System “Fortuna 5 *” in Turkey – worth taking? Tour Reviews

Fortune is the Roman goddess of fortune … and cheap holidays in Turkey unknown hotel. These are the first primitive associations with the word and, in fact, all the knowledge of the average tourist about such phenomenon as a holiday for good luck.

For those who are not in the subject at all – let’s understand what is fortune in tourism and where does Turkey!


  1. What is Fortune?
  2. Where and how to search?
  3. How to choose?
  4. Reviews
  5. Differences in tour operators

What is a fortune tour? Conditions of the tour operator

Fortune Tour is a system that offers a full tour package. (flight + accommodation + insurance) with one “but”: you do not know the name and the location of the hotel. What is it, huh? ?

You choose only the resort (there is also a combination – Alanya and Side), star (from 2 to 5 stars) and power system (breakfast, half board, all inclusive or no meals). Other name such a mysterious offer from the tour operator – roulette.

  • You will be notified about the hotel on the eve of departure or upon arrival (that more likely). You can change the hotel for an additional fee – at least from $ 200 – subject to availability
  • When booking trips, for example, on a group of friends, be ready to settle in different hotels. Sorry, this is the right host parties. But please notify the tour operator about your wishes. – can and take into account

And why is this whole lottery? For the sake of reduced prices! Similar a voucher is cheaper than a specific one, as a rule, by 5- … thousand rubles.

So, buy a fortune tour in a 5 * Alanya hotel for all inclusive from Moscow can be only 55 000 rubles for two for a week.

Where to look for fortune and cheap tours to Turkey?

Charter Russia from Biblio Globus Charter Russia from Biblio Globus At Antalya Airport At Antalya Airport

Biblio Globus flew by Fortune to Antalya Airport – from we were lucky with the hotel

The already inexpensive Turkey fortune spreads more often than others. Like really cheap tours, it does not always appear all tour operators. Therefore, it is more convenient to find a ticket to online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They compare prices from 130+ tour operators and display lowest possible prices and best quality hotels according to given dates and wishes.

But how to find exactly the fortune? Much easier than we can assume: in the “Country, city or hotel” column Fortuna and resort name. For example, Fortuna Kemer or Fortuna Marmaris (wider choice of regions on Level.Travel). Next click on the desired stardom – the aggregator itself will tell you what is available. Adjust dates, city of departure, number of people – and “search”!

Remember that if in the general window tours in Side / Antalya / etc. service shows specific hotels lower in cost than fortune – it means that they are offered by different tour operators (put on it filter, and the situation will clear up).

Fortuna 5 * system in Turkey Fortuna 5 * system in Turkey

How to choose a tour of the fortune system?

For those who are not going to be on site all vacation, you can advise tours of the fortune system with a star hotels from 3 and above. Especially if you explore the neighborhood on car and hotel to you in order to spend the night and have breakfast.

Tour operators distribute hotels according to the fortune system from their base. That is, if not very good reviews in general often flash about the line of hotels of a particular tour operator, count on luck Fortune is not worth it, even choosing 5 *.

Despite the vulture “top secret, open at the airport,” There is a method for calculating the hotel (it is approximate, and we did not help at all, but we went to Greece). Sketch a list of the 5 most Cheap hotel tour operator on your dates that meet the conditions fortune, with high probability it will be one of them!

Although, some travel companies offer tours of the fortune system with specific list of hotels. Usually they don’t talk about it, but ask About always worth (after purchase).

We would not advise you to choose a ticket to Turkey just by the system Fortune season in July-August. In summer, all worthy options clogged up. Of course, you can be podforti, and somewhere will be empty nice room in a great hotel, but why would he do that? ?Most likely, in the season you will be met by a not very popular hotel with obvious jambs.

By the way, fortune is one of 10 ways to find a cheap tour. Are 9 more interesting?

View from the Side Town Hotel View from the Side Town Hotel

Our view from the hotel Side Town Hotel – flew on Fortune 4 stars

Who distributes hotels according to fortune?

Fortune tours form tour operators: when purchased by them hotel rooms remain free, they need to be quickly sold – here the lottery begins.

Hotels can themselves offer such a deal with the remaining by numbers. In any case, which one you will get is decided tour operator. If there are 2 or more hotels, then by chance at random.

Reviews about the rest of the tour “Fortune” in 2018-2019

Rest in Side - hotel on the Fortune system Rest in Side - hotel on the Fortune system View of Side from the hotel View of Side from the hotel

We arrived in Side, Turkey for 10 nights on a fortune system. View from the hotel to the sea

Guest reviews are unlikely to be the deciding factor when choosing tour of fortune. As in 45 you can look at both 18 and 81, and hotels of the same star may vary in service and “stuffing”.

You can not guess in advance, but you can draw several conclusions regarding the choice of the country, if you are not afraid of fortune tour. Reviews It says that risks are almost always justified in Spain – because The level / service of hotels is about the same. Greek holiday and fortune too well combined. In Europe, you can risk with 2-star by hotels But quite often there are responses that the European fortune is noisy hotels where young people are staying, wanting not only save, but also hang out. Therefore, before you buy such a tour, think about whether you can shake the old days, if you suddenly get lucky.

We went to Turkey on the system Fortune in may 2019 and recorded a full review

In Asia, this economy is not very popular. Here is the roulette passes only between the worst options. If you happened to accommodation in a decent hotel – be sure to tell us in comments!

Oddly enough, Turkey and fortune can be friends, especially in not a season. The main thing is to not agree on hotels below 4 * if possible – all, of course, depends on your “karma”, but if the stars do not converge – spoil yourself all the rest. To fortuna Turkey 5 * reviews flash, mostly positive.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Should I buy a fortune?

Rest-fortune will suit you if:

  • you are without small children
  • you have an adequate view of what is happening, and you are more optimistic, than pessimist
  • you are not going to hang around the entire hotel
  • you have a small budget, but you want all inclusive or vacation almost half a month long

Suggestions that you can take, judging by the reviews – this 5 star hotels Their usual price is not at all cheap for Turkey, but by system fortune 5 * cost will be as for 3 *.

Fortune Tour Fortune Tour

What fortunes are in the resorts of Turkey?

Turkey is a country where the fortune of 5 stars is considered, first queue, with ultra or just all inclusive, but for more acceptable prices than if you choose a particular hotel.

  • Quite good reviews from Pegasus (someone even settled in Hotel star above), Biblio Globus and Anexa. But, again, everything depends on the case!
  • Tez Tour, which a couple of years ago flashed on the forums with its hotels on fortuna 5 * with decent reviews, now does not show yourself is also good
  • From acquiring a tour to Turkey from Sanmar fortune, it happens turns away. Especially not recommended to consider hotels in Alanya, but luck awaits in hotels in Greece (like us – from 2 * without power in 3 * at all :)).
  • In general, Fortune is common in Kemer, Side and Alanya. It happens and “combined”, i.e. not a specific resort, but, for example, Side or Kemer.

Fortune 5 * in Turkey often pleases lowly travelers who come to hotels like the Imperial Deluxe, Viking Star, Crystal Admiral, Laphetos Beach Resort & Spa.

In contrast to Fortune: New Turkey Hotels от 2018-2019 годов >>

Fortune 4 stars

Turkey and fortune in 4 * may not be a good combination. You must understand that of all the ordinary fours – it will be the the worst four (almost troika). But if the hotel is not important, more planning to walk / excursions / trips, why not save!

More or less suitable of the hotels that people came across: La Perla Resort, Erkal Resort, Pineta Club Hotel (reviews are shared) Exactly in half – rely on your taste).

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