaining territory is actively developing the tourism industry.

Koh Chang Island Koh Chang Island

The number of modern hotels is growing every year in Koh Chang. restaurants, local cuisine, beaches. The smartest holiday on the island Koh Chang in Thailand – on its west coast. Here as on many other Thai resorts, it is customary to organize parties on full moon

Which resort to choose in Koh Chang? Wherever you come, you waiting for the cleanest sea, the freshest air, excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

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Vacation on the island of Samet

You are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city and strive for peace and solitude? Your choice is Koh Samet in Thailand. Its benefits obvious: proximity to Pattaya and Bangkok, convenient transportation message, places of untouched nature.

The most developed part of the island is its east coast. Наfor seven kilometers there are hotels, cafes, bars. The beaches of Koh Samet have a convenient access to the water, which is very important for families with children. More secluded beaches are located in the north and south parts of the island. Koh Samet hotels provide sufficient level comfort, and the fashionable stylish resort complex Paradee and completely honored with the most positive ratings and reviews.

If you buy a tour on Koh Samet, you have good weather. in any season. The island belongs to the driest places. holiday in Thailand. Even in the rainy season there is some rainfall, and prevailing is sunny weather.

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Hua Hin Thailand

If most resorts of Thailand began to develop relatively recently, the resorts of Hua Hin were known at the beginning last century. No wonder the ruling king in those days and his the family preferred to rest in Hua Hin, spending time in their summer the palace.

Today, Hua Hin beaches are open to all who wish to relax on the clean sand on the beautiful sea. Nearby hotels built in graceful English style. It usually comes secured tourist who wants to relax on the best beaches of Hua Hin.

Tours to the resort include a visit to the royal palace and temple with the biggest buddha statue. Do not get bored and lovers outdoor activities, purchasing tours to Hua Hin from Moscow. For them organize yachting, windsurfing, horse riding, golf, fishing, elephant rides.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where to go in Thailand, if you want something unusual? we We recommend tours to Chiang Mai, the second largest city in the country. Here you will learn the most interesting facts of the country’s history and culture, you can feel its traditions closer. The city serves as the starting point for jungle expeditions or distant settlements high in the mountains.

Chiang Mai is a regular square with bastions, preserved since the 17th century. He is curious about the unique temples, unusual museums, a zoo where Chinese pandas live, great aquarium. One of the main attractions of Chiang Mai – night market. Here you can buy souvenirs and products of local craftsmen who are not in other resorts of the country.

When planning a vacation in Chiang Mai, make in your plans a visit to the mountains and original tribes living in remote places.

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Prices for holidays in Thailand with flight. How to save?

Every year Thailand attracts more and more tourists. how to save on the trip, while not reducing the quality of rest? Before all you need to carefully examine the prices of holidays in Thailand with the flight depending on the season.

As with each resort, costs may vary in depending on the weather. Prices for trips to Thailand significantly increase during the New Year holidays and high season in winter, when every european wants to go back in the summer. Having planned your vacation at the beginning of autumn or the end of spring, you can save up to 30-40% on the tour.

Prices for holidays in Thailand with flights lower if you follow 10 rules for finding tours. Try it?

All inclusive prices in Thailand are usually higher. but do not expect to see here the second Turkey or Egypt. Such cost does not always justify itself. Eating at low cost restaurants, buying ready-made street food or groceries in supermarkets, you can save a good amount. In addition, Thailand so rich in sights and natural beauty that you hardly want to spend much time in the hotel.

Kata Beach in Phuket (Thailand) Kata Beach in Phuket (Thailand)

Kata Beach in Phuket (photo from our trip)

Weather in Thailand for months. When is it better to go?

In Thailand, there are no seasons in our understanding. The country accepted talk about three seasons: rainy (June — November), cool (October-February) and hot (March-May). To know when is better go to Thailand, consider the weather in Thailand for months.

The period from January to April is the best time to travel. Weather on Thailand resorts are sunny at this time, rainfall is rare.

From mid-May to August, the rainy season continues. On different resorts it passes unequally, but sometimes the rains are real showers and go for days. At this time, the number of tourists is noticeable. decreases, and the cost of rest falls. At some resorts intermittent rain occurs predominantly at night, go short and bring a pleasant coolness.

Weather in the resorts of Thailand for months also depends on the location resort location. Pattaya has a good year round. weather with moderate rain. On Samui, it rains from November to December, and in Phuket and Krabi, the weather shows its character from May to October.

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