Side or Kemer: where better to relax in 2019 year?

Side or Kemer: where is the best time to relax in 2019? Side or Kemer: where is the best time to relax in 2019?

On a gloomy spring evening, my friend and I resorted to Turkey. She was in Kemer, we are in Side (and we are going again in May). And somehow word by word, argument by argument, and talk about nostalgia for the sun has outgrown the whole battle on the topic of resorts – and what to choose for perfect vacation?

The dispute was long, but the conclusions turned out to be “iron”, and this share in this article. If you have a determining factor in favor of Side or Kemer – and we missed it – write in comments! :)


  1. Where to look for tours?
  2. Where is warmer?
  3. Where are cheaper tours?
  4. Food prices
  5. Excursions and attractions
  6. Vacation with children
  7. Beaches
  8. Pros / cons of resorts

Where to look for a tour?

Half of the tourists do not bother with a deep analysis that better – Side or Kemer, they need one weighty differences: in the first beaches are sandy, and in the second – pebbly.

If for you this fact solves the dilemma with the resort, then the most time to watch tours. Check prices for desired dates, affordable hotels and departures can be on the online aggregator:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They collect offers from all leading tour operators, compare prices – who has something cheaper, and neighboring dates – on the case if tomorrow is more profitable.

Your tour in Side from Kazan – burning, for 43 thousand for 10 nights – we found on Travelata (and slightly cheapened with the promotional code). So soon This article will be even more cool photos! ?

Flight and distance to the resorts

Charter Russia Biblio Globus Charter Russia Biblio Globus Boeing 747 Biblio Globus Boeing 747 Biblio Globus

We flew to Turkey as a charter for Russia (Boeing 747) (tour operator Biblio Globus)

First of all we find out: how to get to the resorts and how much will take the road. The nearest airport is for Kemer, and for Side – the air port of Antalya. Because in the calculations repelled from him.

Fly here by both direct scheduled flights and charter flights from tour operators. From Moscow the flight lasts ± 3 hours and 40 minutes, and:

✓ from Antalya Airport to Kemer – 42 km (40 minutes drive)

✓ to Side – no less than an hour (65 km)

But if the transfer group, as is the case, get ready that it may take longer. While all will collect, and then deliver to different hotels.

Where is warmer: in Kemer or Side?

View from the hotel in Side View from the hotel in Side Demre Demre

This view of the embankment was opened from the balcony of our room in the hotel

In order not to miss with a place for a beach holiday, it is important find out the climate of the selected location.

Only 125 kilometers between Side and Kemer. It is clear that the climate is no different. But there is a feature: in Kemer because of the hilly longer air warms up in May and the first half of june. Take into account and extreme moisture in the summer, after all It is the greenest and most natural resort.

Kemer. Weather in Kemer in June, July and August is generous by degrees (the thermometer scale jumps up to + 30 ° С, and it is + 40 ° C in the sun). Comfortable in June and September (from + 24 ° С to + 29 ° C).

Begin to swim in May, although, objectively, still chilly – about + 20 ° C in water. To be warm-warm, it is better to wait mid June. The water treatment season ends in October.

Side Side is hot Mediterranean climate. That is, it is cool in winter and dry in summer. On the street in Side is usually over + 30 ° C, but some days the air may warm up and above + 40 ° С (more often in July and August).

The tourist season starts here in spring – from April to November. Since May, the heat is set to clear skies and warm sea (from + 22 ° С, just check!), which attracts everyone here beachgoers.

Weather by months

Where is warmer – in Side or Kemer? Average t of air and water, ° С

In Kemer In side
April +17 / +17 +20 / +18
May +23 / +22 +25 / +23
June +27 / +26 +29 / +26.5
July +30 / +28 +33 / +28
August +30 / +29 +33 / +29
September +28 / +28 +31 / +28
October +23 / +25 +26.5 / +26
November +18 / +21 +21 / +21

For each season – and each resort – read our separate статью: Сезон в Турции >>

Cost of tours – where is it cheaper to relax?

The next point is: what is the difference between a vacation in Turkey for a pocket, and which is cheaper – Side or Kemer?

During peak season, the cost of tours for two for the week in 2019 in Kemer – from 38,000 rubles. By the way, Kemer is Turkey budget, here is a bulk of cheap hotels, but also quality appropriate. Especially if you take Belek in comparison with the “luxury” over 50 thousand minimum. Side a little higher on the amount – 7 nights for a couple start at 40,000 rubles.

