The best resorts of Montenegro: beaches, sea, reviews

The best resorts of Montenegro: beaches, sea, reviews The best resorts of Montenegro: beaches, sea, reviews

Despite the name, Montenegro (it’s Montenegro) goes to first and foremost not far off, but for the beaches. 3 month visa free period of the season, almost no language barrier and postcard Views of Montenegro make resorts very attractive. Besides due to the small size of the country beach holiday is easily combined with sightseeing. No wonder here Traditionally, many Russian tourists.

Whether you were tempted by the low price of tours to Montenegro or decided to go on their own, first of all you need to decide: what resort choose to relax?


  1. Season
  2. Resorts:
  3. Herceg Novi | Kotor | Tivat
  4. Budva Riviera | Sveti Stefan | Ulcinj | Zabljak
  5. My tips

Montenegro resorts – when is it better to go?

My experience.

I have been to Montenegro twice as part of a long journey. in the Balkans. I liked the country the first time: compact, relatively inexpensive – and there is something to see. In the second the trip my impressions were only confirmed. I’m not a big fan purely resort leisure a la all inclusive and prefer independent rest. I was attracted to cool locations for taking pictures – And this is plenty!

Both times I was in Montenegro in April: the sun was hot, but the sea remained icy. And if you are interested in beach resorts. Montenegro, be patient until the end of spring.

Perast Perast

Monastery of Saint George near Perasta the weather.

Sunny weather sets in in the second half of May, and water – albeit cool, + 21 ° C – suitable for swimming. But the best time for this is summer. When the Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Cyprus, Greece) languish from the heat and hell in Montenegro is pleasantly warm and fresh: in July and August The Adriatic Sea warms to + 26 ° C, and the air to + 29 ° C. True, that’s when tourists flood the already cramped the beaches.

In September it gets a little colder, but until the end of the month – and in hot years and until mid-October – the water temperature does not fall below + 22 ° C. I recommend the velvet season if you want to swim, and ride on excursions without crowds.

In winter, the main resorts of Montenegro are ski resorts. Zabljak and Kolasin regions. The holiday season opens in the middle. December On the coast at this time, relatively warm (+ 10 ° C … + 12 ° C), but windy and rainy. But this is a good point for a budget trips with sightseeing purposes – prices for tours, accommodation and tickets

About tours.

Not to say that Montenegro is an iron “package” direction. Permits are – a lot and not only from Moscow. But when around so much all that is worth seeing, binding to one hotel can strain. Especially those who are “in the blood” rent a car and lay your route?

Tours are good for a familiar vacation with a daily beach, walks around the town / village and one or two outings outside. I I look for and book tours on online aggregators, it’s convenient for me – collected offers from all leading tour operators directly – and saves time:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Weekly rest in Montenegro in 2019 – during the season – minimal will cost 60,000 rubles for two. Prices for family vouchers (mom, dad, child and all inclusive) – from 120 thousand in 7 days. Not Turkey, of course.

Do not miss our article-impressions about Montenegro. Everybody there about organizing an independent trip: from tickets and recommendations hotels to rent a car.

A total of 7 major resorts-regions on the map of Montenegro. Getting started?

The path from Herceg Novi to Kotor The path from Herceg Novi to Kotor

On the way from Herceg Novi to Kotor

Herceg Novi (Herceg Novi)

Herceg Novi guidebooks called the northernmost and most green resort of Montenegro. The first is indisputable, and the second is similar to the truth: here you have both apple and peach and pomegranate trees, and bunches of grapes.

The beaches.

The beaches in Herceg Novi are mostly concrete or pebble, so it is better to go into the water in slippers.

  • A beach with large pebbles can be found, for example, near the fortress Forte Mare
  • There is a sandy beach in nearby Melina, there are a lot of them in nearby health resort Igalo – Central beach, Blatna beach, Grubach Tesoro and Stara Banya.

The beach area in the city is not wide, but extended, so that due perseverance you can find a secluded corner even at the peak of the season.


Herceg Novi is one of the most interesting cities in the country. Among local attractions:

  • Savina Monastery, whose eclectic architecture reflects its more than a thousand years of history
  • Church of the Holy Archangel Michael
  • Clock Tower – snow-white symbol of the city with a bas-relief Madonnas
  • Fortress Forte Mare and Shpagnola
  • Former Prison Bloody Tower

Council To visit religious sites, select the appropriate clothes In shorts will not be allowed even on the hottest day.

True, a tour of the city in the heat – a test of endurance: Herceg Novi is a city of steep stairs. For leisurely and relaxed the promenade is the longest in the country. On one day from Herceg Novi, it is convenient to go to Perast, Kotor and Budva. If there is Schengen, it is worth going to Croatian Dubrovnik, where in the old the city filmed “Game of Thrones”.

