The best water parks in Turkey for children in 2019 – where to go on vacation?

So, our case is a holiday in Turkey with children. They are clearly not upset scarcity of attractions, and not all-inclusive if only this does not apply to entertainment. All inclusive on rides associated with splashing in the water, and even more so all day – Here is the ultimate dream of a child! Simply put – water park next to the sea.

So that dreams do not collapse and the spent budget justifies itself, you need to figure out where and what water park in Turkey will fit exactly for you.

Where are water parks?

  1. Alanya | Kemer | Belek | Antalya | Bodrum | Marmaris-Kusadasi-Side
  2. How to search for hotels near the water park?
  3. Which water park to choose?
  4. Reviews
  5. Our opinion: a hotel with a water park or near?

What is important for a holiday in Turkey with children?

Holidays in Turkey with children Holidays in Turkey with children

The right resort. Here you can build on age children:

  • For babies, it’s better to choose green resorts where it’s quiet and you can walk a lot without running into too active young people – Fethiye, Datca, Belek
  • Older children can go to Alanya – good sandy beaches here and boiling life in the neighborhood
  • Couples love resorts on the Mediterranean Sea (it’s warmer there): Side, Belek, Kemer, Alanya

But from the end of June on the Aegean Sea is more comfortable – the climate is drier; sea not “open”; resorts are mainly formed by coves protecting them from wind and waves – Bodrum, Datca, Didim, Kusadasi. Marmaris, actually washed by the Mediterranean but in the bay, also calm in the weather and atmosphere.

And yes, do not expect from hotels with a filling for children very low price tag and do not be afraid to pay more expensive. First of all, pay off territory, beach and food, which is significant for children’s activities; in the second – your peace of mind, because the child will always be busy with something (children’s clubs, water parks, slides, animation).

Where to buy tours?

We used to book tours on the online aggregators, among which have identified the best for themselves:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours (and here – 3% discount on tours to Turkey from 40,000 rubles)

Why? Well, first of all, I like complete independence – see ALL affordable hotels, current prices and make your choice in depending on the budget / hotelok. Secondly, they are aggregators – analyze tour bases from 120+ tour operators and are therefore capable find and promotional offers, and last minute trips and just profitable options.

How to buy a tour cheaper? Наши 10 правил >>

Water Park in Alanya

Alanya together with Antalya – mafia among resorts! Exactly there the largest flow of tourists. In Alanya, good sand beaches with golden sand, and lovers of these beaches there are many.

  • For whom? Adults and children 5+

The best water park in Alanya is Water Planet Aquapark (Vater Planets). He is the biggest in Alanya. Water park is located nearby with the sea, surrounded by its forest, and it is nice to be there Of enticing: a bungee tall with a house, an artificial river, a channel for rafting, opportunity to surf. Real slides, not counting children – about 20.

  • Price: $ 27 (including food and drinks), children under 5 years free
  • What is missing: entertainment for the most little ones. As our friend summarized, a child up to 5 years there to do there is nothing

Water Planet Aquapark Water Planet Aquapark

View of the water park Water Planet

Alanya Hotels with Water Park (or nearby)

In general, Water Planet refers to the territory of the hotel of the same name. 5* Water Planet Deluxe Hotel&Aquapark. Hotel advise both for families and for young people – animation and water slides are not boring and for adults. For guests entrance to the water park free. Prices for a weekly tour from Moscow to 2019 season – from 100,000 rubles for 2 adults and a child (all included).

You can live near the water park, but in a quieter and quality hotels:

  • 5 * Justiniano Deluxe Resort – from 110,000 rubles
  • 5 * Litore Resort – from 140 000 rubles
  • 5 * Laguna Beach Alya Resort & Spa – from 97,000 rubles

Waterpark in Kemer

A quiet holiday in Turkey with an aquapark is also possible, for example, in Kemer in the village of Kirish. Here you will not hear the bass from the nightclubs – only the sound of waves and coniferous forests.

  • For whom? Adults, children of any age

A place to shake emotions – DoluSu Park Kemer – famous water park in Kemer. Unlike most others, this water park in Turkey is still not so huge, but it doesn’t have to run to rather take a queue (and the queue is really a problem in season!).

