To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators Moscow in 2019

To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Moscow To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Moscow

Going on a trip abroad Muscovites is now easy – tour operators offer vouchers to all destinations within any budget. Not the last role is played by the prices of tours, but in the first place there is still security. Planning a vacation, you have to limit not only the choice of a suitable route, but also check the reliability of tour operators.


  1. What is the reliability of tour operators?
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What is the reliability of tour operators?

How to determine the reliability of tour operators? The most important Indicator of a stable position in the market of services – time in tourism business. But he is not the only one.

There are several main criteria by which rating of Moscow tour operators.

  • Number of destinations: the more countries to which the company sends tourists, the higher the stability of its work.
  • Their host companies: their presence abroad representative offices or companion firms provides service on the highest possible level.
  • Partner programs with airlines: the more air carriers involved or have their own charter flights, the loyal cost of tours and regular departures.
  • Sustainability of insurance companies: the higher the reliability the insured and the wider the financial coverage of the tour operator, the less The risk appears to the traveler. In case of force majeure you guaranteed refund financial costs. Especially relevant this aspect was in times of crisis when they declared themselves bankrupt even major tour operators in Moscow.

The best services for finding a tour of all tour operators

The largest sites engaged in the selection and booking of vouchers online, also wisely choosing companies for cooperation. Among all their many we distinguish:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Travelata, in particular, forms its own top 10, which Proves a serious attitude to the issue of safety of tourists. Here is there is a list here.

Services monitor tours from all leading tour operators for 2019 year, compare prices and offer the most profitable options in depending on user preferences. All three are personally verified. us on different trips to Thailand in spring, Spain in summer and the UAE in the winter.

Reliability rating of tour operators in Moscow

Based on data from the official site of Rosturism, we compiled a list of tour operators in Moscow, topping the rating reliability in 2019.

  1. Coral Travel

Works in the market since 1995 and sends its customers in 32 countries of the world. In 2018, opened a new direction – in Turkish Ergies ski resort!

  1. TUI Group

Appeared in 2014 as a result of the merger of TUI AG (Germany) and TUI Travel PLC (UK). TUI Group is more than three hundred hotels in thirty countries, the largest charter fleet in Europe (over 130 aircraft in 6 six airlines) and 14 cruise liners. And yet – the largest number of tourists from the Russian Federation, safely rested overseas, according to data for 2016.

  1. TEZ Tour

Works since 1994 and sends tourists to 28 countries. Besides recreation in tropical resorts, it provides a great geography European tours, including to the Baltic countries, Spain, Portugal, France, Czech Republic.


Established in early 2005, and is now on the list of leaders. markets in Turkish, Egyptian, Thai, Spanish, Greek directions. In addition to departures from Moscow, flights are carried out from more than 30 cities of the Russian Federation.

  1. Pegas touristik

570 sales offices in 256 cities, departure from 50 cities of the Russian Federation to 28 countries of the world. The company offers its customers a choice of 2500 hotels and its own host offices in Israel, Turkey, Thailand, China and the United Arab Emirates. Opens and “non-beat” direction – the wonderful island of Zanzibar! It happened to us and there to visit, so we definitely recommend. ?

  1. Intourist

The oldest Soviet and Russian tour operator (year of foundation – 1929), from 2010 part of the international group of companies Thomas Cook Group. And Thomas Cook is the first travel company in history. travel (appeared in 1841). Currently thinking about creating a network of own charter flights.

  1. ANEX Tour

Sends everyone abroad since 1996. Has a charter Azur Air and host offices in resorts in Thailand China, Vietnam, Andorra, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, UAE and Dominicans.

  1. Biblio Globus

Tour operator working since 1994. Among the tourist directions – 60 countries on all continents. And in the record list – a place in the ranking of the largest private companies in Russia from Forbes.

  1. PAKS

He has been working in international areas since 1992. Has its representative offices in Thailand, Croatia and Montenegro.

Frequently asked Questions

Choosing a tour, the future traveler necessarily faces a number of questions:

  • What is the largest tour operator in Moscow? – You can not uniquely attribute the primacy of a particular company. If a starting from directions, for example, Pegasus is leading tour operator in Thailand, Anex – in the Dominican Republic. If you look at the number of tourists using the services of a tour operator, Biblio Globus leads, followed by TUI and Intourist.
  • The most reliable tour operator? – Company Positions in the reliability rating, may vary, but the top ten is stable. Information about reliable companies we have provided above.
  • Cheapest tour operator with departure from Moscow? – The most attractive prices are offered by tour operators in Moscow, which contracts are concluded with a large number of airlines, and owners of their own charter lines. This list includes: Biblio Globus, TEZ Tour, Pegas Touristik, ANEX Tour.

The most popular destinations from tour operators from Moscow

The most popular destinations from tour operators from Moscow The most popular destinations from tour operators from Moscow

Of course, in different seasons the popularity of tourist directions is different. In the cold season, tourists choose tropical countries for beach holidays or ski resorts in summer There is a growing demand for excursion routes to Europe and nearby “warm” routes.

  • In the fall and winter, it is customary to fly to Thailand, Vietnam, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, to the Maldives or Goa.
  • From December to March, the ski resorts of Finland and Austria.
  • Turkey and Egypt have long been favored by all inclusive and diving enthusiasts.
  • Italy equals a rich excursion program, seaside and ski resorts, thermal springs and, of course, shopping in top boutiques.
  • Israel provides an opportunity to visit holy places, to heal on Dead Sea or just relax on the Mediterranean or Red.
  • Greece and Cyprus provide beach holidays year after year European level and immersion in antiquity.

Recall that the tours from all tour operators from Moscow, as well as last minute deals, it is more profitable to book online, because missing mark-up, typical for travel agencies, and the search takes place in a quiet home environment.

What is the best tour operator?

Determine which tour operators in Moscow are the best, everyone can exclusively individually. It all depends on what requirements you bring to rest: some companies offer economy tours, and in other VIP levels; some are betting on organization of individual routes, and their competitors – better thought out excursion program.

When planning to go on a trip, check out all offers from tour operators and something appropriate necessarily pick up. The main thing – check the reliability of the company, read customer reviews.

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