To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators Thailand in 2019

To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Thailand To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Thailand

As we wrote earlier, in any season, if you fly for 7-14 days, a voucher with flights and accommodation will be cheaper than self-purchased tickets for a regular flight and booking a hotel, an extra bonus – all the chores recreation organizations will take over the experts.

Tours to Thailand is better to pick up online according to your requirements. and wishes by filters (stars, hotel location, etc.). So you can save and buy the tour as cheaply as possible (look for sales). For example, using 3 sites where collected travel packages from all reliable tour operators (compare prices for all):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Especially the proposals of tour operators operating in Thailand, tempting to residents of the regions. Regular flights flying to Thailand, carried out only from major cities, and travel agencies organize charter flights with departure from your city – for example, from Kazan, Ufa, Novosibirsk, etc.

To determine which tour operator in Thailand is the most important and best – Problematic problem. Equivalent sentences are voiced dozens of companies with excellent reputation. We will talk about them! We ourselves flew to Phuket from the tour operator Biblio Globus. Tour for two April cost us 61,000 rubles. By the way, in our article you can see an overview of prices for tours all inclusive in Thailand.


  1. Moscow tour operators
  2. TOP 5 rating
  3. Tours to Thailand
  4. Questions / Answers
  5. Prices from tour operators
  6. Who is better?

Tour operators in Thailand from Moscow

Travel from Moscow can be planned both independently and contact the tour operators in Thailand. Just above, we mentioned Why take the tour more profitable. The official site has every known Travel Company. Regular flights from the capital provide the availability of vouchers for any dates, and tour operators will help make a route to Pattaya or Phuket with a transfer at the airport Bangkok or direct flight to Phuket. Which tour operator for Thailand from Moscow worth contacting? Personally, we recommend you:

  • Biblio Globus
  • TEZ Tour
  • Pegas touristik
  • Anex

Tour operators in Thailand in St. Petersburg

Going on a trip to residents of the northern capital will help one of the largest tour operators in Thailand – Biblio Globus, or good famous intourist. The cheapest tour of St. Petersburg will traditionally be able to Offer ANEX Tour. By the autumn season 2019 tour operators Pattaya have already prepared tempting offers for their customers with prices for tours from 45 000 rubles for two.

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Reliability rating of tour operators in Thailand. TOP 7

The register of tour operators in Russia has several hundreds agencies.

Leading tour operators in Thailand:

  • TEZ Tour entered the market in 1994. It organizes flights by Aeroflot airplanes flying to Thailand, and charter flights from major cities of Siberia, St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk.

TEZ Tour TEZ Tour

  • Pegas Touristik – the largest company working with Thailand. Individual programs are available to choose from. – all known resorts and departure from all major cities Russia.

Pegas Touristik Pegas Touristik

  • Biblio-Globus annually enters the list of the best companies.

Biblio Globus Biblio Globus

  • Intourist – name familiar from Soviet times. Sends tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Intourist Intourist

  • PAX entered the international level in 1992, on All resorts have their representatives, departure – from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.


  • ANEX Tour has been providing services since 1996, has its charter company Azur Air.


Tours to Thailand from the tour operator

Tour to Thailand from the tour operator is the easiest to order to residents Moscow, but other tourists from the regions can not deny themselves pleasure to spend holidays in an exotic country.

To services of tourists beach and excursion rest, individual and group tours. If you are from the region, first check the prices for the tour is from Moscow, so you can probably save much of the money. Yes, have to get there by train or by plane to Moscow. You decide! ?

It was on Travelaat that we found a cool Phuket tour (10 days) in 61 000 rubles for two! Next will be a photo with the rest.

For example, only air tickets for one person from Moscow to Thailand round-trip will cost from 30 000 rubles + hotel and transfers approximately the amount of 22 000 rubles. (1 night in a 3 * hotel will cost about 3,000 rubles). Total we receive from 45 000 rubles on man minimum. A tour to Phuket can be bought even in the season from 28 000 rubles for one. For September-October there are tours for 50,000 rubles for two!

