Season for a holiday in Vietnam – 2019: when is better go?

We share: the season in Vietnam, or when it is better to go to the country of rice and dragonfruit? In order not to get wet in an Asian way and tan is not childish (in the normal range, of course).


  1. Is there seasoning in Vietnam?
  2. Where to look for a tour?
  3. When is the best time to relax in Vietnam?
  4. And in Fukuoka? | And in Nha Trang?
  5. Weather in Vietnam for months
  6. Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn
  7. Tips and tricks

Beginning and end of the season in Vietnam

If you are interested in the tourist season in Vietnam, do not rush google “when to fly?” – country year-round warm, place under sun can always knock out. But since the territory is extended, It is better not to consider Vietnam as a whole, but a separate location. When в одном уголке палит солнце, в другом – льют дожди, Питерresting.

Immediately make a reservation, in Vietnam it is customary to distinguish between three climate zones:

✓ North (Hanoi, Halong, Sapa) ✓ Central part (Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An) ✓ South (Ho Chi Minh, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc)

In the south, air and water temperatures fluctuate not much. Average indicators: + 28 ° C in both parameters. There are many tourists all year round. North by month is more contrast. In winter it is really cold (below + 10 ° С in December and January). Rest in this part countries are better in summer.

When choosing a resort for a beach holiday you should pay attention and the presence of waves. In the south in December and January, the sea warms up to + 27 ° С, but only for relaxing swimming Phu Quoc. Other top places at this time of year are occupied. surfers – that’s really for whom the high season in Vietnam!

Services for finding cheap tours

Do you know how much to fly to Vietnam? 9 hours. The country itself inexpensive, but air tickets are worth hoo! In the tour to visit Vietnam will be cheaper and more convenient.

We recommend services to search for lucrative offers (they work with all leading tour operators):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Find tours here – easy. For example, to drive the same search Phan Thiet When it is better to go – you can decide by twisting the line “price calendar”. So, we caught the tour in January 2019 for 10 days from Moscow for 78,000 rubles. For comparison: only airfare to two will cost at least 68 000 rubles.

When is the best time to relax in Vietnam? Beach season on resorts

Dalat, Vietnam Dalat, Vietnam

Vietnam on the weather is different, to escape from everyday life for a week or two its beaches can be in almost any brother-month, but it is important correctly choose the direction. Let’s say Phu Quoc (south) will warm the Russian in winter, and Hoi An (center) is more suitable for summer tan.

So when to fly and where? To make it easier to navigate in vinaigrette seasons of Vietnam, we did hints:

  • In the southern part

    From the city of Tuyhoa to the National Park Ka-Mau country point)

    Main resorts: Seasons:
    ✓ Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) ✓ Phan Thiet ✓ Mui Ne ✓ Vung Tau ✓ Nha Trang ✓ Phu Quoc Island ➢ Dry → from December to April ➢ Wet → from May to November (exception – Nha Trang)

    In the center

    From Quang Bin Province to Tuyhoa

    Main resorts: Seasons:
    ✓ Danang ✓ Hue ✓ Hoi An ➢ Dry → from February to August ➢ Wet → from September to January (peak – October-November)

    In the north

    From the border with China to the province of Quang Bin

    Main resorts: Seasons:
    ✓ Hanoi ✓ Halong ✓ Sapa ➢ Dry → from September to May ➢ Wet → from June to August

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Summary table of average temperatures in the resorts of Vietnam for months Air temperature, ° С

North Centre South
Hanoi Halong Da Nang Hue Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Phantier and Mui Ne Nha trang Phu Quoc
January +20 +20 +24 +24 +32 +30 +26 +29
February +23 +21 +25 +26 +34 +30 +27 +29
March +26 +23 +28 +29 +35 +32 +29 +30
April +31 +27 +31 +32 +36 +33 +31 +31
May +35 +31 +33 +35 +35 +33 +33 +33
June +36 +32 +33 +35 +32 +31 +33 +32
July +35 +32 +33 +34 +32 +30 +33 +31
August +34 +33 +33 +34 +32 +30 +33 +31
September +32 +32 +32 +33 +32 +31 +32 +31
October +31 +30 +30 +30 +32 +30 +30 +31
November +27 +26 +28 +28 +32 +29 +30 +29
December +22 +22 +24 +24 +32 +29 +27 +29