What is the difference?

✓ Lots of greenery

✓ Long coastline and promenade

✓ Cute center, there is something to see

✓ Hilly terrain

✓ Few sandy beaches

✓ Distance from the “rest” of Montenegro

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Kotor Kotor

I admire the view of Kotor from the fortress


In terms of historicity and beauty, Kotor is the leader of ours. list of Montenegrin resorts: its entire historical center protected by UNESCO. The city was both French and Austrian, and Bulgarian, and Serbian, but the main mark in his appearance left Venetian dominion. I Kotor seemed to be a demo version Dubrovnik – the same magnificent architecture, but Streets Already, the scope is smaller, but relatively inexpensive.


In my opinion, it is better to just walk around Kotor rather than run from point to point. But I still offer a list of the main locations:

  • Cathedral of St. Trifon
  • Churches: St. Luke, St. Anne, St. Mary
  • City gates: Sea (main), South (Gurdich) and North (River)

Council A lot of tourists come to the city for the day from cruises, therefore, to avoid the crowds, go for a walk early in the morning.

But the most impressive seemed to me not even Kotor itself, but the view of Bay from the top of the fortress of St. John. Over the steep climb The stairs from the old city from April to October will have to pay € 8. But nearby is a more comfortable and gentle climb, free. I share the coordinates of the beginning of the trail: 42.427190, 18.773376.

Kotor Kotor

Church of the Virgin Health, Kotor

The beaches.

Kotor is a large and developed city, so with shops, cafes and other infrastructure is no problem. But good places to beach holiday is not found, on the contrary is the port that affects the purity of the water.

  • On foot you can walk to the beach in the nearby village of Kindness – this several km of pebble and concrete areas with dressing rooms, toilets, loungers
  • By public transport you can get to the sand and pebble Morinj beach, pebble beaches in Risan and Orahovac or concrete in Peraste

In Perast, it is worth going for the sake of the islands of Gospa od Škrpela and St. Georia – in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

What is the difference?

✓ UNESCO protected Old Town

✓ Cool bay views

✓ Developed urban infrastructure

✓ Many tourists, including those coming on a cruise. liners

✓ Absence of places for beach rest in the city and sandy ones. beaches in its vicinity

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When I was preparing for the first trip, I caught my eye a review that hit the memory: “Arriving at Tivat airport, vacationers immediately realized that something had gone wrong. ”

If expressed tolerantly, the main air traffic of the country is slightly pumped up. This is a former military airfield converted into a civilian airport, so its size does not allow to adequately deal with summer flow of tourists – and most charter flights arrive exactly here. Walking from the plane to the airport building, stock up Patience and do not judge by it the city, and even more so the country.

Council Directly at the airport Tivat bus stops No, but you can go on the road, go about a hundred meters to the left until stop and “catch” the bus in the right direction.


Although Tivat was founded before our era, authentic appearance and monuments of architecture, he can not boast. Recommend look at the Bucha Palace, but, in my opinion, it rather reminds overgrown mansion (forgive me, Montenegrins!) and not very is interesting.

Much more curious about the modern landmark – Porto Montenegro (Porto Montenegro), a mini-town with a mooring for yachts, luxury accommodation and hotel: feel in Monaco!

The beaches.

In the city itself, the beach area is not long and covered with small pebbles, and there are sharp rocks in the sea, so without slippers get along.

  • The nearest sand and pebble beach is 2 km from the city, on Cape Seljanovo, and the full-fledged sandy beach of Donja Lastva – in 3 km
  • 5 km from the center there is a well-equipped Kalardovo beach, suitable for families with children: the entrance to the sea is smooth, there is children’s and sports grounds and you can watch the soaring by airplanes
  • A little further is the Island of Flowers with a dilapidated Monastery of Archangel Michael and wild small pebble beaches

In general, Tivat is pleased with the absence of height differences, quite good infrastructure and the availability of places for walking with a child. Other him advantages – proximity to the airport and convenient traffic with all the resorts.

What is the difference?

✓ Emerging resort

✓ Relatively uncrowded

✓ Most beaches are outside the city.

✓ Airport nearby

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Budva Budva

Budva (Becici and Rafailovich)

Budva – perhaps the most popular resort among Russians. Even not in season, our speech is often heard here, but since July to August, it turns into a branch of the Krasnodar Territory: beaches crowded, like Sochi in Soviet times. Budva is a great place for lovers of parties and beach parties. Nightlife Center – old town and promenade.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you can consider less populous villages in the neighborhood – Becici and Rafailovici. In the first mainly hotels, better established transport links and better conditions for family holidays – there is rides and water park. In the second – more mini-hotels and apartments, fewer people and more affordable prices.