The most extreme: cyclop, tornado, springboard, rocket (for 4 seconds, the fall rate reaches 28 km / h!), you can rest while gliding along a dark tube with light, 100 m long. There are separate area for small children with mini-slides, “polivalki” and spacious pool.

You can swim in the “aquarium” next to the marine life. Adults, grabbing adrenaline, relax on the beach, which is included in the zone? On the territory of the aqua park Dolus there is a dolphinarium.

  • Cost: $ 30 for an adult, $ 20 for a child (up to 7 years free)
  • What is missing: this year the Dolphinarium and aquarium don’t work

DoluSu water park for 2 minutes

Kemer hotels with water park

The water park is located on the territory of 5 * Daima Resort and 5 * hotels. Daima Biz – a tour for three days for 7 days will cost from 85,000 and from 90,000 rubles, respectively. For guests visiting are free!

Of the options next, but with a rating and service higher, you can highlight:

  • 5* Limak Limra Hotel&Resort – от 125 000 rubles

Waterparks in Belek

Belek is great for holidays with children: close to the airport, sandy wide beaches, greenery, silence. Mostly, there come just for the rest, not for parties, and for the sake of all inclusive.

However, those who have a good rest are sometimes willing and well. have fun. Because some of the best water entertainment collected in Belek – in the legendary water park (with the same name). Until 2017 years, and the water park Troy Aqua (Troy), but apparently the owners decided that two steep water complexes are too ?

The Land of Legends Park in Turkey The Land of Legends Park in Turkey The Land of Legends Water Park! The Land of Legends Water Park!

We visited The Land of Legends Water Park in the second half May, we drove from Side an excursion for $ 55

The Land of Legends – Water Park Legend

  • For whom? Both adults and teenagers and children

The Land of Legends Park – the best water park in Turkey! This, in principle deserved: a record number of water rides, plus a rollercoaster, which not everyone dares adult, cool daytime and evening shows, 5D cinema, shopping street … And yet – everything is new and clean. And the flooring is rough, do not flop?

Like the mega-popular amusement park, inside everything is a little more than expensive – food, water, pictures.

  • Prices: up to 4 years free, $ 48 – from 4 to 16 years, $ 60 – adult. For an additional amount – swimming with dolphins ($ 115), underwater walk ($ 77), surfing on a wave ($ 10)
  • What is missing: patience? summer queue huge! Come to the opening (10 am), or by 4 pm (slides are closed at 18:30, rides – at 23:00)

The actual address of the water park is Antalya, but on the map you can see that immediately begins the resort area of Belek.

A review of our friend, who this summer was in the Legend, read below in the comments.

Waterpark Legend in 7 minutes

Belek hotels with water park

For residents of any Rixos hotel, transfer, entrance and slides – free. And, by the way, if your goal is Turkey hotels with water park (not necessarily “professional”, but also local “mini” for daily pokatushek), know that Riksos hotels everybody wins.

Legends water park itself is located on the territory of 5 * Rixos The Land of Legends, a tour where it costs from 270 000 rubles a week for parents and baby. The hotel is gorgeous, but everything is not included here, only hb – breakfast + dinner And the beach is 2 kilometers away …

Therefore, for all inclusive (and ultra), close sun beds and free passes to the legend park is better to go to 5 * Rixos Premium Belek (tour from 230 000 rubles).

If we consider the category “near the water park, but cheaper and on the first line, “this is:

  • 5 * Kaya Belek – from 125,000 rubles
  • 5 * Green Max – from 110 000 rubles

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Roller coaster in Belek Roller coaster in Belek Waterpark in Belek Waterpark in Belek

What we liked most was the Typhoon roller coaster Coaster and water with the biggest funnel?

Waterpark in Antalya

In Antalya, a lot of entertainment, both for children and for adults, from attractions to water slides.

  • For whom? For children from 7 years; for quite small total 1 slide

Antalya Aqualand Dolphinland includes typical attractions: rivers, 100-meter slides, caves and a wave pool. Plus, the dolphinarium is for a fee, and in the evening there is a disco. The water park is literally 2-3 hours, of course, it is good for the first times, but something outstanding is not here. Adults and all bored.

Due to the low cost of entry and location in a large city there are many visitors, including and local.

