The best resorts in Spain – where to relax in 2019 year?

Popular resorts and cities in Spain 2018 - where better to relax? Popular resorts and cities in Spain 2018 - where better to relax?

“Mutuo Amor”, or “love that is mutual.” Just so spanish describe the attitude of Russian tourists to the country of bullfighting, endless beaches and resorts with the prefix “Costa”.

Spain is not without reason remains a long-term leader of the domestic tourist traffic. Since 2016, its coast has been visited by more than three Millions of holidaymakers from Russia – a number comparable to statistics outbound tourism in Thailand, the UAE, Vietnam and island China for the same period.


  1. Season
  2. Catalonia resorts
  3. Costa Brava | Costa Dorada | Costa del Maresme
  4. Southeast Coast
  5. Costa Blanca | Costa Tropical | Costa del sol
  6. Balearic Islands
  7. Ibiza | Mallorca | Menorca
  8. Canary Islands (Tenerife)
  9. San Sebastian
  10. Who where?
  11. Where to find vouchers?
  12. Resorts on the map

When is it better to go? Season in Spain

The climate in this country is milder than in Turkey or Tunisia, but the average water temperature at the height of July is slightly lower than that of the besieged Rhodes tourists in Greece or Larnaca in Cyprus – + 24 ° С … + 26 ° С.

You can open the swimming season on the east coast of Spain already in the first half of June, when the water temperature in the Mediterranean the sea warms up to + 23 ° С. However, it does not happen at all. resorts; Mostly, Costa Blanca gets “hotter” and Costa Tropical. Since July, the others are catching up, incl. and popular Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

May is not the season of a full-fledged beach holiday, but this month is perfect for active youth or budget travelers: before the official start of the European season vacations in 3 * hotels in Barcelona, you can still grab rooms for 50 Euro for two per night.

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Lloret De Mar Coast Lloret De Mar Coast Lloret De Mar Castle Lloret De Mar Castle

Catalonia resorts (near Barcelona)

Quality beach holiday in Spain in the representation of many tourists – it is a holiday on the Catalan coast. Thanks the status of an autonomous commune, Catalonia was little affected by the elemental the influx of migrants from North Africa, which began in the 70s years of the last century, therefore, it is here that some of the most eco-friendly resorts on the Mediterranean.

Historically, the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada resorts flocked wealthy French, Germans, British, Portuguese, Spaniards themselves from the northern regions of the country. So far, they come here not only for the warm sea and hotels with high-rated comfort, but also for cultural tourism, wine routes and the cleanest beaches all over Spain.

  • It is interesting:
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Lloret de Mar Lloret de Mar Costa Brava Lloret de Mar Costa Brava Lloret de Mar

Costa Brava

Two of the most famous and best resort of Catalonia are named Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. They are equidistant from the Catalan capital Barcelona, but very different from each other in the quality of the beaches and price segment.

Located north on the map and closer to the French border, Costa Brava corresponds to its name “Wild Coast”. Here more lost beaches, rocky cliffs with pine trees and almost each bay you can see the remains of ancient outposts. Beaches Costa Brava sandy, but the sand on them is more like crushed pebbles.

The most popular holiday destinations on the Costa Brava are considered:

  • The bay of Lloret de Mar, which is famous for its beach parties for European youth 17-25 years. Rest is here centered around the beaches of Lloret, Fenals and Santa Cristina.
  • The city of Palamos, the center of attraction for divers and fans outdoor activities on the Costa Brava.
  • Party center Playa d’Aro, where in the summer season are going novice yachtsmen from around the world. An ideal place to rent a yacht for the whole family for a reasonable price (from € 60 per hour).
  • The wine-growing region of Roses, the northernmost resort of the Costa Brava, which is still little mastered by tourists from Russia. This city is quieter southern neighbors and famous Michelin restaurants, where they cook fresh seafood.

Costa Brava’s cultural must-visit is the old center of Girona, botanical garden in Calella de Palafrugell and photogenic fishing village in Blanes. Separate attraction – house-museum Salvador Dali in Figueres (entrance € 14).

