The best excursions in Dubai – prices and our experience in 2019

Excursions in Dubai: where to go, what to see and how to to a non-budgetary country, economically (but qualitatively) to rest. Collected Our experience, friends and members of the forum. Actual? Then read.

Input data. We were in the UAE 3 times: the first – in the already distant 2014 in Ras Al Khaimah, the second – in the winter of 2018 in Dubai, the third – in December in Sharjah.


  1. The best tours in Dubai – summary table
  2. Overview of Dubai | Safari | Abu Dhabi Overview
  3. Burj Khalifa | Night Dubai | Hatta
  4. Oman | Helicopter flight | Six Emirates
  5. Where else?
  6. Where to buy excursions?

Prices and description of the best tours in Dubai

Best (by reviews) entertainment in short. The short-list includes:

Title Description Cost of Where is more profitable?
Abu Dhabi Trip to the capital with a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the park Ferrari. $ 120-150 $ 50-75 (if only the mosque) In place
Dubai sightseeing Tourists insist on taking individual excursions (not the bus, and the car). Without haste, soap and nerves attractions. $ 25-35 – per person $ 220-250 – per excursion (if only your by company) In place
6 emirates Opportunity to grasp the immense day: ✓ Dubai ✓ Sharjah ✓ Ajman ✓ Umm al-Quwain ✓ Ras al-Khaimah ✓ Fujairah + Indian ocean. $ 80- $ 100 On Sputnik ($ 80)
Desert Safari Evening Jeep / Camel mini desert trip – a dream Extreme $ 50- $ 55 On Sputnik ($ 45)
Hop-on hop-off bus Modern version of group tour: you look at the city from the height of the two-storey bus, listening to the audio guide in Russian, if you wish, you go out and come in. Blue bass runs along the promenade, and red – in the city. $ 65-70 On GetYourGuide ($ 66)
Dhow Walk – Arab Boat Swim in the Creek Bay or Marina and dine. $ 55-65 At Thripster ($ 55)
Burj Khalifa Climb to the tallest building in the world. The minimum “set” – 124 and 125 floors – from $ 40 On GetYourGuide – the official seller of Burj Khalifa tickets. Here is also available combo – tower and aquarium for $ 58

More on each tour in Dubai and about prices in 2019 tell ↓. And even below, who are interested, make a list with rates of the same excursions from tour operators that “push” in hotels

Safari day Safari day Dubai Marina Dubai Marina

Dubai Desert Safari / Obzorka – Dubai Marina

Our experience of traveling to Dubai – how to save on trips?

Dubai, like all Emirates, is not budget. Thank you, cap :) Therefore relevant and it would not be superfluous to save. Pro tickets, accommodation and package tours – already painted. And how to look for cheap tours?

Here’s how to bring down the price tag:

  • Choose in English – there are many great things on GetYour Guide offers – both for excursions and tickets – but for first you need to know the language
  • Book in advance and online; good services – Satellite and Thripster
  • Do not take offers from tour operators (even from Anex Tour or Biblio Globus). As a rule, the tour operator overcharges excursions.
Fountains at Dubai Mola Fountains at Dubai Mola Burj Al Arab Burj Al Arab

Fountain in front of Burj Khalifa / Burj Al-Arab

Dubai City Tour

When they say “the best tours in Dubai”, this comes to mind overview. Suitable option if you:

1) for the first time in a city / country

2) there is little or almost no time for inspection of iconic places

3) stayed in Sharjah – from there it is the most running

Includes Dubai’s key attractions: artificial the island of Palma (where the largest water park), rich in mansions and yacht district Dubai Marina, the largest shopping center of the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa skyscraper and a number of other structures.

Price: adult – about $ 30, children – $ 25.Individual (for a 4-seater car): $ 200-230 (many reviews on Thripster).

But! The check may increase depending on your geolocation. So, let’s say the cost of a similar group excursion from sharjah to dubai starts from $ 55.

Duration: 6 hoursReview-thesis: Gallop. But you have time to inspect all that is needed.

If you decide to cope with the city yourself, we can recommend our article impressions from a trip to Dubai. Can Will our route “go down” to you? :)

Jeep Safari Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Dubai

Excursion “Safari in the desert”

Literally: desert safari outside Dubai at sunset. One thing of the most popular tourist attractions. From transport – camels, jeeps and quad bikes (they are for extra charge, 250 dirhams for two).