  • Cost: up to 7 years free, $ 12 – adult, $ 8 dollars – children
  • What is missing: purity and originality

The water park in Antalya, known as Dedeman, in 2019 is not acts, unlike information on the Internet. Complex suffered the fire is still far away in 2013 and has not been restored.

Antalya Hotels with Water Park

The Land of Legends The Land of Legends Entrance to the water park with a bracelet Entrance to the water park with a bracelet

The land of legends

Free splashing in Aqualand can stay at 5 * Sunis Hotel Su: weekly tour for mom, dad and child – from 110,000 rubles (breakfast + dinner).

Half an hour walk from the water park there are several hotels:

  • Budget 5 * Ozkaymak Falez for Ultra All Inclusive – from 80,000 рублей
  • Rating 5 * Rixos Downtown for all-inclusive – from 110,000 rubles (+ free The Land of Legends)

Water parks in Bodrum

Cactus water park Cactus water park Cactus water park Cactus water park

Cactus water park

Bodrum is a vibrant resort with a touch of bohemian, relaxed but active: yacht clubs, night bars, parties of divers. Are located here and proven hotels with their world of water amusement rides.

  • For whom? For children from 7 years old, a couple of slides for adults

The local water park in Bodrum belongs to the network of the Cactus Hotel and referred to as the Pirates Inn Cactus. Guests of 4 hotels scattered in one area, can be free and unlimited slides. The water park is compact, and not to say that “wow!”, But quite worthy; the most interesting is the long snake-pipe around the perimeter. For kids there is a corner with a paddling pool and small slides.

The water park is built on the territory of 4 * Cactus Fleur Beach Club (tour for three – from 92,000 rubles for 7 days) – he is more youth and Party in this network. It will be quieter in 3 * Cactus Charme (from 80 000 rubles), walk to the hills for 15 minutes, but also for free.

  • Price: a person from 12 years old – $ 20, from 7 to 12 – $ 17, up to 7 years – free. You can take an all-inclusive package – $ 26, $ 21 and free, respectively
  • What is missing: for all its scale OK

One of the “giants” in Turkey is the Bodrum Aquapark water park in Bodrum. (formerly Bodrum Aqualand and Dedeman). Despite the renovation in 2018 year, he didn’t become the best, many have questions about cleanliness, safety and novelty slides. Of the interesting features of 11 slides and 8 tunnels.

  • Cost: $ 15 – adult ticket, $ 10 – from 6 to 12 years old, up to 6 years old – free
  • What is missing: stability, water park replaces the names and owners, one after another that affects maintaining his condition

Waterparks in Marmaris, Kusadasi and Side

Our holiday in Side Our holiday in Side Hotel Barut 4 stars in Side Hotel Barut 4 stars in Side

Side – a resort with many historical attractions and good family hotels. But how such a large water park is not here, there are several “parochial”, i.e. owned by hotels where guests are from outside are rare.

The most remarkable – in the hotel 5 * Dream World Aqua. Slides usual – on adults (without extreme sports) and children from 7 years old – but on the order is better than you can expect from priotelnogo water park. For small, of course, has its own fun-zone, as well as just pools with sun beds. All-inclusive weekly trip to Dreamworld for 2 adults and a child costs from 113 000 rubles (slides too “Included” :)). Nearby is a single-network 4 * Dream World Resort&Spa (от 100 000 рублей), но посещение соседнихattractions allowed for $ 15 per person.

Nashira Aquapark (located in the same 5 * Nashira Resort Hotel Aqua&Spa – от 130 000 рублей) неплох, вот только про самHotel reviews are mixed, especially in 2018. Waterpark – its kind of replacement of the sea kiddies, because entry into the water is sharp, with a stove.

Waterpark is not important? Then let’s compare which is better – Side or Kemer – by other parameters!

Or you can just see our full review of the best hotels in Side – and with a water park, and without?

Marmaris – perhaps the most pretentious of known us resorts in Turkey: yachts, old boats, coves, palm trees and lack of wild heat even in midsummer.

Where to have fun? Public Waterpark Atlantis Water Park – small, surrounded by hotel buildings. By the degree of fascination – 1-2 times, ride a rollercoaster (from 6 years), of which for adults alone, play with a child on the playground and porlaksirovat on a private beach. Clean, compact, friendly and inexpensive!

