To entrust the rest? Tour operators in Maldives 2019

To entrust the rest? Tour operators in the Maldives To entrust the rest? Tour operators in the Maldives

Therefore, to determine who is the best tour operator in the Maldives – one of the main tasks before planning a dream trip. It – important, especially since quite a lot has been happening lately bankruptcies of tour operators in Russia.

We are doubtful about the purchase of vouchers through travel agencies. or travel agencies (the commission for their work significantly affects cost!). Therefore, we book tours exclusively online at trusted sites where offers are collected immediately from all tour operators (like RoomGuru on hotels or Airbnb on apartments):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

On these services, travel companies themselves are trying to “like” and to attract our attention precisely to your product among hundreds of others – competition! ? So you can buy a tour to the Maldives in early December. (just the opening of the season) and meet the New Year in the Maldives for 80 000 rubles per person!


  1. Tour operators in Moscow
  2. Reliability rating: TOP-5
  3. Tours from the tour operator
  4. Cheapest tour operator?
  5. Questions / Answers

Tour operators in the Maldives in Moscow

We have compiled a list of reliable and cheapest tour operators Maldives organizing tours to the islands in 2019 from Moscow and other cities of the country. Tours they have long been ready and are already gaining tourists! On average, prices start at 100,000 rubles and go to infinity? We present you the top three:

  • Intourist
  • Biblio globus

They offer customers both economical and respectable. travel programs for every taste. At the same time cheap cost does not mean low quality of rest, as many say reviews of tourists already rested in the paradise of the Indian Ocean over the past few years (we focused on travel in 2016, 2017 and 2018)

These popular Maldives tour operators also organize travels from St. Petersburg and other capitals of the regions of Russia. But from the regions prices are usually higher than the capital. Therefore, when booking early We recommend watching tours with departure from Moscow.

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Some motivation to take action: some scientists argue that in less than half a century the beautiful atolls of the Republic of Maldives hide under the waters of the ocean. The blame is global warming. To visit the resort you have in stock only about 40 years. ?Have time!

View from the pier View from the pier

View from the pier literally three minutes from the hotel

(Photo courtesy of Stazran traveler –

Reliability rating of tour operators in the Maldives. TOP 5

Who can you contact for the selection of the tour to be sure a great trip that will not give you unpleasant surprises? After comparing tour operators in the Maldives, as well as checking them positions in the total TOP of Russian tour operators, was drawn up following reliability rating:

  1. NTK Intourist, in a modern look existing since 2007. But the company’s history is much more – it is based on society “Intourist”, operating in the USSR already since 1929. Its concept the tour operator calls the provision of customer rest, responding international standards. And he does it well: the company rightfully ranked first in the ranking.
  2. TEZ TOUR, working since 1997. Today organizes tours various price categories in foreign countries, including Maldives.
  3. Biblio Globus is another major tour operator in Russia the market. Specializes in selling “burning” tours almost throughout world, but it works in all price categories and with large number of cities. On the forums reviews about this company mostly in a positive way. We ourselves more than once flew tours from this company and our review of Biblio Globus was written in a separate article.
  4. ICS Travel Group, has been working for 26 years. Selects interesting programs and tours to foreign countries for their customers, and for a second more than 60.
  5. Coral Travel is also one of the tour operators sending to Maldives thousands of tourists a year.

On forums, reviews of these companies are mainly in in a positive way. Although if you want about any tour operator can find a bunch of negative reviews. True big one is related to carelessness of people – late for the flight, sold expensive excursion, etc. We generally recommend taking excursions either through online services, either in place.

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Rounds to Maldives from Moscow from tour operator

Tours to the Maldives from tour operators are popular with holidaymakers, wishing to go from Moscow to warm exotic countries with by the ocean. Islands attract white sandy beaches (you Do you know that sand is shredded corals?), tropical nature and high level of service.

By the way, in 2018 Maldives paradise went 40% more Russian tourists than in 2017. I wonder what will happen this year. Guess what it says? Islands on the sly (ok, very at a slow pace, but still) become budget. With Ty and Turkey does not compare, but there is a trend of lower prices. ?

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Popular resorts and hotels in the Maldives in 2019:

  1. Ari Atoll, consisting of 70 islands. On one of them, Maamigili, working Sun Island Resort & Spa – hotel “4 stars” on first line of the beach. Cost of voucher for 8 nights – from 140,000 rubles (price for two) with the flight.
  2. Laviani Atoll – among tourists and locals is considered one of the most picturesque islands. You can stop at it in 4 * Palm Beach Resort & Spa. This hotel tour to the Maldives from Moscow from tour operator costs from 203 000 rubles for the system “all inclusive”. Price is for two for 7 nights.
  3. Maafushi – an island located near the airport, It is considered one of the cheapest places to stay in the Maldives and quite It is convenient for excursions to the neighboring island resorts. Good reviews about 3 * Fihalhohi Island Resort. Stay for two starts from 184 000 rubles with breakfasts and dinners.

Looking at the offers of tours to the Maldives from tour operators with departure from Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, you can find more interesting options with departure, for example, from St. Petersburg.

Tours to the Maldives from St. Petersburg in 2019

On the Maldives fly from St. Petersburg. In the city on the Neva There are representative offices of all major tour operators in Russia. The significant difference in flight duration for Petersburgers and Muscovites are not: from 13 hours to days with a change in Doha or Dubai

For risk lovers - swimming with whale sharks right in the ocean For risk lovers - swimming with whale sharks right in the ocean

For risk lovers – swimming with whale sharks right in the ocean

(Photo courtesy of Ali A traveler –

What is the cheapest tour operator?

According to the price analysis, the most affordable tours in 2019 NTK Intourist. The cost of tours to the Maldives from a tour operator for two a person starts from about 125,000 rubles, including flight from Moscow. And the quality of travel from this is not getting worse: vacationers comfortably spend their holidays in India Ocean with all the amenities in the same hotels.

Inexpensive to fly to the islands can be due to the share of fortune – see if your dates are hot deals to the Maldives. From all of us tour operators offers are collected on the above sites. Purchasing such a voucher helps save a lot, but often you need to wait until the last and literally sit on ready-made suitcases. ? No luck – no guarantee, but if you see the tour with a discount – book immediately!

Another option for a budget holiday in the Maldives – early booking tour. Having decided on dates, for example, December trip now, you can save up to 20-30% of cost of vouchers per season. We usually use exactly this option – proven and guaranteed to give a discount!

Maldives Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists going to the Maldives are interested in many questions. about the order and life of the island state. Here are the answers to the most Popular ones:

  1. Do I need a visa? No, for a trip of up to 30 days visa is not necessary.
  2. How do locals treat tourists? Tourists are the main source of income for local residents, so they behave cordially. But do not abuse your position. Most of them are Muslims, and this must be remembered when setting off. to public places.
  3. What language does hotel staff speak? The staff speaks Arabic and English.
  4. Is this country dangerous for visitors? Crime in the Maldives is low. Much danger represent the waters of the Indian Ocean, which must be remembered, deciding swim and always be vigilant.
  5. What time of year is better for a beach holiday? High season in the Maldives – from November to April. Therefore, tours to these months are more expensive. You can save by making early online booking.

Deciding to choose the Maldives for a holiday, we recommend buying a tour from reliable tour operators. It will help to make the trip pleasant and good sense unforgettable.

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