If the priority beach vacation c excursion, direct road on the island of Phuket. Clear water is bright blue and colorful animals of the Andaman Sea set up for relaxation. White sand, light as powder, and the shadow of palm trees – for comfort, which you will not find anywhere else. There are also many excursions. to islands and other sights. We rented a bike for 200 baht (350 rubles) and traveled around the island without guides. You can always buy a tour, while saving a lot of money and spend rest as independently as possible. ? Our advice – take the tour at least from 10 days and choose the best places to stay in Thailand.

Tours to Thailand from the tour operator Tours to Thailand from the tour operator

We rented a bike, 150 baht per day

Individual tours to Phuket from the tour operator – also excellent opportunity, for example for newlyweds, to spend a honeymoon in romantic setting. Prices 2019 compared to previous Seasons almost did not change, and the number of routes from Moscow increased. Individual tour is a complex of different services, which is chosen specifically for you. But it is best to choose most online and do not overpay agents.

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Tours to Pattaya from tour operators

Tour operators offer trips to Thailand not only to beachers and diving enthusiasts. Pattaya has the opportunity to meet interesting sights: to visit the islands in the Temple of truth, in the village of elephants, in the tropical park of Nong Nooch, visit floating market.

It is worth noting that prices for holidays in Pattaya from tour operators with departure from Moscow is lower than a trip to exotic Phuket. Although he over the past 5 years has become very popular.

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Frequently asked questions

Of course, tourists traveling to such a distant country by voucher asked some questions. Answer the most frequent questions

  • What is the largest tour operator in Thailand? – Pegas Touristik.
  • The most reliable tour operator in Thailand? – Market situation constantly changing, the main rule: avoid very cheap offers, little-known travel agencies. And study the reliability rating tour operators of Russia!
  • Cheapest tour operator in Thailand? – Interesting (and last minute) tours regularly offer TEZ Tour, Pegas, Biblio-Globus, ANEX Tour.

First of all, vacationers are concerned about the price aspect, and the topic service is relegated to the background. From the right choice travel agencies in Thailand depends on the quality of rest. If in plans include not only the contemplation of seascapes, ask: how rich excursion program available to vacationers. The largest selection of excursions – from English speaking guides. But we advise you to take excursions on arrival location – it will be as cheap as possible! Or shares on this site Tripster.

Price comparison from leading tour operators

Prices for vouchers from major tour operators are not particularly different, so both depend on the cost of the flight and accommodation. Autumn and winter they higher than in the season of low prices, but there is always the opportunity to find hot tour from your own or the nearest big city.

Price comparison from leading tour operators Price comparison from leading tour operators

Go to the opening of Bangla Road (opens at 18:00)

The cheapest tour operator is one that has its own airline Depending on the occupancy of flights, they may to regulate the cost of tickets and put it into the total amount, which will have to pay for the ticket. The second factor affecting price – the level of the hotel. Would you like to save – three-star service in Thailand is several orders of magnitude higher than in the Russian hotel resort town. Therefore, when traveling to Phuket or Pattaya is advised to take exactly 3 * hotels.

Let’s look at the cost of trips to the same hotel (3 * Welcome Jomtien Beach Place) for similar dates from different companies:

  • BiblioGlobus – 56 932 rubles for two for 7 nights
  • PAX – 78 235 rubles
  • Anex Tour – 82 578 rubles for two for 8 nights

You need to search, use the calendar of low prices and buy tours most profitable! ?

What is the best tour operator in Thailand?

What is the best tour operator in Thailand, everyone defines for himself independently:

  • PAX has established itself as a pro in organization of family holidays with children. Travel agency on All resorts have their representatives, you can fly from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.
  • Looking forward to the service of VIP-level, ready fly from Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk or Krasnodar – you can contact Intourist.
  • Look for economy holidays – ANEX and TEZ Tour thanks charter prices are significantly reduced.
  • Also a lot of cheap offers shows Biblio Globus.

Which company to entrust the organization of travel depends only from you and we can only share our experience. ? Selection tour operator and the price of tours depends on the month in which you plan to fly. If, for example, you are going to the New Year, it is worth buying a tour until December 20!

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