Season in Fukuoka

Phu Quoc Island is an area of hot tropics. Freeze here is not it will turn out (no matter how hard you try), warm – on average + 30 ° С. Three seasons – each on his own connoisseur.

  • High season Start: November End: March

During this period in Fukuoka the most gusto is the perfect season for relaxing in Vietnam and the best time for excursions. The sun does not fry much (+ 29 ° С… + 30 ° С), precipitation is minimal. But let’s face it, such conditions will have to pay more (hotels raise the price tag, check for flight is also growing).

  • Hot season Start: April End: June

Beach holidays are as good as in the season above. Darken him It can only begin in May rains. But among the nice bonuses – cheap hotels.

  • Wet season Start: July End: October

Heat? Yes. But only a very lucky beach boy will be lucky with the weather. – Long live the rainy season! Although there are exceptions when the sky for several days, he will not shed a tear roulette.

In summer and autumn, prices for vouchers to Phu Quoc fall significantly. So, “Seasonal” tour price to Vietnam for two for 10 nights in 2019 year – from 110 000 rubles. “Off-season” – already from 88 000 rubles!

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Season in Nha Trang

Vietnam Nha Trang (photo by Sergey) Vietnam Nha Trang (photo by Sergey)

On the beaches of Nha Trang even today / tomorrow / six months later. Resort the season is open both in winter and in summer, but the change of seasons is still is felt.

  • Low season Beginning: mid October End: mid December

This is a period of precipitation, strong winds and a moving sea. Season not swimming, but surfing in Vietnamese Nha Trang is clearly a success. BUT still, O_O typhoons occasionally run up, significantly reducing prices for rest – in all you need to look for their advantages. In between weather tantrums can sunbathe completely.

  • High season When does the season start? In January (for bathing – in March) Ends: in September

Is it raining No, have not heard :) The best time for a deck chair and tanning cream (except for relatively cold January February – the temperature may fall below + 20 ° C). But if the budget limited, for economy we advise you to buy a tour in advance – “high” it is called for a reason.

The beach season in Vietnam dictates its conditions – a 10-night tour costs from 95 000 rubles. If you decide to “donate” solar days in November you can fly for 65,000.

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Weather in Vietnam for months

Vietnam rent a bike (photo by Alex) Vietnam rent a bike (photo by Alex) Vietnam Dalat (photo by Maxim) Vietnam Dalat (photo by Maxim)

Tell about the weather in Vietnam for months – the best for the rest everyone can define for himself.

As you know, from December to May in Vietnam is not only an influx tourists, but also the mango season. What location to go for vitamin C (which is so rich in juicy fruit), where the sea is warmer and is the sun hotter?

Vietnam in December, January and February

Is it worth jerking to Vietnam in the winter: in which month is better and where?

And with whom to fly? Rating of tour operators by Вьетнаму >>

✓ North (Hanoi, Sapa). Monsoons are chasing the season rainy and chilly weather. Air temperature is + 17 ° C, but there are also anomalous for this time +30. The sea is warming, on average, also up to + 17 ° C. If December water still has bathing holidays (+ 22 ° C), in January and February, chilly (walruses do not count) ✓ The central part (Da Nang, Hoi An). In a word – comfortable. Air: + 25 ° C, the sea is not very different from him. But the concept of a full holiday under the winter sun is inappropriate here; wind and waves will not give calm splash in the water ✓ South (Phu Quoc). Hot, dry, air temperature below + 30 ° C, or even higher. average temperature water + 26 ° C, precipitation is minimal – a kind of natural all inclusive. What is not a location for a beach holiday in Vietnam? Special in December on New Year’s Eve

For tourists with experience Phu Quoc = Vietnam. Season – from November to June, year-round calm sea and heat. Most resorts of the south (Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Muine) in winter they disappoint beachers. To swim without waves, sometimes you have to look for hard to reach locations What time and costly.