Where is cheaper? The minimum price of trips in high season (2 person, 7 nights):

Kemer Side
3 stars 42 000 rubles 44 000 rubles
4 stars 46 000 rubles 53 000 rubles
5 stars 55 000 rubles 65 000 rubles
“Five” for all-inclusive with great reviews 85 000 rubles 85 000 rubles

Поиск тура >>

Turkey, I think, is the only country where such a scatter prices for tours. From junk 30 thousand for two to “these 5 stars of gold lined up ?! “. And in Side, and in Kemer is more profitable to go to the very the beginning of the season – in May – or at the end – in September-October, when and the weather is good, and rest in a good hotel costs 60, not 90 thousand rubles.

The topic of saving on tours is covered in our other article: 10 ways to buy a tour cheap. And here’s a snack – about the system Fortune. It’s like a burning ticket – also cool and problematic. at the same time?

Food prices

Prices in the Side Store Prices in the Side Store Starter in the cafe of Turkey (free) Starter in the cafe of Turkey (free)

How much to take with you for food? Even if the power type is all, No one has canceled “nabegy” at the cafe and just all sorts of goodies. So, The comparison below is cheap Turkey: Side or Kemer?

Prices in Side Prices in Kemer
Beer bottle $ 5 $ 2-5
Kebab $ 5-15 $ 8-12
Fish and seafood $ 10-25 $ 18-25
Grilled meat $ 15 $ 8-11
Dinner for two (salad, hot + 2 glasses of wine) $ 35-37 $ 28-32
A cup of coffee $ 2-5 $ 3-4
Ice cream $ 1-5 $ 1-2

I do not vouch for Side (yet), but in Kemer it’s budgetary to have supper is quite real. And the portions there are impressive. Once, as told friend, she decided to experiment and go to the cafe. Check for 2 dishes with meat + tea cost $ 8.5 for two!

If you are a serious person and are calculating the budget in advance, заглядывайте сюда >>, мы рассказываем, сколько денегtentatively take to Turkey, even if all inclusive!

Excursions and attractions

Phaselis Phaselis Phaselis excursion Phaselis excursion

And where better to go, in Side or Kemer, if the plans, in addition to lounger and umbrella in summer, more active holidays and fun?

Entertainment in Kemer

The main natural attractions of Kemer include mountains, pine and fresh air. Tourists come for them. But on what else can you see here?

✓ Park “Moonlight” (admission is free, but for fun have to pay). And if you settled in a hotel nearby, then what a score. It also has a dolphinarium (adult – $ 16, children’s – $ 8), and a water park ($ 8.2), and a club for children, rides, cafes and restaurants. And the main advantage of the park is the sandy beach!

✓ One of the largest water parks in Dolu Su Park, Kirish. He can brag about 17th slides for adults and 5th for children. What’s on cost? With parents – $ 30, kids up to 7 years old – for free.

✓ Expanding excursions: a walk through the ancient state of Lycia (Demre-Myra-Kekova), hiking to Goynuk canyon and a trip to the antique city Phaselis (recommended). For fans of extreme Kemer can offer more lively excursions – diving and rafting.

Entertainment in Side

If the country’s culture is important to you, its history, welcome to the resort! Here you can see the walls of the Roman theater (still remember the gladiator fights), the Side Museum with a huge collection artifacts, remnants of a large commercial area Agora.

For lovers of relaxation, a hammam-tour is offered (adult – $ 15, children – $ 10) lasting two hours.

But, let’s face it, Side is more likely to be quiet for a quiet Beach holiday, and almost perfect for children and people of age. AT Kemer activity more.

Which is better – Kemer or Side? Vacation with children

If in Side or Kemer with children, where is the best place to relax? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, both resorts offer decent conditions for family holidays. But we will try. And especially in detail – in the thematic article about vacation in Turkey с детьми >>

Where is rest safer?

Rest with children in Side Rest with children in Side

What is better with a child in terms of security? To stay with small (up to 7 years old) sand and a gentle entry into the sea are preferred, and this is about Sid. Kemer with his pebbles can only invite to Moonlight beach (the only sandy). It is worth coming here for a portion of pine aromas and clean air with very little, age so up to 1.5.

Tourists with a child are also interested in the issue of accommodation. Many large hotels in Side and Kemer are sharpened for family holidays: playgrounds, water parks, restaurants are provided children’s menu and feeding equipment. Unload parents help animators, clubs for children and nannies.

Do not trust the hotel baby menu, despite the stars? In that If we recommend taking meals at the diet table or buying at supermarkets infant mixes and instant cereals.

Rest with the child – he is troublesome. It must first be organized from and to, and then entertain your child, if the animation is not like it (but I suggest a win-win option in Turkey – аквапарки >>).

Beaches and the sea

The Mediterranean Sea is different, or rather, its resorts. Side rich on sandy beaches, and small pebbles are Kemer’s destiny (which, on the one even better, clear water).

Beaches Side.

