Tips for buying a motorbike in Thailand

In this article, I am ready to share information and give a couple of tips, which will be useful to those who want to buy a motorcycle in Thailand Kak in the store, and with it. This order valid for other equipment. This information may take advantage of tourists coming to rest in the country and wishing be mobile when exploring its natural attractions. Also, this information will help sell the motorcycle when leaving country. About all documents required for purchase and sale motorcycle, I will tell below.

Before you buy a bike in Thailand, it is necessary:

  • using the Internet to find a suitable model (I can suggest Excellent English-language website in Thailand);
  • Meet with the seller to inspect the motorbike.

If the bike is suitable, then the process of buying it. The renewal procedure is carried out in any store engaged in the implementation of new bikes. Buy Thai motorbike local resident Much easier than a foreigner. All the locals know what documents will be required to reissue the bike and provide Buyer required package, including:

1. Greenbook or little book in green, to which are indicated:

  • model;
  • year of issue;
  • name of the owner of the bike.

2. listing of the corresponding signed agreement for the renewal of the motorcycle;

3. a copy of Thai rights (you can international rights of the CIS countries), which include:

  • address of the seller;
  • his passport number.

When buying a motorcycle from a foreigner to both parties to the transaction you will need to get resident help at the immigration office certificate. Having decided to buy a bike in Thailand, the buyer should understand that in order to reissue it in a store you will need:

  • pay up to 1000 baht depending on the selected shop;
  • wait 7-30 days required for this process.

Bike re-registration

When re-issuing a motorbike, you can change the license plate, although This is optional. Number with the same numbers can be get for a fee. After renewal, the buyer picks up a greenbook in the store, which already has his last name.

The procedure of renewing a motorcycle to a new owner is not is required. The local resident is enough to pick up the package. documents on the bike, which then can also be transferred to the new to the buyer. With a foreign seller you will need to come to shop where it will sign as confirmation of the fact of sale. Without registering a motorcycle, the new owner can use it. For the subsequent sale of a motorbike a new owner is brought into this same store. If you do not want to buy a motorcycle in your personal use, the best idea would be to rent a bike in Thailand.

Make yourself acquired motorbike not worth it, if you are going to use it exclusively in Thailand for a while and then sell.

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