The best air ticket aggregators: cool chips and search secrets

Very brief and banal history of dating with aggregators. I: “I didn’t understand something, where is my cheap air ticket? Do Aeroflot have any Are there sales? “To me:” Are you serious? On “Unknown-to-my-ears-word” come in. ”

I went … So I found out about the best search engine of airline tickets – Skyscanner A little later, and about the other, no worse – Aviasales . About them and I will lead the story (and prove why the best :) ) But for Objectivity mention and a couple of others.


  1. Where to find tickets?
  2. Skyscanner | Aviasales | OneTwoTrip
  3. How to find a cheap flight ticket?

Where to find cheap flights?

Official websites of airlines vs air ticket aggregators – who wins in monitoring all the cheap that allows you to climb on board the plane? In the first case, of course, you see the tickets of one specific carrier, and in another:

  • Tickets from 1200+ airlines – incl. and low-cost across Europe and parochial African / Polynesian airlines (if you need to go there ? )
  • Comparison where profitable – services work with sites air carriers, and with intermediaries. A big plus, because price for a ticket, for example, from Turkish Airlines is lower than the second
  • Huge selection of direct and connecting flights. Moreover, for flight transplant aggregators can combine different airlines that will play you at hand. Our route Moscow-Los Angeles was first performed by Aeroflot to Warsaw and then Polish LOT. It was a single ticket, and it cost only 15,000 rubles. And our interesting notes from a trip to the USA can be read in cozy telegram channel @howtrip

As I have already hinted, the most popular ticket search engines are:

✓ Skyscanner ✓ Aviasales

It’s like Yandex and Google – they usually use it more conveniently, but for full information is possible and two at once. If you want to find the most Cheap air ticket, I advise ALWAYS to study both aggregators!


Airplane on Bali Airplane on Bali View from the airplane View from the airplane

If you are in Bali, look for this plane in Bukita (you can check with local)

Good old Skyscanner, who started my budget traveling. The main advantages for which he is still the best flight search engine:

+ Unfixed dates. Let’s say you choose all may Or December. You can notice the “sagging” days and to adjust vacation limits?

+ Unfixed directions. Well, I want to Japan from Moscow and more economical. So I drive in “where” – Japan, and it is more profitable to arrive in Tokyo or to Osaka / Nagoya – Skyscanner will prompt himself. Works in other variations when you need a flight from countries to the city (Thailand-St. Petersburg) or from country to country (Portugal-Brazil)

+ The cheapest month. Function – ♥, if necessary maximum to cajole Jew inside. Service in bills will process the request, and you will need to correlate the result with the plans – a plane ticket “for nothing” may fall in the current month, and in a year

+ International site. Yes, you can switch to French SkyScanner, Australian and another 19 “subspecies.” What for? Specifically, this air ticket price aggregator with a change of country updates and currency. In terms of rubles, the amount is not always equivalent, it happens that for a Spaniard / Dane / American the flight is offered cheaper. I did not buy foreign air tickets to Nero, but can you be bolder than me?

However, with regret, I conclude that Skyscanner is a little rents out His chip number 1 – the issuance of the most budget directions for departure (in a simple search for “everywhere”) – this ↓ borrowed the aggregator flight tickets. And in combination with …

– outdated design

– misunderstandings with pricing (Skyscanner, you differed in the best side, why do I have to recheck?)

… more and more often I catch myself on AviaSales’ automatic set in line browser.

Mini Guide

In order not to get lost?

  • Go to the site Skyscanner, drive in from where and where, dates, number of people and class of service
  • If necessary, click on “Add nearby airports” and “Direct flights only”. I advise the first button, so you can fly away but cheaper. The second is not, because self-docking helps save money
  • If you need to make a difficult route (several countries in one trip), this can also be done on the main page
  • Click “Find”; a list of all possible tickets
  • Choose the most optimal → “View” → choose more times, but from intermediary sites (or officials), where the main the difference is the price. Click, go, buy and, voila, it’s time to pack suitcases!


Las Vegas Airport, USA Las Vegas Airport, USA

The first night in Las Vegas we won $ 50, during the second – they lost them right away and decided to fly away?

“Good” Aviasales is:

+ Timely cost indication – on the main page when entering dates

+ The aggregator of charter air tickets. Not find them так просто, но в этой статье >> можно узнать алгоритм

+ Filter tickets with or without baggage. If left leave a tick on “Luggage and carry-on luggage”, get rid of thoughts about surcharge (subject to the principle of the question)

+ TOP 100 cheap flights and bot abnormal prices ⬇ This is so cool that you need to start right now!