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Costa Brava Costa Brava

Gran Beach – a lot of holidaymakers, but the place can always be found (Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava)

(Photo courtesy of Rodomaster traveler –

Costa dorada

Costa Dorada, or the Gold Coast of Spain, is located to the south, in an hour and a half from Barcelona. This place got its name over the 200-kilometer strip of beaches with fine yellow sand and gentle by calling. Therefore, for holidays with children, this part of the Catalan coast fits more than the neighboring resort of Costa Brava.

  • Some of the quietest beaches on the Costa Dorada can be found in Cambrils and El Perello. Here all the conditions for recreation from the metropolis: well-groomed municipal beaches, fields for golf courses, long proms and dozens of bars with homemade wine.
  • Another destination for a quiet holiday by the sea is the resort. Mont-Roc del Camp with a 12-meter long Miami Platja beach kilometers The main attraction of the town is considered Bull area, where you can live to watch the bullfight.
  • One of the youngest resorts of the Costa Dorada La Pineda is perfect Suitable for a beach holiday in Spain. For kids here is equipped A huge town with animations and restaurants with a children’s menu.
  • The city of Salou is known for its amusement park. “Port Aventura”, which is called the Spanish “Disneyland”. A visit to the park is not cheap (€ 55 per person), but worth it money is a pleasure.
  • A large proportion of the tourist flow here falls on the resort Tarragona is an open-air museum town. Romans survived here Forum of the I century and the ruins of a Roman amphitheater of the II century AD, architecture of the era of the Carthaginians and Visigoths. Main the sights of the city can be seen for free, the entrance to City Cathedral and some museums – up to € 3 per person

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Costa del Maresme

For those who are not going to rent a private car, but wants to explore as many sights of eastern Spain, it makes sense to stay on the Costa del Maresme. it 50km beach zone between the resorts of the Costa Dorada and Costa Brava, which starts less than 20 kilometers from Barcelona

The advantage of this part is that the Costa del Maresme – the “golden” middle of the price segment of Catalonia: so, in Malgrat de Mar you can book a 3 * hotel on the first line from sea at a modest price for Spain.

  • For family holidays, the best resorts are Malgrat de Mar – there are nice beaches with a gentle shore and there are free transfer to the water park “Marineland” (adult ticket € 24, children and preferential – € 15).
  • The tourist suburb of Barcelona – Pineda de Mar – more suitable for adult travelers, because on the local beach without constraints sunbathe nudists. The sandy strip is wide here, but there are practically no shoals, so it’s better for families with children choose neighboring cities, for example, Santa Susanna, one of the most quiet Catalan cities. The sand on the beach is very fine, the entrance the sea is shallow, the water is clear and transparent.
  • For those who want to share a holiday on the urban and beach, Calella will do. It is only an hour from Barcelona, but boasts well-groomed beaches and cheap hotels.
  • If you are planning to combine a holiday vacation with travel in Spain, you can stay in the city of Premia de Mar, where along coastline laid railway Mataro-Barcelona. it the closest resort to the large water park Illa Fantasia c extreme slides for adults and zone animations for children
  • Adults will be more interesting to visit the big city of Mataro – a shrine for budget shopping fans. Local Outlets arrange sales in the middle of each season (June 10-26, 15-30 October), so many tourists and the Spaniards themselves come there, To devote the day to the choice of upgrades.

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Other Southeast Coast Resorts

Spain Spain

The following three Costa – Blanca, Tropic and del Sol – on the map located closer to the south of the country (and Africa). So, it’s hotter here land and more “in Spanish”, because insisting on her individuality of Catalonia gives way to Valencia and Andalusia.

Costa blanca

To the south of the Catalan borders, the “Gold” shore becomes the “White” begins a strip of beaches belonging to the Costa Blanca.

