Thailand Migration Card: Tips and Sample filling

Before you cross Thai customs in international Suvarnabhumi Airport or Phuket Airport, you should issue a migration card of Thailand, based on which passport (what to do when you lose a passport in Thailand, we already discussed earlier) is stamped.

Thai Migration Card is a document containing information about the tourist, as well as allowing him temporary stay in Thailand for more than 30 days for Russians and 15 days for other citizens of the CIS without the need for a visa to Thailand.

Types of migration cards

No need to worry repeat the form cards, they are handed out right in the air. But even if you managed sleep through this exciting moment or spoil the form, no disaster will not happen. Net cards are always in unlimited quantity at the Thai airport at the Immigration counter. Migration card consists of two parts:

  • Arrival card – arrival in the country;
  • Departure card – departure from the country.

The arrival card is taken immediately at the border control post, and departures are attached to the international passport. You may be asked to show her during check-in at the hotel (how to book a hotel in Thailand) or exchange a check.

The departure map is taken at the airport of Thailand before departure. If a you will not have it, then you will return home with additional, and not too rosy impressions of Thailand.

Filling the migration card

If you do not know how to fill out the migration card Thailand, you can always ask for help from fellow travelers on the plane, but better to do it with a flight attendant. If in this case you are not can cope with the task (for example, you fly Thailand without English knowledge in a foreign airline), then we attached for the sample of the migration card Thailand in Russian language.

Note. Below is a sample of the completed new migration card with a Russian translation, which began to operate January 1, 2018. It is required to fill all by tourists. Pre-printed and completed cards are not accepted as each copy has an individual number.

A sample of filling in the new migration card of Thailand

Sample of filling in a new migration card of Thailand (Download original)

Possible problems

In case of violation of the stay in the country, you face protection. In this case, you can create as light fine as well as a deadline. Everything depends on how many days you have lived in Thailand illegally.

Also try not to lose it in your journey, as few the fact that you can refuse to occupy the hotel, so you even without it you will not be able to return home. Naturally it will be possible make a duplicate at the airport, but in this case “without sedatives You can not do. ”

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