You can visit if you are based nearby, for example, in a budget 3 * Maris Beach Hotel (from 72 000 rubles for three for a week with breakfast) and 3 * Alkan (from 80,000 rubles, breakfast + dinner); or all inclusive in 4 * Lalila Blue Hotel, the former 3 * Kalemci (from 90,000 rubles), and 5 * Blue Bay Platinum (from 97,000 rubles). Go to Atlantis from afar no special meaning.

  • Cost: from 12 years old – $ 14, from 6 to 12 – $ 10.5, under 6 years old – free. When buying a ticket online 30% discount! Site:
  • What is missing: slides, there are only 8 + swimming pools

Waterpark Adaland Waterpark Adaland

Waterpark Adaland

Kusadasi is a cozy little resort that has preserved the atmosphere of antiquity in the old town, and with stunning beaches.

  • For whom? Adults, teenagers and children of any age

Here is a truly huge water park – Adaland – slides in which even adults are driven into fear (especially with loops!). If a do not take them into account, the rest are quite comfortable and good fun: long descents on the cheesecakes, jumps, jacuzzi, swimming pool for rafting, etc. On the territory there is a dolphinarium (for a separate fee).

From the hotels where you can stay: excellent, but “biting” 5 * Labranda Ephesus Princess (from 125,000 rubles for three for a week on all), and more democratic 5 * Tusan Beach Resort (from 95,000 rubles).

  • Ticket: 24 euros – from 10 years, 17 euros – 4-9 years, up to 3 years – free
  • What is missing: an inexpensive and delicious food on territories

In half an hour from Adalenda the hotel 5 * Aqua Fantasy Aquapark is spread Hotel&Spa с, как вы уже догадались, хорошим аквапарком, вwhich tourists especially note the spacious pools. Generally, quiet standard rides without a hint of adrenaline. For hotel guests slides are free (tour for three – from 120 000 rubles for 7 days), for the rest:

  • Prices: up to 3 years – for free, from 4 to 9 years – $ 17, from 10 years old – $ 19
  • What’s better? More entertaining, nevertheless, will be in Adaland

We said that Kusadasi is small … But, nevertheless, here’s another один аквапарк – Tortuga Pirate Island Theme&Water Park! Like relies on the name, is made in a tropical style that creates suitable atmosphere. Cool, everyone will like, even those parents / teenagers who cannot be dragged onto the hills – they Porlaksiruyut in the pools or on the loungers in the shade

Unlimited and free guests can stay in Tortuga lodgers 3 * Atlantique Holiday Club Hotel – all-inclusive 7 nights tour It costs from 120 000 rubles per child and 2 adults.

  • Cost: $ 15 dollars – adult, $ 8.5 – from 4 up to 11 years old, up to 3 years old – free
  • What is missing: perhaps breathtaking descents

How is it more convenient to search for hotels near water parks on the map?

Share our newly established life hack: at Level.Travel a very convenient feature appeared – hotels on the map. And no, this is not just a map with a million options, but for specific resorts / places, with prices and availability of rooms.

For example, you want to settle next to The Land of Legends. Scoring in search on Level.Travel resort – Belek, dates, people and Click “find”. Then on the side, click “expand the map”, a little away, to designate the “silhouette” of the resort … a little zamorochitsya, but, believe me, this is only to help?

  • Open Google maps, determine the water park on them and visually find this point on the map of LightTravel
  • Approaching – and all possible nearby hotels are marked in blue (where there are unsold rooms) and gray (booked)
  • When you hover and shows the cost of the tour

The main difference from Google maps: only hotels are visible, not hundreds additional designations, among which it is easy to get lost; and right away It shows the price of the voucher. So on the Level.Travel card you can to work out any water parks in Turkey.

Water Parks on Level.Travel map Water Parks on Level.Travel map

Guest reviews

1) Surprisingly, the “legendary” and large-scale “Land of the Legends” Some speak as a “normal” water park. Yes, it is huge, but similar slides and atmosphere can be found in any other good park. Yes, there are dolphin shows, 5D cinema, tigers and penguins … but all this is for a fee + queues, sizes to match the territory … It’s difficult to cover all the slides in one day – children are unlikely to satisfied. Therefore, the possibility of repeated visits (living in Rixos hotels) and, accordingly, the budget is the main criteria.