Its resort capital, Benidorm, is the most sought-after place for property purchases from Spaniards with above-average earnings, but Costa Blanca coast loved not only local. On the coastal Torrevieja resort foreigners from France, Czech Republic, UK and Germany is almost half the population, and it is here lives the largest Russian-speaking community in Spain.

Those planning their trip to the Costa Blanca are worth remember that holidays in Benidorm and the resort of Alicante are typically urban. In search of solitude will have to go beyond the city hell:

  • to Granadella Bay (pebble beach with rocks, great for for divers)
  • moraira bay to el portet beach (shallow beach 350 meters long, suitable for families with children)
  • to the Santa Pola Lagoon to Lisa and Tamarit beaches (the best beaches for windsurfing and kitesurfing in mainland Spain)
  • or to the Guardamar Lagoon (beach length 10 kilometers, surrounded by coniferous forest).

Benidorm’s good urban beaches are considered to be Levante and Poniente, Alicante – San Juan Beach and Postiguet, but found on them place in high season will not be easy. From the reviews of tourists should that you can look at the area of Calpe, where an order of magnitude calmer and more space.

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Costa Blanca Costa Blanca

Las Colinas Golf and Country Club (Costa Blanca)

(Photo courtesy of DouglasFalkirkregion traveler –

Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical – a little-known Russian tourists resort in the south Spain (because you have to go on your own), but popular with Europeans. Still, this is the warmest region in the mainland Spain!

You can swim from the 10th of June until the middle of October. (+ 21 ° C … + 24 ° C), and the air temperature all year round is not below + 10 ° C. Convenient to get from Malaga airport (which is Costa del Sol), and – Tropical – the closest place to it with guaranteed warmed up by sea

  • Almunecar and Salobreña – main destinations – with developed infrastructure, picturesque and hilly. Two hours by car – Granada and the National Park of Sierra Nevada.

The only negative: resort cities are not with sandy beaches, but pebble. Moreover, five star hotels are not strong Costa Tropic, they are not here at all. But there are decent and most importantly, budget “triples” – from € 70 per night for two.

In general, the Costa Tropic is universal, it is also chosen for outdoor activities, and for the beach.

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Costa del sol

The Spanish coast south of the Costa Blanca can only be conditionally called European. Proximity to the African continent and high mountain massif formed near the southernmost resorts of the country – Marbella and Malaga – tropical microclimate. It’s almost 300 days here year the sun shines; water in the sea Alboran by the summer warms up to + 25 ° C … + 26 ° C, but periodically diluted with cold currents.

Marbella is considered one of the most expensive resorts: in the local The Golden Mile is inhabited by world celebrities, so for tourists with an average budget, it makes sense to look at apartment hotels and rental apartments.

There are significantly fewer holidaymakers from Russia than in neighboring countries. Costa Blanca and Costa del Maresme, but more visitors from the United States. Landscapes of this part of the coast are very reminiscent of California: long promenades, palm tree highways, beaches with American music and theme parties (Bounty Beach, Nikki Beach and Playa) Hermosa).

Between Malaga and Marbella there are dozens of settlements that 15 years ago were authentic fishing villages, and today these are noisy resorts:

  • Torremolinos, where it is better to rest in the area of Carihuela, if you want measured beach holiday, because this is a typical party a town where DJs and young people come every weekend Europe
  • Fuengirola Yacht Port is a more conservative resort for older campers, typically touristy, crowded with hotels and cafes
  • Finally, the most “family” of the resorts of the Costa del Sol – Benalmadena, where you can swim on a virtually deserted beach Benalmadena Costa and stroll through the colorful palaces Castillo de Colomares and Moorish Palace Bill-Bill

If your plans do not have a car rental point, it will be more convenient stay in Malaga itself, the transport hub of the province of Andalusia, where commuter trains go to Seville (adult ticket € 8), Granada (€ 5) and Gibraltar (€ 12).

The length of the beach line in Malaga is less than in Marbella (14 kilometers), therefore municipal beaches are located more compactly to each other and go a solid line along the city promenade.

