To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators Dominican Republic in 2019

To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in the Dominican Republic To entrust the rest? Reliable tour operators in the Dominican Republic

Agree that the dreams of coconut palms in the Caribbean beach-bounty do not want to disturb thoughts about all this red tape with tickets, insurance, transfers. Therefore, the choice of company thanks to which your vacation in the Dominican Republic goes from the category “planned” to “real” is a responsible matter. Yes, and it is a tour going to this country will be the cheapest. ? And now more details.


  1. Tour operators in Dominicana in Moscow
  2. Reliability rating: Top 7
  3. Tours to the Dominican Republic from all tour operators
  4. Questions / Answers
    1. Major resorts
  5. Price comparison

Tour operators in Dominicana in Moscow

In the capital, of course, all tourist are concentrated. Top rated and well-known companies every citizen. Tour operators working with the Dominican Republic, calculated in dozens of titles, but, alas, not all can be read positive feedback.

By comparing the ratio of “the number of proposed tours / reviews,” we concluded that the leading tour operators in the Dominican Republic from Moscow – this:

  • Anex tour
  • Tez tour
  • ICS Travel Group

In 2018, they sent the most tourists to the Caribbean (to word, returned absolutely satisfied) and successfully sell out Permits for 2019. By the way, Anex Tour is recognized as one of the official tour operators in the Dominicana thanks to the opening of their own office in the country and the largest number of tours in almost every a corner.

Tour operators in the Dominican Republic in St. Petersburg

Because direct flights flying to Dominicana from St. Petersburg are operated exclusively by charter air carriers, then for residents Anex Tour remains the leading tour operator in the northern capital. airline azur air.

Of course, in St. Petersburg, there are other major tour operators offering trips to the Dominican Republic – Tez tour and Coral Travel. However, with them the path to the long-awaited sea will take from 20 hours with one transplant at least.

Sea in the Dominican Republic Sea in the Dominican Republic

Reliability rating of tour operators in the Dominican Republic. TOP-7

We have compiled a general list of tour operators in the Dominican Republic, which can be trusted 100%. With financial assets, they are all right, links to the resort are extensive and strong, and the reviews of tourists – mostly positive. In addition, they annually enter Top ten ranking of Russian tour operators.

  • Anex Tour (our review)
  • Tez Tour
  • Coral Travel
  • ICS Travel Group
  • Biblio Globus (our review)
  • Intourist

The official site of Rostourism also confirms that each Dominicans tour operator of the above meets the requirements reliability.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Tours to the Dominican Republic from all tour operators

Important: all prices quoted for tours in Dominicans are relevant at the time of writing. Accurate specify the cost on the sites below.

For a successful search for that very option, perfect for the price and quality, we advise you to compare tours to the Dominican Republic from all tour operators immediately. In this case, it is convenient to pick up a ticket. online on relevant services verified by us:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They display all the offers of tour operators available on given dates, and, given your preferences, give the most profitable.

See also:

  • Maldives – top tour operators
  • If you are traveling in March or May, then we wrote a separate article about rest in the Dominican Republic in the spring

In the winter of 2019 weekly tour to the Dominican Republic from the tour operator with departure from Moscow costs from 125 000 rubles for two. In this The amount includes accommodation in a 3 * all-inclusive hotel 20 meters from the beach. Note that such a cost will be if you book tour in advance, one and a half to two months before the rest. To date of departure she can rise by 10-15%. If you see cheaper, then read reviews. about the hotel and book immediately!

Relatively cheap trips to the Dominican Republic tour operators offer at the resort of Boca Chica. Mostly represented here affordable 3 and 4 star hotels. 7 days merciless all-inclusive will come from 118 000 rubles for two.

Найти тур в Бока-Чика >>

More luxury holidays in the Dominican Republic can be found in the area Punta Cana Tour operators for a seven-day trip to 4-star hotel (and 4 * in Punta Cana is like a good five in Turkey) in Season set prices from 150 000 rubles for two people.

Найти тур в Пунта-Кана >>

Last minute tours to Dominicana

Well, you understand that, along with budget savings, a burning tour also implies the availability of collected luggage and readiness set off on a 12-hour flight the day after purchase. ? WITH On the one hand, it seems like it is a real winning ticket for the summer, but on the other hand, for a trip with small children, for example, is clearly not the most convenient option.

However, if you had the idea to fly to the Dominican Republic in a week or two, see if there are any last-minute tours on your dates. AT October-November, they can be caught for 75,000 rubles for two! In winter and in early spring, the odds are also high, but from as little as 100,000 rubles.

As for the New Year holidays, we advise to save for expense of early booking vouchers, rather than waiting for a collapse in prices. Demand on the New Year in the Dominican Republic well, very high.

Найти горящий тур >>

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is the cheapest tour operator in the Dominican Republic? Judging by the number of burning tours and price tag for trips in the midst season, the most acceptable options offers Anex Tour.
  • Who is the most reliable tour operator sending to Dominicana? Based on the volume of financial assets and reputation in the tourism market, trust worth Tez Tour, Anex Tour, Coral Travel.
  • What is the largest tour operator in the Dominican Republic? Definitely Anex Tour.
  • What is the best tour operator? All good Companies listed in our TOP-7. They really care about providing the best possible service for their customers. And remember that the impressions of tasteless food in by plane / long transfer from the airport / the degree of softness of the bed in hotel / towels on the beach / guide intonations dazzled with reviews most tourists, especially individual.

Beach in Dominicana Beach in Dominicana

The main resorts of the Dominican Republic

Most likely, after a brief acquaintance with the prices of rest in Dominicana, there is a dilemma: what is better to choose – 10 days in Boca Chica or a week in Punta Cana? At the cost of something goes the same way. ?

Everything is tied exclusively to your preferences.

  • Punta Cana is the number one destination for Russians. Extremely popular because of the snow-white beaches (much better than in Boca Chica) and a higher level of service in hotels. Generally, the resort is ideal for relaxation on the coast of the turquoise sea, without sorties over the territory of the hotel. Outside of it, especially in the evenings, hardly You’ll find something good: local nightclubs and bars, Of course, there is, but the issue of security is acute.
  • Boca Chica – Dominican “paradise” for the budget traveler, and with parties here more fun. However reviews claim that this place is not suitable for the first acquaintance with a country, especially if you are determined to enjoy solitude. Boca Chica is located near the capital Santo Domingo, and on weekends, crowds of local citizens flock to the beaches, after which, landscapes look, so to speak, unpresentable.
  • Puerto Plata – in price range on a par with Punta Cana, but with less tourist traffic, less white sand and often turbulent sea.
  • La Romana is a quiet, peaceful place with picturesque sea and land views. It is not popular among Russians, but dearly loved by Europeans and Americans, having a rest with small children.

Dominicana with children Dominicana with children

Price comparison from leading tour operators

Given: resort Boca Chica, hotel 3 *, stay for two for 7 days “all inclusive” with departure from Moscow (compared in summer)


  • Anex Tour – 123 591 rubles
  • Pegas – 127 100 rubles
  • Tez Tour – 133,116 rubles
  • Biblio Globus – 134 815 rubles
  • Coral Travel – 141 368 rubles

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