+ Convenience level. On the issue page there is line showing ticket prices with a departure of ± 2 days from your dates, and in the same place – a drop-down table of the consolidated prices for the entire month

+ “Night” theme. Aviasales takes care of vision user, and colors vary depending on the time of day

+ CIS-shny site. Suddenly you are a patriot? ?

And, of course, the options “Anywhere”, “Whenever you like” – in general, Skyskanner-style.

“Not so good” Aviasales is:

– Lack of opportunity to put the country in the window “from where” (city only)

– If you fly to a specific city, you cannot initially specify search for tickets for the entire month (but it is possible for the country)

Mini Guide

  • Go to the site Aviasales, enter the direction, date, number people, economy / business → and “find tickets”
  • Click on “Make a difficult route” as needed
  • We study the issue, pay attention to the strip with prices on top
  • We determine the ticket and site (where to buy) from proposed
  • We are solved!

Is there a ticket, and a hotel? Get a refund of 10% from суммы бронирования на Booking >>


Relatively new air ticket aggregator where you can purchase train tickets and buses. Interestingly, OneTwoTrip Skyscanner and Aviasales are aggregated (i.e. they display it as intermediary). A huge drawback – inflated prices (will not save and promo code).

OneTwoTrip can be justified by the availability of 24/7 assistance. If there will be Any questions, contact get through any messenger.

By the way, at that very moment, when on OneTuTrip for once, profitable tickets happened, I found a curious aggregator chip ↓. Namely – the provision of statistics on the flight to such details of how the age of the aircraft and the number of cm available for feet.

OneTwoTrip OneTwoTrip

Some more aggregators

For example, Momondo, Anywayanyday, Kayak, Biletix – similar Search sites that are second in Russia in popularity. Is not means they are worse or better. Just … less sought after.

Choose your air ticket aggregator and start booking flights around the world quickly and online without leaving home. But not forget to compare the cost of at least two sites.

How to find cheap flights?

Aircraft Aircraft In airplane In airplane Exit the aircraft Exit the aircraft

You can fly to Hong Kong for 9,500 rubles, and to Norway – for 3500. Important: search for tickets very much in advance.

First of all, patience! Monitoring can take a week or two. – And in this process there is a share of luck.

  1. Place of departure and arrival match? Take the tickets right there and back. If you think you outsmart the search engine by buying parts (you see, that is so much cheaper) – no, this is a trick, return ticket will go up.
  2. Try departures from different cities (from where, besides local Airport, is it convenient for you to fly?). And not a single Moscow! My case: Kazan-Hong Kong – 18 000 rubles, but Samara-Hong Kong – 9500 rubles (sell-out).
  3. Do not be afraid of airline tickets from loukosterov and fly, if possible, without baggage (in your hand luggage you can take a suitcase 55x40x20 – standard minimum size).
  4. Affect the days of the week and … exchange rates. There is an unspoken rule (about which I will somehow explain in more detail): the ruble is weakening → buy tickets on tuesday; ruble grows stronger → on Wednesday.
  5. Look for promotions and discounts! Maybe in our group VK? ?
  6. If no matter where, but, most importantly, cheap – use on Skyscanner and Aviasales feature “everywhere” / “anywhere.” Search engines flight tickets will give a list / card with the coolest prices.
  7. Not exactly “to the cashier”, but: benefit from docking flights. Look for a flight with a longer transfer, most often ticket price does not change. I stayed in Munich for a day Istanbul and Dubai – a great chance to see new countries and cities (if you have a visa).

Bangkok Kazan ticket Bangkok Kazan ticket

With a transfer of 16 hours in Dubai, we managed to watch the show. fountains and take a walk through the Dubai Mall

Where to look for charters and low-cost airlines?

Low-cost flights happen to be done by charters, especially if they go separately from the tour and are “burning”. Grab these will succeed for 1-3 days before departure, and from the above mentioned sites Aviasales.

And about lowcosters: any airline aggregator is an aggregator loukosterov. So

Hong Kong Tokyo Hong Kong Tokyo

In Asia you can always catch cheap tickets, such as from Hong Kong to Tokyo for 5,000 rubles!

You have learned the material “Where to find cheap flights”? ? Remained questions – ask in the comments!

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