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Resorts in the Balearic Islands

Few have heard of the Balearic Islands in general, but everyone knows their local names. Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza – yes, yes, this is the one the most nook in the Mediterranean where concentrated and wild a party gathering tourists from all over the world and the best beaches for recreation with children.


An island that never sleeps and won’t let anyone sleep visiting tourists, this is Spanish Ibiza. “Club season” (May-August) on this island of the Balearic archipelago replaces “velvet season” (September – October), the winter comes short calm, the time of divers and windsurfers, and in the spring all starts on a new one.

The resort towns in Ibiza are located tightly to each other. Length islands from north to south are only 40 kilometers, and travel between They can be on public transport:

  • The south coast is the noisiest part where casinos are based, clubs with electronic music and diving schools known in Spain. AT The suburb of the city of Ibiza of the same name, Talamanca region, also has children’s schools for swimming, water sports and water park Aqualandia (entry € 12);
  • North Coast – solid beaches with thematic parties. For example, the beach Benirass received the glory of Mecca for all Hippie culture followers.
  • The resort of Santa Eulalia on Wednesdays and Fridays year-round there is also a hippy fair. This place is one of the few on an island that is suitable for a quiet and even family holiday – in There are a lot of views, museums and family parties with children’s animation.

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Ibiza Ibiza

Cala Bassa beach – the sea as in the picture, azure-blue, clear, can see the fish (ibiza)

(Photo courtesy of the FM883PJ traveler –


East of Ibiza is the legendary island of Mallorca, the name which is translated as “big island”.

But the peace and quiet with which we associate the word “Majorca”, on the coast is not easy to find, because every year the island Visited to 8 million tourists. Unlike Ibiza, Mallorca is sharpened just for a comfortable family vacation – in August and September resorts resemble a European kindergarten with animators on the boardwalk and parties for children.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive holiday article in Mallorca – accommodation. In the high season, August, prices for Palma de Mallorca hotels increased two to three times compared with mainland Spain. Behind rent of an umbrella and lounger on the city beach of Palma Can-Pere-Anthony have to pay € 10 per day compared to a price tag of € 3-5 per the mainland.

  • The noisiest city for parties in Mallorca – Magalluf, center safe nightlife where many visitors from the UK and Germany
  • Less lively, with good sea and cultural attractions – Alcudia. This is the best resort for children – shallow shore, clean sand, water parks, zoos and a scattering of hotels all inclusive

We also recommend visiting the seaside town of Port de Soller with old tramway along the boardwalk, a fortress in the village Valldemossa and La Seu Gothic Cathedral on the waterfront the city of Palma.

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Despite its proximity to Mallorca, the second largest island The Balearic archipelago of Menorca is very different from its “older sisters “both in noise level and in popularity among tourists. The reason is that the island is entirely under the protection of UNESCO as a unique biosphere complex, therefore it is forbidden to build hotels and hotels above three floors, and the color of the walls of all buildings must fit into the overall color scheme of the landscape.

Menorca is mostly chosen by lovers of quiet relaxation and solitude. resort cities, which are abundant here, for example, Kala Galdana on the central coast, Cala en Porter in the south of the island.

The absolute must-visit of Menorca – the so-called cove with soaring Cala Macarella: the water there is so clear that sailing on her yacht visible shadows that they cast to the bottom seas.

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Canary Islands (Tenerife)

Finally, the main Spanish resort “from the picture” is the Canary Islands. islands in the atlantic ocean. Each of the seven islands of this the chain deserves a separate description: if at the very east of they, Lanzarote, fit more than three hundred extinct volcanoes and few beaches available for swimming, then neighboring Gran Canaria and Tenerife immersed in hotels, green and photogenic beaches.

