Thailand in summer in June 2019: weather, price on tours

Thailand in summer in June 2019: the weather, the price of tours Thailand in summer in June 2019: the weather, the price of tours

It is said that rest in Thailand in June is without a doubt thunderstorms, torrents, floods, sighs of tourists, sharpened in four walls … Well, and let them say – because the less people on the beaches and cheaper prices vouchers! Meanwhile, the warmest sea, the hot sun and the magical Tom Yam in Thailand is always there, regardless of the time of year. ?


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Note: our statement that the rest is in June in Thailand is also good, as in the season, not at all unfounded – we they themselves spent 2 weeks in late May and early June in Phuket. I liked absolutely everything – and the weather (rain fell at night or early morning only, and by strength for an hour), and deserted beaches, and the absence of Chinese on excursions.

The only thing that caused the inconvenience was the waves. Sometimes they rose to such an extent that jumping or diving under them is no longer it turned out, and we got over to the southern beaches.

Tour, as always, we booked online, but in advance, for 4 a month before the trip, so the cost came out very reasonable – 65,000 rubles for two. Our favorite and many “rollback” services on Finding cheap trips is:

  • Travelata is a great helper if you want to save with early booking
  • Level.Travel – like Travelata, a search engine “for every day”, but with a prettier interface and often more offers
  • Onlinetours – in case a burning tour is urgently needed ?

Prices for tours to Thailand in June 2019

Once we started with cheap trips, they will continue. Especially since prices for tours to Thailand in June in 2019 with departure from Moscow start from 70 000 rubles for 10 days.

The cost of vouchers includes flight, transfer, hotel accommodation and insurance. For excursions, meals in most cases will have pay independently – all-inclusive service on Thai resorts is rare. But the summer price tag in the cafe, on markets and makashnits (mobile carts with cooking) pleasantly different from the winter.

If you are planning a vacation in advance, try to free more time to travel: it is not uncommon that a tour for two is 10 days costs an average of only 5,000 rubles more than weekly. Get more sunny days!

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Hot tours to Thailand

Cheapest tours to Thailand need to start looking for 2-3 weeks before the expected departure. Do not stop at the offers specific tour operator, use the online search services most Hot Deals! If you’re lucky, you can rest for a quarter Cheaper, than at early booking of the permit.

So, buy a hot tour to Thailand in June with departure from Moscow possible for 45 – 50 000 rubles for two.

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A trip to monkeys in Phuket - Monkey hill A trip to monkeys in Phuket - Monkey hill

A trip to the monkeys in Phuket – Monkey hill

Phuket Holiday in June

Should I go to Phuket in the summer? No, you need to ask differently: whether to go to Phuket at a price that is unreal for the high season – 60 – 65 000 rubles for two? Probably a rhetorical question.

There are a couple of reservations: rest in Thailand in June is unlikely to enjoy if you intend to rest in the sand and soak into the sea – the waves make you move. ? If you fly with a child, we recommend choose southern beaches in Phuket – Kata or Cape Panwa. Water element there is much calmer.

A holiday in Phuket in June is obviously suitable for those who love solitude and not afraid of high humidity. At the beginning of the summer, tourists just a lot, plus, the rainy and monsoon season begins in May. Rain in Thailand is a sudden ocean of warm water from the sky pouring into for half an hour during the day, or a lingering stream at night, the consequences which dry up in the morning. Under this and soak nice.

Beach holidays can be ruined by high waves – and especially they rage on Phuket on central Karon beach – but surfers are just at hand. Anyone who is not “on the wave”, we recommend to settle closer to Patong, Kate or the south coast.

Phuket’s June prices for food, hotels, transfers are different depending on the distance from the beach, the difference can be up to 50%! Look for non-touristic places and let yours be happy purse.

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Things to do in Phuket

Things to do in Phuket Things to do in Phuket

We rented a bike – 150 baht per day

Holiday in Phuket in June for its “entertaining” component, in principle, no different from seasonal. Considering that familiarity with the cultural and beautiful on the island is closely related to frequent travel by transport; in the summer you will be pleased with the prices of tuk-tuki, taxi, rent a bike.

  • Make a solemn circle along the Big Buddha statue and take a look. to a monk tying wrist threads at a speed of two tourists per minute
  • See how the monkeys live on Monkey Hill and the elephants on Elephant farm
  • Order a cocktail at the Kata Rocks’s terrace restaurant and appreciate the amazing view of the bay
  • Drive to the southernmost point of the island – Cape Promteph
  • Of course, do not disregard the famous Bangla Road Ну просто, чтобы знать, какая она (развратная)?
  • Try tom-yam, pad-tay and baked mussels at least 2 different places! And, of course, Thai ice cream

Can I swim in the rainy season? Enjoy the sea always valid only if the red flags are not present. weather in Thailand stably hot in June and the water temperature does not drop below + 25 ° WITH .

Vacation in Pattaya in June

View of Pattaya from the Hilton Hotel View of Pattaya from the Hilton Hotel Pattaya (Koh Lan Island) Pattaya (Koh Lan Island)

View of the coast of Pattaya; a la wheat thickets on the island Koh lang

In all summer Thailand beach holiday is best in Pattaya. The resort as if does not give in to weather whims and terrible monsoons. Upset the situation with the unsuitability of the local coast for this beach holiday – it is dirty, like the sea, and undeveloped.