The popularity of Budva is explained by the “central” position: it is convenient to get from here both towards the Bay of Kotor and to the southern coast, and inland – in the capital and national parks.


In the city itself, there is also something to see:

  • The Citadel (Fortress of St. Mary). Admission – € 3,5, view on the city, inside there is a small museum
  • Church of St. John with the miraculous icon of Budva Virgin
  • Fortress walls. Entrance fee, € 2
  • Monastery Subostrog – the former residence of the Montenegrin Metropolitans, free
  • Ruined fortress Morgen, free
  • Monument to the Ballerina (42.277664, 18.835115) – one of the symbols Budva, which makes cool photos on the background of the city

The beaches.

But the main secret of the attractiveness of Budva is a big choice. the beaches with which she will plug many beach resorts Montenegro.

Location Coating Additional Information
Jaz 6 km from Budva in the direction of Tivat, buses run Sand and pebbles Large grocery store nearby, restaurants
Kamenevo 2 km from Becici, 6 km from Budva, you can walk or drive on the shuttle bus Sand and pebbles Wild beach, there is a cafe nearby
Morgen 1.5 km from the center of Budva. Includes two beaches – Morgen I and Morgen II, the second is usually more free, but in the season both are loaded Sand and pebbles Sun beds and umbrellas, showers and changing rooms, cafes
Slovenska beach The main beach of Budva, so the season is usually crowded. Sandy coating with pebble and concreted areas Changing rooms, bars and cafes, children’s playgrounds. Right behind the beach – Budva Embankment
Becici and Rafailovici Along the coastal line of townships Wide sand and pebble beaches Sun beds, cafes and restaurants along the beach

What is the difference?


✓ Cheap tours

✓ Many beaches in Budva Riviera

✓ Convenient for trips to other cities

✓ Nightlife: suitable for young people, but bad for secluded recreation

✓ Симпатичный старый город

✓ Туристическая перегруженность в сезон (особенноtourists, compatriots)

Becici and Rafailovici

✓ Proximity to Budva (with pluses like infrastructure and minuses like heaps of holidaymakers)

✓ Wide beach

✓ Waterpark and attractions for children

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Sveti Stefan

Fortress and old houses on St. Stephen’s Island the middle of last century turned into a hotel complex, which became the most luxurious holiday destination in Montenegro. Guests of the island hotel were Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, as well as members of royal families UK and the Netherlands.

Elite neighborhood imposes imprint on the resort village Sveti Stefan, located near the island: on average, prices in one and a half times higher than in Montenegro. Let’s say the most cheap tour for two (flight + accommodation without meals) for 7 days in June 2019 in Budva costs 50 thousand rubles, in Sveti Stefan – 65 thousand. The same applies to the cost of food, the menu of restaurants and other services.

Council The relief at the village is hilly, if not ready for daily climb and descend steep stairs, choose housing closer to by the sea.

On the other hand, the price barrier reduces the flow of tourists, and even in the season here is not crowded.

The beaches.

Beaches of Sveti Stefan:

  • Small pebbled, to the left of the isthmus connecting the island with the coast. There are free zones, sunbed – € 15-30
  • To the right of the isthmus and the Royal Beach in Milocer, mandatory sunbed and umbrella rental – € 75-100
  • Sandy-pebble in the nearby town of Pržno, owned by hotels, for the entrance will have to pay


There are relatively few other leisure options in Sveti Stefan:

  • Admire from the side of the island of Sveti Stefan: get inside hotels can only his guests or booked a table in local restaurant
  • Stroll through the Milocersky Park – the former botanical garden royal family
  • Look into the monastery of Praskavitsa, built in the XVII century

Council According to reviews of tourists, the best institution in the vicinity Sveti Stefan – Restaurant Drago.

What is the difference?

✓ Higher prices than in the rest of Montenegro

✓ Beautiful views

✓ Some of the least loaded beaches

✓ Lack of evening leisure and nightlife

✓ Hilly terrain, constant ups and downs, steep stairs to the beach

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Ulcinj is the southernmost city and center of the Albanian community: even road signs here are written in two languages. Ulcinj East coloring, the main contingent of tourists – Albanians and Bosnians. There are few Russians here, but if you are primarily interested in the sea and resorts of Montenegro with sandy beaches, then I recommend a closer look.

The beaches.

South of Ulcinj is the country’s longest beach – Large beach (Velika Plaza) with a length of about 13 km, where there is place even in high season. It is known not only for its length, but also coating – black volcanic sand that looks like cement crumb.