Vietnam in March, April and May

Vin Pearl Vietnam Vin Pearl Vietnam Evening Nha Trang Evening Nha Trang

Vietnam in the spring will be appreciated by those who endure intense heat. Air temperature does not exceed + 30 ° С. And you can swim at all coast of the South China Sea.

In the south in March and April there is dry weather. hot. The sea is the same as fresh milk. But closer to the end spring get ready for the showers (except Nha Trang). Central the part is even more comfortable in temperature, + 27 ° С. But here it rains regularly.

March north of Vietnam is somewhat chilly, especially for swimming. During the day + 22 ° C, and at night still “fresher”. Although in April at sea, you can splash as you like. But only in May – an excess of precipitation, often early in the morning or late at night (in principle, rest is not a hindrance).

The best time to travel along the coast is April. Everywhere is relatively dry, warm, the sea allows you to swim. In the spring, when it’s cold in most regions of Russia, go on a tour of Hot Vietnam – the most it!

When is the rainy season in Vietnam?

Dalat Art for 2 days Dalat Art for 2 days

We continue to get acquainted with the seasons in Vietnam for months, or when to expect precipitation?

Vietnam in summer (June, July, August)

All that is described below – does not apply to the resort Nha Trang?

Already somewhere in May-June monsoons come to the country, and together with they are warm (over + 35 ° C) and moisture – to the question of why Vietnam in summer they associate the rainy season.

In the south and north, in July and in August – rain by the wall. Hot and very stuffy. At the end of the summer, the water heats up to + 29 ° С, and the air is even higher. Only central part boasts a relatively dry summer climate, air temperature + 30 ° С, sea + 28 ° С. But already August Significantly spoils the picture season typhoon and weather.

Vietnam in September and October and November

If we talk about Vietnam in the fall, then everything is not so simple.

September is the rainy season in the northern part of the country. coming to an end, whereas in the south and in the center they in full swing, and the storm – as an essential attribute. But, the heat keeps under + 30 ° С.

In October-early November in all regions of the weather settled down. In addition to the center and Nha Trang – here is the peak of the rainy of the season. And the last autumn month passes under the slogan “Winter is coming “: November air temperature may drop to + 16 ° C.

Our tips and tricks

Vietnam (photo by Matilda) Vietnam (photo by Matilda)

Is it possible to save on vacation in an Asian country, and is it terrible rainy season in Vietnam, how is it painted?

When is it cheaper to go on holiday to Vietnam?

✓ Traveler and Traveler reviews suggest that the best month is Vietnam for cheap holidays in 2018/2019 – September. Relax for two will for (total!) 65,000 rubles with the expectation for a week. And before the October showers you can catch the sun ✓ When is it better to go on holiday to Vietnam if the program includes excursions? It is believed that during the dry season – from January to April

In case you still choose the wet season – precipitation the cultural part is not a hindrance. The only difference: the colonial palaces will inspect the company with rain, which, by the way, will be issued on site free of charge. But isn’t it more tiresome historical places under the sweltering sun?

Is it worth buying a tour in off season?

Although the off-season in Vietnam is not the most predictable phenomenon, it still much cheaper. If you are lucky, you can save up to 60%, or even 70% on vacation.

Terrible bad weather? Vietnamese rains are short and relatively warm. The sea is disturbing, but there are calm on the waves Islands where you can swim (Phu Quoc). Should I go? If not planned vacation with children, why not. Anyway, you decide. But who does not risk, that, as we know, remains without champagne! ?

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