To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators Goa in 2019

To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Goa To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in Goa

India is recognized as the most attractive in terms of price “winter” destination for tourists from Russia! Even the high season does not affect on the cost – Goa tour operators offer cheap trips to throughout the year.

For the best deals for 2019, see Travelata and Level.Travel . These are the leading services for finding and booking tours. online, working with over 120 official tour operators Russia. Here we ourselves have repeatedly bought tours at profitable prices.


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Tour operators in Goa from Moscow

The easiest way to escape from the winter to India is from Moscow – planes fly more often, and vouchers are cheaper. Hence the huge amount travel companies offering to arrange a holiday in Goa for everyone. To whom can you really trust?

Temple  - The Mallikarjun Temple - Goa, India Temple - The Mallikarjun Temple - Goa, India

You can diversify your beach holiday by visiting The Mallikarjun Temple Temple

(Photo courtesy of the Tropico_MK traveler –

Firstly, tour operators, not intermediaries like tour agencies and travel agencies. We strongly advise you to select the tour yourself! Secondly, companies that are in the top ten rankings tour operators in Russia. Before you buy, do not be lazy to learn about your travel organizer is a little more than just a name the company. Adequate weight have positive feedback about the selected you tour operator. If it is in the TOP 10 rating, then you can do not read. ?

According to these criteria, the largest and most reliable tour operators Goa from Moscow is PEGAS Touristik and Biblio Globus. Second we I personally flew for 2 weeks and everything was at the highest level!

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Reliability rating of tour operators in Goa. TOP 7

More than 4 thousand companies have been entered in the register of tour operators in Russia, registered in all regions. Information about each can check on the official site of Rostourism; there is everything in the list tour operators working with india and other resort countries.

Leading tour operators in Goa:

  • Pegas Touristik offers not only group, but also individual tours to India with departure from more than 50 cities RF.
  • Coral Travel provides rest from economy to VIP level for those who appreciate comfort.
  • Biblio Globus is one of the most popular tour operators. on India in Russia and Belarus.
  • Sunmar has long been on the list of the best budget organizers. rest due to own charter flights from most million cities of Russia.
  • Intourist is the oldest travel company; departures Organized from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.
  • PAX provides tours to Goa in a wide price range. for residents of the capital and Rostov-on-Don.
  • ANEX Tour, as always, has an attractive budget. options and wide representation in the cities of Russia.

Tours in Goa from the tour operator

Prices for tours to Goa, referred to in the article, are relevant at the time of its publications. Warn immediately: do not hesitate if you find your perfect option. ? Often services from our list offer good discounts on selected dates, book where it is cheaper:

  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours
  • Level.Travel

If you are thinking of spending your vacation in India in 2019, then the choice should be done in favor of a tour in Goa from a tour operator, rather than self-search for tickets and accommodation booking. Obvious Pros – you don’t have to worry about getting a visa and health insurance, and the tour itself can be grabbed at the price of the flight! Yes, and fly for 7-14 days is more profitable tour.

Cows on the beach - Goa, India Cows on the beach - Goa, India

Cows on the beach – a familiar scene in Goa?

(Photo courtesy AmirAndriesse traveler –

On average, a weekly tour of Goa from a tour operator with departure from Moscow and 3 * hotel accommodation with breakfast costs from 44,000 rubles for two.

Plans to celebrate New Year in India? Then for trips to Goa tour operators will ask already from 110 000 rubles for two people. But at Early booking, i.e. buying a tour for a half or two months before start vacation, you can save 15-20% of the “maximum” cost.

Another option to fly to the Indian coast budget – this, of course, last minute tours Tour operators in Goa often offer similar trips. at a price of 22,000 rubles per person!

Tours in Goa from the tour operator Tours in Goa from the tour operator

Frequently asked Questions

Travelers planning a vacation package in India right away faced with a number of topical issues:

  • What is the largest tour operator in Goa? Among time-tested companies (and reviews?) can be distinguished Pegas Touristik and Biblio Globus.
  • The most reliable tour operator in Goa? Reliability tour operator is easy to check in the unified register of tour operators of the Russian Federation: long time in the market of services and high financial assets – a guarantee the stability of the company.
  • Cheapest Goa Tour Operator? Interesting “economy” offers regularly posted Biblio Globus, ANEX Tour, Coral Travel.

Price comparison from leading tour operators

If you compare the prices of vouchers in travel companies, the difference will be small. The minimum cost of tours to Goa voiced by tour operators with their own charter flights.

Determining who is the cheapest tour operator is not so easy, because each of them regularly places last minute trips with essential discounts and holds promotions.

I wonder: How to celebrate the New Year in Goa? >>

Therefore, let’s do this: take a tour for 7 days at a certain hotel (La Casa Siolim 3 *) with departure from Moscow on a certain day (November) and compare the cost that they offer us different tour operators:

  • Biblio Globus – 44 378 rubles for two;
  • Coral Travel – 46,331 rubles;
  • Sunmar – 50,104 rubles;
  • PAX – 53,072 rubles;
  • ANEX Tour – 67,915 rubles

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