Coating Additional Information
Estuary I Pebbles Almost wild beach, relatively few holidaymakers
Estuary II Pebbles and concrete slabs Toilets, changing rooms, showers, free parking
Small beach Black sand The main beach of the city, due to the fact that in season crowded and dirty. Gently sloping
Women’s beach Concrete entrance to rocky water Known hydrogen sulfide source with healing properties. entrance only for women, cost – € 2 (along with a sunbed and umbrella, late in the evening you can go all and free)
Beach hotel “Albatross” Stone slabs, rocky bottom, ladders to enter the water Sun beds and umbrellas. Part of the beach – nudist
Great beach (Velika Plaza) Black volcanic sand Wide and long, opportunities for riding on a water bike, kiting, parasailing and other sports

On average, rest in Ulcinj is cheaper than in other parts. Montenegro. However, getting to him from the airports of Tivat and Podgorica is longer and more difficult. There are few leisure options: it’s still provinces.


Due to the remoteness of Ulcinj, a trip around the country without a car difficult, but it is convenient to get to Lake Skadar (personally I was not impressed and seemed more like a place for a picnic than object of tourist interest).

Or you can go to the Albanian city of Shkoder, where I recommend the fortress of Rozafa and the curved bridge of the month. Fortunately, in the summer for Visits to Albania Russians do not need a visa.

In Ultsin itself it is worth walking through the old town and see The citadel, where he was in custody Cervantes. It was there he Invented the image of Dulcinea Tobos – Don Quixote’s beloved.

What is the difference?

✓ Water gets warm a little earlier.

✓ Long strip of beaches and their diversity.

✓ Farthest away from the airport, inconvenient for excursions

✓ Oriental flavor and proximity to Albania

✓ Do not mess up – everything is decorous and quiet.

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Tara Canyon Tara Canyon

Canyon of the Tara River from the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge


Zabljak – the only one of the resorts I consider is not on by the sea. It is located in the depths of the country at an altitude of 1456 meters, which makes it the highest city of the Balkans. By Russian standards This is a very tiny town, which can be bypassed on foot. At the same time, he has all the necessary infrastructure: a cafe, shops, bakeries and hotels.

Zabljak is a year-round resort: in the summer lovers come here nature and trekking, in winter – skiers and snowboarders. Two work ski slope: on the mountains Yavorovacha and Savin Kuk. First with 800 m long slopes suitable for beginners Price per day for ski pass in 2018-2019 – € 8 for an adult and € 5 for a child. The second one with a length of 3500 meters interesting, but the ski pass is expensive – € 12 and € 8, respectively.

Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge Dzhurdzhevicha

There are no attractions in Zabljak itself, but it is located on territory of the national park Durmitor, so in its vicinity a lot of beautiful places. Among them:

  • The Tara River Canyon is the second longest canyon in the world; through the territories of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the river incredible turquoise color
  • Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge – an elegant and at the same time majestic bridge across Tara, the highest road bridge in Europe
  • Black Lake – the most famous of the 18 glacial lakes of the massif Durmitor
  • Cape Churevac – the highest point of the canyon

Council If you, like me, love extreme impressions, zipline ride near the Dzhurdzhevich bridge. I chose more a long route for € 20 (there is an even shorter for € 10) and not regretted the money spent.

What is the difference?

✓ Year-round resort with ski slopes and picturesque by nature

✓ Natural and man-made landmarks in surroundings

✓ To view them comfortably or get to the ski trails, you need to rent a car or negotiate services transportation with local

Perast Perast Perast Perast

Types of Perast

Choosing a resort in Montenegro – my advice to tourists

More often Montenegro is chosen for a beach holiday, which, on the one side, strange: there are few sandy beaches and no resort hotels – but pretty towns, delicious food and warm sea, and nature as if created to admire the views from the lounge chair sipping wine from the glass. Yes, and themselves in the south-leisurely Montenegrins, about laziness which in the Balkans go stories and anecdotes, set relaxed pace.

Finally, I’ll tell you what it’s worth being ready for, relaxing in Montenegro:

  • Montenegro is not an all inclusive country: behind the combination rest on the sea with a buffet is better to go to a proven Turkey
  • Montenegrins smoke a lot, so periodically have to put up with cigarette smoke
  • Roads, especially not in the coastal part of the country, are narrow and meandering. Serious traffic jams occur during repairs. Keep this in mind when planning your route and stock up on pills. from motion sickness
  • From July to August, a lot of tourists come to the country. Get ready for the queues and crowds of people on the beach or plan a trip for another time. By the way, if you come not in Season, you can swim and sunbathe on many “hotel” beaches is free

But these shortcomings did not bother me at all, but recalling incredible landscapes and delicious food, I want to Montenegro again. Have a great vacation!

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