Tour description: transfer from the hotel, pokatushki on something from list above + sandboarding, dinner at the Bedouin camp, hookah and tattoo Henna at will. Usually this business is carried out in the late afternoon. Apparently eastern atmosphere sake.

Price: $ 45-50 (look at Sputnik); $ 50-55 – at local guides.

Pricehak from us: morning (from 7:00) excursion into the desert in Dubai will be cheaper on Airbnb in the “Impressions” block. Did-know caught in 2018 for ≈ $ 22 per person. Beauty? On the way back also delivered to the Dubai Mall.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Reviews: The very thing about which we can leave our subjective – FIRE.

Sheikh Zayd mosque inside Sheikh Zayd mosque inside Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Excursion to Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi + Ferrari Park City Tour

The name speaks for itself: a tour of Abu Dhabi (with sunset to the mosque of Sheikh Zayd) and immersion in the world of Ferrari in the same name Park (connoisseurs will understand). In the latter: a museum of retro and modern cars, car assembly halls and ATTRACTIONS.

Price: adults – $ 130-140, children – $ 110, entrance ticket included.

But as the cakes are bought, of course, just an overview of Abu Dhabi without add. options. The cost of such in a group – about $ 70 per adult and $ 45 per child. Individual (for four) will cost $ 200-250.

Duration: 10 hours.

Testimonials: With a child – the most it.

Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa View from the bar 43 level View from the bar 43 level

Burj Khalifa

Ascent to the Burj Khalifa

If you gathered in Dubai, you could not help hearing about the local The Tower of Babel – Burj Khalifa. Or could they? Anyway, 828 meters, Carl! Imagine what kind of view?

A skyscraper is not only shops, offices and restaurants. Burj Khalifa is a city in the city (residential apartments, parks, boulevards). BUT for tourists there are also viewing platforms. There are two:

  • At the top – 124 and 125 floors – standard, but the most demanded
  • Sky at the top – 124, 125 and 148 floor – VIP area without bursts

Price for standard: before 15:00 and after 19:30 – $ 40 per adult, $ 30 per child; from 15:00 to 19:00 – $ 62 and 52, respectively.

Price for VIP: until 18:00 – $ 145 for any age; after 19:00 – $ 106.

It is better to buy a ticket online to make a queue at the box office. The official ticket seller, along with the Burj Khalifa website, is GetYourGuide service. It is even more profitable, because on the site is added service fee in several dirhams. Tourists often take immediately combo offer: standard viewing and aquarium in the Dubai Mall for $ 58

Council Best of the best time for photos – 1 hour before call sun (because it is more expensive). Catch both daylight and sunset sun on the background of the bay.

Dubai Night Dubai Night

View of the night Dubai

Night Dubai Tour

View Arabian Knights can be an excursion in the night Dubai. Kill several grays at once: see a show of singing fountains (and Burj Khalifa nearby), look at the ancient market Souq al-Bahar, artificial island. Towards evening, take a walk on the boat Dubai Marina and tilt a glass of free drink at the bar skyscraper.

How much are tours: group – adult for $ 85-100, for children for $ 35-50; individual – $ 350-380 for the car.

Duration: 5 hours.

Half Day Hatta Trip

Likbez on 1-4 people in Arab history. According to the plan – visit Hatta resort with mountain scenery (Hajjar) and nomadic villages with restored buildings (16th century for a second), the oldest mosque and fort from the XVIII century.

In add. program: rest on the lake (catamarans), walk along a zoo with peacocks and a fragrant national dinner in a restaurant Hatta Fort hotel ~ $ 25 per person (top), visiting markets.

Price: $ 290-300 per car. Everything will save Airbnb and His impressions are $ 40 for each.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Excursion to Oman from Dubai

Sea voyage to the Musandam peninsula (Oman) is opportunity for one trip to see two countries at once. Along the way excursions will visit Dibbe (the city of fishermen), visit the carpet market. Then go to the dhow (Arab boat) to meet the fjords Indian Ocean. Swim with the mask in the sea + beach + lunch and phishing

Price: $ 85-90 – adult, $ 55 – child. Lunch and equipment included in the cost of the tour. More profitable to book on Thripster

Duration: 10 hours

Not forget! Passport for crossing the border.

