Tips for moving to Thailand for permanent residence with a large baggage

Moving to permanent residence in Thailand, I want to take my favorite things with me, furniture, and other items that will remind of Russia. Best and an inexpensive way to deliver cargo – by sea. To bring container with personal belongings and customs clearance, you must comply rules of Thai customs law, formalities, properly prepare the necessary documents.

Customs control in Thailand

In the rules for the movement of goods through customs Thaianet limiting by weight or size for personal property. The restrictions apply to the status of importing persons and individual groups of imported items.

Customs control of personal belongings includes several items:

  1. Check of allowing documents on the right of duty-free importation household items. The right to import personal belongings without payment customs duties are persons who have received a temporary view residence over a year or entering a permanent residence under a foreign quota in the presence of an identification card.
  2. Check the customs declaration. All things are included in the declaration. with an indication of their quantity, technical and consumer, qualities.
  3. Check for compliance with the cargo and the declaration provided in customs authority, for the presence of prohibited items and items, restricted to import.

Forbidden include:

  • narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • weapons and ammunition;
  • photo and video materials, pornographic items.
  • individual plants and animals.
  • smuggling – undeclared items and goods.

Import duties:

Subject to payment of import duties considered as a commodity, source of income:

  • New things of the same type and food in the package and in quantity clearly exceeding domestic needs;
  • items not used in everyday life – industrial equipment and spare parts to it, industrial raw materials;
  • other items that suggest their importation carried out for resale.

Commodity value must be supported by financial documents. – store checks, invoices, references. Without supporting documents customs officers independently determine the price of the goods, based on its market cost in Thailand. The amount of customs duty on import is calculated on the basis of the product code according to the classification of TN VED of Thailand.

In case of any errors in the design, personal items can be placed on a paid storage area non-cleared goods for up to 2 months.

Planning to move to Thailand and you need to transport personal things?

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