Sandy beaches in Side Sandy beaches in Side

Returning from the beach to our hotel – Side Town Hotel

  • Sorgun. Cozy quiet place to stay with children. The mild climate, fragrant framing of coniferous forests, palm and orange trees are about Sorgun beach.
  • Cholakly. Gentle entrance to the sea, cloud all kinds of entertainment (water parks, zoo), animation – all as the doctor prescribed. But the greens are not found here, except in the territory hotel Alas.
  • Kizilot. If we are talking about secluded relaxation, then Welcome to a clean strip of a quiet sandy beach. 16 km to Side, The nearest shopping center is 13 kilometers away.
  • Kumkoy. In Kumkoe – a la youth beach relaxation. For lovers of clubs and discos.

The beaches of Kemer.

Our trip to Kemer, Turkey Our trip to Kemer, Turkey Kemer's pebble beach Kemer's pebble beach

Kemer we liked clean water and pebble beaches

  • Central. Due to pebble coating, water here is the purest (plus in karma – awarded the Blue Flag). There are many opportunities for entertainment – a parachute, a boat trip, jet ski or banana.
  • Moonlight. A pleasant exception is sandy. beach with pebbles at sunset and turquoise waters. Attention: here there is both a paid (with the rental of a sunbed and an umbrella), and free territory – if the towel comes off.
  • Tekirov beach. Come here for a relaxing holiday away from the city. Coating – sand mixed with pebbles, but water Prozra-a-achnaya with a hint of diving.
  • But the choice in Kemer is much more than that. AT tourist area of the resort include a few more villages, respectively, and beaches: Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish and Camyuva.

As for a beach holiday, they will be asked for a sunbed at both resorts. $ 2-3. True, sometimes beach-fights are “confused” in the calculations, and the total amount grows to $ 15 from one.

Transport and infrastructure

Infrastructure in Turkey at a high level, calculated on tourists as nothing. The only thing in the villages may be missing shopping centers and other elements of civilization. Will have to get good with the transport here adjusted.

In Side and Kemer, you can move on local dolmushi or Taxi. We pay the fare when boarding, the driver in hand (2-4 lira). Accept both dollars and euros – but the course, of course, unprofitable. Therefore, it is always better to have Turkish currency with you.

For active tourists: in some Side hotels you can rent bicycles. For longer trips – cars (from 200 lire per day). By the way, according to the criteria of price-reliability, I advise you to contact the service It compares all international rental locations and points to the most profitable. And yes, a detailed description of the horse can look in advance on the site.

Where is the best all inclusive system in Turkey?

All inclusive in Turkey - sweets All inclusive in Turkey - sweets All Inclusive Side All Inclusive Side

All inclusive at Side Town Hotel in Side, where we stayed

But before: always study carefully reviews and ratings. the intended place of residence! So much in Turkey “unsuccessful” hotels that can spoil the holidays, what’s better to reread than do not read.

Tourists praise all-inclusive meals in Side in such hotels. as:

  • 5 * Barut Hemera with green territory
  • close to the sea 5 * Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & Spa
  • and 5 * Side Star Beach.

All inclusive in Kemer, judging by the reviews, it is better to take in central:

  • 5 * Palmet Turkiz
  • or 5 * Queen’s Park Tekirova Resort & Spa (Tekirova).

Fresh, but not the fact that reliable – which hotels opened in Турции в 2019 году? >>

Turkey in August - the pros Turkey in August - the pros Turkey in August - cons Turkey in August - cons

What to choose – Side or Kemer? Results

So in Side or Kemer in 2019? Prosherst reviews of tourists and tips on resorts (and taking into account our own experience), we built the next selection.

Pros Side and Kemer

Side Kemer
+ sandy beaches + suitable coast for children recreation + clear sea + magical views of the mountains and pine groves + lower prices + lots of entertainment – from natural to historical

Cons Kemer and Side

We went for 10 nights in Side and recorded full review, our vacation review

Pros considered, but what disadvantages resorts should pay Attention? Where do without them.

Side Kemer
– high air temperature in the summer months – distance from the nearest airport is boring for young people – pebble beaches – humidity is higher than at other resorts – colder than everywhere, in May and June – many mediocre hotels

And finally. Summing up for sure.

Side or Kemer – where better to relax?

Criteria Kemer Side
Holiday season May-October April-November
Prices $ $$
Beaches Pebble Sandy
Sea Transparent Gentle entrance and sand under your feet
Vacation with children Till 2 years – on “five” Here with the kids older than 2 years old
Entertainment ☺, like youth ☹, will appeal to those who need a quieter

If Turkey is not inspiring, and the “Buy!” Button next to the tour does not pressed, maybe our other comparisons will help you? :) For example, Turkey and Tunisia! Or Greece and Turkey?

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