Helicopter flight

Heights are not afraid? Interesting, IMHO, will be a helicopter flight over Dubai to Burj Khalifa, over the Burj Al Arab and the islands. Spirit intercept for sure. The number of attractions underfoot and Start-up area depends on the selected time.

Duration: 12/15/25 minutes in the sky (excluding roads / org. moments).

Price: 12 minutes – $ 295 per person + free transfer (if from Dubai).

Feedback from tourists: My husband liked it! Highly beautiful and exciting! Flew right above all the skyscrapers and islands. Not a cheap pleasure, of course, but worth it.


6 emirates in 1 day

A lot of plans, time is not very, but I want to see as much as possible more? Then take this! 6 (except for Abu Dhabi) from 7 emirates per day from Russian speaking guide. Galloping across Europe – yes. But if in stock just a week (or less), why not?

The program: Dubai, Sharjah (Faisal’s Mosque, Stella Unification), Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah (existing mosque Bidiya – XV century.). Photo stop in the mountains Hajjar on the background of the canyon. AT end of the tour you can swim in the Indian Ocean.

Price: for an adult – $ 90- $ 100; for children (from 4 up to 11) – $ 60- $ 80.

Duration: 10 hours.

Remarochka. Two.

1) The program of excursions will be a mosque. Better clothes (= desirable) more modest.

2) + lunch included.

Dubai in the evening Dubai in the evening Dubai Center Dubai Center

Dubai streets

Tours in Dubai alone (free of charge)

On some tours in Dubai, you can go independent trip: free or relatively (for example, entrance fee only to the park). If you are interested in a budget trip or how and where to save, Scroll through our guide (can be found in the “Countries” and the UAE, respectively). INFA will not be superfluous, considering how much it costs standard tour in the UAE *.

* Holidays in Dubai – not cheap. Stay for 7 days for two:

  • no frills – from 60 000 rubles
  • AI – already from 140 thousand

Flower Park

The world’s largest flower park Miracle Garden. Petunias, marigolds, roses, tulips are combined into interesting compositions, like portrait of Sheikh Zayd bin Sultan, organic copies of Burj Khalifa and the arch in the shape of a heart. In 2019, Miracle Garden is open from December 1 until the end of may.

Price issue: adults – 50 AED, children under 12 – 40 AED.

Near the Butterfly Garden or Butterfly Garden. Works year-round. Ticket to buy it separately. Cost: adults and children from 3 years – 55 AED.

Reviews are different, for an amateur. But everyone agrees on one – to see once does not hurt.

Dubai Festival City Mall Dubai Festival City Mall Dubai Mall Fountain Show Dubai Mall Fountain Show

Festival Mall / Dubai Mall

Fountain show in 2 places

No, it is not ochepyatka. They are so ambitious, two:

➢ The first is the musical fountain at the Burj Khalifa. Jets rise up to 150 meters, every second in the air is about 83 thousand liters of water. Coupled with music (voices Whitney Houston, Andrea Bocelli and Arab melodies) and the light of the presentation is fascinating.

➢ The second is on the embankment of the Dubai Festival City Mall. Fountain is just an element of the laser water-light spectacle. Performances with projections of holograms on the buildings go daily from noon to closing the mall, every half hour. We were impressed.

Where to buy excursions in the UAE? Guest reviews in 2018-2019

Souk Al Bahar Dubai Souk Al Bahar Dubai Dubai Boat Ride Dubai Boat Ride

Where to book a tour of the area in the UAE, so that without the crush? And to the cost of excursions in Dubai / Sharjah / (substitute your own) is not much bite! We recommend:

  • Tripster
  • Sputnik8
  • GetYourGuide (here also look for excursions from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai)

Why? Detailed description, reasonable prices and reviews of tourists for 2018-2019 years on services are attached. Personally, we are not sickly saved with the first and third aggregators.

Prices for excursions in Dubai from tour operators

For example and counting (benefits):

  • Overview of Dubai – $ 40 per person
  • Abu Dhabi Overview – $ 85
  • 6 emirates – $ 100
  • Safari – $ 57
  • Boat ride – $ 60
  • Dubai Night – $ 135

About Dubai and the Emirates in general, you can talk endlessly. See what else we have:

  • Season in the UAE – when to go best
  • Rest in the Emirates – our detailed review
  • A trip with children – where to go, what to prepare for?
  • Cheapest Emirate – Ras Al Khaimah
  • New Year 2020 in the Emirates – where, for how much and is it worth?

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