  • Many visitors are shocked by black volcanic culture shock. beaches of Tenerife El Médano, Taganana, Socorro, Playa Arena
  • On the islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, a lot of natural “water parks” – pools with warm salt water, which are local residents call the word “charcos”
  • Fuerteventura Island boasts a beach strip and golden sand, and on the island of La Palma is located one of the most most frequently photographed lagoons in the world – blue lagoon charco Azul

The holiday season in the Canary Islands is open here for all year, the warmest water in September and October (+ 23 ° С… + 24 ° С), in January and February it cools to + 19 ° С.

Prices for tours to the Canary Islands

Interestingly, Gran Canaria and Tenerife are not the most expensive resorts in Spain.

  • In 2019, the minimum price of trips to the Canary Islands in the summer – 95 000 rubles per week for two. Cheaper to fly in April-May: a little cooler, but from 75-80 000 rubles
  • For comparison, in May 3 * hotel for two – from € 240 / week (≈19 000 rubles), and the flight – from 18 000 rubles for one round trip. Do you feel the benefits of independence? ?

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San Sebastian

Bilbao (next to San Sebastian) Bilbao (next to San Sebastian)

It didn’t come to San Sebastián, but we were in Bilbao (only 100 km)

One of the few resorts in Spain that is not in Mediterranean, and on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and just 18 kilometers from the french border on the northwest coast Spain

The waters of the Bay of Biscay are warmer here less than in Mediterranean – up to + 22 ° С in July, so the seasonal excitement, as on resorts of the southern coast, here is less common. But for Surfers local waves and cool water – one of the most convenient locations all over the Atlantic coast (most of all surfing are engaged on the city beach Playa de Zuriolla).

You can get to San Sebastián from Madrid – 5 hours by train for € 12. Local hotels are considered expensive for accommodation, so most tourists prefer to stay in pensions second to third lines.

The sand in this part of the Spanish coast is shallow, oceanic, in 10-20 meters from the coastal strip at the bottom you can see large fragments of corals that the Gulf Stream conveys here. Of There are two most photogenic urban beaches: the bay Playa de la Concha crescent-shaped and more shallow beach Playa de Hondaretta, which is suitable for families with children.

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Where better to relax in Spain?

Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona Cathedral in Barcelona

Much has been said and written, it remains only to summarize and summarize and structured run through resort locations and their “purpose”.

So, the top places where it is better to rest in Spain depending on composition / objectives:

Holidays in Spain with children

  • With budget kids – Costa Dorada (Salou, Cap Salou, Cambrils) – from $ 73,000
  • Middle – Costa Blanca (Calpe), Costa Tropical (Almunecar) – from 100 000 Rub
  • above average – Mallorca (Alcudia) – from 82,000 ₽

Youth recreation

  • budget – Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar, Blanes), Costa del Maresme (Calella) – from $ 57,000
  • Middle – Costa Blanca (Benidorm, Alicante) Barcelona, Costa del Sol (Torremolinos, Malaga), Canaries (Tenerife) – from 60 000 ₽
  • above average – Mallorca (Magaluf), Ibiza – from 66 000 ₽

Beach holiday

  • budget – Costa Dorada (Salou, La Pineda), Costa del Maresme (Santa Susanna), Costa Brava (Blanes) – from 57 000 ₽
  • medium – Costa Blanca (Calpe, Benidorm), Costa Tropical (Almunecar, Salobreña) – from 68 000 ₽
  • above average – Mallorca – from 66 000 ₽

Last-minute tours to Spain in 2019. Where to buy vouchers?

By the way, cheap tours to resorts in Spain are not even rare and they are caught mainly in September-October and April-May. In the summer – in the highest season – are less common, but there is a chance (and even more than in Turkey, because visa direction).

We always use online aggregators – they are satisfied with prices. (directly from tour operators), and the very concept of self search vouchers, without imposing.

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These services work with databases of more than 120 tour operators and because they are able to quickly find all that is interesting and beneficial – on Any dates and for any “Wishlist.”

Spain resorts on the map

In case you thought too many strangers names, and indeed for clarity – these are the resorts of Spain on map ↓

And here is a map of Spain with resort cities ↓

Spain resorts on the map Spain resorts on the map

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