Therefore, rest in Pattaya in June is attractive for tourists. so many sun beds and umbrellas, as a large selection of interesting excursions and nightlife.

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What to do in Pattaya?

Find more or less clean sand can be on the beach Sai Kaew. For this will have to go outside the city. Or swim – for example, on Koh Lan island, the most popular option.

By the way, a super application on the phone that repeatedly output us of the most deaf dead ends – These are detailed city maps. almost all over the world. Its main advantage is that it works offline, i.e. not need no internet, no connection. Recommended! ?

Rest in Pattaya in June has a certain merit: excursions will cost much cheaper than at any other time.

  • Take advantage of discounts and go to meet Bangkok’s historic landmarks (150 km from resort)

Excursion: To Bangkok from Pattaya – for the whole day and $ 80

  • Take a two-day trip to the River Kwai and spend the night in floating hotel

River Qui: A trip for 2 days and for $ 62

  • Enjoy wildlife in Koh Chang – Monkey Island
  • Visit Nong Nooch Park at the Elephant Show and, if you wish, ride

Activity: Nong Nooch Garden with a guide – 5 hours and $ 17

  • In the evenings, open the doors of nightclubs to feel the special Asian flavor of nightlife

Prices in Thailand in June 2019

Prices in Thailand for food Prices in Thailand for food

Buffet at the Hilton Hotel

Holidays in Thailand make prices especially enjoyable. They are significantly below winter absolutely everything. Besides the fact that tours to Thailand in June are sold at the lowest cost, very attractive Discounts are offered and tour agencies.

Lower summer prices in cafes and restaurants, in the market and in supermarkets. For example, a kilo of mango “underseason” minded traders will give for 35-40 baht. In the season – all 60-80.

Pondering in your mind, with prices in Thailand in June you can save up to 30% of the budget. A full summer lunch will cost around 100-150 Baht in a Thai cafe and 3-4 times more expensive in a European restaurant.

Hotel prices in June

Prices in June for rental housing or for a room in a hotel fast are falling. For a double room in a hotel in Thailand for June, prices for one night will be approximately:

  • in Bangkok – from $ 8 on the outskirts; from $ 15 in the city center
  • in Pattaya – on the first line – from $ 30, further from the coast – from $ 20
  • Koh Lan island (10 km from Pattaya) – from $ 30

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Prices for hotels in Thailand in Phuket in summer:

  • hostel – from $ 7
  • 3 * hotel – from $ 10
  • 4 * hotel – from $ 20
  • 5 * hotel – from $ 50

Needless to say that there is always a free room? ?

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And where to look for apartments? Our experience with Airbnb (and скидка 2100 рублей) >>

And the villas? Rent a villa in Thailand – the nuances and советы >>

Weather in Thailand in June

Weather in Thailand in June Weather in Thailand in June

Phuket beach (our first day of rest)

What is the weather in Thailand in June? Definitely difficult to answer. The climate in the country is such that the trend “from year to year” can not to pay attention.

This month is the highest humidity and most strong winds, and while it is a real tropical heat. In some days the thermometer can rise to + 36 ° C. Average daily the temperature is only a couple of degrees above night.

At the end of June, hotter than at the beginning of the month. Sea temperature + 28 ° С … + 31 ° С. Rains may or may not be – they are not capable predict even local forecasters.

What is the weather in Thailand on Phuket in June?

The weather in Thailand in June 2019 can drastically differ from last year. It’s like a situation when in high season 2017 Tai flooded with torrents – no one could think. ?

Typically, the temperature in Phuket at the beginning of summer is in the daytime + 31 ° С … + 33 ° С, at night + 29 ° С … + 31 ° С, water warms up to + 29 ° С. It rains mostly at night, maximum by noon stops and allows you to soak up the beach under the sun. But! The sea is restless, sometimes such waves come that swim prohibit.

Phuket Holiday Reviews in June

Reviews for Thailand Reviews for Thailand

Gathered on holiday in Thailand in June? Guest reviews from 2018 years will also help prepare for and get a sense of what to expect from the trip.

Where better to go to Thailand in June?

  • According to reviews, the island of Samet is suitable for those who love calm relax
  • Koh Samui most tourists go for wildlife
  • on Phangan admire the picturesque waterfalls and light on full moon party
  • Phuket is a classic vacation on the snow-white beaches
  • Pattaya has a nightlife and exotic parks.

Tips experienced tourists are useful and gourmet:

  • What fruits can you taste in the summer? Banana, Pineapple, Rambutan, coconut, guava, salak on the shelves is all year round. Seasonal fruits early summer: mango, durian, mangosteen, longsat, sapodila, eye dragon, papaya, pomelo, lychee.
  • Eating cheaper in small eateries or makashnitsah, especially if you want to try authentic Thai cuisine
  • For fruit and seafood it is more profitable to go to the markets. Сin the morning everything is fresh.

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