2) It is better to come to any aquapark on weekdays, since locals also want to have fun.

3) If possible, do not come during the peak season. May to June somewhere up to the 20th numbers (everywhere in different ways), the price tag is lower. And all hotels in Turkey with a water park on these dates are more or less free.

4) Often in water parks organize tours (excursions), which are the cost goes about the same as the ticket, but there is laid transportation, and some lunch in a cafe. But by the time you, of course, will be limited.

Water park for children Adaland Kusadasi Water park for children Adaland Kusadasi

Waterpark for children Adaland

Which water park is better to choose?

From the previously proposed list of water parks, we would choose between:

  • Dolus (Kemer)
  • Water Park (Alanya)
  • Adalend (Kudashasy)

Why? Because near the sea and vegetation, and not solid pipes, NO GIANT QUEENS, there are all kinds of the most popular extreme slides, a separate area for children and a price tag that pays for quality and safety.

DoluSu AquaPark DoluSu AquaPark

DoluSu Park Aquapark

What are the best water parks in Turkey?

Waterpark for children in neighboring hotels 5 * Ali Bey Resort (tour for 7 days from 160 000 rubles for parents and children) and 5 * Ali Bey Park (from 130,000 rubles) in Side, the village of Manavgat. There are many slides, swimming pools and even rafting allowed children, there is a pirate ship, amusement park and playgrounds. People are delighted and from children club with animation. No login is allowed.

We have not mentioned Fethiye yet. Sultans Aqua City – this water park here is the most worthy. It is small, but neat. Cost: $ 13 – from 16 years old, $ 11 – from 5 to 15 years old, free of charge – up to 4 years.

Excellent water park recently opened on the hotel 5 * Queen’s Park Tekirova Resort&Spa в Кемере. So far only seen positive reviews, both about the water park and the hotel. Minimum the price of a stay for 7 nights for three is from 140,000 rubles.

What to do for adults?

In many water parks, adults tend to get even more children But if you are not a fan of adrenaline, choose parks with spa area or beach access. Or try to get on the surf – children for a long time on such a “training” will not linger when around such fun, and you learn another skill.

In the aforementioned Ali Bey Club Park there is an “Adventure Park” with cable cars, where it is interesting to be adults, in the first turn.

Prices for holidays with water park – how much to take with you?

The average ticket price is $ 30 + various shows, Dolphinariums (the same number). With such activity everyone wants it is allowed to eat and carry food with you very rarely Immediately cut a slice of the budget. Burger or sandwich, on average, worth 4 dollars – not cheap, however.

How much a visit will cost, ultimately, depends on your requests. But you can always calculate approximately how we did in this article.

What else is fun for kids?

Hotels in Turkey with an aquapark immediately suggest that rest here designed for children – it will not be easy to get bored here: various children’s clubs, from where your child takes away various certificates and crafts. Many hotels offer training in tennis and football.

Almost all resorts can take a boat trip to the pirate the ship. According to the type of entertainment, they differ depending on age of “pirates”: there are shows, quests, for older children – discos and foam parties. The cost of such a walk – in the area 20 euros.

Boys can be reduced to the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Bodrum. Boy Scouts will enjoy the Köprülü National Park in Belek (alloys, ruins, river rafting). Perhaps from there you will bring more total photos and videos. There are many waterfalls and ancient cities in ruins from the time of Alexander the Great.


It’s understandable with parks, but it’s still more profitable to go to the hotel when a water park or a hotel nearby? We would, first of all, would be interested in exactly this?

If you, too, then here’s our humble opinion: the options next to water parks do not always cost less, which we have identified by each resort. Yes, they can be better and a level higher but constant “visiting” hikes for $ 15 per person (at best) … costly. We are obvious lovers of water slides and therefore are “for” a hotel with water park (but not in the situation with the super luxury hotel at The Land of Legends).

And you measure your potential (and the child)! If you have enough for Once or twice, then there is a sense and not at all attached to the location parka. And just take a tour on the spot.

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